Experts in the Field of Nonsense

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For the convenience of those who enjoy their work. RIP Phillip Coppens and Stanton Friedman.

1. Erich von Däniken

Writer | Egypt

Erich Von Daniken is a writer, producer, and former hotel manager and convicted con artist. He was first convicted at age 19 for theft, then at age 29 for fraud and embezzlement. He was a hotel manager in Davos, Switzerland when he wrote Chariots of the Gods. At age 33 he was convicted again for ...

2. Stanton Friedman

Writer | UFO's Are Real

Stanton Friedman was born on July 29, 1934 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA as Stanton Terry Friedman. He was married to Marilyn Kimball and Susie Porter. He died on May 13, 2019 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

3. David Childress

Actor | Kill You Twice

David Hatcher Childress, known as the real-life Indiana Jones to the many fans of his books, is a captivating individual. He has traveled the world several times over, seeking adventure and the answers to the mysteries of mankind's past. His popular Lost Cities books (7 in the series) present ...

5. Linda Moulton Howe

Producer | A Strange Harvest

Linda Moulton Howe is a producer, known for A Strange Harvest (1980), Ancient Aliens (2009) and Sightings (1991).

6. Nick Pope

Actor | The Stone

Author, journalist and TV personality Nick Pope used to investigate UFOs and other mysteries for the British government, and is the world's leading expert on UFOs, the unexplained and conspiracy theories. He has presented, contributed to, and consulted on numerous TV shows on these subjects.

Nick ...

9. Philip Coppens

Writer | Alien Crash at Roswell: The UFO Truth Lost in Time

Philip Coppens was born on January 25, 1971 in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium as Filip Coppens. He was a writer and director, known for Alien Crash at Roswell: The UFO Truth Lost in Time (2013), Ancient Alien Question: From UFOs to Extraterrestrial Visitations (2012) and Ancient Aliens (2009). He was ...

R.I.P. (no disrespect meant, he seemed a decent sort)

10. Bill Birnes

Writer | The Riverman

Bill Birnes is known for his work on The Riverman (2004), The Sound of Spying (2014) and When Husbands Cheat (1998).

11. Steven M. Greer

Producer | Sirius

Steven M. Greer was born on October 20, 1955 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA as Steven Macon Greer. He is a producer and writer, known for Sirius (2013), Out of the Blue (2003) and Unsolved Mysteries (1987).

14. Jaime Maussan

Director | El mito y la magia de Rufino Tamayo

Jaime Maussan was born as José Jaime Maussán Flota. He is an actor and producer, known for El mito y la magia de Rufino Tamayo (1978), Tercer milenio (1997) and Los archivos secretos de Jaime Maussan (2009).

15. Ken Gerhard

Phantom Flyer

Ken Gerhard is known for his work on Phantom Flyer (2018), In Search of Monsters (2019) and Modern Monster (2015).

16. Nick Redfern

Writer | Three Men Seeking Monsters

Nick Redfern is an actor and writer, known for Three Men Seeking Monsters, Out of the Blue (2003) and In Search of Monsters (2019).

18. Jim Marrs

Writer | JFK

Jim Marrs was born on December 5, 1943 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA as James Farrell Marrs. He was a writer and actor, known for JFK (1991), Ramming Speed (1997) and Alien Experiencers (2017). He was married to Carol Ann Worcester. He died on August 2, 2017 in Springtown, Texas.

19. Andrew Gough

Actor | The Alaska Triangle

Andrew Gough is an actor, known for The Alaska Triangle (2020), Mysteries of the Abandoned (2017) and Forbidden History (2013).

20. Loren Coleman

Strange Universe

Loren Coleman is one of the world's leading cryptozoologists. He is a well-known media consultant and author on the topics of cryptozoology, unusual phenomena, and inexpliable human behaviors.   Coleman has written books and more than three hundred articles, has appeared frequently on radio and ...

21. David Wilcock

Actor | The Recall

David Wilcock was born on March 8, 1973 in Rotterdam, Schenectady County, New York, USA. He is a producer and actor, known for The Recall (2017), Wisdom Teachings (2013) and The Cosmic Secret (2019). He has been married to Elizabeth Wilcock since October 14, 2017.

22. Jason Martell

Producer | Ancient Astronauts: Our Extraterrestrial Legacy

For over 15 years, Mr. Martell has been one of the leading researchers and lectures specializing in ancient civilization technologies. Mr Martell's research has been featured worldwide on numerous television and radio networks such as The Discovery Channel, Syfy Channel, and the BBC. He is ...

23. George Knapp

Producer | UFOs: The Best Evidence

George Knapp is known for his work on UFOs: The Best Evidence (1994), Where Are All the UFO's? (1996) and UFOs: Then and Now? (2000).

24. John Greenewald Jr.

Writer | The Universe

John Greenewald Jr. was born on April 17, 1981 in Tarzana, California, USA as John Raymond Greenewald Jr. He is a producer and writer, known for The Universe (2007), UFO Files (2004) and Doomsday: 10 Ways the World Will End (2016).

25. Bruce Maccabee

Self | Unsolved Mysteries

Bruce Maccabee was born on May 6, 1942 in Rutland, Vermont, USA.

26. William Henry

Producer | Ancient Aliens

William Henry is a producer, known for Ancient Aliens (2009), Codes and Conspiracies (2014) and Is It Real? (2005).

27. George Noory


George Noory hosts the nationally syndicated program Coast to Coast AM, heard by millions of listeners on more than 600 stations in North America, is the #1 most listened to radio show in the overnight time period, according to Arbitron.

While hosting The Nighthawk, a wildly successful, late-night ...

28. Gian Quasar

Self | Ancient Aliens

Gian Quasar is known for his work on Ancient Aliens (2009), Naked Science (2004) and Is It Real? (2005).

30. Kevin D. Randle

Writer | Roswell

Served as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam in 1968 - 1969. Served as a battalion intelligence officer in Iraq in 2003 - 2004. retired from the military in 2009 as a lieutenant colonel.

In 2013, he received the Bronze Star Medal for service in Iraq and the Air Medal for Valor for service in Vietnam.

31. Chris Styles

UFOs: Then and Now?

Chris Styles is known for his work on UFOs: Then and Now? (2000), Portal to the Unknown (2013) and Dossiers mystère (2006).

32. Hayden Hewes

Casting_department | Contactee

Hayden Hewes is known for his work on Contactee (2007), Heaven's Gate: The Untold Story (1999) and The Unexplained (1996).

33. A.J. Gevaerd

Self | Linha Direta

A.J. Gevaerd was born as Ademar José Gevaerd.

34. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

Producer | Ancient Aliens

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is the director of Erich von Däniken's center for ancient alien astronaut research, The Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association (A.A.S. R.A.), and presents himself as an expert in his numerous documentaries. However, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has no qualifications or...

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