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1. While You Were Sleeping (2017)

30 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

The drama is about a woman, Nam Hong Joo, who can see accidents that take place in the future through her dreams. And a prosecutor, Jung Jae Chan, who struggles to stop the woman's dreams from coming true.

Stars: Suzy Bae, Jong-Suk Lee, Hae-In Jung, Sang-Yeob Lee

Votes: 3,466

2. Heirs (2013)

55 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Heirs follows a group of privileged, elite high school students as they are groomed to take over their families' business empires.

Stars: Min-Ho Lee, Shin-Hye Park, Woo-Bin Kim, Ji-Won Kim

Votes: 6,813

3. Syucheu (2018– )

60 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Hotshot lawyer Choi Kang Seok is known as the most talented closer at the prestigious Kang and Ham Law Firm. Go Yeon Woo has a photographic memory and a high IQ. Having dreamed of becoming ... See full summary »

Stars: Dong-Gun Jang, Hyung-shik Park, Gwi-hwa Choi, Hee-kyung Jin

Votes: 438

4. High Society (2015)

Drama, Romance

Jang Yoon-ha is the youngest daughter of a chaebol family. Despite her wealth, she works part-time at a food market and hides her true identity as an heiress because all she truly wants is ... See full summary »

Stars: Yu-jin Kim, Jun Sung, Hyung-shik Park, Ji-yeon Lim

Votes: 344

5. Healer (2014–2015)

TV-14 | 60 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

An old murder incident involving a group who ran an illegal broadcasting station brings together different people - a mysterious errand guy "Healer" who possesses disguise and fighting ... See full summary »

Stars: Chang-Wook Ji, Min-Young Park, Tae-mi, Ji-won Do

Votes: 5,279

6. Men's Egg Drummers (2011)

99 min | Drama

Yuki Furukawa (Keita) is suddenly the overseer of a Shinto shrine. The young man is suddenly in charge when his father unexpectedly falls ill and cannot organize the annual moon festival. ... See full summary »

Director: Yudai Yamaguchi | Stars: Yûki Furukawa, Chikako Hara, Teruko Hôrai, Mari Iriki

Votes: 6

7. From Five to Nine (2015– )

54 min | Comedy, Romance

"From Five to Nine" is a romantic comedy drama. It is a story of girl who works as an English teacher and dreams of moving to New York, but unexpectedly, she encounters a handsome monk, and the story begins.

Stars: Satomi Ishihara, Tomohisa Yamashita, Kei Tanaka, Yûki Furukawa

Votes: 687

8. The Sun (2016)

129 min | Sci-Fi

Set in the early 21st century with the population decimated by bio terror. Two kinds of humans now exist. One is the Nokusu who were infected with a virus but survived, consequently they ... See full summary »

Director: Yû Irie | Stars: Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Mugi Kadowaki, Toshiki Ayata, Yûki Furukawa

Votes: 65

9. L (II) (2016)


Movie is based on album by Yasu's solo project "Acid Black Cherry" (album was released February 25, 2016). Yasu is the vocalist of rock band "Janne Da Arc." Movie depicts the life of woman L as she looks for love.

Director: Ten Shimoyama | Stars: Alice Hirose, Seika Furuhata, Yûki Furukawa, Yûta Hiraoka

Votes: 25

10. Colors of Wind (2017)

119 min | Drama, Romance

Before Ryo's girlfriend dies, she tells him that a woman who looks identical to her is in Hokkaido. To find out, Ryo travels to Hokkaido.

Director: Jae-young Kwak | Stars: Takemi Fujii, Yûki Furukawa, Yoshihiko Hakamada, Maiko Itô

Votes: 155

11. Misjudgment Countermeasure Office (2018)

Crime, Drama, Mystery

Eiji Arima is a veteran detective who is about to retire. Shoichi Sera is a young lawyer and Misuzu Haruna is a prosecutor. These three people belong to the Gohan Taisakushitsu ('... See full summary »

Stars: Masaaki Akahori, Yûki Furukawa, Fumie Hamakawa, Mari Hoshino

12. Love Rerun (2018)

Comedy, Romance

Sayaka Minami works as a designer for a company. She is 30 years old, single and has not had any love experience due to her 15-year unrequited love for Ryosuke Sagisawa. They have been ... See full summary »

Stars: Yûki Furukawa, Eri Fuse, Tomohiro Ichikawa, Nana Katase

Votes: 23

13. My Little Monster (2018)

105 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Haru is a trouble maker absentee. Shizuku is a frigid study geek. They may be a weird combination, but Haru is eager to cling to Shizuku.

