Favourite korean actresses

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1. Ji-Won Ha

Actress | Hyeongsa

South Korean fresh face Ha Ji-won is a very talented actress. She first came to theater in 2000 and won an award for best new actress. Her big break was "Sex is zero" and "True or Dare". In 2003, she was cast as Chae-oak in the famous Korean TV drama "Damo" and was stated as South Korean's most ...

2. Hyo-Jin Kong

Actress | Missing: Sarajin Yeoja

Hyo-Jin Kong was born on April 4, 1980 in Seoul, South Korea. She is an actress, known for Missing Woman (2016), Crush and Blush (2008) and No Manners (2002).

3. Ji-a Park

Actress | Bin-jip

Ji-a Park is an actress, known for 3-Iron (2004), Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring (2003) and Izzy Got the Frizzies (2019).

4. Hye-su Kim

Actress | Eolguleobtneun minyeo

Hye-su Kim was born on September 5, 1970 in Busan, South Korea. She is an actress and manager, known for The Hypnotized (2004), Tazza: The High Rollers (2006) and The Red Shoes (2005).

5. Mi-ryeong Cho

Actress | Chuno

Mi-ryeong Cho was born on April 16, 1973 in South Korea. She is an actress, known for Chuno (2010), Love in Magic (2005) and My Wife Is a Gangster 2 (2003).

6. Ha-eun Kim

Actress | Chuno

Ha-eun Kim is an actress, known for Chuno (2010), Love in Magic (2005) and The Thorn Birds (2011).

Chuno (The Slave Hunters)

7. Eun-hye Yun

Actress | Keopi peurinseu 1-hojeom

Eun-Hye Yun was born on October 3, 1984 in Seoul, South Korea. She is an actress, known for The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007),Princess Hours (2006), Little Black Dress (2011) and The Man of the Vineyard (2006).Yoon successful performance in Coffee Prince, put her in the list of being one of the ...

8. Mi-sook Lee

Actress | Pong

Mi-sook Lee was born on April 2, 1960 in Seoul, Korea. She is an actress, known for Mulberry (1986), Untold Scandal (2003) and Geu hae gyeouleun daddeuthaesnye (1984). She was previously married to Sung Ho Hong.

9. Do-yeon Jeon

Actress | Hanyo

Jeon Do-yeon spent five years starring in television dramas before achieving instant star status with her film debut opposite Han Seok-gyu in The Contact. She has since gone on to take a wide variety of roles, from her performance as a schoolgirl in Harmonium in My Memory to that of a wife having ...

10. Ye-jin Son

Actress | Nae meorisokui jiwoogae

As of her debut in South Korean films, Ye-jin Son became one of the stars of Chungmoore, the Korean Hollywood, notably appearing in the beautiful "Drunk on Women and Poetry" by the master Kwan-taek Im. In "April Snow", directed by Jin-ho Hur (2005), she questioned her pure innocent girl image, ...

11. Ha-neul Kim

Actress | Beul-la-in-deu

Ha-neul Kim was born on February 21, 1978 in Seoul, South Korea. She is an actress, known for Blind (2011), Too Beautiful to Lie (2004) and My Tutor Friend (2003).

12. Mi-ran Ra

Actress | Deokhyeongju

Mi-ran Ra is an actress, known for The Last Princess (2016), The Host (2006) and Hope (2013).

13. Il-hwa Lee

Actress | Kim Gwajang

Il-hwa Lee is an actress, known for Chief Kim (2017), You've Fallen for Me (2011) and Iljimae (2008).

14. Ji-min Hong

Actress | Jal sarabose

Ji-min Hong is an actress, known for Mission Sex Control (2006), Where Stars Land (2018) and I Am Legend (2010).

15. Soo Ae

Actress | Simya-ui FM

Soo Ae was born on July 25, 1981 in South Korea. She is an actress, known for Midnight FM (2010), A Family (2004) and Sunny (2008).

16. Yunjin Kim

Actress | Lost

Yunjin Kim (born November 7, 1973), also known as Kim Yun-Jin is a South Korean-American film and theater actress. She is best known for her role as Sun on the American television series Lost, and as the North Korean spy Bang-Hee in the South Korean film Shiri. She also starred as Dr. Karen Kim in ...

17. Hyo-joo Han

Actress | Byuti insaideu

Han Hyo-Joo (born February 22, 1987 Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province) is a South Korean film and television actress. She is best known for her leading roles in television drama series: Spring Waltz (2006) (2006); Shining Inheritance (2009) (2009); Dong Yi (2010)(2010) and W (2016) (2016) as ...

18. Bo-young Lee

Actress | Neoui Moksoriga Deulryeo

Bo-young Lee was born on January 12, 1979 in South Korea. She is an actress, known for I Hear Your Voice (2013), A Dirty Carnival (2006) and Once Upon a Time in Corea (2008). She has been married to Seong Ji since September 27, 2013. They have two children.

19. Hae-sook Kim

Actress | Bakjwi

Hae-sook Kim was born on December 30, 1955 in Busan, South Korea. She is an actress, known for Thirst (2009), The Handmaiden (2016) and The Thieves (2012).

20. Geun-young Moon

Actress | Janghwa, Hongryeon

Moon Geun-Young was born on May 6, 1987 in Gwangju, South Korea. Her immediate family consists of parents and one younger sister. Moon Geun-Young began her acting career from a young age as a child actor. During the third grade of her elementary school, Moon Geun-Young performed in her school's ...

21. Uhm Junghwa

Actress | Be-seu-teu-sel-leo

Uhm Junghwa was born on August 17, 1969 in South Korea. She is an actress, known for Bestseller (2010), Montage (2013) and Princess Aurora (2005).

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