FILM LIFE: God, Religion, and Spirituality | Chapter 25

by Dr-Faustus | created - 12 Dec 2017 | updated - 3 months ago | Public
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1. The Story of God with Morgan Freeman (2016– )

TV-14 | 60 min | Adventure, History

Morgan Freeman presents his quest in order to find how most religions perceive life after death, what different civilizations thought about the act of creation and other big questions that mankind has continuously asked.

Stars: Morgan Freeman, Mark Bozzuti-Jones, Amir Hussain, Joshua Kullock

Votes: 4,184

God, Religion, and Spirituality _____________________

Swami Vivekananda quote: "The moment I have realized God sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment I stand in reverence before every human being and see God in him - that moment I am free from bondage, everything that binds vanishes, and I am free."

Link: 'The Story of God with Morgan Freeman' Official Sites.

2. The Invocation (2010)

TV-G | 90 min | Documentary

An exploration of the notion of 'God' and World Peace through Religion, Spirituality, History, Science, Politics and Arts.

Director: Emmanuel Itier | Stars: Karen Armstrong, Michael Beckwith, Mustapha Cherif, Deepak Chopra

Votes: 104

Cesar Millan quote: "Spiritual fulfillment doesn't have to mean belief in a religion or disbelief in science... Whether one believes in an unseen, all-knowing force, or the wonder of science and the universe, or simply the beauty of the human spirit, nearly every one of us feels an inner longing to feel part of something bigger than ourselves." ____________

Amazon Books: The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle. ______________

Religious Division

IMDb Watch Now Link: A Quest For Peace: Nonviolence Among Religions (2012 Short Film).

IMDb Watch Now link: Full Movie (In God We Trust).

IMDb Watch Now Link: Colour Blind Faith (2008 Short Film).

IMDb Watch Now Link: Full Movie (Israel's Religiously Divided Society). ________


IMDb Watch Now Link: Full Movie (Stevie The Hopposaurus). _______________________________

The Mar Elias School in Northern Israel

IMDb Watch Now Link: Full Movie (Building Peace on Desktops). _________

The Zealot

IMDb Watch Now Link: God Bless You (2009 Short Film).

3. The Insanity of God (2016)


Based on the best selling book by Nik Ripken, The Insanity of God is the personal and lifelong journey of an ordinary couple from rural Kentucky who thought they were going on just your ... See full summary »

Director: Brad Knull | Stars: Vitalijs Jevsjukovs, Kenny Champion, John W. Iwanonkiw, Earl Rorer

Votes: 93 | Gross: $1.10M

4. Sound of the Soul (2005)

70 min | Documentary

In a world increasingly polarized by religious conflicts and fundamentalist forces, SOUND OF THE SOUL is a timely, thought-provoking cinematic journey, reverberating with unity, ... See full summary »

Director: Stephen Olsson | Stars: Dimi Mint Abba, Anuna, Farida Mahwash & The Kabul Ensemble, Venance Fortunat

Votes: 18

Billy Joel quote: "I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music." ___________________

Dialogue Through Music

IMDb Watch Now Link: Full Movie (Sounds of Faith: A Method of Interreligious Understanding and BridgeBuilding). _________________

Johanna Beyer quote:

"Essential is that you and I and all the others Have faith, have faith, in things to come, In things that passed, and are, And we must try to understand and love and help each other. Have faith, have faith in things to come. Have faith!"

IMDb Watch Now Link: Full Movie (Johanna Beyer - Music of the Spheres). ____________

Amazon Books: Johanna Beyer (American Composers) by Amy C. Beal.

Amazon Music: CDs & Vinyl: Johanna Beyer. ___________

Music Video: IMDb Watch Now Link: Sing Over Us - Caitlin Jane.

Music Video: IMDb Watch Now Link: Wake - Hillsong Young & Free.

5. Sarah McLachlan: Prayer of St. Francis (2013 Video)

2 min | Short, Music

Sarah McLachlan and students from her School of Music perform "Prayer of St. Francis"

Director: Christian Macklam | Star: Sarah McLachlan

6. The Result Achieved by Knowing God (2017 Video)

11 min | Short, Music

The Result Achieved by Knowing God One day, you'll feel the Creator's no more a riddle, He's never been hidden, never covered His face from you; He's not far from you at all; He's no longer... See full summary »

Director: Bao Da

Votes: 122

7. The Question of God: Sigmund Freud & C.S. Lewis (2004 TV Movie)

225 min | Documentary, Drama

The Question of God: C.S. Lewis & Sigmund Freud is a four-hour series for public television that explores the fundamental philosophical and spiritual questions that face us every day. The ... See full summary »

Director: Catherine Tatge | Stars: Jan Bartos, Artina Bartosova, Miroslava Bartova, Ian Bellman

Votes: 96

Sigmund Freud quote: "Just as no one can be forced into belief, so no one can be forced into unbelief."