Director: Shô Tsukikawa | Stars: Masaki Suda, Tao Tsuchiya, Yûki Furukawa, Minami Hamabe

Votes: 393

14. The Moment (2017)

93 min | Drama, Romance

The Moment tells the story of three couples in the romantic city of the New York, London and Seoul.

Directors: Panjapong Kongkanoy, Laddawan Rattanadilokchai | Stars: Manpreet Bachu, Pachara Chirathivat, Robert De Domenici, Jarinporn Joonkiat

Votes: 57

15. Stay: Saga.. chan ja kidtueng ter (2015– )


Jook is a girl who has always dreamed of publishing her own book. She decides to combine her dream and her studies by thinking about working on a final project - a journal about food in ... See full summary »

Stars: Sunny Suwanmethanont, Supassra Thanachat, Teeradon Supapunpinyo, Thiti Mahayotaruk

Votes: 36

16. May Who? (2015)

117 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Super standard girl in school (May Who) is on a quest to win the love of a school senior heart-throbber (Fame) with her new-found friend (Pong). The only secret is that she can discharge electricity when she gets excited.

Director: Chayanop Boonprakob | Stars: Sutatta Udomsilp, Thiti Mahayotaruk, Thanapob Leeratanakajorn, Narikun Ketprapakorn

Votes: 1,050

17. In Family We Trust (2018– )

Drama, Thriller

The story revolves around an extended Thai Chinese family whose members' seemingly happy relationships devolve into conflict following murder of the eldest son and head of the family business.

Stars: Sopitnapa Dabbaransi, Thanapob Leeratanakajorn, Phollawat Manuprasert, Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram

Votes: 353

18. Pinocchio (2014–2015)

TV-14 | 59 min | Drama, Romance

A young boy, whose life and family has been destroyed by new media, gets adopted by a family in a rural area after being found lost at sea. He tries to conceal his past for everyone's sake ... See full summary »

Stars: Jong-Suk Lee, Shin-Hye Park, Hee-Bong Byun, Kyung Jin

Votes: 4,508

19. I'm Not a Robot (2017–2018)

TV-14 | 35 min | Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi

Kim Min Gyu has wealth and success, but lives an isolated life due to his allergy of people. He then meets and falls in love with a girl who is pretending to be a robot for her ex-boyfriend, a genius robots professor.

Stars: Seung-eon Hwang, Se-wan Park, Seung-ho Yoo, Soo-bin Chae

Votes: 2,590

20. The Bride of Habaek (2017)


The Water God Habaek visits earth to fulfill his mission with the help of his servant in the human world, named psychiatrist Yoon So Ah, whose ancestor have promised to serve The Water God ... See full summary »

Stars: Joo-Hyuk Nam, Ju-hwan Lim, Kyu Sun Park, Se-Kyung Shin

Votes: 1,272

21. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (2016–2017)

60 min | Comedy, Romance

A coming-of-age story about a group of college athletes who are fighting for their dreams, experiencing and finding love in the process, and growing every step of the way.

Stars: Song-Kyoung Lee, Joo-Hyuk Nam, Jae-yoon Lee, Hye-Jung Cho

Votes: 4,144

22. The Magician (2015)

122 min | Drama, Fantasy, Romance

During the joseon dynasty in Korea, the princess travels to the Qing to have a beneficial marriage. On her journey to the Qing, she meets and falls in love with a magician.

