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Show that focus more on comedy then anything else

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1. Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005–2008)

TV-Y7-FV | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

In a war-torn world of elemental magic, a young boy reawakens to undertake a dangerous mystic quest to fulfill his destiny as the Avatar, and bring peace to the world.

Stars: Zach Tyler, Mae Whitman, Jack De Sena, Dee Bradley Baker

Votes: 244,669


1.Mae Whitman# 2.Kevin Michael Richardson 3.John DiMaggio 4.Dee Bradley Baker# 5.Grey DeLisle 6.Brian George 7.Mae Whitman# 8.Phil LaMarr 9.Keone Young 10.Lauren Tom

11.Dante Basco# 12.Susan Eisenberg 13.Cam Clarke 14.Fred Tatasciore 15.Dwight Schultz 16.Tara Strong 17.Ben Diskin 18.Gwendoline Yeo 19.Dave Wittenberg 20.Jennifer Hale

21.Barbara Goodson 22.Wade Williams 23.Ron Perlman 24.Yuri Lowenthal 25.Adam Wylie 26.Paul Eiding 27.Eric Bauza 28.Susan Silo 29.Richard McGonagle 30.Joe Alaskey

31.Daran Norris 32.Andrew Caldwell 33.Clancy Brown 34.James Arnold Taylor 35.Tom Kane 36.Jim Ward 37.Rodney Saulsberry 38.Carlos Alazraqui 39.Jillian Henry 40.Sab Shimono

41.James Sie 42.Sean Marquette 43.Keith Ferguson 44.Jason Isaacs 45.James Hong 46.Mark Hamill 47.George Takei 48.Wil Wheaton 49.Jack De Senah 50.Mako#

2. Rick and Morty (2013– )

TV-MA | 23 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

An animated series that follows the exploits of a super scientist and his not-so-bright grandson.

Stars: Justin Roiland, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer, Sarah Chalke

Votes: 371,252


1.Spencer Grammer# 2.Alex Hirsch 3.Kevin Michael Richardson 3.Chris Parnell# 4.Nolan North 5.Gary Cole 6.Tom Kenny 7.David Cross 8.Jim Rash 9.Tress MacNeille 10.Maurice LaMarche

11.Alan Tudyk 12.Jay Johnston 13.Jill Talley 14.Rob Paulsen 15.Tara Strong 16.Chelsea Kane 17.Reagan Gomez-Preston 18.Eric Bauza 19.Kurtwood Smith 20.Cree Summer

21.Nathan Fillion 22.Jeff Bergman 23.Tricia Helfer 24.Patton Oswalt 25.James Callis 26.John DiMaggio 27.Laura Bailey 28.Tony Hale 29.Joel McHale 30.Gillian Jacobs

31.Clancy Brown 32.Echo Kellum 33.Christina Hendricks 34.Keegan-Michael Key 35.Keith David 36.Liam Cunningham 37.Phil LaMarr 38.Christopher Meloni 39.Sam Neill 40.Jeffrey Wright

41.Pamela Adlon

3. Gravity Falls (2012–2016)

TV-Y7 | 23 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Twin siblings Dipper and Mabel Pines spend the summer at their great-uncle's tourist trap in the enigmatic Gravity Falls, Oregon.

Stars: Jason Ritter, Alex Hirsch, Kristen Schaal, Linda Cardellini

Votes: 72,549


1.Dee Bradley Baker 2.Justin Roiland 3.Chris Parnell 4.Kari Wahlgren# 5.Linda Cardellini# 6.J.K. Simmons 7.Jeff Bennett 8.Kevin Michael Richardson# 9.Grey DeLisle 10.Jonathan Banks

11.T.J. Miller 12.Neil deGrasse Tyson 13.Nathan Fillion 14.Brian Bloom 15.Fred Tatasciore 16.Tara Strong 17.Dave Wittenberg 18.Jim Cummings 19.Nick Offerman 20.Scott Menville

21.Greg Cipes 22.Jessica DiCicco 23.Eric Bauza 24Jason Ritter# 25.Alex Hirsch# 26.Kristen Schaal# 27.Stephen Root 28.April Winchell 29.Horatio Sanz 30.Corey Burton

31.Thurop Van Orman 32.Mikey Kelley 33.Will Friedle 34.Diedrich Bader 35.'Weird Al' Yankovic 36.Mark Hamill 37.Patton Oswalt 38.Kimberly Brooks 39.Mckenna Grace

4. The Legend of Korra (2012–2014)

TV-Y7-FV | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Avatar Korra fights to keep Republic City safe from the evil forces of both the physical and spiritual worlds.

Stars: Janet Varney, P.J. Byrne, David Faustino, J.K. Simmons

Votes: 102,342


1.Jessie Flower 2.Dante Basco 3.Dee Bradley Baker# 4.Kevin Michael Richardson 5.Nolan North 6.Grey DeLisle 7.Gary Cole 8.Tom Kenny 9.David Faustino# 10.Keone Young

11.Maurice LaMarche 12.Jeff Bennett# 13.Steve Blum 14.Lisa Edelstein 15.Chris Hardwick 16.Maria Bamford 17.Daniel Dae Kim 18.Jim Cummings 19.Michael Donovan 20.Steven Yeun

21.Jennifer Hale 22.Wade Williams 23.Aubrey Plaza 24.David Kaufman 25.Greg Cipes 26.Jason Marsden 27.Susan Silo 28.Stephen Root 29.Andrew Kishino 30.S. Scott Bullock

31.Travis Willingham 32.Alyson Stoner 33.Carlos Alazraqui 34.James Sie 35.Travis Willingham 36.Jason Isaacs 37.P.J. Byrne# 38.Justin Prentice 39.J.K. Simmons# 40.James Remar

41.Kiernan Shipka# 42.Robert Morse 43.Zach Callison

5. Over the Garden Wall (2014)

TV-PG | 110 min | Animation, Adventure, Drama

Two brothers find themselves lost in a mysterious land and try to find their way home.

