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1. The Rosary (1915)

Passed | Drama, Mystery, Romance

Bruce Wilton has amassed a fortune which he lavishes on his wife Vera. But a note of menace creeps into their happy home. No one hears it at first, except Father Kelly, a priest and Bruce's... See full summary »

Director: Colin Campbell | Stars: Kathlyn Williams, Charles Clary, Wheeler Oakman, Gertrude Ryan

2. The Grasp of Greed (1916)

Drama, Romance

A young author is so overjoyed at selling her first book that she unknowingly signs over all her rights to the greedy publisher. Later, after the book becomes a best-seller, the publisher's... See full summary »

Director: Joseph De Grasse | Stars: C. Norman Hammond, Jay Belasco, Louise Lovely, Gretchen Lederer

3. Dorian's Divorce (1916)


Dorian Keene, a broker, who has lost most of his money in Wall Street, and his wife, Florence, dissatisfied with her lot, wants a divorce. Out of his great love for her, Dorian agrees to ... See full summary »

Director: O.A.C. Lund | Stars: Lionel Barrymore, Grace Valentine, Edgar L. Davenport, William B. Davidson

4. The Sultana (1916)

Comedy, Crime, Drama

Rich young playboy Gregory Kirkland reads a newspaper story about a daring robbery, and bets his friends that he can steal a famous diamond tiara, The Sultana, from its designer and then ... See full summary »

Director: Sherwood MacDonald | Stars: Ruth Roland, William Conklin, Charles Dudley, Frank Erlanger

5. Her Bitter Cup (1916)


Rethna works hard to organize her fellow factory employees against the miserly, uncaring owner, Henry Burke. Then, realizing that she needs money to fight Burke, she begins an affair with ... See full summary »

Directors: Joe King, Cleo Madison | Stars: Cleo Madison, Adele Farrington, William V. Mong, Edward Hearn

6. The Gilded Spider (1916)


An unusual story about the crossing paths of the poor Italian family of the sculptor Giovanni (Lon Chaney) and a reckless American millionaire, Cyrus Kirkham (Gilmore Hammond). Louise ... See full summary »

Director: Joseph De Grasse | Stars: Louise Lovely, Lon Chaney, Lule Warrenton, Gilmore Hammond

7. Broadway Jones (1917)

60 min | Comedy

An arrogant young man leaves his Ohio home to make it big on Broadway in New York City when he inherits the family business and $1-million. However, things don't go quite according to his ... See full summary »

Director: Joseph Kaufman | Stars: George M. Cohan, Marguerite Snow, Russell Bassett, Crauford Kent

8. The Call of the East (1917)


A Japanese aristocrat and an American woman fall in love, but their relationship is complicated when her brother seduces his sister.

Director: George Melford | Stars: Sessue Hayakawa, Tsuru Aoki, Jack Holt, Margaret Loomis

9. The Red Woman (1917)


Marie Temosach, an Indian girl, graduates with honors at an eastern college, but is not received socially, and is glad to return to her old home. She is coveted by Sancho, a cattle thief, ... See full summary »

Stars: Gail Kane, Mahlon Hamilton, Edward Roseman, June Elvidge

10. Hell Morgan's Girl (1917)


A young painter is disowned by his wealthy father for refusing to give up his career as an artist. He gets drunk and stumbles into a tough saloon called Hell Morgan's, where he proceeds to ... See full summary »

Director: Joseph De Grasse | Stars: Dorothy Phillips, William Stowell, Lon Chaney, Lillian Rosine

11. The Resurrection of Gold Bar (1917)

Short, Thriller, Western

It is Barbara Brent's birthday and under her breakfast plate her father has just placed a jewel box. As he sits waiting for Barbara to appear, he recalls the circumstances of her birth, and... See full summary »

Director: James W. Horne | Stars: Marin Sais, True Boardman, Frank Jonasson, Robert N. Bradbury

12. The Trap (1917)

Mystery, Short

Brandon, a police lieutenant, has made it extremely unhealthy for Mulhall and his partner Letson to continue their gambling operations. They plan revenge. Mulhall hires Benny, a gangster, ... See full summary »

