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1. The Trick Cyclist (1901)

2 min | Short, Comedy, Sport

Shows a tramp enter and try to ride a wheel, from which he makes some very ludicrous falls and gives up in despair, after which an artist enters and jumps rope on a wheel. A very laughable subject.

Director: Thomas A. Edison

Votes: 117

2. The Photographer's Mishap (1901)

Comedy, Short

An amateur photographer sets his camera up on a railroad track to make a photograph of an overhead bridge, and is so busily engaged focussing the bridge that he fails to notice an ... See full summary »

3. Terrible Teddy, the Grizzly King (1901)

1 min | Short, Comedy

Theodore Roosevelt merrily kills a mountain lion in Colorado while his press agent and photographer record the event for posterity.

Director: Edwin S. Porter

Votes: 440

4. The Finish of Bridget McKeen (1901)

1 min | Comedy, Short

The cook has trouble lighting the stove, so she adds kerosene, with explosive results.

Director: Edwin S. Porter

Votes: 155

5. Follow the Leader (1901)

Comedy, Short

Shows six young ladies in a dormitory. One goes to a table and procures five plates. The bottoms are smeared with soot, which is not known to the participants in the game. The leader's own ... See full summary »

6. A Joke on Grandma (1901)

Comedy, Short

Shows the old familiar game, "Hoist the Sail," played on an unsuspecting Grandma. Grandma is seated in a big chair, with her six charming granddaughters gathered about her. They stand over ... See full summary »

7. Love by the Light of the Moon (1901)

1 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Shows a garden wall in the background. Two lovers appear and lean over the garden gate where the moon throws a shadow upon the ground. The young man invites the young lady to a settee, when... See full summary »

Director: Edwin S. Porter

Votes: 83

8. Pie, Tramp and the Bulldog (1901)

Comedy, Short

This we believe to be one of the funniest pictures ever put on exhibition. It has had a run of five weeks at Proctor's New York Vaudeville Theatres and the audiences never seemed to tire of... See full summary »

Director: Edwin S. Porter

9. The Tramp's Dream (1901)

Comedy, Short

Shows the moon rising above the trees and Weary Willie approaching a bench. After yawning and stretching he lies down to sleep. He begins a dream. The scene changes to the back door of a ... See full summary »

10. Another Job for the Undertaker (1901)

Not Rated | 2 min | Short, Comedy

Shows a bedroom in a hotel. On the wall of the room is a conspicuous sign "Don't blow out the gas." A hayseed enters the room, accompanied by a bellboy. The boy deposits the Rube's bag and ... See full summary »

Director: Edwin S. Porter

Votes: 203

11. Fun in a Butcher Shop (1901)

Short, Comedy, Fantasy

Two enterprising Dutchmen are at work at their sausage mill. A constant stream of boys and men are coming into the sausage factory and depositing with the butchers, dogs, cats and various ... See full summary »

Votes: 30

12. Sampson-Schley Controversy (1901)

3 min | War, Drama, Short

This subject is in three scenes, showing beautiful dissolving effects. Scene 3. The Man Behind that Teacup shows Admiral Sampson the centre of attraction of a group of old maids at an afternoon tea party.

Director: Edwin S. Porter

Votes: 91

13. The Tramp and the Nursing Bottle (1901)

Comedy, Short

Seated on a bench near a beautiful lake in the park is a nurse girl and by her side is a baby carriage with her charge. As the baby becomes restless the nurse is seen to give the child a ... See full summary »

14. The Tramp's Miraculous Escape (1901)

Comedy, Fantasy, Short

A fast express makes its appearance around a curve, and being unable to stop in such a short distance strikes the unfortunate hoboe and scatters his remains in every direction. The train is... See full summary »

15. What Happened on Twenty-third Street, New York City (1901)

Not Rated | 1 min | Short, Comedy

A winner and sure to please. In front of one of the largest newspaper offices is a hot air shaft through which immense volumes of air are forced by a blower. Ladies in crossing this shaft ... See full summary »

Directors: George S. Fleming, Edwin S. Porter | Stars: A.C. Abadie, Florence Georgie

Votes: 977

16. 'Weary Willie' and the Gardener (1901)

Short, Comedy

A gardener is sprinkling a lawn. "Weary Willie" appears upon the scene. He seizes the hose and doubles it up so that the flow of water is checked. The gardener thinking there is something ... See full summary »

Director: Edwin S. Porter

17. Circular Panorama of Electric Tower (1901)

1 min | Documentary, Short

A most interesting picture at the Pan-American Exposition. The picture was taken from the north side of the Electric Tower. It presents the most perfect and diversified views of the ... See full summary »

Director: Edwin S. Porter

Votes: 428

18. Esquimaux Game of Snap-the-Whip (1901)

1 min | Documentary, Short

Showing Esquimaux game of leap frog and the Esquimaux game of snap the whip. This shows several Esquimaux at the game of "Misheetak," or leap frog, which differs somewhat from the civilized... See full summary »

Votes: 69

19. The Esquimaux Village (II) (1901)

Documentary, Short

One of the principal features at the Pan-American Exposition is the Alaskan or Esquimaux Village. In this most interesting exhibit, scenes are enacted just as they take place in the far ... See full summary »

Votes: 59

20. Panoramic View of Electric Tower from a Balloon (1901)

Documentary, Short

Here we have recorded a very novel scene, the camera having been placed in the basket of the captive balloon at the Pan-American Exposition. It was then slowly elevated to the top of the ... See full summary »