C.S. Lewis quotes: "If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefor no creatures with eyes, we should never know it was dark. Dark would be without meaning."

"Reason is the natural order of truth; but imagination is the organ of meaning."

8. Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth (1988– )

360 min | Documentary

Mythologist Joseph Campbell presents his ideas about comparative mythology and the ongoing role of myth in human society.

Stars: Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers, George Lucas

Votes: 941

Joseph Campbell quote: "God is a metaphor for that which transcends all levels of intellectual thought. It's as simple as that."

9. Brief History of Disbelief (2004– )

178 min | Documentary

A mini-series which follows the history of atheism.

Stars: Bernard Hill, Jonathan Miller, Richard Dawkins, Colin McGinn

Votes: 471

Religion & Atheism

IMDb Watch Now Link: Full Movie (A Broken Faith Documentary).

10. Father of Lights (2012)

99 min | Documentary

Through filming incredible spiritual encounters around the world, Darren Wilson cuts through religious misconceptions in an effort to find the true nature and character of God.

Director: Darren Wilson | Stars: Darren Wilson, Robby Dawkins, Todd White, Deena Vant Hul

Votes: 501

Narrator: "You can't witness something like that and go away unchanged. This was supposed to be a spiritual showdown between God and witchcraft - but it wasn't even a contest."

Mohandas K. Gandhi quotes: "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind."

"A man is but a product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes."

"A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble."

"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."

"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth."

"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." ______________________________

Filmed Biography of Mahatma Gandhi

IMDb Watch Now Link: Trailer - Gandhi (1982). ____________

Amazon Books: Gandhi: An Autobiography - The Story of My Experiments With Truth by Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi.

12. ScaredSacred (2004)

105 min | Documentary, History, War

In a world teetering on the edge of self destruction, award-winning filmmaker Velcrow Ripper sets out on a unique pilgrimmage. Visiting the 'Ground Zeros' of the planet, he asks if it's ... See full summary »

Director: Velcrow Ripper | Stars: Mehboob Bi, Satinath Sarangi, Aki Ra, Amina Bejovic

Votes: 220

13. Furious Love (2010)

Not Rated | 95 min | Documentary

Follow filmmaker Darren Wilson as he travels to the darkest spiritual climates on the planet to test the limits of God's love.

Director: Darren Wilson | Stars: Darren Wilson, Jeff Jansen, J.P. Moreland, Greg Boyd

Votes: 356

14. The Enemies of Reason (2007 TV Movie)

90 min | Documentary

Scientist Richard Dawkins turns a hostile eye on the world of alternative medicine.

Director: Russell Barnes | Stars: Derren Brown, Deepak Chopra, Richard Dawkins, Chris French

Votes: 1,721

Richard Dawkins quote: "Intelligent life on a planet comes of age when it first works out the reason for it's own existence."

15. Mythic Journeys (2009)

Not Rated | 93 min | Documentary

An inventive fusion of documentary, story, artwork and animation. Despite the fact that myth has always existed, surprisingly few people today are aware of even the classic myths or the ... See full summary »

Directors: Steven Boe, Whitney Boe | Stars: Mark Hamill, Tim Curry, Lance Henriksen, Steven Aizenstat

Votes: 128

16. Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief (2015)

Not Rated | 119 min | Documentary

80 Metascore

A documentary looking at the inner-workings of the Church of Scientology.

Director: Alex Gibney | Stars: Paul Haggis, Jason Beghe, Spanky Taylor, David Miscavige

Votes: 36,119

17. No Sozopol: Claustrophobia (2012 Video)

4 min | Music

A young man struggles to comprehend the mysteries of the universe, and finds his mental state compromised by his constant musings over the origins of life. Torn between science and religion... See full summary »

Director: Shane Twomey | Star: Joe Lyons

18. Bright Day! (2010)

Not Rated | 86 min | Documentary, Adventure, Comedy

A satirical 'documentary' that pokes a sharp and goofy finger at new-age religions, modern self-help movements (ala The Secret, Oprah, etc.) and their seductive 'you can have everything ... See full summary »

Directors: Maggie Rowe, Andersen Gabrych | Stars: Craig Anstett, David Avallone, Peter Baynham, Richard Belzer

Votes: 18

'Bright Day!' Official site: //

19. Religulous (2008)

R | 101 min | Documentary, Comedy, War

56 Metascore

Bill Maher's take on the current state of world religion.