Stars: Elijah Wood, Collin Dean, Melanie Lynskey, Christopher Lloyd

Votes: 40,126


1.John Cleese

6. Young Justice (2010– )

TV-PG | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Teenage superheroes strive to prove themselves as members of the Justice League.

Stars: Jesse McCartney, Danica McKellar, Nolan North, Khary Payton

Votes: 31,476


1.Mae Whitman 2.Dee Bradley Baker 3.Kari Wahlgren 4.Kevin Michael Richardson# 5.Jeff Bennett 6.Grey DeLisle 7.Jason Spisak# 8.Josh Keaton 9.Phil LaMarr 10.Keone Young

11.Wentworth Miller 12.Alan Tudyk 13.Adam Baldwin 14.Miss Kittie 15.Steve Blum 16.Vanessa Marshall 17.Fred Tatasciore 18.Tara Strong 19.Kath Soucie 20.Ben Diskin

21.Ariel Winter 22.Rob Lowe 23.Khary Payton 24.Nolan North# 25.Yuri Lowenthal 26.Jason Marsden 27.Bumper Robinson 28.Bill Fagerbakke 29.Stephen Root 30.Lacey Chabert

31.James Arnold Taylor 32.Peter MacNicol 33.Corey Burton 34.Cree Summer 35.Alyson Stoner 36.Kelly Hu 37.Michael T. Weiss 38.Roger Craig Smith 39.Adrian Pasdar 40.David Sobolov

41.Sarah Shahi 42.James Remar 43.Geoff Pierson 44.Brent Spiner 45.Marina Sirtis 46.Keith David 47.Thom Adcox-Hernandez

7. Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (2010–2013)

TV-Y7-FV | 23 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Scooby-Doo and the gang attempt to solve creepy mysteries in the town of Crystal Cove, a place with a history of eerie supernatural events.

Stars: Frank Welker, Mindy Cohn, Grey Griffin, Matthew Lillard

Votes: 8,885


1.Dee Bradley Baker 2.Kari Wahlgren 3.Kevin Michael Richardson 4.John DiMaggio 5.David Faustino 6.Mindy Sterling 7.Jeff Bennett 8.Jessica Walter 9.Nolan North 10.Crispin Freeman

11.Grey DeLisle# 12.Tom Kenny 13.Jeffrey Tambor 14.Casey Kasem 15.Frank Welker# 16.Billy West 17.Jim Rash 18.Phil LaMarr 19.Powers Boothe 20.Maurice LaMarche

21.Paul Rugg 22.Ben McKenzie 23.Chris Hardwick 24.Rob Paulsen 25.Rick D. Wasserman 26.Troy Baker 27.Fred Tatasciore 28.Dwight Schultz 29.Kath Soucie 30.James Patrick Stuart

31.Jim Cummings 32.Jennifer Hale 33.Julie Bowen 34.Hynden Walch 35.Scott Menville 36.Jason Marsden 37.Eric Bauza 38.David Kaye 39.April Winchell 40.Tia Carrere

41.Richard McGonagle 42.Daran Norris 43.Patrick Warburton# 44.James Arnold Taylor 45.Matt Lanter 46.Roz Ryan 47.Cree Summer 48.Kevin Dunn 49.Carlos Alazraqui 50.Troy Baker

51.Gary Cole# 52.James Hong 53.Amy Acker 54.Tricia Helfer 55.Mark Hamill 56.George Takei 57.Kimberly Brooks 58.Zach Callison 59.Mark Hamill

8. Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2011–2013)

TV-PG | 25 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

The further adventures of Hal Jordan and his comrades of the Green Lantern Corps.

Stars: Josh Keaton, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jason Spisak, Grey Griffin

Votes: 5,833


1.Dee Bradley Baker 2.Kevin Michael Richardson# 3.John DiMaggio 4.Jeff Bennett 5.Jason Spisak# 6.Grey DeLisle# 7.Tom Kenny# 8.Vanessa Marshall 9.Rob Paulsen 10.Tara Strong

11.Kath Soucie 12.Jennifer Hale 13.Ron Perlman 14.Wayne Knight 15.Brian George# 16.Josh Keaton# 17.Corey Burton 18.Kurtwood Smith 19.Will Friedle 20.Susanne Blakeslee

21.Diedrich Bader 22.Phil Morris

9. Final Space (2018– )

TV-14 | 30 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

An astronaut named Gary and his planet-destroying sidekick called Mooncake embark on serialized journeys through space in order to unlock the mystery of where the universe actually ends and if it actually does exist.

Stars: Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny, Olan Rogers, Tika Sumpter

Votes: 32,330


1.Fred Armisen# 2.Tom Kenny# 3.David Tennant# 4.Steven Yeun# 5.Gina Torres# 6.Ron Perlman 7.John DiMaggio 8.Andy Richter 9.Ron Funches 10.Alan Tudyk 11.Vanessa Marshall 12.Keith David

10. Scooby Doo, Where Are You! (1969–1970)

TV-G | 22 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

A group of teenage friends and their Great Dane (Scooby-Doo) travel in a bright green van solving strange and hilarious mysteries, while returning from or going to a regular teenage function.