Votes: 52

21. Photographing a Country Couple (1901)

Not Rated | 1 min | Comedy, Short

The scene opens showing Reuben and his best girl looking for a quiet place to spoon. A photographer enters and suggests taking their pictures. Reuben gets impatient, and walks over to the ... See full summary »

Votes: 134

22. Esquimaux Leap-Frog (1901)

1 min | Documentary, Short

Add a Plot

Votes: 59

23. Pan-American Exposition by Night (1901)

Not Rated | 1 min | Documentary, Short

A great feature of the Pan-American Exposition, as unanimously conceded by all visitors, was the electric illumination of the Exposition grounds at night. After a great deal of ... See full summary »

Director: Edwin S. Porter

Votes: 530

24. The Martyred Presidents (1901)

1 min | Short

This film is difficult to classify. It opens on a scene showing a mourner with bowed head sitting in front of what appears to be a tombstone. Shortly afterwards, the face of Abraham Lincoln... See full summary »

Director: Edwin S. Porter

Votes: 173

25. 'Columbia' Winning the Cup (1901)

Documentary, Short, News

"This picture shows the Columbia crossing the line, leading the Shamrock by about 1/2 mile. The Shamrock is plainly seen in the distance and she later comes up and crosses the line in the same picture."

Directors: J. Stuart Blackton, Albert E. Smith

Votes: 95

26. Trapeze Disrobing Act (1901)

Not Rated | 2 min | Short, Comedy

In this short silent film, we see Charmion an early vaudeville strongwomen, perform her famous Trapeze disrobing act. During the Victorian era, Charmion believed in promoting physical culture and dress reform for women.

Directors: George S. Fleming, Edwin S. Porter | Star: Charmion

Votes: 295

27. Execution of Czolgosz with Panorama of Auburn Prison (1901)

4 min | Short, Drama, History

This early docudrama shows Auburn Prison and recreates the electrocution of Leon Czolgosz, the assassin of President McKinley of the United States. Some versions offer additional footage at... See full summary »

Director: Edwin S. Porter

Votes: 330

28. Panorama of Esplanade by Night (1901)

1 min | Documentary, Short

A most perfect picture of the Pan-American Exposition buildings, including the Electric Tower and Temple of Music, as they appear at night.

Director: Edwin S. Porter

Votes: 148

29. Catching an Early Train (1901)

1 min | Short, Comedy, Fantasy

Shows a suburbanite asleep in bed. He discovers he has overslept himself, and jumps out of bed. His shirt, trousers, shoes, collar, tie, coat, vest, hat, cane, cigar and satchel rise from ... See full summary »

Votes: 101

30. A Phenomenal Contortionist (1901)


The scene opens in a beautiful garden scene. St. Elmo appears and proceeds to twist his anatomy into wonderful shapes. Several mysterious changes add great attraction to this subject.

Votes: 30

31. The Artist's Dilemma (1901)

2 min | Short, Fantasy

The scene opens in an artist's studio, the artist asleep in his chair. A large old fashioned clock opens and a young lady comes out and awaking the artist, requests him to paint her picture... See full summary »

Director: Edwin S. Porter

Votes: 189

32. Aunt Sallie's Wonderful Bustle (1901)

1 min | Short, Comedy

A sudden gust of wind sweeps Auntie's bonnet from her head. In attempting to regain it, she overbalances herself and falls over a stone wall, landing on her bustle. Upon striking she ... See full summary »

Votes: 88

33. Laura Comstock's Bag-Punching Dog (1901)

Documentary, Short

This wonderful dog "Mannie," owned by the vaudeville star, Miss Laura Comstock, is a most learned animal. He has been trained to perform all sorts of tricks, and his intelligence is, ... See full summary »

Director: Edwin S. Porter | Star: Laura Comstock

Votes: 93

34. The Old Maid Having Her Picture Taken (1901)

Not Rated | 1 min | Comedy, Short

An old maid is walking about the studio while the photographer is getting his camera ready. She first looks at a hanger, which immediately falls from the wall, not being able to stand her ... See full summary »

Directors: George S. Fleming, Edwin S. Porter | Star: Gilbert Saroni

Votes: 217

35. Why Mr. Nation Wants a Divorce (1901)

2 min | Comedy, Short

The scene opens in the bedroom of Mr. Nation, husband of the famous Carrie Nation, the "Kansas Saloon Smasher." Mr. Nation suddenly arises from the bed and picks up a crying infant from the... See full summary »

Director: Edwin S. Porter

Votes: 103

36. How the Dutch Beat the Irish (1901)

Comedy, Short

Shows the rear entrance of a prosperous looking hotel in the background. An offensive looking ash barrel obstructs the sidewalk and a Dutch cook is seated in the window smoking his pipe. A ... See full summary »

Director: Edwin S. Porter

39. The Automatic Weather Prophet (1901)

Short, Comedy

Two small boys have constructed a device over a fence camouflaged by a poster. A rose is painted on the poster as well as the words "The Automatic Weather Prophet." Three people are ... See full summary »

Director: Edwin S. Porter

40. The Farmer and the Bad Boys (1901)

Comedy, Short

Shows a couple of boys shooting craps on the street. Reuben comes along with a handbag and umbrella. He stops to look and his hand falls to his side with a cigar between his fingers. The ... See full summary »

Director: Edwin S. Porter