Director: Larry Charles | Stars: Bill Maher, Tal Bachman, Jonathan Boulden, Steven Burg

Votes: 56,891 | Gross: $13.00M

20. Letting Go of God (2008)

130 min | Documentary

Letting Go of God is a humorous monologue by Julia Sweeney chronicling her search for God. She begins in the Catholic church, the religion her family raised her in, and takes a Bible study ... See full summary »

Director: Julia Sweeney

Votes: 627

21. Roger Waters: What God Wants, Part 1 (1992 Video)

19 min | Short, Music

Music video by Roger Waters performing What God Wants, Pt. 1 from his album, Amused To Death. (C) 1992 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

Director: Tony Kaye | Stars: Jeff Beck, Graham Broad, Andy Fairweather Low, Jim Ladd

Votes: 16

22. Prophet's Prey (2015)

TV-14 | 90 min | Documentary, Biography, History

77 Metascore

When Warren Jeffs rose to Prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, he took control of a religion with a history of polygamous and underage marriage. In a short time, ... See full summary »

Director: Amy Berg | Stars: Nick Cave, Elaine Anderson, Sam Brower, Andrew Chatwin

Votes: 1,402 | Gross: $0.01M

23. Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years (2001– )

400 min | Documentary, History

This is both parts of a two-series set produced by the A&E network which explores the history of Christianity and its impact on the world from the year 0 to 2000. Part 1 (the first four ... See full summary »

Stars: Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Laurence Fishburne, Gloria Foster

Votes: 87

Christianity During the XII and XVI Century in Russia

IMDb Watch Now Link: Full Movie (The Slavic Nations' Search for God). ______________

The Prodigal Son

IMDb Watch Now Link: The Nazareth Jesus Knew (2008). _____________________________

Catholics of the Belorussian Province

IMDb Watch Now Link: Life Is an Infinite Return (2010 Short Film). ____________

The Revelation

IMDb Watch Now Link: Mystical Revelations of the Sacred Heart (2010 Short Film). ____________

Different Views

IMDb Watch Now Link: My Brother the Christian (2007 Short Film).

24. Manufacturing Reality: Slavoj Zizek and the Reality of the Virtual (2004)

71 min | Documentary

In this tour de force filmed lecture, Slavoj Zizek lucidly and compellingly reflects on belief - which takes him from Father Christmas to democracy - and on the various forms that belief ... See full summary »

Director: Ben Wright | Star: Slavoj Zizek

Votes: 372

Slavoj Zizek, quote from 'The Fragile Absolute: or, Why is the Christian Legacy Worth Fighting For':

"As the experience of our post-political liberal-permissive society amply demonstrates, human Rights are ultimately, at their core, simply Rights to violate the Ten Commandments. 'The right to privacy' - the right to adultery, in secret, where no one sees me or has the right to probe my life. 'The right to pursue happiness and to possess private property' - the right to steal (to exploit others). 'Freedom of the press and of the expression of opinion' - the right to lie. 'The right of free citizens to possess weapons' - the right to kill. And, ultimately, 'freedom of religious belief' - the right to worship false gods."

25. Jesus Camp (2006)

PG-13 | 87 min | Documentary

62 Metascore

A documentary on kids who attend a summer camp hoping to become the next Billy Graham.

Directors: Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady | Stars: Mike Papantonio, Lou Engle, Becky Fischer, Ted Haggard

Votes: 26,053 | Gross: $0.90M

Good News Clubs

IMDb Watch Now Link: Full Movie (Sophia Investigates The Good News Club). ____________


IMDb Watch Now Link: Full Movie (The New Tithe).

26. Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God (2012)

TV-14 | 106 min | Documentary

73 Metascore

Alex Gibney explores the charged issue of pedophilia in the Catholic Church, following a trail from the first known protest against clerical sexual abuse in the United States and all the way to the Vatican.

Director: Alex Gibney | Stars: Alex Gibney, Terry Kohut, Gary Smith, Pat Kuehn

Votes: 3,325

Excerpt from an interview with Alex Gibney: "I was raised Catholic. And I do hope that what Catholics take away from it is an understanding of the corruption of the hierarchy, which is very different than any kind of attack on the faith. I think what this film does is show what happens to institutions when they become so convinced of their own goodness that they imagine that they can do no wrong; because child abusers don't just exist in the Catholic Church. What all these institutions seem to have in common is the concept that reputation of the institution outweighs even the damage that it does to small children."