Stars: Don Messick, Casey Kasem, Nicole Jaffe, Vic Perrin

Votes: 29,996


1.Frank Welker# 2.Don Messick# 3.John Stephenson 4.Heather North# 5.June Foray 6.Nicole Jaffe#

11. Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines (1969–1970)

30 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

Dick Dastardly leads a fighter plane group to try ineffectualy to stop a carrier pigeon.

Stars: Paul Winchell, Don Messick

Votes: 3,189


1.Don Messick# 2.Paul Winchell#

12. BoJack Horseman (2014–2020)

TV-MA | 25 min | Animation, Comedy, Drama

BoJack Horseman was the star of the hit television show "Horsin' Around" in the '80s and '90s, now he's washed up, living in Hollywood, complaining about everything, and wearing colorful sweaters.

Stars: Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, Aaron Paul

Votes: 111,104


1.Will Arnett# 2.Judy Greer 3.J.K. Simmons 4.Judy Greer 5.Kristen Schaal 6.Aisha Tyler 7.Aaron Paul# 8.Alison Brie# 9.Aisha Tyler 10.Yvette Nicole Brown

11.Chris Parnell 12.Olivia Wilde 13.John Krasinski 14.Brandon T. Jackson 15.Lisa Kudrow 16.Joel McHale 17.Mircea Monroe 18.Rachael Harris 19.Phil LaMarr 20.John Cho

21.Ed Helms 22.Ricky Gervais 23.Jeffrey Wright 24.Jorge Garcia 25.Tessa Thompson 26.Neil deGrasse Tyson 27.Paul F. Tompkins# 28.Chris Cox 29.Fred Tatasciore 30.Nicole Sullivan

31.Ben Schwartz 32.Horatio Sanz 33.Wendie Malick 34.Peter Oldring 35.Diedrich Bader 36.'Weird Al' Yankovic 37.Aja Naomi King 38.Ron Funches 39.Patton Oswalt 40.Henry Winkler

41.George Takei 42.Jamie Clayton 43.Andre Braugher 44.Vincent D'Onofrio 45.Paul Giamatti 46.Kristen Bell 47.Laura Linney 48.Mark Feuerstein 49.David Herman 50.Brian Tyree Henry

51.Wanda Sykes 52.Alan Arkin 53.Ilana Glazer 54.Keegan-Michael Key 55.Harvey Fierstein 56.Keith David

13. Samurai Jack (2001–2017)

TV-14 | 25 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

A samurai sent through time fights to return home and save the world.

Stars: Phil LaMarr, Mako, Kevin Michael Richardson, Jeff Bennett

Votes: 45,541

1. Phil LaMarr 2. Mako# 3. Kevin Michael Richardson 4. Jeff Bennett 5. Grey Griffin 6. Tara Strong 7. Tom Kenny 8. Daran Norris 9. Greg Baldwin 10. John DiMaggio

11. Jennifer HaleDee 12. Richard McGonagle 13. Lauren Tom 14. Keone Young 15. Rob Paulsen 16. Corey Burton 17. Billy West 18. Kath Soucie 19. Chris Parnell 20. Kari Wahlgren

21. Joe Alaskey 22. Clancy Brown 23. Brian George 24. Tim Curry 25. B.J. Ward 26. Mark Hamill 27. George Takei 28. Anndi McAfee 29. Keegan-Michael Key 30. Josh Peck

31.Bradley Baker

14. The Dragon Prince (2018– )

TV-Y7 | 26 min | Animation, Adventure, Drama

Two human princes forge an unlikely bond with the elfin assassin sent to kill them, embarking on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands.

Stars: Paula Burrows, Jack De Sena, Sasha Rojen, Jason Simpson

Votes: 16,356


1.Adrian Petriw 2.Jack De Sena#

15. Hilda (2018–2020)

TV-Y7 | 24 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

A fearless blue-haired girl named Hilda leaves the forest to go to town and find new friends, great adventures, magic and mysterious creatures who might be dangerous.

Stars: Bella Ramsey, Ameerah Falzon-Ojo, Oliver Nelson, Daisy Haggard

Votes: 6,648


1.Daisy Haggard#

16. Futurama (1999–2013)

TV-14 | 22 min | Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Philip J. Fry, a pizza delivery boy, is accidentally frozen in 1999 and thawed out on New Year's Eve 2999.

Stars: Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, Tress MacNeille

Votes: 212,356


1.John DiMaggio# 2.Frank Welker 3.Tom Kenny 4.Bob Odenkirk 5.Lucy Liu 6.Lauren Tom# 7.Emilia Clarke 8.Patrick Stewert 9.Phil LaMarr# 10.Jill Talley

11.Wanda Sykes 12.Tara Strong 13.Kath Soucie 14.Maurice LaMarche# 15.Seth MacFarlane 16.Bumper Robinson 17.Tress MacNeille# 18.Estelle Harris 19.Katey Sagal# 20.Patton Oswalt

21.Leonard Nimoy 22.William Shatner 23.George Takei 24.Nichelle Nichols 25.Walter Koenig 26.Jonathan Frakes

17. Batman: The Animated Series (1992–1995)

TV-PG | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

The Dark Knight battles crime in Gotham City with occasional help from Robin and Batgirl.

