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1. El Farah (2009)

95 min | Drama

Zainhum makes fake wedding to regain his money from the guests and during the wedding his mother dies and he has to choose either to continue the wedding or cancel it.

Director: Sameh Abdulaziz | Stars: Salah Abdullah, Sawsan Badr, Mahmood El-Gindi, Maged El-Kidwani

Votes: 1,218

2. Ramy al eatsamy (2008)

100 min | Comedy

Rami is a young aristocratic attempts to establish a "Group" through the "Facebook" on the Internet to organize Sit-ins in protest at the conditions and circumstances of the country mainly to change the national anthem.

Directors: Sami Rafe, Tamer Nady | Stars: Wael Alaa, Shokry Alfar, Ali Altayeb, Itan Amer

Votes: 234

3. El Almany (2012)

91 min | Thriller

A filthy outlaw escaping from the police, after killing an innocent young man, and meeting a surprise along his way.

Director: Alaa El Sherief | Stars: Ahmad Bedair, Busi, Salwa Othman, Mohamad Ramadan

Votes: 262

4. An Upper Egyptian (2014)

85 min | Comedy

(Faleh) youth levels graduated from the Faculty of Law, brokered by his father to help him in the search for a job, to be appointed in a tourist resorts as an individual security, during ... See full summary »

Director: Ismail Farouk | Stars: Mohamad Ramadan, Randa Al Behery, Ahmed El-Tuhami, Mayar El Gheity

Votes: 239

5. Abdu Mouta (2012)

99 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

Following the mysterious death of his parents, a young man finds himself enmeshed in the dark world of drugs and crime.

Director: Ismail Farouk | Stars: Muhammad Abbas, Ahmed Abdelaziz, Sabri Abdulmonem, Hany Al-Adawy

Votes: 342

6. Detention Letter (2017)

99 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

(Khaled Degwy) who are enrolled in one of the terrorist groups that the killings, believing they are fighting for the sake of God, and when his brother (Ahmad) tries to join this group (... See full summary »

Director: Mohamed Samy | Stars: Sabri Abdulmonem, Muhammad Abu-Dawood, Mohamed Adel, Gamal Aman

Votes: 498

7. Shad Ajza'a (2015)

99 min | Action, Drama

Police officer Omar al-Attar which is exposed to the position turns over his career and personal upside down, when the killing of his wife verse at the hands of a gang, seeks to avenge her,... See full summary »

Director: Husain El-Minbawi | Stars: Mohamad Ramadan, Yaser Galal, Muhammad Mamdooh, Nesreen Ameen

Votes: 397

8. Zanqat Sittat (2015)

103 min | Comedy, Romance

A rich playboy falls unexpectedly for a kind girl and tries to get closer to her, but he gets chased by his past affairs, and lives a series of unfortunate events.

Director: Khaled El Halafawy | Stars: Nesreen Ameen, Hasan El-Raddad, Aimi Samir Ghanem, Mai Selim

Votes: 294

10. Bel Alwan ElTabeaya (2009)

98 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

The film revolves around Joseph student at the Faculty of Fine Arts, who responded to the call of talent and love of drawing against the family's wishes, which she dreamed By joining the ... See full summary »

Director: Osama Fawzy | Stars: Karim Kassem, Ramsi Lehner, Ibrahim Salah, Farah Yusuf

Votes: 211

11. El-Markeb (2012)

113 min | Adventure

A group of young people decided to go for sailing trip to spent their holidays, where they face different situations which reveal many secrets in their life.

Director: Othman Abo Labn | Stars: Sameh Abulghar, Ramez Amir, Yousra El Lozy, Ahmed Fouad Selim

Votes: 159

12. Gahim Fel Hend (2016)

107 min | Action, Comedy

Group of young people trying to save the Egyptian Ambassador in India as part of a comedy

Director: Moataz El Tony | Stars: Muhammad Emam, Ahmed Farag, Yasmine Sabri, Bayyumi Fuad

Votes: 612

13. Hassan wa Morcus (2008)

120 min | Comedy, Drama

When the lives of Mahmoud, a Muslim Sheikh (Omar Sharif) and Boulos, a Christian Priest (Adel Imam) are threatened by religious extremists on both sides, the Egyptian government inducts ... See full summary »

Director: Rami Imam | Stars: Adel Emam, Omar Sharif, Lebleba, Muhammad Emam

Votes: 2,828

14. Kallem mama (2003)

90 min | Comedy

A mother works hard to raise her only daughter Muna after her husband died, and she supports her until she reaches the university level in her education, but one day the mother did not ... See full summary »

Director: Ahmad Awwadh | Stars: Mayy Izzuddin, Dunya Abdulaziz, Maha Ahmed, Amir Elashry

Votes: 310

15. Elly Baly Balak (2003)

115 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Ellambi how stole from his uncle and go to prison and then he escaped from prison and during the hunting he makes an accident

Director: Wael Ihsan | Stars: Muhammad Sad, Hasan Husni, Abla Kamel, Nevin Mandour

Votes: 1,415

17. Ghabi mino fih (2004)


From the acclaimed director Rami Emam comes this comedy starring Hani Ramzi as Sultan, an extremely dumb but kind-hearted thief tries to change his life after he meets and falls in love ... See full summary »

Director: Rami Imam | Stars: Hani Ramzi, Nelly Karim, Hasan Husni, Talat Zakariyya

Votes: 1,100

20. Dars khososy (2005)


Khososy a young who is living in the fifties of the 20th century in Egypt, one day he is mistaken for a man who wants to fight the British soldiers occupying Egypt, his father tries to ... See full summary »

Director: Sameh Abdulaziz | Stars: Salah Abdullah, Mohammad Attia, Hajjaj Abdul Azim, Hala Fakher

Votes: 271

21. Lakhmet ras (2006)

96 min | Comedy

Sabir wishes that his son Yusuf joins the police academy but Yusuf's overweight prevents that; Now Sabir has to face the people, in the neighborhood, whom he borrowed money from to send his... See full summary »

Director: Ahmad El-Badri | Stars: Ashraf Abdel Baky, Ahmad El-Badri, Hasan Husni, Lotfy Labib

Votes: 269

22. Katkout (2006)

124 min | Comedy

Katkout is the saeedi (southern Egyptian) version of El-Limby with a much lower IQ. The film starts with Katkout preparing to be killed by another family in Upper Egypt for some absurd, ... See full summary »

Director: Ahmed Awad | Stars: Muhammad Sad, Hasan Husni, Thoria Ibrahim, Mohamed Wafik

Votes: 889

23. El academia (2009)

Comedy, Romance

In a private academy, students are divided into two gangs and the dean tries to resolve the clashes between them.

Director: Ismail Farouk | Stars: Ola Ghanim, Riham Abdel Ghafour, Mirna Al Mohandas, Lobna Adel

Votes: 66

24. Ayazon (2006)


a bussinessman know That his daughter is alive after 20 years and he want to search for her

Director: Akram Fareed | Stars: Mayy Izzuddin, Hasan Husni, Hameed Al Shaeri, Mirna Al Mohandas

Votes: 428

25. Lion & Four Cats (2007)

105 min | Comedy

Captain shibl is in charge of protection of the famous 4 cats music group while they are giving a concert in Cairo, but when they become the only witness for a crime, Captain Shibl does his... See full summary »

Director: Sameh Abdulaziz | Stars: Hani Ramzi, 4 Cats, Maya Diab, Raya Chammai

Votes: 423

27. My Sleeping Lover (2008)

95 min | Comedy

In an accident of fate, Ramez finds his dream girl in Nesma, but not exactly the one everyone sees. Will that stay for long? is this possible?

Director: Ahmad El-Badri | Stars: Kal Naga, Mayy Izzuddin, Hasan Husni, Izzat Abu-Of

Votes: 377

28. Boushkash (2008)

120 min | Comedy, Drama

An Egyptian business man who got an enchanted neckless of good luck. One day it got stolen and he begins a journey to get back his stolen neckless

Directors: Ahmed Yousry, Hazem Fouda | Stars: Muhammad Sad, Zeina, Izzat Abu-Of, Hasan Husni

Votes: 825

30. Bobbos (2009)

113 min | Comedy

A light comedy about a businessman in bad need for funds as banks seize his assets and foreclose his ventures, the things he does to get money owned from one of his friends widow.

Director: Wael Ihsan | Stars: Adel Emam, Youssra, Izzat Abu-Of, Hasan Husni

Votes: 1,152

31. Bedoon Reqaba (2009)

99 min | Comedy, Drama, Musical

a story based on two young teenagers who fall in love and begin their relationship in a stereotypical fashion of the recurring youth problems.

Director: Hany Girgis | Stars: Ahmed Fahmi, Nabil Eissa, Idward, Ola Ghanim

Votes: 93

32. Lembi 8 Giga (2010)

111 min | Comedy, Drama

Ellembi is is a lawyer who got angered in his head and meet doctor who installs a chip in his head and uploaded to him law database to become successful lawyer

Directors: Ashraf Fayeq, Sarah Wafiq | Stars: Muhammad Sad, Mayy Izzuddin, Hasan Husni, Abdullah Mishref

Votes: 879

33. Ibqa Qabilni (2011)

86 min | Comedy

The film revolves around a specialist in law who has a theory that she can correct any offender's life if he met specific conditions, and she has already applied her theory on a group of criminals.

Director: Ismail Farouk | Stars: Maha Ahmed, Sad Al-Saghir, Suliman Eid, Inas El Nagar

Votes: 44

34. The Player (2012)

109 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Businessman Badran Kamel is exposed to a financial crisis and agrees with his son Hazem, the spoiled young man known for his multiple female relationships, to marry Salma, the football ... See full summary »

Director: Ahmad El-Badri | Stars: Aimi Samir Ghanem, Hasan Husni, Idward, Sameh Abul-Ghar

Votes: 277

35. Tom wa Jimi (2013)

106 min | Comedy

A mentally impaired man and how he deals with those around him.

Director: Akram Fareed | Stars: Hani Ramzi, Jana, Hasan Husni

Votes: 125

36. Theory of My Aunt (2013)


A young lady trying to attract the attention of the host of the talk show that she edits, according to her aunt's theory on love and relationships.

Director: Akram Farid | Stars: Hasan El-Raddad, Houria Farghally, Hasan Husni, Lebleba

Votes: 86

37. Qalb el-Asad (2013)

113 min | Drama

An action-thriller film about a small child being kidnapped and brought up behind the curtains of a circus among lions and tigers which made him strong hearted with a solid personality, and... See full summary »

Director: Karim El Sobky | Stars: Mohamed Elareef, Houria Farghally, Hasan Husni, Mohamad Ramadan

Votes: 353

38. Hayati Mebahdelah (2015)

98 min | Comedy

A man suffering from the cruelty of life, is living a one-sided romance , who he is continuously trying and failing to pursue.

Director: Shadi Ali | Stars: Hasan Husni, Ola Roshdy, Nicole Saba, Muhammad Sad

Votes: 217

39. Captain Masr (2015)

91 min | Comedy, Sport

A famous football player is sent to prison after he is charged for a hit and run over a cop, and decides to regain freedom by forming a football team with the rest of the prisoners.

Director: Moataz El Tony | Stars: Muhammad Emam, Idward, Bayyumi Fuad, Hasan Husni

Votes: 507

41. Al-ghawas (2006)


"The Diver" A world champion is forced to give up his dreams, all while dealing with internal conflicts and the complex relationship with his wife after taking their son and leaving her. He... See full summary »

Director: Fakhr El Din Bekhida | Stars: Amer Mounib, Dalia El Behairy, Hasan Husni, Sami El-Adl

Votes: 99

42. Ellembi (2002)

100 min | Comedy

A young man trying to find a job to get money to be able to marry the one he loves.

Director: Wael Ihsan | Stars: Muhammad Sad, Hala Sheha, Abla Kamel, Hasan Husni

Votes: 1,407

43. Lost in the USA (2002 Video)

104 min | Comedy, Drama

"Lost in the USA" is about Two young Egyptian men who arrive in the US and have their identity inadvertently switched.

Directors: Rafy Gerges, Rafi Girgis | Stars: Khaled Nabawy, Iman, Hala Sheha, Muhammad Lutfi

Votes: 217

44. Ghawy Hob (2006)

115 min | Musical

A singer called Salah was loving a girl in his school. After years without seeing her, she saw him in hi birthday party, but suddenly he discovered that she is married to a cruel man.

Director: Ahmad El-Badri | Stars: Mohamed Foad, Hala Sheha, Ramez Galal, Khaled El-Sawi

Votes: 134

45. Sehr El Oyoun (2002)

110 min | Comedy, Romance