HBO: Documentaries | Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God Link: //

27. The Keepers (II) (2017)

TV-MA | 436 min | Documentary, Crime

A seven-part docuseries about the unsolved murder of a nun and the horrific secrets and pain that linger nearly five decades after her death.

Stars: Gemma Hoskins, Abbie Schaub, Virginia Anzengruber, Jean Hargadon Wehner

Votes: 16,650

28. Deliver Us from Evil (2006)

Not Rated | 101 min | Documentary, Crime

86 Metascore

Documentary about Father Oliver O'Grady, a Catholic priest who was relocated to various parishes around the United States during the 1970s in an attempt by the Catholic Church to cover up his rape of dozens of children.

Director: Amy Berg | Stars: Oliver O'Grady, Thomas Doyle, Adam, Jeff Anderson

Votes: 9,700 | Gross: $30.58M

John Jyono quote: "I made up my mind. There is no God. I do not believe in a God, all right? All these rules, everything... they're made up by man, you know?"

Excerpt from an article written by Amy Berg in The Huffington Post: "I am the director and producer of the film 'Deliver Us from Evil the Movie', a documentary about a pedophile priest (Oliver O'Grady) who was protected from justice for over 25 years by the Catholic Church under the direct eye of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony. I have spent the past four years investigating this story as a journalist (at KCBS News and CNN Investigations), and have written and produced numerous stories documenting church cover-up and blatant manipulation of parishioners and innocent Catholic families."

'Deliver Us from Evil' - Disarming Films: //

Oliver O'Grady Wiki Link: //'Grady.

Roger Mahony Wiki Link: //

29. For the Bible Tells Me So (2007)

Unrated | 95 min | Documentary, Romance

73 Metascore

An exploration of the intersection between religion and homosexuality in the U.S. and how the religious right has used its interpretation of the Bible to stigmatize the gay community.

Director: Daniel G. Karslake | Stars: Imogene Robinson, Victor Robinson, Gene Robinson, Isabella 'Boo' McDaniel

Votes: 4,312 | Gross: $0.31M

'For the Bible Tells Me So' Official Site: //

30. In Good Conscience: Sister Jeannine Gramick's Journey of Faith (2004)

82 min | Documentary

Sister Jeannine Gramick is an American nun who ministers to gay and lesbian catholics. Ordered to stop her activities, the sister has refused and is attempting to take her case to the Vatican.

Director: Barbara Rick

Votes: 25

31. The Cross (2009)

PG | 90 min | Documentary

In 1968 Arthur Blessitt picked up a cross. Today, forty years later, Arthur has been on every continent and island nation with his twelve-foot cross, encountering people from diverse ... See full summary »

Director: Matthew Crouch | Star: Arthur Blessitt

Votes: 161 | Gross: $0.73M

32. Backslider (2017 Video)

5 min | Short, Music

A man travels through his life coming to terms to who he is behind closed doors.

Directors: Luis Juarez, Mark Mohr | Stars: Leighton B. Allen, Eddie Buraye, Israel 'Izzy' Dejene, Donald Dewar

IMDb Watch Now External Link: 'Backslider' Official YouTube Music Video.

33. Restore Unto Me (2017 Video)

9 min | Short, Music

A spiritual man falls short of his principles and loses sight of faith, while struggling with becoming who he wants to be.

Directors: Luis Juarez, Mark Mohr | Stars: Leighton B. Allen, Tom Freeman, Jeff Hardin, Solomon Jabby

IMDb Watch Now External Link: 'Restore Unto Me' Official YouTube Music Video.

Father Damien - Wikipedia Link: // ____________

"Good Friends"

IMDb Watch Now Link: Full Movie (Pedro Opeka, The Friend of the Poor). ___________

Pastor Gerald

IMDb Watch Now Link: Full Movie (Uganda Man).

35. A Return to Grace: Luther's Life and Legacy (2017 Video)

TV-PG | 113 min | Documentary, Biography, Drama

500 years ago, Martin Luther triggered a seismic upheaval that rocked the western world-with an impact that continues to reverberate to this day. This entertaining new film follows the ... See full summary »

Director: David Batty | Stars: Pádraic Delaney, Gerhard Bode Jr., Hugh Bonneville, John A. Braun

Votes: 219

36. Crusades (1995)

200 min | Documentary, History, War

Terry Jones presents the history of the medieval religious wars in the middle-east known as the Crusades.

