Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Memorial Park

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The men, women, and beloved animals who are interred at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California only. There is another Forest Lawn in Glendale where Michael Jackson and others are interred.

1. Edie Adams

Actress | It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

The scintillating, sultry-eyed blonde (formerly a redhead) star of screen, TV and award-winning stage went on to become best known, however, for her sensual delivery pitching cigars in taunting '60s ads and commercials with her Mae Westian come-on line "Why don't you pick one up and smoke it ...

Plot: Remembrance section

2. Harry Ackerman

Producer | The Flying Nun

Harry Ackerman was born on November 17, 1912 in Albany, New York, USA as Harry Stephen Ackerman Jr. He was a producer and writer, known for The Flying Nun (1967), Love on a Rooftop (1966) and Ford Star Jubilee (1955). He was married to Elinor Donahue and Mary Shipp. He died on February 3, 1991 in ...

Plot: Court of Liberty, Gardens of Heritage, L-3039 G-1

3. Rodolfo Acosta

Actor | Hondo

Mexican character actor Rodolfo Acosta (born Rodolfo Acosta Pérez) achieved his greatest success in the US, primarily as a villain in westerns. He was born in Chamizal, a section of land disputed by Mexico and Texas due to changes in the Rio Grande river which forms the border. At the time of ...

Plot: Gentleness, L-3107

4. Iris Adrian

Actress | The Odd Couple

Sugar, Pepper, Pearl, Sunny, Goldie, Bubbles, all those are nicknames borne by petite actress Iris Adrian in several of the 160 movies she made. With such names, don't expect to see her playing Joan of Arc or Electra but it remains that all these pet names reflect her winning femininity, its ...

Plot: Court of Remembrance,e Columbarium of Radiant Dawn, Niche 61905

5. Philip Ahn

Actor | Impact

Korean-American character actor Philip Ahn played hundreds of Chinese and Japanese characters during a long career. He was born in Los Angeles in 1905 (though 1911 is the year usually given, U.S. government records confirm that Ahn was born in 1905), the son of a Korean diplomat. He attended the ...

Plot: Courts of Remembrance, Crypt 1107

6. Harry Akst

Soundtrack | Big Fish

One of the most recorded songwriters of the 1920's and 30's was born into a musical family (his father was a violinist with the Metropolitan Opera). Harry learned to play piano at the age of five and was already a fully-fledged professional while in his second year of high school. He worked in ...

Plot: Columbarium of Remembrance, N-60268 GPS coordinates: 34.1499710, -118.3204803 (hddd.dddd)

7. Robert Aldrich

Director | What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Robert Aldrich entered the film industry in 1941 when he got a job as a production clerk at RKO Pictures. He soon worked his way up to script clerk, then became an assistant director, a production manager and an associate producer. He began writing and directing for TV series in the early 1950s, ...

Plot: Murmuring Trees, L-5153 GPS coordinates: 34.1451111, -118.3217087 (hddd.dddd)

8. Irving Allen

Producer | Climbing the Matterhorn

Irving Allen started his film career in 1929 as an editor. He turned to directing in the 1940s, and two shorts he directed, Forty Boys and a Song (1941) and Climbing the Matterhorn (1947), won Academy Awards. His feature film output, however, was not particularly successful, and in the 1950s he and...

Plot: Court of Liberty, Garden of Valor, Lot 4260, Space 1A

9. Steve Allen

Soundtrack | The Steve Allen Show

Steve Allen was born on December 26, 1921 in New York City, New York, USA as Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen. He was married to Jayne Meadows and Dorothy Goodman. He died on October 30, 2000 in Encino, Los Angeles, California, USA.

10. Don Alvarado

Actor | The Big Steal

Jose Paige was given the screen name Don Alvarado by studio chief Jack Warner while they purportedly were driving past the Los Angeles street Alvarado. Paige played a number of starring roles that relied on his Latin good looks, achieving a certain following as a Rudolph Valentino type. He was ...

Plot: Hillside, Lot #6234 GPS coordinates: 34.1465416, -118.3261871 (hddd.dddd)

11. Leon Ames

Actor | Peggy Sue Got Married

Leon Ames was born Harry Wycoff in Portland, Indiana, to Cora Alice (DeMoss) and Charles Elmer Wycoff. He had always wanted to be an actor and he did it the hard way, serving a long apprenticeship in touring amateur theatre companies, even selling shoes for a while on 42nd Street in the 1920's. It ...