Director: Dae-seung Kim | Stars: Ara Go, Dal-hwan Jo, Yun-hie Jo, Do-won Kwak

Votes: 565

23. Nam-gwa yeo (2016)

Not Rated | 115 min | Drama

Sang-min comes to Finland to send her autistic son to a special camp, but she feels extremely alienated in snow covered-white Helsinki. Ki-hong is an architect working in Finland on ... See full summary »

Director: Yoon-ki Lee | Stars: Yoo Gong, Do-yeon Jeon, Mi-so Lee, Kati Outinen

Votes: 1,081

24. Assassination Classroom (2015)

M | 110 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

The Earth's moon is suddenly 70% smaller and permanently crescent shaped by a devastating and unknown force. For the students of E Class, Kunugigaoka Junior High School, the being ... See full summary »

Director: Eiichirô Hasumi | Stars: Ryôsuke Yamada, Masaki Suda, Maika Yamamoto, Seika Taketomi

Votes: 1,661

25. Assassination Classroom: The Graduation (2016)

M | 118 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

The story of the assassination classroom and their teacher target continues with the students' own conflicts, Korosensei's identity, and the fate of the world as the deadline for assassination approaches.

Director: Eiichirô Hasumi | Stars: Kanna Hashimoto, Kippei Shîna, Kazunari Ninomiya, Masaki Suda

Votes: 638

26. Cain and Abel (2016– )

54 min | Romance

Yu Takada works at a company. Since he was a kid, his father has always favored his smarter, older brother. His father doesn't seem to care much about Yu, but Yu craves affection from his ... See full summary »

Stars: Ryôsuke Yamada, Kenta Kiritani, Kana Kurashina, Hôka Kinoshita

Votes: 23

27. Shoplifters (2018)

R | 121 min | Crime, Drama

93 Metascore

A family of small-time crooks take in a child they find outside in the cold.

Director: Hirokazu Koreeda | Stars: Lily Franky, Sakura Andô, Kirin Kiki, Mayu Matsuoka

Votes: 58,273 | Gross: $3.31M

28. Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

60 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A love story between the son from a wealthy family who has 7 personalities Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) and Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) who becomes his secret psychiatrist.

Stars: Seong Ji, Jeong-eum Hwang, Hee-jung Kim, Il-Woo Kim

Votes: 3,501

29. Haereul poomeun dal (2012)

TV-Y | Drama, Fantasy, Romance

The story of the secret love between Lee Hwon, a fictional king of Joseon, and Wol, a female shaman. Wol was born as Heo Yeon Woo, the daughter of a noble family who won the love of the ... See full summary »

Stars: Mi-seon Jeon, Mi-kyeong Yang, Eung-soo Kim, Eun-pyo Jeong

Votes: 1,693

30. Hanson and the Beast (2017)

110 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

A debt-ridden animal-breeder falls in love with a fox demon who tries to pay back her debt of gratitude for him.

Director: Yang Xiao | Stars: Shaofeng Feng, Jingfei Guo, Guangjie Li, Yifei Liu

Votes: 380

31. Fortuna's Eye (2019)

111 min | Fantasy, Romance

Shinichiro is lonely for two reasons. He lost his family in an accident when he was younger. He also has an unusual and morbid ability to see through and beyond the corporal bodies of those... See full summary »

Director: Takahiro Miki | Stars: Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Kasumi Arimura, Yukiya Kitamura, Airi Matsui

Votes: 226

32. The Package (2017)


Yoon So-So (Lee Yeon-Hee) works as a travel guide in France. She leads a group of tourists on a package tour. The travelers all have their own stories. San Ma-Roo (Jung Yong-Hwa) joined the... See full summary »

Stars: Dong-il Sung, Ji-hyeon Lee, So-young Kim, Yoon Bak

Votes: 251

33. Fight for My Way (2017)

70 min | Comedy, Romance

Ko Dong Man, a high school Taekwondo champion who is now pursuing a career in the UFC, and Choi Ae Ra, a dynamic girl whose desire is to become a famous announcer, have been best friends ... See full summary »

Stars: Seo-joon Park, Ji-Won Kim, Jae-hong Ahn, Ha-Yoon Song

Votes: 2,924

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