Director: Robert Ellis | Stars: George Larkin, Ollie Kirby, Robert Ellis, Harry Gordon

13. The Eyes of the World (1917)

100 min | Drama

Prologue: Conrad LaGrange proposes marriage to Mary Gibson. She refuses him, and marries Aaron King. A son, Aaron King, Jr., is born to them. John Willard, who does not approve of the ... See full summary »

Director: Donald Crisp | Stars: Monroe Salisbury, Jack Livingston, Jane Novak, Jack McDonald

14. The Mother of Dartmoor (1917)


A man turns poacher for love of a married woman and is jailed by his widowed mother's evidence.

Director: George Loane Tucker | Stars: Elisabeth Risdon, Bertram Burleigh, Enid Bell, George Bellamy

15. Hit-the-Trail Holliday (1918)

50 min | Comedy

Billy Holliday, a bartender, for refusing to supply drinks to minors at the behest of his employer, loses his job. In the little country town where he has wandered in search of employment ... See full summary »

Director: Marshall Neilan | Stars: George M. Cohan, Marguerite Clayton, Robert Broderick, Pat O'Malley

16. The Mystery Girl (1918)

Crime, Drama, War

Prince Sebastian of Lurania is forced to go into hiding when German forces invade his country. His niece, Countess Therese, is an ambulance driver with the French army, and one day she ... See full summary »

Director: William C. de Mille | Stars: Ethel Clayton, Henry Woodward, Clarence Burton, Charles West

17. The Vamp (1918)

50 min | Comedy, Drama, War

Nancy, a naive young girl who works backstage at a musical-comedy theatre, learns from the chorus girls the notion of winning a man by the seductive method of "vamping" him. She tries the ... See full summary »

Director: Jerome Storm | Stars: Enid Bennett, Douglas MacLean, Charles K. French, Robert McKim

18. Arizona (1918)

50 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

An Army lieutenant at a remote post in Arizona tells a young woman that he does not love her, so she contrives to marry his commanding officer, who is also his best friend.

Directors: Douglas Fairbanks, Albert Parker | Stars: Douglas Fairbanks, Theodore Roberts, Kate Price, Frederick Burton

19. An Alien Enemy (1918)

70 min | Drama, War

Neysa von Igel, who is living with her supposed grandfather, Adolph Schmidt, loves America, although she believes herself to be German-born. Unknown to Neysa, when she was three years old, ... See full summary »

Director: Wallace Worsley | Stars: Louise Glaum, Mary Jane Irving, Thurston Hall, Albert Allardt

20. Louisiana (1919)

50 min | Comedy, Romance

Louisiana is a mountain girl living in North Carolina (though named for her mother's home state). A poor girl, she is sent by her father to work in a resort hotel in order to obtain some ... See full summary »

Director: Robert G. Vignola | Stars: Vivian Martin, Robert Ellis, Noah Beery, Arthur Allardt

21. Prostitution (1919)

121 min | Drama

A scholar defends prostitution before the World Court.

Director: Richard Oswald | Stars: Fritz Beckmann, Anita Berber, Gussy Holl, Conrad Veidt

Votes: 6

22. The Blinding Trail (1919)

60 min | Drama

Flighty Helen Halverson decides that she wants to marry Big Jim McKenzie, the boss of the logging camp her father owns, after he is temporarily blinded after he crashes his toboggan into a ... See full summary »

Director: Paul Powell | Stars: Monroe Salisbury, Claire Anderson, Helen Jerome Eddy, Arthur Maude

23. The Veiled Adventure (1919)

50 min | Comedy, Romance

When a young man professes his stand against such things as stealing from his family, telling even a tiny lie, or eloping, Geraldine Barker sets out to make him do each of those things in ... See full summary »

Director: Walter Edwards | Stars: Harrison Ford, Constance Talmadge, Stanhope Wheatcroft, Vera Doria

24. The Lion and the Mouse (1919)

60 min | Drama

John Burkett Ryder, "the richest man in the world," determines to discredit a judicial decision which works against the interest of his millions by discrediting its author, Judge Rossmore, ... See full summary »

Director: Tom Terriss | Stars: Alice Joyce, Conrad Nagel, Anders Randolf, Henry Hallam

25. The Paliser Case (1920)

50 min | Drama, Mystery

A young woman consents to a bad marriage to an unscrupulous man in order to save her father from ruin. When her marriage is disrupted by a murder, three different people confess to it.