Stars: Kevin Conroy, Loren Lester, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Bob Hastings

Votes: 86,762


1.Jeff Bennett 2.Frank Welker 3.Josh Keaton 4.Brian George 5.Jeffrey Tambor 6.Richard Erdman 7.William Sanderson 8.William Sanderson 9.Peter Jason 10.Tress MacNeille

11.Maurice LaMarche 12.Kevin Conroy# 13.Rob Paulsen 14.Jim Cummings 15.John Glover 16.Ron Perlman 17.Seth Green 18.Jason Marsden 20.Paul Eiding

21.Justin Shenkarow 22.Alan Rachins 26.Alan Young 27.Edward Asner 28.Roscoe Lee Browne 29.Linda Gary 30.Thomas F. Wilson

31.Jean Smart 32.Mark L. Taylor 33.Rodger Bumpass 34.Efrem Zimbalist Jr.# 35.Tara Strong# 36.Mark Hamill 37.Megan Mullally 38.Ernie Hudson 39.Nichelle Nichols 40.Matt Frewer

41.Mark Hamill

18. Justice League (2001–2004)

TV-PG | 22 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Seven of the most formidable heroes form arguably the most powerful team ever.

Stars: Carl Lumbly, Phil LaMarr, Michael Rosenbaum, George Newbern

Votes: 40,892


1.Dee Bradley Baker 2.Kevin Michael Richardson 3.John DiMaggio 4.J.K. Simmons 5.Mindy Sterling 6.Jeff Bennett 7.Danica McKellar 8.Khary Payton 9.Masasa Moyo 10.Grey DeLisle

11.Gary Cole 12.Brian George 13.Tom Kenny 14.Joanne Whalley 15.Jason Bateman 16.Neil Patrick Harris 17.Michael McKean 18.Billy West 19.Phil LaMarr# 20.Nathan Fillion

21.Keone Young 22.William Sanderson 23.Powers Boothe 24.Peter Jason 25.Larry Cedar 26.Lauren Tom 27.Gina Torres 28.Morena Baccarin 29.Adam Baldwin 30.Ioan Gruffudd

31.Efrem Zimbalist Jr. 32.Vanessa Marshall 33.Lisa Edelstein 34.Michael Rosenbaum# 35.Maria Canals-Barrera# 36.Kevin Conroy 37.Rob Paulsen 38.Chris Cox 39.Tara Strong 40.Kath Soucie

41.Ian James Corlett 42.Daniel Dae Kim 43.Jennifer Hale 44.Peri Gilpin 45.Julie Bowen 46.David Kaufman 47.Rickey D'Shon Collins 48.Ron Perlman 49.Hynden Walch 50.Scott Menville

51.Greg Cipes 52.Jason Marsden 53.Wayne Knight 54.Stephen Root 55.Michael Dorn 56.Richard McGonagle 57.Clancy Brown 58.James Arnold Taylor 59.Alan Rachins 60.Peter MacNicol

61.Corey Burton 62.Brian Doyle-Murray 63.Kurtwood Smith 64.Will Friedle 65.Cree Summer 66.Michael T. Weiss 67.Olivia d'Abo 68.Edward Asner 69.David Ogden Stiers 70.Sab Shimono

71.James Sie 72.Arte Johnson 73.Amy Acker 74.Mark Hamill 75.James Remar 76.Kimberly Brooks 77.Steve Schirripa 78.Phil Morris 79.Mark Hamill 80.Keith David

19. The Bugs Bunny Show (1960–1975)

TV-G | 30 min | Animation, Comedy

TV series featuring the classic Looney Tunes animated shorts.

Stars: Mel Blanc, June Foray, Jim Backus, Bea Benaderet

Votes: 31,108


20. Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia (2016–2018)

TV-Y7 | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

An ordinary boy finds a magic amulet that chooses him to be a Trollhunter, a guardian that defends the world of humans and the secret world of trolls.

Stars: Charlie Saxton, Lexi Medrano, Anton Yelchin, Kelsey Grammer

Votes: 13,224


1.James Purefoy 2.Fred Tatasciore# 3.Ron Perlman# 4.Tom Hiddleston 5.Steven Yeun# 6.James Purefoy 7.Lauren Tom 8.Mark Hamill 9.Clancy Brown 10.Lena Headey

21. The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010–2012)

TV-Y7 | 30 min | Animation, Action, Family

After 74 villains break out of prison, Marvel's most powerful superheroes team up to capture all of them, and also to defend the Earth from widespread threats.

Stars: Eric Loomis, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Brian Bloom, Rick D. Wasserman

Votes: 13,030


1.Dee Bradley Baker 2.Kari Wahlgren 3.Kevin Michael Richardson 4.John DiMaggio 5.Nolan North 6.Crispin Freeman 7.Grey DeLisle 8.Phil LaMarr# 9.Drake Bell 10.Steve Blum

11.Vanessa Marshall 12.Cam Clarke 13.Jennifer Hale 14.David Kaufman 15.Colleen O'Shaughnessey# 16.Scott Menville 17.Bumper Robinson 18.David Kaye 19.Daran Norris 20.Lacey Chabert

21.Fred Tatasciore# 22.Jim Ward 23.JB Blanc 24.Keith Ferguson 25.Roger Craig Smith 26.Troy Baker 27.Mark Hamill 28.Brent Spiner 29.Mark Hamill

22. The Penguins of Madagascar (2008–2015)

TV-Y7 | 11 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

The daily adventures of penguins living in New York's Central Park Zoo.