Plot: Columbarium of Valor, niche G64443 GPS coordinates: 34.1492386, -118.3201675 (hddd.dddd)

12. Morey Amsterdam

Actor | The Dick Van Dyke Show

Born in Chicago, Morey Amsterdam started in vaudeville at the age of 14, as a straight man for his piano-playing brother. His father, a concert violinist who worked with the Chicago Opera and the San Francisco Symphony, wanted Morey to pursue a career in classical music but Morey had other plans. ...

Plot: Court of Remembrance, furthest north-east section, C-3632

13. Ernie Anderson

Actor | Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater

Ernie Anderson was born Ernest Earle Anderson on November 12, 1923 in Lynn, Massachusetts. He began working in radio at Burlington, Vermont's WSKI-AM in 1946. He met Tim Conway at WHK-AM in Cleveland and began writing with him. They were hired by Cleveland's WJW-TV in 1961 where they created "...

Plot: Court of Liberty

14. Mignon Anderson

Actress | The Heart of a Woman

Mignon Anderson was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1892. Her father was a former vaudeville performer and opera singer who left the stage to go into the insurance business. Her mother, Hallie Howard, was also a former vaudeville performer. Mignon got her show-business start at a very early age--at...

Plot: Vale of Peace, L-5199, G-2

15. Lois Andrews

Actress | Dixie Dugan

Lois Andrews was born on March 24, 1924 in Huntington Park, California, USA as Kathleen Lorraine Gourley. She was an actress, known for Dixie Dugan (1943), The Desert Hawk (1950) and Meet Me After the Show (1951). She was married to Leonard Klecker, Steve Brodie, David Street and George Jessel. She...

Plot: Eternal Love, L-5157, space 2, next to her father George Gourley

16. Matthew Ansara

Actor | To Protect and Serve

Matthew Ansara was born on August 29, 1965 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Matthew Michael Ansara. He was an actor, known for To Protect and Serve (2001), Con Games (2001) and One World (1998). He was married to Julie Ansara. He died on June 25, 2001 in Monrovia, California.

Plot: Homeward, L-4403, G-4 GPS coordinates: 34.1509209, -118.3208618 (hddd.dddd)

17. Dimitra Arliss

Actress | The Sting

Dimitra Arliss' acting career began at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, she first caught audience's eyes appearing in Arthur Kopit's Broadway play "Indians", she played a Native American character who spoke with an Italian accent. While she continued acting on stage, she began to appear in several ...

Plot: Court of Valor, Map H01, Lot 5584, Interment Space 3

18. Arnold the Piggy

Actor | Green Acres

Arnold the Piggy is an actor, known for Green Acres (1965).

Plot: Urn located in the casket of Trainer Frank Inn

19. Robert Arthur

Producer | Buccaneer's Girl

Began as a screenwriter with MGM in 1937, joining Universal as a producer ten years later.

Plot: Morning Light, L-7364 GPS coordinates: 34.1451988, -118.3223801 (hddd.dddd)

20. John Ashley

Actor | 2001: A Space Odyssey

John Ashley was born on December 10, 1941 in Brienz, Bern, Switzerland as John Ashe. He is an actor, known for 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and The Dick Emery Show (1963).

Plot: East side of the Old North Church

21. John H. Auer

Producer | Moonlight Masquerade

Born in Hungary and educated in Vienna, John H. Auer was an actor in European films from the age of 12. After his career as a child actor ended, he entered the business world, but soon decided to rejoin the film industry. He journeyed to Hollywood in 1928 to find work as a director, but came up ...

Plot: Homeward, L-4262 G-3 GPS coordinates: 34.1502495, -118.3207626 (hddd.dddd)

22. Gene Autry

Soundtrack | The Gene Autry Show

After high school Gene Autry worked as a laborer for the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad in Oklahoma. Next he was a telegrapher. In 1928 he began singing on a local radio station, and three years later he had his own show and was making his first recordings. Three years after that he made his ...

Plot: Sheltering Hills section, Grave 1048, just in front of one of the statues GPS coordinates: 34.1483307, -118.3261795 (hddd.dddd)

23. Don Avalier

Actor | Playgirl

Don Avalier was born on September 19, 1912 in California, USA. He was an actor, known for Playgirl (1954). He died on May 29, 1973 in Los Angeles, California.

Plot: Court of Liberty, L-715A GPS coordinates: 34.1441917, -118.3173370 (hddd.dddd)

24. Emile Avery

Actor | The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.

Emile Avery was born on May 9, 1908 in New Mexico, USA. He is known for his work on The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. (1966), Temple Houston (1963) and Johnny Ringo (1959). He died on November 8, 1985 in Glendale, Los Angeles County, California, USA.