Director: William Parke | Stars: Pauline Frederick, Alan Roscoe, James Neill, Hazel Brennon

26. The Brand of Lopez (1920)

50 min | Drama

When a famed matador is forced to become an outlaw, he seeks to get revenge on the dancing girl who betrayed him.

Director: Joseph De Grasse | Stars: Sessue Hayakawa, Florence Turner, Sidney Payne, Evelyn Ward

27. Under the Lash (1921)


Under the Lash is a 1921 American silent drama film directed by Sam Wood and starring Gloria Swanson. The film is based on the play The Shulamite, by Claude Askew and Edward Knoblock, and ... See full summary »

Director: Sam Wood | Stars: Gloria Swanson, Mahlon Hamilton, Russell Simpson, Lillian Leighton

Votes: 5

28. Extravagance (1921)

Not Rated | 60 min | Drama

The marriage of Jim and Esther spirals downhill rapidly when Esther purchases a sable coat for herself. Hoping to live up to her expensive accessory, Esther soon is keeping company with ... See full summary »

Director: Phil Rosen | Stars: May Allison, Robert Edeson, Theodore von Eltz, William Courtright

29. Her Social Value (1921)

Salesgirl Marion Hoyte, unlike the other members of her family, seeks to better her situation; hence, when she accidentally becomes acquainted with young architect James Lodge, who clears ... See full summary »

Director: Jerome Storm | Stars: Katherine MacDonald, Roy Stewart, Bertram Grassby, Betty Ross Clarke

30. At the End of the World (1921)

60 min | Drama, Romance

The daughter of the English proprietor of a seedy Shanghai gambling hall is a target for the romantic attentions of the various men who pass through. She grows more and more cynical about ... See full summary »

Director: Penrhyn Stanlaws | Stars: Betty Compson, Milton Sills, Casson Ferguson, Mitchell Lewis

31. Heroes of the Street (1922)

60 min | Crime, Drama

When a smart-alec street kid's father, a policeman, is killed in the line of duty, the boy turns over a new leaf and goes to work to support his mother, brothers and sisters. He gets a job ... See full summary »

Director: William Beaudine | Stars: Wesley Barry, Marie Prevost, Jack Mulhall, Philo McCullough

32. The Broken Silence (1922)

60 min | Drama

A brother and sister living in the Canadian Northwest pose as husband and wife. They are suspects in the murder of a barracks inspector who was responsible for the deaths of their parents. ... See full summary »

Director: Dell Henderson | Stars: Zena Keefe, Robert Elliott, J. Barney Sherry, Jack Hopkins

33. A Daughter of Luxury (1922)


Wealthy Mary Fenton is the subject of a lawsuit, and she is temporarily denied access to her money. Circumstances result in her being forced to pose as Mary Cosgrove, an heiress living in ... See full summary »

Director: Paul Powell | Stars: Agnes Ayres, Tom Gallery, Edith Murgatroyd, Howard Ralston

34. The Hottentot (1922)

60 min | Comedy

A young man happens to have the same name as a famous steeplechase jockey, and when he finds out that people keep mistaking him for the jockey (even though he's never been on a horse in his... See full summary »

Directors: James W. Horne, Del Andrews | Stars: Harry Booker, Raymond Hatton, Madge Bellamy, Douglas MacLean

Gross: $0.27M

35. Little Wildcat (1922)

50 min | Drama, Romance

Robert Ware takes it upon himself to tame wild girl, Mag, to prove to his doubting friend Arnold, he can turn her into a graceful young lady. Later, when Arnold is in the war, he meets a ... See full summary »

Director: David Smith | Stars: Alice Calhoun, Ramsey Wallace, Herbert Fortier, Oliver Hardy

36. The Gray Dawn (1922)

60 min | Drama

In San Francisco in the Gold Rush days of the 1850s, a district attorney is prosecuting a long gang leader for murder. However, a powerful political boss is protecting the killer, and he ... See full summary »

Directors: Benjamin B. Hampton, David Hampton, Jean Hersholt, Eliot Howe, Charles O. Rush, James Townsend | Stars: Carl Gantvoort, Claire Adams, Robert McKim, George Hackathorne

37. The Glorious Fool (1922)

50 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Billy Grant, a wealthy young playboy, drunkenly crashes his car and appears near death. Afraid that his greedy and unpleasant relatives will get his estate, he convinces his nurse, Jane ... See full summary »

Director: E. Mason Hopper | Stars: Helene Chadwick, Richard Dix, Vera Lewis, Kate Lester

38. Little Johnny Jones (1923)

70 min | Comedy, Drama

Jockey Johnny Jones is hired to ride The Earl of Bloomsburg's horse at the English Derby. Crooked gambler Robert Anstead frames Johnny as a thief and kidnaps his sweetheart in order to make... See full summary »

Directors: Johnny Hines, Arthur Rosson | Stars: Johnny Hines, Wyndham Standing, Margaret Seddon, Herbert Prior

39. Crooked Alley (1923)

Passed | 50 min | Crime, Drama

Reformed criminal Boston Blackie is outraged when a judge refuses to grant a pardon for a dying friend. He hires Norine, his now-dead friend's daughter, to get to the judge through his son ... See full summary »

Director: Robert F. Hill | Stars: Thomas Carrigan, Laura La Plante, Tom Guise, Owen Gorin

40. Gimme (1923)

60 min | Comedy

A young woman borrows money from her boss for her wedding dress. After the marriage he asks to be repaid, and she--not liking to ask her husband for money--writes a check on her husband's ... See full summary »

Director: Rupert Hughes | Stars: Helene Chadwick, Gaston Glass, Kate Lester, Eleanor Boardman

41. The Broken Wing (1923)

60 min | Comedy

An American pilot flying in Mexico crash-lands on a ranch, and is nursed back to health by the daughter of the ranch's owner. Unbeknownst to the pilot--who has lost his memory because of ... See full summary »

Director: Tom Forman | Stars: Kenneth Harlan, Miriam Cooper, Walter Long, Miss DuPont

42. The Daring Years (1923)

70 min | Drama

Cabaret dancer Suzie La Motte (Harris) is in love with Jim Moran (King), a boxer, but she tempts a young man named John Browning (Mack). Moran and John get into a fight in which Moran ... See full summary »

Director: Kenneth S. Webb | Stars: Mildred Harris, Charles Emmett Mack, Clara Bow, Mary Carr

43. Main Street (1923)

90 min | Drama

The arrival of pretty Carol Milford in the staid Midwestern town of Gopher Prairie really shakes up the locals.

Director: Harry Beaumont | Stars: Florence Vidor, Julien Beaubien, Monte Blue, Harry Myers

44. Hit and Run (1924)

Passed | 60 min | Action, Comedy, Sport

"Swat" Anderson (Hoot Gibson) is a cowboy who plays on the town's baseball team and can hit the ball so far they have to send a man on horseback to retrieve it. It isn't long before a major... See full summary »

Director: Edward Sedgwick | Stars: Hoot Gibson, Marion Harlan, Cyril Ring, Harold Goodwin

45. Love's Wilderness (1924)

Passed | 70 min | Drama, Romance

A worthless Frenchmen cad, Paul L'Estrange, leads a young Southern girl, Linda Lou Heath, from the shelter of her home in Dixie to a cabin in the Canadian wilderness, where he soon tires of... See full summary »

Director: Robert Z. Leonard | Stars: Corinne Griffith, Holmes Herbert, Ian Keith, Maurice de Canonge

46. Revelation (1924)

90 min | Drama, Romance

Paul Granville becomes a famous painter for his portraits of great women as modeled by the beautiful Joline Hofer. When one of Paul's paintings appears to result in a miracle, Joline's life... See full summary »

Director: George D. Baker | Stars: Viola Dana, Monte Blue, Marjorie Daw, Lew Cody

47. Her Marriage Vow (1924)