Stars: John DiMaggio, Tom McGrath, Jeff Bennett, James Patrick Stuart

Votes: 15,721


1.Dee Bradley Baker 2.Kari Wahlgren 3.Kristen Schaal 4.Kevin Michael Richardson# 5.Jeff Bennett# 6.Lewis Black 7.Patrick Warburton 8.Grey DeLisle 9.Gary Cole 10.Brian George

11.Neil Patrick Harris 12.Lauren Tom 13.Miss Kittie 14.Julie White 15.Jerry Trainor 16.Nathan Kress 17.Jennette McCurdy 18.Brian Posehn 19.Rob Paulsen 20.Victoria Justice

21.Elizabeth Gillies 22.Wally Wingert 23.Fred Tatasciore 24.Dana Snyder 25.Tara Strong 26.John DiMaggio# 27.Jim Cummings 28.Ed O'Neill 29.Ty Burrell 30.Ariel Winter

31.Jessica DiCicco 32.Wayne Knight 33.Clancy Brown 34.Will Friedle 35.Susanne Blakeslee 36.Jillian Henry 37.Diedrich Bader 38.Christy Carlson Romano 39.Nicole Sullivan# 40.Mick Wingert

23. The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (2001–2007)

TV-Y7-FV | 30 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

The ill-tempered Grim Reaper gets into a wager that forces him to become the life-long companions of two scheming youngsters after he loses.

Stars: Richard Steven Horvitz, Grey Griffin, Greg Eagles, Vanessa Marshall

Votes: 20,569


1.Mako 2.Dee Bradley Baker# 3.Kari Wahlgren 4.Kevin Michael Richardson 5.Jeff Bennett 6.Nolan North 7.Jason Spisak 8.Masasa Moyo 9.Frank Welker 10.Grey DeLisle#

11.Tom Kenny 12.Michael McKean 13.Billy West 14.Jim Rash 15.Phil LaMarr 16.Keone Young 17.Maurice LaMarche 18.Steve Blum 19.Vanessa Marshall# 20.Jill Talley

21.Cam Clarke 22.Rob Paulsen 23.Chris Cox 24.Fred Tatasciore 25.Dwight Schultz 26.C.H. Greenblatt 27.Tara Strong 28.Kath Soucie 29.Dave Wittenberg 30.Jim Cummings

31.Richard Steven Horvitz# 32.Scott Menville 33.Paul Eiding 34.Wayne Knight 35.Bill Fagerbakke 36.April Winchell 37.Michael Dorn 38.Richard McGonagle 39.James Arnold Taylor 40.Tom Kane

41.Jim Ward 42.Kurtwood Smith 43.Cree Summer 44.Edward Asner 45.Jennifer Hale# 46.Carlos Alazraqui 47.Susanne Blakeslee 48.Mr. Lawrence 49.Jodi Benson 50.Diedrich Bader

51.Mary Jo Catlett 52.Lori Alan 53.James Sie 54.Keith Ferguson 55.Rino Romano 56.Alastair Duncan 57.'Weird Al' Yankovic 58.Mark Hamill 59.Thom Adcox-Hernandez

24. Danny Phantom (2004–2007)

TV-Y7-FV | 30 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

A 14-year-old receives ghost powers and uses them to save the world

Stars: David Kaufman, Grey Griffin, Rickey D'Shon Collins, Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Votes: 15,329


1.Dee Bradley Baker 2.Kevin Michael Richardson 3.Grey DeLisle# 4.Phil LaMarr 5.Maria Canals-Barrera 6.Rob Paulsen# 7.Colleen O'Shaughnessey# 8.Tara Strong 9.Kath Soucie# 10.Peri Gilpin

11.Michael Dorn 12.Daran Norris 13.James Arnold Taylor 14.Peter MacNicol 15.David Boat 16.Cree Summer 17.Ron Perlman# 18.Susanne Blakeslee 19.James Sie 20.Rickey D'Shon Collins#

21.Mark Hamill 22.Kimberly Brooks 23.Phil Morris

25. The Boondocks (2005–2014)

TV-MA | 22 min | Animation, Action, Comedy

Adventures of two boys, Riley and Huey Freeman, who undergo a culture clash when they move from Chicago to the suburbs to live with their grandfather.

Stars: Regina King, John Witherspoon, Gary Anthony Williams, Cedric Yarbrough

Votes: 26,563


1.Dante Basco 2.Dee Bradley Baker 3.Kevin Michael Richardson 4.John DiMaggio 5.Jeff Bennett 6.Aisha Tyler 7.Billy West 8.Lauren Tom 9.Tress MacNeille 10.Maurice LaMarche

11.Miss Kittie 12.Maria Canals-Barrera 13.Jill Talley 14.Rob Paulsen 15.Jim Cummings 16.Yuri Lowenthal 17.Adam Wylie 18.James Arnold Taylor 19.Corey Burton 20.Travis Willingham

21.Edward Asner 22.Debra Wilson 23.Carlos Alazraqui 24.Michele Morgan 25.Mark Hamill 26.Phil Morris

26. Green Eggs and Ham (2019– )

TV-Y7 | 26 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

An animated series based on the popular Dr. Seuss story "Green Eggs and Ham."

Stars: Michael Douglas, Adam Devine, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer

Votes: 1,805


1.Michael Douglas# 2.John Turturro 3.Dee Bradley Baker 4.David Kaye 5.Fred Tatasciore 6.Hynden Walch 7.Jill Talley 8.Jeffrey Wright 9.Kari Wahlgren

27. Green Eggs and Ham (2019– )

TV-Y7 | 26 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

An animated series based on the popular Dr. Seuss story "Green Eggs and Ham."