Plot: Enduring Faith, L-4200 G-7 GPS coordinates: 34.1476212, -118.3253174 (hddd.dddd)

25. Patricia Avery

Actress | Annie Laurie

Patricia Avery was born on November 19, 1902 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. She was an actress, known for Annie Laurie (1927), Night Life (1927) and A Light in the Window (1927). She was married to Merrill Pye. She died on August 21, 1973 in La Crescenta, California, USA.

Plot: Columbarium of Remembrance, N-60034 (her name is not on the marker). GPS coordinates: 34.1499710, -118.3204803 (hddd.dddd)

26. Tex Avery

Director | A Wild Hare

Tex Avery was a descendant of Judge Roy Bean and Daniel Boone, but all his grandma ever told him about it was "Don't ever mention you are kin to Roy Bean. He's a no good skunk!!" After graduating from North Dallas High School in 1927, Avery moved to Southern California in 1929 and got a job in the ...

Plot: Gentleness, L-833

27. Art Babbitt

Animation_department | Dumbo

Art Babbitt was born on October 8, 1907 in Omaha, Nebraska, USA as Arthur Harold Babitsky. He is known for his work on Dumbo (1941), Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and Pinocchio (1940). He was married to Barbara Perry, Dinah Gottliebova, Marge Champion and Rose Cohn. He died on March 4, ...

Plot: Columbarium of Purity, Niche G5968

28. Lloyd Bacon

Director | Wonder Bar

One of the workhorses in Warner Brothers' stable of directors in the 1930s, Lloyd Bacon didn't have a career as loaded with classic films as many of his more famous contemporaries. What few "classics" he had his hand in (42nd Street (1933), Footlight Parade (1933)) are so overshadowed by the ...

Plot: Eternal Love, L-5207 GPS coordinates: 34.1482887, -118.3240891 (hddd.dddd)

29. Parley Baer

Actor | License to Drive

Parley Baer was born on August 5, 1914 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA as Parley Edward Baer. He was an actor, known for License to Drive (1988), A Fever in the Blood (1961) and Dave (1993). He was married to Ernestine Clark. He died on November 22, 2002 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

30. David Bailey

Actor | Above the Rim

David Bailey was born on October 27, 1933 in Newark, New Jersey, USA. He was an actor, known for Above the Rim (1994), The Believer (2001) and Guiding Light (1952). He was married to Yvonne, Barbara and Lois. He died on November 25, 2004 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

31. Buddy Baker

Composer | The Fox and the Hound

Buddy Baker was born on January 4, 1918 in Springfield, Missouri, USA as Norman Dale Baker. He is known for his work on The Fox and the Hound (1981), The Haunted Mansion (2003) and Inside Out (2015). He was married to Charlotte and B.J. Baker. He died on July 26, 2002 in Sherman Oaks, California, ...

Plot: Sheltering Hills

32. Bonnie Lee Bakley

Radio Days

Bonnie Lee Bakley was born on June 7, 1956 in Morristown, New Jersey, USA. She was an actress, known for Radio Days (1987) and Turk 182 (1985). She was married to Robert Blake, John Ray, Glynn H.Wolfe, E.Robert Telufson, William Webber, Joseph Brooksher, Demart C. Besly, Robert Moon, Paul Gawron ...

Plot: Guardian, Lot 6550, space 3 GPS coordinates: 34.1482887, -118.3296738 (hddd.dddd)

33. Bill Baldwin

Actor | Rocky

Bill Baldwin was born on November 26, 1913 in Pueblo, Colorado, USA as William Theodore Baldwin. He was an actor, known for Rocky (1976), Rocky II (1979) and Rocky III (1982). He died on November 17, 1982 in Los Angeles County, California, USA.

34. John Ball

Writer | In the Heat of the Night

Novelist John Dudley Ball was born in Schenectady, NY, in 1911, the son of a scientist. He grew up in Milwaukee, WI, and attended Wisconsin's Carroll College. After graduation he worked as a staff writer specializing in science for "Fortune" magazine, then went to work for the "Brooklyn Eagle" ...

Plot: Sheltering Hills section, Lot 4187, Interment Space 1

35. Lucille Ball

Actress | I Love Lucy

The woman who will always be remembered as the crazy, accident-prone, lovable Lucy Ricardo was born Lucille Desiree Ball on August 6, 1911 in Jamestown, New York. Her father died before she was four, and her mother worked several jobs, so she and her younger brother were raised by their ...

Plot: Columbarium of Radiant Dawn, Court of Remembrance (*Editor's note: This is the original interment site. Ashes were relocated to Jamestown, New York by next-of-kin in 2002).