Stars: Terry Jones, Marcello Walton, Kammy Darweish, Antony Zaki

Votes: 482

37. Holy Wars (2010)

84 min | Documentary

Take one Muslim advocate for global jihad and put him in a room with one conservative Christian on a mission to evangelize the world's Muslims. Which man will be left standing? Touching ... See full summary »

Director: Stephen Marshall | Stars: Khalid Kelly, Aaron D. Taylor, Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad Fostok, Sam Harris

Votes: 153

Aaron D. Taylor quote: "There's such a tendency to fear the other side. People don't want dialogue out of fear. And that somehow I'll lose something of my self if I place my self in a position to hear the other side. That somehow I'll lose faith in my own side."

38. Discussions with Richard Dawkins, Episode 1: The Four Horsemen (2008 Video)

120 min | Documentary

Richard Dawkins is joined by Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens to discuss science, god, religion and much more.

Director: Josh Timonen | Stars: Richard Dawkins, Daniel C. Dennett, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens

Votes: 395

39. God v. Satan: The Final Battle (2008 TV Movie)

100 min | Documentary, History

Christians, Jews and Muslims believe there will a final battle between God and Satan. Believers and scholars are interviewed. Artwork and staged reenactments depict the end times.

Director: Lisa Quijano Wolfinger | Stars: Avery Brooks, Jonathan Kirsch, Paul S. Boyer, Hassan Qazwini

Votes: 81

Related Links:

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. //

War in Heaven - Wikipedia: //

Number of the Beast - Wikipedia: //

Iron Maiden Lyrics - The Number Of The Beast - A-Z Lyrics: // ___________________________

Demonic Possession and Exorcism

IMDb Watch Now Link: Full Movie (Battling Darkness). _____________________

The Tanacu Exorcism Case

IMDb Watch Now Link: The Confession of Andrei Serban ((2010 Short Film).

40. Panic! At the Disco: Emperor's New Clothes (2015 Video)

3 min | Short, Horror, Music

The continuation of Panic. At The Disco's 2014 ''This Is Gospel'' music video, in which emo meme lead singer Brendon Urie goes to hell and quickly turns into a demon.

Director: Daniel 'Cloud' Campos | Star: Brendon Urie

Votes: 170

41. Defying Deletion: The Fight Over Iraq's Nineveh Plains (2010)

21 min | Documentary, Short, History

Genocide is taking place against the indigenous Assyrians in post-invasion Iraq.

Director: André N. Anton | Stars: Alda Benjamen, Peter Betbasoo, Waleeta Canon, John Eibner

Votes: 36

'Defying Deletion: The Fight Over Iraq's Nineveh Plains' Official Site: //

42. Jerusalem (2013)

Not Rated | 44 min | Documentary

An immersive experience about one of the world's most beloved cities. Discover why this tiny piece of land is sacred to billions of people and how archaeology is uncovering secrets of Jerusalem's past.

Director: Daniel Ferguson | Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Jodi Magness, Farah Ammouri, Austin Carder

Votes: 1,133 | Gross: $7.99M

Excerpt from Filmmaker's Statement: "Our goal is to look at the roots of the universal attachment to Jerusalem: Jewish, Christian and Muslim. We hope the juxtaposition of these different religions and cultures - all with profound spiritual and historical connections to the city - will reveal how much Jews, Christians and Muslims have in common and inspire all of us to better understand each other."

'Jerusalem' Official Site: // _________________

IMDb Watch Now Link: Full Movie (Project Jerusalem).

43. Root of All Evil? (2006 TV Movie)

90 min | Documentary

Richard Dawkins' highly critical documentary attacks the pulsing heart of all mainstream religion- faith; with special focus on Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Contains repeated ... See full summary »

Director: Russell Barnes | Stars: Yousef Al-Khattab, Richard Dawkins, Ted Haggard, Richard Harries

Votes: 3,575

Muslims Speak

IMDb Watch Now Link: Full Movie (Islam: The Hidden Truth).

44. Islam: Empire of Faith (2000)

160 min | Documentary, History

Islam: Empire of Faith is a documentary series, made in 2000, that details the history of Islam, from the birth of the Islamic Prophet, Muhammad to the Ottoman Empire.

The first episode ... See full synopsis »

Director: Robert H. Gardner | Stars: Ben Kingsley, Michael Sells

Votes: 694

45. Inside Mecca (2003 TV Movie)

TV-PG | 56 min | Documentary

National Geographic follows three pilgrims from Malaysia, South Africa, and the United States as the travel to Mecca for the hajj.

Director: Anisa Mehdi | Stars: Keith David, Umar Faruq Abd-Allah, Daisy Khan, Iyad Madani

Votes: 287

46. Al-Ghazali: The Alchemist of Happiness (2004)

PG | 80 min | History