Stars: Michael Douglas, Adam Devine, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer

Votes: 1,805


1.Keegan-Michael Key#

28. Teen Titans (2003–2006)

TV-Y7-FV | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

A team of five teenaged superheroes save the world from many villains around their city while experiencing things normal teens face today.

Stars: Hynden Walch, Greg Cipes, Scott Menville, Khary Payton

Votes: 26,213


1.Dee Bradley Baker 2.Kevin Michael Richardson 3.John DiMaggio 4.Jeff Bennett 5.Khary Payton# 6.Tom Kenny 7.Keone Young 8.Lauren Tom 9.Tress MacNeille 10.Michael Rosenbaum

11.Rob Paulsen 12.Tara Strong# 13.Jim Cummings 14.T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh 15.Lucy Lawless 16.Ron Perlman 17.Greg Cipes# 18.Jason Marsden 19.Bumper Robinson 20.Stephen Root

21.Scott Menville# 22.Clancy Brown 23.James Arnold Taylor 24.Tom Kane 25.S. Scott Bullock 26.Will Friedle 27.Ashley Johnson 28.Rodger Bumpass 29.David Sobolov 30.Rino Romano

31.James Hong 32.Kimberly Brooks 33.Wil Wheaton 34.Keith David

29. Xiaolin Showdown (2003–2006)

TV-Y7 | 30 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

A young Xiaolin monk named Omi with a giant yellow head leads a trio of other students to collect powerful items known as Shen Gong Wu while battling the evil Jack Spicer who is also after the artifacts

Stars: Jeff Bennett, Danny Cooksey, Grey Griffin, Tom Kenny

Votes: 6,505


1.Kevin Michael Richardson 2.Jeff Bennett# 3.Grey DeLisle# 4.Tom Kenny# 5.Maurice LaMarche 6.Paul Rugg 7.Danny Cooksey# 8.Tara Strong# 9.Jennifer Hale 10.Jason Marsden

30. Ben 10: Omniverse (2012–2014)

TV-Y7 | 22 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

The continuing adventures of Ben Tennyson (Yuri Lowenthal) and his new partner, Rook Blonko (Bumper Robinson).

Stars: Yuri Lowenthal, Bumper Robinson, Eric Bauza, Paul Eiding

Votes: 3,125


1.Dee Bradley Baker# 2.Kari Wahlgren 3.Kevin Michael Richardson 4.John DiMaggio# 5.Jeff Bennett 6.Khary Payton 7.Tom Kenny 8.Phil LaMarr 9.Steve Blum 10.Vanessa Marshall

11.Rob Paulsen 12.Dwight Schultz 13.Tara Strong# 14.Gwendoline Yeo 15.Charles Adler 16.Jim Cummings 17.Jennifer Hale 18.Aziz Ansari 19.Scott Menville 20.Greg Cipes

21.Yuri Lowenthal# 22.Paul Eiding 23.Eric Bauza 24.David Kaye 25.April Winchell 26.Michael Dorn 27.Alanna Ubach 28.Corey Burton 29.Cree Summer 30.Ashley Johnson

31.Carlos Alazraqui 32.Diedrich Bader 33.Paul Eiding# 34.Ogie Banks 35.Mark Hamill 36.Kimberly Brooks 37.Wil Wheaton 38.Kate Micucci

31. Dragons: Race to the Edge (2013–2018)

TV-Y7-FV | 22 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Unlock the secrets of the Dragon Eye and come face to face with more dragons than anyone has ever imagined as Hiccup, Toothless and the Dragon Riders soar to the edge of adventure.

Stars: Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Zack Pearlman, Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Votes: 4,661


1.Mae Whitman# 2.David Faustino# 3.Nolan North# 4.Tom Kenny 5.David Tennant 6.Paul Rugg 7.America Ferrera# 8.Jay Baruchel# 9.T.J. Miller# 10.Christopher Mintz-Plasse#

11.Zack Pearlman# 12.Andree Vermeulen# 13.Chris Edgerly 14.JB Blanc 15.Thomas F. Wilson 16.Mark Hamill

32. Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018)

TV-Y7-FV | 22 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

A brave and clever ragtag starship crew stands up against the evil Empire as it tightens its grip on the galaxy and hunts down the last of the Jedi Knights.

Stars: Taylor Gray, Dave Filoni, Vanessa Marshall, Freddie Prinze Jr.

Votes: 30,104


1.Dante Basco 2.Grey DeLisle 3.Phil LaMarr 4.Keone Young 5.Nathan Kress 6.Fred Tatasciore 7.Kath Soucie 8.Ben Diskin 9.Jim Cummings 10.Sam Witwer

11.Vanessa Marshall# 12.Ray Stevenson 13.Kevin McKidd 14.Steve Blum# 15.Peter MacNicol 16.Trevor Devall 17.Matt Lanter 18.Matthew Wood 19.Ashley Eckstein 20.Corey Burton

21.Liam O'Brien 22.Tom Kane 23.Yuri Lowenthal 24.James Arnold Taylor 25.Jason Isaacs 26.James Hong 27.Tobias Menzies 28.Tiya Sircar# 29.Brent Spiner

33. Gravity Falls Shorts (2013–2014)

TV-Y7 | 2 min | Animation, Short, Adventure

2-minute shorts about Gravity Falls.