36. Bob Barker

Producer | The New Price Is Right

For 35 years Bob Barker had been the host of The Price Is Right (1972) game show. Not only is it the highest-rated daytime game show, it's also the longest-running game show in TV history, surpassing the prime-time hit What's My Line? (1950), which ran for 18 years. He also served the show's ...

Plot: Future Burial Site. His wife is interred here too.

Plot: Eternal Love, L-5206 G-1

38. Harry Barris

Soundtrack | Wild Wild West

Songwriter ("Highways Are Happy Ways"), composer and author, educated at the Jewish Training School. He wrote special material for Joe E. Lewis, Sophie Tucker, Ted Lewis and Jimmy Durante. Joining ASCAP in 1928, his chief musical collaborators included Lew Pollack, Larry Shay, Jule Styne and Joe ...

Plot: Devotion 8798 GPS coordinates: 34.1522713, -118.3216171 (hddd.dddd)

39. Don 'Red' Barry

Actor | Jesse James' Women

Donald Barry went from the stage to the screen. After four years of playing villains and henchmen at various studios, Barry got the role that changed his image: Red Ryder in the Republic Pictures serial Adventures of Red Ryder (1940). Although he had appeared in westerns for two years or so, this ...

Plot: Court of Liberty, #5442

40. Judith Barsi

Actress | The Land Before Time

The only child of Jozsef Barsi and Maria Benko, Judith Eva Barsi beat 10,000-to-1 odds when she was discovered at a San Fernando Valley skating rink at age 5 1/2 in 1983 and mistaken for a 3-year-old. Her first commercial was for Donald Duck Orange Juice and she went on to appear in anywhere ...

Plot: Sheltering Hills, Lot 5049, Space 2, next to her mother Maria

41. Gordon Bau

Make_up_department | The Omega Man

Uncle of makeup artist Robert Bau and body makeup artist Beverly Bau-Turner 'Beve'

Plot: Homeward, L-4753, space 3

42. John Beattie

Actor | The Undertaker

John Beattie is an actor, known for The Undertaker (1988).

Plot: Blessed Assurance, L-1515 G-3 GPS coordinates: 34.1475716, -118.3168869 (hddd.dddd)

43. Clyde Beatty

Actor | Darkest Africa

Clyde Beatty, who was born on June 10, 1903 in Bainbridge, Ohio, was a big game hunter who became famous as a lion tamer and animal trainer. He was the first lion tamer to be featured in a circus. Eventually, he became a circus impresario who owned his own show.

Beatty became famous for his "...

Plot: Court of Remembrance, crypt 2175

44. Jean Beaudine

Actress | Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

Jean Beaudine is an actress, known for Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (1982).

45. Noah Beery

Actor | Zorro Rides Again

Respected character actor of the silent and early sound period, specializing in cruel villains. The son of Kansas City policeman Noah Webster Beery and Frances Margaret Fitzgerald Beery, Noah Nicholas Beery and his younger brother Wallace Beery both left home in their teens, each seeking a career ...

Plot: Sheltering Hills, Lot 930, Space 1

46. Noah Beery Jr.

Actor | The Rockford Files

Familiar and well-liked character actor of very different persona than either his father, Noah Beery, or his uncle, Wallace Beery. He attended Harvard Military Academy but managed to make a number of appearances on film and on stage with his father before adulthood. At age 19, he began playing ...

Plot: Sheltering Hills, Lot 487, Space 3

47. Ralph Bellamy

Actor | His Girl Friday

Ralph Bellamy was a veteran actor who was so well-liked and respected by his peers that he was the recipient of an honorary Oscar in 1987 for his contributions to the acting profession.

Ralph Rexford Bellamy was born June 17, 1904 in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Lilla Louise (Smith), originally ...

48. Richard Benedict

Actor | Ocean's Eleven

Actor/director Richard Benedict was born Joseph Sciurba in Sicily. He came to the US with his family when he was seven. He was a prizefighter before journeying to Hollywood to break into the movies. His stocky, somewhat menacing appearance got him tough-guy and henchman roles, although he did get ...

Plot: Churchyard, L-4027 G-1 GPS coordinates: 34.1486511, -118.3254776 (hddd.dddd)

49. Benji

Actress | Oh Heavenly Dog

Benji is an actress, known for Oh Heavenly Dog (1980), Benji the Hunted (1987) and For the Love of Benji (1977).

Plot: Urn located in the casket of Trainer Frank Inn

50. Spencer Gordon Bennet

Director | The Oil Raider

Spencer Gordon Bennet was born on January 5, 1893 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA. He was a director and producer, known for The Oil Raider (1934), The House Without a Key (1926) and Snowed In (1926). He died on October 8, 1987 in Santa Monica, California, USA.

Plot: Eternal Love, L-661, G-3 GPS coordinates: 34.1469498, -118.3204498 (hddd.dddd)

51. Lamont Bentley

Actor | NYPD Blue

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lamont Bentley moved to Los Angeles with his mother, an aspiring singer. His aptitude for comedy became apparent as he constantly made people laugh at his mother's auditions. It was then that he was encouraged to begin his own entertainment career. He began with ...

52. Mary Kay Bergman

Actress | South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Mary Kay Bergman did not have a face known to many - her voice was recognized more than anything else in the world. Although she was a big voiceover star in the 1990s, her true claim to fame was Trey Parker and Matt Stone's critically acclaimed adult animated television series, South Park (1997), ...

Plot: Summerland, L-1002 G-1 GPS coordinates: 34.1505585, -118.3195038 (hddd.dddd)

53. Fred Berry

Actor | What's Happening!!

For a while in the 1970s, Fred Berry was one of the biggest stars on American television. The former dancer, who became a star in the sitcom What's Happening!! (1976) ballooned until his weight became a threat to his health. He battled with food, drink, drugs and women, marrying 6 times to 4 women ...

Plot: Tribute Section, Lot 1015, Grave 4 [unmarked]

54. Gus Bivona

Self | The Steve Allen Show

Conductor, saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer, a member of the orchestras of Frank Dailey, Hudson-DeLange, Bunny Berigan, Benny Goodman, Teddy Powell, Les Brown, Bob Crosby and Jan Savitt. He led his own band briefly, then conducted the USNAF Band in World War II, then joined the staff of MGM. ...

55. Willie Bobo

Soundtrack | Out of Sight

Willie Bobo was born on February 28, 1934 in New York City, New York, USA as William Correa. He was married to Alicia. He died on September 15, 1983 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Plot: Vale of Peace, L-4894

56. Haskell B. Boggs

Cinematographer | Bonanza

Haskell B. Boggs was born on April 17, 1909 in Jones, Oklahoma, USA as Haskell Bus Boggs. He is known for his work on Bonanza (1959), Teacher's Pet (1958) and I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958). He died on May 30, 2003 in Burbank, California, USA.

57. Priscilla Bonner

Actress | 3 Bad Men

Priscilla Bonner was born on February 17, 1899 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA. She was an actress, known for 3 Bad Men (1926), Charley's Aunt (1925) and The False Alarm (1926). She was married to Dr. E. Bertrand Woolfan and Allen Wynes Alexander. She died on February 21, 1996 in Los ...

Plot: Enduring Faith, L-883 G-2 GPS coordinates: 34.1464195, -118.3232117 (hddd.dddd)

58. Tom Bosley

Actor | Happy Days

Tom Bosley was born on October 1, 1927 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Thomas Edward Bosley. He was an actor, known for Happy Days (1974), The Back-up Plan (2010) and Yours, Mine and Ours (1968). He was married to Patricia Carr and Jean Eliot. He died on October 19, 2010 in Palm Springs, California, ...

Plot: God's Acre, 1738, space 4, next to his stepson, Thomas Carr.

Plot: Morning Light #7977

60. Truman Bradley

Actor | Lone Star Ranger

Truman Bradley was born on February 8, 1905 in Sheldon, Missouri, USA. He was an actor, known for Lone Star Ranger (1942), Northwest Passage (1940) and Treat 'Em Rough (1942). He was married to Phyllis Ruth. He died on July 28, 1974 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Plot: Enduring Faith, #3718

61. Delaney Bramlett

Soundtrack | Ghost Rider

A Mississippi native best-known for the rhythm and blues combo, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, which he formed with his first wife, Bonnie Bramlett (Bonnie Lynn). Delaney & Bonnie enjoyed several hits, including the 1971 tune, "Never-Ending Song Of Love". They were often accompanied by their "Friends",...

62. Chet Brandenburg

Assistant_director | Under Two Jags

Chet Brandenburg was born on October 15, 1897 in Peoria, Illinois, USA as James Chester Brandenburg. He is known for his work on Under Two Jags (1923), Hats Off (1927) and Las fantasmas (1930). He died on July 17, 1974 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.

63. Geoff Brewer

Stunts | Road House

Geoff Brewer was born on November 30, 1958 in Kansas, USA as Geoffrey W. Brewer. He is known for his work on Road House (1989), Midnight Run (1988) and Overboard (1987). He was married to Tammy Brewer. He died on May 17, 1989 in Clark Air Force Base, Philippines.

Plot: Morning Light, L-6926 GPS coordinates: 34.1443901, -118.3224564 (hddd.dddd)

64. Mary Brian

Actress | Charlie Chan in Paris

Dubbed "The Sweetest Girl in Pictures", Mary Brian started life as Louise Byrdie Datzler. She was born in Corsicana, Texas, and went to high school in Dallas. Her widowed mother had big plans for young Louise and took her to California in 1923, with the intention of getting her into the film ...

Plot: Eternal Love, Lot 4134, Space 2 GPS coordinates: 34.1481590, -118.3232803 (hddd.dddd)

Plot: Summerland, L-363 G-2 GPS coordinates: 34.1509819, -118.3186188 (hddd.dddd) Bri

66. Patti Brill

Actress | Music in Manhattan

Patti Brill was born on March 8, 1923 in San Francisco, California, USA as Patricia Brilhante. She was an actress, known for Music in Manhattan (1944), Sing Your Way Home (1945) and Girl Rush (1944). She died on January 18, 1963 in North Hollywood, California.

Plot: Devotion, 8595 G-2 GPS coordinates: 34.1519585, -118.3213425 (hddd.dddd)

67. Pamela Britton

Actress | D.O.A.

Pamela Britton was born Armilda Jane Owen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her mother was Ethel Owen, a prominent stage, radio and early television actress. Pam first used Gloria Jane Owen as her stage name, but not wanting to trade on her mother's reputation, chose Pamela from a British book, and then ...

68. Albert R. Broccoli

Producer | Moonraker

Albert Romolo Broccoli was born in Astoria, Queens (New York City) on April 5th, 1909. His mother and father, Cristina and Giovanni Broccoli, raised young Albert in New York on the family farm. The family was in the vegetable business, and Albert claimed one of his uncles brought the first broccoli...

Plot: Court of Remembrance GPS coordinates: 34.1498489, -118.3199768 (hddd.dddd)

69. Joe Brooks

Actor | Gremlins

Born in Los Angeles, Joe Brooks became an actor after graduating high school. He did some work as an extra, and his first speaking part was in the John Wayne WW II actioner The Fighting Seabees (1944). His acting career was interrupted by wartime service in the South Pacific. Returning to ...

Plot: Columbarium of Purity and Vigilance, Niche 59769

70. Leslie Brooks

Actress | It's Great to Be Young

Leslie Brooks was born on July 13, 1922 in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA as Virginia Leslie Gettman. She was an actress, known for It's Great to Be Young (1946), The Man Who Dared (1946) and Cigarette Girl (1947). She was married to Russ Vincent and Donald Anthony Shay. She died on July 1, 2011 in Sherman...

Plot: Courts of Remembrance, Map H13, Distinguished Memorial 261

71. Ray Brown

Soundtrack | Coffee and Cigarettes

Ray Brown was born on October 13, 1926 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA as Raymond Matthews Brown. He is known for his work on Coffee and Cigarettes (2003), Just Cause (1995) and Bird (1988). He was married to Cecilia Brown and Ella Fitzgerald. He died on July 2, 2002 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

72. Wally Brown

Actor | Notorious

Wally Brown was born on October 8, 1904 in Malden, Massachusetts, USA as Wallace Edgar Brown. He was an actor, known for Notorious (1946), Zombies on Broadway (1945) and Seven Days Ashore (1944). He was married to Mildred. He died on November 13, 1961 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Plot: Enduring Faith, L-1124 GPS coordinates: 34.1465683, -118.3232498 (hddd.dddd)

73. George Bruggeman

Actor | If I'm Lucky

George Bruggeman was born on November 1, 1904 in Antwerp, Belgium as Georges Bruggeman. He is known for his work on If I'm Lucky (1946), You Hit the Spot (1945) and The Living Christ Series (1951). He was married to Emily Priscilla Mills. He died on June 9, 1967 in North Hollywood, California, USA.

Plot: Enduring Faith, L-4905 G-2 GPS coordinates: 34.1475410, -118.3265305 (hddd.dddd)

74. Mona Bruns

Actress | Mannix

Mona Bruns was born on November 26, 1899 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. She was an actress, known for Mannix (1967), The Brighter Day (1954) and Captain Video and His Video Rangers (1949). She was married to Frank M. Thomas. She died on June 13, 2000 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Plot: Churchyard, Lot 1756

75. Edgar Buchanan

Actor | Shane

At the age of seven, he and his family moved to Oregon. After studying at the University of Oregon, he followed in his father's footsteps and became a dentist, graduating from North Pacific Dental College. From 1929 to 1937, he practiced oral surgery in Eugene, Oregon. He then moved his practice to...

Plot: Morning Light Section, Plot #7780 GPS coordinates: 34.1450005, -118.3231583 (hddd.dddd)

76. Mildred Burke

Stunts | ...All the Marbles

Mildred Burke was born on August 5, 1915 in Coffeyville, Kansas, USA. She is known for her work on ...All the Marbles (1981) and Below the Belt (1980). She died on February 14, 1989 in the USA.

77. Solomon Burke

Soundtrack | Unbreakable

Solomon Burke was born on March 21, 1940 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as James Soloman McDonald. He died on October 10, 2010 in Schiphol Airport, Haarlemmermeer, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

Plot: Murmuring Trees, Lot 4037, Space 1

78. Bartine Burkett

Actress | Galaxina

Bartine Burkett was born on February 9, 1898 in Robeline, Louisiana, USA. She was an actress, known for Galaxina (1980), The Devil and Max Devlin (1981) and Cornered (1924). She was married to Ralph Zane. She died on May 20, 1994 in Burbank, California, USA.

79. Stephen Burks

Actor | Cocaine and Blue Eyes

Stephen Burks was born on July 5, 1956 in Belleville, Illinois, USA. He was an actor, known for Cocaine and Blue Eyes (1983), Tour of Duty (1987) and Garbo Talks (1984). He died on November 26, 1992 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Plot: God's Acre, L-617 G-4

80. Fulton Burley

Soundtrack | Gnomeo & Juliet

Fulton Burley was born on June 12, 1922 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Francis Fulton Burley. He was an actor, known for Gnomeo & Juliet (2011), The Magical World of Disney (1954) and The Disney Family Album (1984). He was married to Terry. He died on May 7, 2007 in Carlsbad, California, USA.

Plot: Woodlands, Section 40, Niche Rock 128

81. Smiley Burnette

Actor | The Fighting Frontiersman

Smiley worked on a local radio station and in Vaudeville after high school. Always interested in music, he was friends with Gene Autry and worked with him on the radio show "The National Barn Dance". When Westerns became a big draw with sound, the studios were always on the lookout for singing ...

Plot: Sheltering Hills, #266 GPS coordinates: 34.1480713, -118.3253708 (hddd.dddd)

82. Vince Bushey

Camera_department | Soul Train

Plot: Lincoln Terrace, L-4547 GPS coordinates: 34.1429100, -118.3186417 (hddd.dddd)

Plot: Columbarium of Radiant Dawn, N-61790

84. Camarata

Soundtrack | 42

Famed composer ("Trumpeter's Prayer"), conductor, trumpeter, record company executive and author, educated at Juillard and a student of Bernard Wagenaar, Joseph Littau, Cesare Sodero, and Jan Meyerwitz. He was a trumpeter in dance orchestras, and scored films in England. In 1952, he became the ...

Plot: Courts of Remembrance, Columbarium of Providence, Niche 64723

85. Godfrey Cambridge

Actor | Cotton Comes to Harlem

Cambridge won a four-year scholarship to study medicine but decided, instead, to become an actor, leaving college in his third year. He acted in many off-Broadway productions, winning the Village Voice's Obie Award in Jean Genet's "The Blacks"; and, on Broadway, he gained a Tony Award Nomination in...

Plot: Murmuring Trees, Block 5443 GPS coordinates: 34.1452217, -118.3218994 (hddd.dddd)

86. Pete Candoli

Soundtrack | Touch of Evil

Pete Candoli was born on June 28, 1923 in Mishawaka, Indiana, USA as Walter Joseph Candoli. He is known for his work on Touch of Evil (1958), Porgy and Bess (1959) and Day the World Ended (1955). He was married to Edie Adams, Betty Hutton, Vicky Lane and Nona Reedy. He died on January 11, 2008 in ...

Plot: Murmuring Trees, Lot 8903, Space 1

87. Stephen J. Cannell

Writer | The Rockford Files

Stephen J. Cannell was raised in Pasadena, California. His father ran an interior design firm. From an early age, Stephen suffered from undiagnosed dyslexia, which made it nearly impossible from him to do well in school, he either flunked or was held back many times. Even though one of the courses ...

Plot: Sheltering Hills, Lot: 1577, Space 2

88. Philip Carey

Actor | One Life to Live

Tall, blond and of rugged proportions, handsome actor Philip Carey started out as a standard 1950s film actor in westerns, war stories and crime yarns but didn't achieve full-fledged stardom until well past age 50 when he joined the daytime line-up as ornery Texas tycoon Asa Buchanan on the popular...

89. Edward C. Carfagno

Art_director | Ben-Hur

The distinguished art director and production designer Edward Carfagno had a long career under contract to MGM (1943-1970). During that time, he worked on some of the studio's most prestigious films and established a reputation for creating an authentic and accurate period feel. He frequently ...

Plot: Abiding Love, L-4812 G-2

90. Frankie Carle

Soundtrack | The Curse of the Jade Scorpion

Pianist, songwriter ("Sunrise Serenade", "Oh What It Seemed to Be"), conductor, author and composer. He began his career as the music director of a touring vaudeville unit, then joined the orchestras of Mal Hallett and Horace Heidt as pianist. In 1944, he led his own orchestra, playing theatres, ...

Plot: Sheltering Hills, lot 1156

91. Claire Carleton

Actress | The Mickey Rooney Show

Claire Carleton was born on September 28, 1913 in New York City, New York, USA. She was an actress, known for The Mickey Rooney Show (1954), Too Many Winners (1947) and Death of a Salesman (1951). She was married to Fred E. Sherman. She died on December 11, 1979 in Northridge, California, USA.

Plot: Columbarium of Remembrance, Niche G-60463

92. Johnny Carpenter

Actor | Outlaw Treasure

Johnny Carpenter was born on June 25, 1914 in Dardanelle, Arkansas, USA as Jasper Carpenter. He is known for his work on Outlaw Treasure (1955), The Lawless Rider (1954) and Badman's Gold (1951). He died on February 27, 2003 in Burbank, California, USA.

93. David Carradine

Actor | Kill Bill: Vol. 2

David Carradine was born in Hollywood, California, the eldest son of legendary character actor John Carradine, and his wife, Ardanelle Abigail (McCool). He presided over an acting family that included brothers Keith Carradine and Robert Carradine as well as his daughters Calista Carradine and ...

Plot: Lincoln Terrace, Lot 5144, Space 1

94. Bartlett A. Carre

Production_manager | Gun Smoke

He was the producer of the original Gunsmoke. His wife Isabel had children from a previous marriage. His last living relative was Marion Bosler who died in 2006. She was married to E. Courtney Bosler who died in 2010 at the age of 95. Courtney Bosler is survived by his second wife, Linda Bosler.

Plot: Columbarium of Radiant Dawn, N-61785

95. Dee Carroll

Actress | Emergency!

Dee Carroll was born on December 2, 1925 in Colorado, USA as Betty Jean Marsh. She was an actress, known for Emergency! (1972), The Stunt Man (1980) and Bonanza (1959). She died on April 28, 1980 in Burbank, California, USA.

Plot: Enduring Faith, L-1228

96. John Carroll

Actor | Zorro Rides Again

John Carroll was born on July 17, 1906 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA as Julian LaFaye. He was an actor, known for Zorro Rides Again (1937), Congo Maisie (1940) and Flying Tigers (1942). He was married to Lucille Ryman Carroll and Steffi Duna. He died on April 24, 1979 in Hollywood, California, USA.

Plot: Murmuring Trees, L-5094

97. Virginia Carroll

Actress | A Tenderfoot Goes West

Virginia Carroll, who married Ralph Byrd, appeared in one of her husband's films, Dick Tracy Returns (1938). She was widowed in 1952. She acted in films mostly under the name of Virginia Carroll. She continued to act in films and some television programs after her husband had passed away and made ...

Plot: Courts of Remembrance, Columbarium of Remembrance (Left), Niche 60172

98. Lynn Castile

Actress | Marshal of Amarillo

Lynn Castile was born on March 23, 1897 in Reno, Nevada, USA. She was an actress, known for Marshal of Amarillo (1948) and George Jessel Show (1958). She was married to John Schultz. She died on April 8, 1975 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Plot: Columbarium of Remembrance, N-61423

99. David Cavendish

Actor | Captain Blood

David Cavendish was born on October 29, 1893 in Camberwell, Lambeth, Surrey, England as Frederick Leslie Allbeury. He was an actor, known for Captain Blood (1935), Two Arabian Knights (1927) and Random Harvest (1942). He died on October 9, 1960 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

100. Nick Ceroli

Self | Die Drehscheibe

Nick Ceroli was born on December 22, 1939 in Warren, Ohio, USA. He died on August 11, 1985 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Plot: Beloved Hope, Lot #1424, Space #1

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