It's 'A Different World' When You're 'Grown-ish'

by yrnej | created - 10 Jan 2018 | updated - 07 Aug 2018 | Public

Often when teen TV characters exit high school, they end up just getting a job or attending college in the same town the show is set in, in order to allow the characters to stay on the show. But occasionally things go in a different direction. Just like A Different World (1987) was spun-off from The Cosby Show (1984) when Denise Huxtable went to Hillman College, Black-ish (2014) has recently spawned Grown-ish (2018), in which Zoey Johnson attends Southern California University.

Which of these newly- or nearly-graduated characters do you feel would have made the most interesting spin-off?

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* Must be a character who could leave without the original show falling apart while still being strong enough to carry a show of their own

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