Stars: Alex Hirsch, Kristen Schaal, Jason Ritter, Linda Cardellini

Votes: 1,192


1.Jason Ritter# 2.Alex Hirsch# 3.Kristen Schaal# 4.John DiMaggio 5.Keith Ferguson

34. DreamWorks Dragons (2012–2014)

TV-Y7 | 22 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

The further adventures of Hiccup and his friends on the Island of Berk.

Stars: America Ferrera, Jay Baruchel, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, T.J. Miller

Votes: 9,401


1.Mae Whitman 2.David Faustino 3.Nolan North# 4.America Ferrera# 5.Jay Baruchel# 6.T.J. Miller# 7.Christopher Mintz-Plasse# 8.Zack Pearlman# 9.Andree Vermeulen# 10.David Tennant

11.Paul Rugg 12.Thomas F. Wilson 13.Mark Hamill

35. Duck Dodgers (2003–2005)

TV-Y7 | 30 min | Animation, Short, Action

Animated science fiction series based on the alter ego of Looney Tunes star Daffy Duck, the semi-heroic, yet incompetent, space Captain Duck Dodgers.

Stars: Joe Alaskey, Bob Bergen, Richard McGonagle, Michael Dorn

Votes: 6,513


1.Mako 2.Dee Bradley Baker 3.Kevin Michael Richardson 4.John DiMaggio 5.Jeff Bennett 6.Grey DeLisle 7.Tom Kenny 8.Billy West 9.Lauren Tom 10.Tress MacNeille

11.Maurice LaMarche 12.Vanessa Marshall 13.Jill Talley 14.Rob Paulsen 15.Tara Strong 16.Kath Soucie 17.Dave Wittenberg 18.James Patrick Stuart 19.Jim Cummings 20.Jennifer Hale

21.Candi Milo 22.Chris Edgerly 23.Daran Norris 24.Clancy Brown 25.James Arnold Taylor 26.Tom Kane 27.Corey Burton 28.John Stephenson 29.S. Scott Bullock 30.Edward Asner

31.Carlos Alazraqui 32.Jodi Benson 33.Bob Bergen# 34.Richard McGonagle# 35.Joe Alaskey# 36.June Foray 37.Henry Winkler

36. Fillmore! (2002–2004)

TV-Y7 | 30 min | Action, Animation, Comedy

Former delinquent now fights for the good guys at X Middle School.

Stars: Orlando Brown, Tara Strong, Don LaFontaine, Horatio Sanz

Votes: 2,306


1.Mae Whitman 2.Jeff Bennett 3.Grey DeLisle 4.Brian George 5.Phil LaMarr 6.Josh Peck 7.Anthony Head 8.Lauren Tom# 9.Tara Strong# 10.Steve Carell

11.Raven-Symoné 12.Orlando Brown# 13.Jennifer Hale 14.Rachael MacFarlane 15.Adam Wylie 16.Candi Milo 17.Rachel Crane 18.Kurtwood Smith 19.Caroline Rhea 20.Daveigh Chase

21.Stacie Chan 22.Sean Marquette 23.Ogie Banks 24.Steven Weber 25.Noel Fisher

37. The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008–2009)

TV-Y7 | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

An animated television show that focuses on a sixteen-year-old Peter Parker, and the origins of Spider-Man.

Stars: Josh Keaton, Lacey Chabert, Joshua LeBar, Grey Griffin

Votes: 10,373


1.Dee Bradley Baker 2.Kevin Michael Richardson# 3.John DiMaggio# 4.Jeff Bennett 5.Crispin Freeman 6.Grey DeLisle# 7.Josh Keaton# 8.Brian George 9.Courtney B. Vance 10.Phil LaMarr#

11.Steve Blum# 12.Vanessa Marshall# 13.Kath Soucie 14.Ben Diskin# 15.Jim Cummings 16.Bill Fagerbakke 17.Daran Norris# 18.Clancy Brown# 19.James Arnold Taylor# 20.Cree Summer

21.Kelly Hu 22.Edward Asner 23.Thomas F. Wilson 24.Tricia Helfer 25.James Remar 26.Keith David 27.Thom Adcox-Hernandez

38. Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008–2020)

TV-PG | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Jedi Knights lead the Grand Army of the Republic against the droid army of the Separatists.

Stars: Tom Kane, Dee Bradley Baker, Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor

Votes: 61,660


1.Dee Bradley Baker# 2.Kari Wahlgren 3.Kevin Michael Richardson 4.Nolan North 5.Jason Spisak 6.Grey DeLisle 7.Brian George 8.Tom Kenny 9.Phil LaMarr 10.David Tennant

11.Cam Clarke 12.James Mathis III 13.Fred Tatasciore 14.Ben Diskin 15.Gwendoline Yeo 16.Jim Cummings 17.Sam Witwer 18.Jennifer Hale 19.Barbara Goodson 20.David Kaufman

21.Ron Perlman 22.Greg Cipes 23.Seth Green 24.David Kaye 25.Bob Bergen 26.Clancy Brown 27.James Arnold Taylor# 28.Andrew Kishino 29.Tom Kane# 30.Olivia d'Abo

31.Matt Lanter 32.Mark Hamill 33.George Takei 34.Simon Pegg 35.Adam McArthur

39. Wolverine and the X-Men (2008–2009)

TV-Y7 | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

After an explosion at the school, the X-Men went their separate ways. But they must unite once again under the leadership of Wolverine to prevent an inevitable war while also dealing with present problems.

Stars: Steve Blum, Jim Ward, Nolan North, Fred Tatasciore

Votes: 9,922


1.Kari Wahlgren# 2.Kevin Michael Richardson 3.Nolan North# 4.Crispin Freeman 5.Grey DeLisle 6.Phil LaMarr 7.Keone Young 8.Steve Blum# 9.Vanessa Marshall 10.Alex Désert

11.Fred Tatasciore# 12.Tara Strong 13.Gwendoline Yeo# 14.James Patrick Stuart 15.Charles Adler 16.Jennifer Hale 17.Graham McTavish 18.Yuri Lowenthal 19.Chris Edgerly 20.Clancy Brown

21.Corey Burton 22.Tom Kane# 23.Jim Ward# 24.James Sie 25.Roger Craig Smith 26. Mark Hildreth

40. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012–2017)

TV-Y7-FV | 24 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Four ninja turtles, mutated by a mysterious alien substance, must rise up out of the sewers and defend their city against evil forces from both the past and present.

Stars: Sean Astin, Rob Paulsen, Greg Cipes, Mae Whitman

Votes: 8,404


1.Mae Whitman# 2.Kari Wahlgren 3.Kevin Michael Richardson# 4.John DiMaggio 5.Jeff Bennett 6.Nolan North# 7.Lewis Black 8.Frank Welker 9.Tom Kenny 10.Phil LaMarr

11.Josh Peck# 12.David Tennant 13.Maurice LaMarche 14.Steve Blum 15.Cam Clarke 16.Rob Paulsen 17.Lucy Lawless 18.Brian Bloom 19.Fred Tatasciore 20.Dwight Schultz

21.Gwendoline Yeo 22.Ted Biaselli 23.Danny Jacobs 24.Graham McTavish 25.Ron Perlman# 26.Scott Menville 27.Greg Cipes# 28.Yuri Lowenthal 29.Eric Bauza 30.Michael Dorn

31.Daran Norris 32.Corey Feldman 33.Kelly Hu 34.Ashley Johnson 35.Seth Green# 36.Diedrich Bader 37.Sab Shimono 38.James Sie 39.Roger Craig Smith 40.James Hong

41.Mark Hamill 42.Keone Young 43.Jessica DiCicco 44.Kate Micucci 45.Keith David

41. Steven Universe (2013–2020)

TV-PG | 11 min | Animation, Short, Action

A team of intergalactic warriors fights to protect the universe, but the combination of three highly trained beings and one quirky young boy leaves the team struggling to overcome the dangerous scenarios that are put in front of them.

Stars: Zach Callison, Deedee Magno, Michaela Dietz, Estelle

Votes: 25,667


1.Kate Micucci 2.Dee Bradley Baker 3.Brian Posehn 4.Kimberly Brooks 5.Kate Flannery 6.Kevin Michael Richardson 7.Olivia Olson 8.Brian George 9.Amy Sedaris 10.Jessica DiCicco

11.Adam Devine

42. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (2008–2010)

TV-Y7-FV | 11 min | Animation, Short, Adventure

The comical seafaring adventures of a young, enthusiastic boy, his pirate captain mentor, and the talking whale that raised him from birth.

Stars: Brian Doyle-Murray, Thurop Van Orman, Jeff Bennett, Steve Little

Votes: 11,318


1.Dee Bradley Baker 2.Kevin Michael Richardson 3.J.K. Simmons 4.Jeff Bennett# 5.Grey DeLisle 6.Billy West 7.Richard McGonagle 8.Daran Norris 9.Cree Summer 10.Steve Little#

43. American Dragon: Jake Long (2005–2007)

TV-G | 30 min | Animation, Action, Comedy

A teenage slacker is given the ability to turn into the American Dragon and defends all mythical creatures that secretly reside in the human world.

Stars: Dante Basco, Charlie Finn, kittie KaBoom, Keone Young

Votes: 9,892


1.Dante Basco# 2.Mae Whitman 3.Dee Bradley Baker 4.Kari Wahlgren 5.Kevin Michael Richardson 6.John DiMaggio# 7.Mindy Sterling 8.Jeff Bennett# 9.Grey DeLisle 10.Kyle Massey

11.Keone Young# 12.Lauren Tom# 13.Tress MacNeille 14.Rob Paulsen 15.Liliana Mumy 16.Tara Strong 17.Brenda Song 18.T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh 19.Jennifer Hale 20.Hynden Walch

21.Adam Wylie 22.Jessica DiCicco 23.Tia Carrere 24.Clancy Brown 25.Lacey Chabert 26.James Arnold Taylor 27.Corey Burton 28.Susanne Blakeslee 29.David Ogden Stiers 30.Phil Morris

44. Beware the Batman (2013–2014)

TV-PG | 22 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

Batman, a crime-fighting vigilante of Gotham City, goes up against the underworld.

Stars: Anthony Ruivivar, Sumalee Montano, JB Blanc, Kurtwood Smith

Votes: 3,847


1.Dee Bradley Baker 2.Jeff Bennett 3.Matthew Lillard 4.Grey DeLisle 5.Brian George 6.Matt Jones 7.Tara Strong 8.Ian James Corlett 9.James Patrick Stuart 10.Wade Williams

11.Yuri Lowenthal 12.James Arnold Taylor 13.Cree Summer 14.Carlos Alazraqui 15.JB Blanc# 16.James Remar 17.Matthew Mercer

45. Batman Beyond (1999–2001)

TV-Y7 | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure