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Enrich your movie-watching experience - A movie companion-piece list about film-makers and the film-making process.

Please note: This list is currently under construction.

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1. Century of Cinema (1995–1998)
Episode: A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies (1995)

225 min | Documentary

Martin Scorsese describes his initial and growing obsession with films from the 1940s and 50s as the art form developed and grew with clips from classics and cult classics.

Directors: Martin Scorsese, Michael Henry Wilson | Stars: Martin Scorsese, Allison Anders, Kathryn Bigelow, Francis Ford Coppola

Votes: 4,454


Wikipedia: Martin Scorsese.

2. Scorsese on Scorsese (2004 TV Movie)

TV-MA | 86 min | Documentary, Biography

Director Martin Scorsese discusses his life growing up in Manhattan and his filmmaking career.

Director: Richard Schickel | Stars: Martin Scorsese, Charles Scorsese, Catherine Scorsese

Votes: 328

3. My Voyage to Italy (1999)

PG-13 | 246 min | Documentary

90 Metascore

World-renowned director Martin Scorsese narrates this journey through his favorites in Italian cinema.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Star: Martin Scorsese

Votes: 2,785 | Gross: $0.01M

4. Italianamerican (1974)

49 min | Documentary

Martin Scorsese interviews his mother and father about their life in New York City and the family history back in Sicily. These are two people who have lived together for a long time and ... See full summary »

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Catherine Scorsese, Charles Scorsese, Martin Scorsese

Votes: 1,649

5. IMDb First Credit (2016– )
Episode: Martin Scorsese's "Juvenile" First Credit (2017)

Not Rated | Biography

IMDb sits down with director Martin Scorsese to discuss his first directing credit, a short film titled 'Vesuvius VI' from 1959.

Votes: 7

Vesuvius VI (1959 Short Film)

Watch Now on IMDb (See Videos)

6. Vesuvius VI (1959)

10 min | Short

A miniature epic set in Ancient Rome and "inspired" by the then popular television series 77 Sunset Strip (1958).

Director: Martin Scorsese

Votes: 145

7. Making 'Taxi Driver' (1999 Video)

71 min | Documentary

To highlight Taxi Driver's 38th anniversary, this 70-minute documentary delves into the making of Scorsese's film and highlights the many contributions put forth by Taxi Driver's ensemble of talented actors and artisans.

Director: Laurent Bouzereau | Stars: Martin Scorsese, Paul Schrader, Peter Boyle, Robert De Niro

Votes: 269

Taxi Driver (1976)

9. Taxi Driver (1976)

R | 114 min | Crime, Drama

94 Metascore

A mentally unstable veteran works as a nighttime taxi driver in New York City, where the perceived decadence and sleaze fuels his urge for violent action by attempting to liberate a presidential campaign worker and an underage prostitute.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Cybill Shepherd, Albert Brooks

Votes: 656,026 | Gross: $28.26M

New York, New York (1977)

11. New York, New York (1977)

PG | 155 min | Drama, Music, Musical

62 Metascore

An egotistical saxophonist and a young singer meet on V-J Day and embark upon a strained and rocky romance, even as their careers begin a long, up-hill climb.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Liza Minnelli, Robert De Niro, Lionel Stander, Barry Primus

Votes: 16,579 | Gross: $16.40M

12. A Shot at the Top: The Making of 'The King of Comedy' (2002 Video)

19 min | Documentary, Short

Documentary about the making of Martin Scorsese's story of a man willing to go to any length for a shot at fame.

Director: Stephen Altobello | Stars: Sandra Bernhard, Jerry Lewis, Martin Scorsese

Votes: 64

The King of Comedy (1982)

15. The King of Comedy (1982)

PG | 109 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

73 Metascore

Rupert Pupkin is a passionate yet unsuccessful comic who craves nothing more than to be in the spotlight and to achieve this, he stalks and kidnaps his idol to take the spotlight for himself.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Robert De Niro, Jerry Lewis, Diahnne Abbott, Sandra Bernhard

Votes: 72,706 | Gross: $2.50M

16. Filming for Your Life: Making 'After Hours' (2004 Video)

19 min | Documentary, Short

The making of Martin Scorsese's cult film "After Hours" is discussed by the director himself, Griffin Dunne, editor Thelma Schoonmaker and producer Amy Robinson, almost 20 years later of ... See full summary »

Stars: Martin Scorsese, Griffin Dunne, Amy Robinson, Thelma Schoonmaker

Votes: 43

After Hours (1985)

17. After Hours (1985)

R | 97 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

90 Metascore

An ordinary word processor has the worst night of his life after he agrees to visit a girl in Soho who he met that evening at a coffee shop.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Griffin Dunne, Rosanna Arquette, Verna Bloom, Tommy Chong

Votes: 51,328 | Gross: $10.60M

18. Getting Made: The Making of 'GoodFellas' (2004 Video)

30 min | Documentary, Short

A documentary that presents a brief yet detailed account on the making of Martin Scorsese "GoodFellas", the successful film that redefined the Mafia on the big screen, and a cultural ... See full summary »

Stars: Barbara De Fina, Martin Scorsese, Nicholas Pileggi, Ray Liotta

Votes: 168

Goodfellas (1990)

19. Scorsese's Goodfellas (2015 Video)

30 min | Documentary

In this produced by Brett Ratner new retrospective documentary we hear from cast members and additional participants include Harvey Keitel, Leonardo DiCaprio and Terence Winter, creator of ... See full summary »

Stars: Lorraine Bracco, Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harvey Keitel

Votes: 25

20. Goodfellas (1990)

R | 146 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

89 Metascore

The story of Henry Hill and his life in the mob, covering his relationship with his wife Karen Hill and his mob partners Jimmy Conway and Tommy DeVito in the Italian-American crime syndicate.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, Lorraine Bracco

Votes: 928,315 | Gross: $46.84M

21. The Making of 'Cape Fear' (I) (2001 Video)

80 min | Documentary

A retrospective documentary on the making of Cape Fear (1962) .

Director: Laurent Bouzereau | Stars: Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Wesley Strick, Nick Nolte

Votes: 143

Cape Fear (1962) Cape Fear (1991)

22. Cape Fear (1962)

Passed | 106 min | Drama, Thriller

76 Metascore

A lawyer's family is stalked by a man he once helped put in jail.

Director: J. Lee Thompson | Stars: Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum, Polly Bergen, Lori Martin

Votes: 24,278

23. Cape Fear (1991)

R | 128 min | Crime, Thriller

73 Metascore

A convicted rapist, released from prison after serving a fourteen-year sentence, stalks the family of the lawyer who originally defended him.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange, Juliette Lewis

Votes: 157,041 | Gross: $79.10M

24. Innocence and Experience: The Making of 'The Age of Innocence' (1992 TV Movie)

30 min | Documentary

A documentary about the making of director Martin Scorsese's feature film adaptation of Edith Wharton's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Age of Innocence. The documentary features a ... See full summary »

Director: Laura Davis | Stars: Jay Cocks, Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Winona Ryder

Votes: 27

The Age of Innocence (1993)

25. The Age of Innocence (1993)

PG | 139 min | Drama, Romance

90 Metascore

A tale of nineteenth-century New York high society in which a young lawyer falls in love with a woman separated from her husband, while he is engaged to the woman's cousin.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Winona Ryder, Linda Faye Farkas

Votes: 45,278 | Gross: $32.20M

27. Kundun (1997)

PG-13 | 134 min | Biography, Drama, History

74 Metascore

From childhood to adulthood, Tibet's fourteenth Dalai Lama deals with Chinese oppression and other problems.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Tenzin Thuthob Tsarong, Gyurme Tethong, Tulku Jamyang Kunga Tenzin, Tenzin Yeshi Paichang

Votes: 24,535 | Gross: $5.53M

28. Making of Bringing Out the Dead (1999 TV Movie)

30 min | Documentary

Half hour program about the film 'Bringing Out the Dead' starring Nicolas Cage, Patricia Arquette and John Goodman. The interviews were with the director, Martin Scorsese, and he discussed ... See full summary »

Director: Richard Leyland | Stars: Nicolas Cage, Martin Scorsese

Votes: 6

Bringing Out the Dead (1999)

29. Bringing Out the Dead (1999)

R | 121 min | Drama, Thriller

70 Metascore

Haunted by the patients he failed to save, an extremely burned-out Manhattan ambulance paramedic fights to maintain his sanity over three fraught and turbulent nights.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Nicolas Cage, Patricia Arquette, John Goodman, Ving Rhames

Votes: 59,715 | Gross: $16.64M

30. Stranger Than Fiction: The True Story of Whitey Bulger, Southie and 'The Departed' (2007 Video)

21 min | Documentary, Short

Authorities, journalists along with the cast & crew from _Departed, The (2006)_ talk about the film's influences. Among them being a real-life Boston gangster named Whitey Bulger, who is the mold for Jack Nicholson's character.

Directors: Gidion Phillips, Barbara Toennies | Stars: Thomas B. Duffy, Shelley Murphy, Kevin Cullen, Brian Wallace

Votes: 88

The Departed (2006)

31. The Departed (2006)

R | 151 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

85 Metascore

An undercover cop and a mole in the police attempt to identify each other while infiltrating an Irish gang in South Boston.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg

Votes: 1,098,830 | Gross: $132.38M

32. The Directors (2018– )
Episode: Akira Kurosawa (2018)


A look at the life and career of Akira Kurosawa, the Japanese filmmaker who won international acclaim with films such as Rashomon, Ikiru and Ran.

Director: Lyndy Saville | Stars: Stephen Armstrong, Bonnie Greer, Derek Malcolm, Ian Nathan


Wikipedia: Akira Kurosawa.

33. Akira Kurosawa: My Life in Cinema (1993 TV Movie)

118 min | Documentary, Biography

In a long dialogue, Nagisa Oshima interviews Akira Kurosawa, leading him to share his thoughts about filmmaking, his life and works, and numerous anecdotes relating to his films and his various film activities.

Director: Shizuo Satô | Stars: Akira Kurosawa, Nagisa Ôshima

Votes: 47

34. Kurosawa's Way (2011)

52 min | Documentary

Eleven major filmmakers from Europe, Asia and America talk about Akira Kurosawa and explore some ways on which he influenced their own work.

Director: Catherine Cadou | Stars: Theodoros Angelopoulos, Bernardo Bertolucci, Clint Eastwood, Alejandro G. Iñárritu

Votes: 60

35. A Message from Akira Kurosawa: For Beautiful Movies (2000 Video)

81 min | Documentary

A Documentary in 10 parts covering the filmmaking of Kurosawa around the theme of making the perfect movie or as he says: A Beautyful Movie.

Director: Hisao Kurosawa | Stars: Akira Kurosawa, Kazuko Kurosawa

Votes: 90

Drunken Angel (1948)

37. Drunken Angel (1948)

Not Rated | 102 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

A drunken doctor with a hot temper and a violence-prone gangster with tuberculosis form a quicksilver bond.

Director: Akira Kurosawa | Stars: Takashi Shimura, Toshirô Mifune, Reizaburô Yamamoto, Michiyo Kogure

Votes: 8,952

38. Akira Kurosawa: It Is Wonderful to Create (2002– )

45 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

An in depth look at the making of Kurosawa's films.

Stars: Yû Fujiki, Bokuzen Hidari, Hisashi Inoue, Kyôko Kagawa

Votes: 107

Seven Samurai (1954)

39. Seven Samurai (1954)

Not Rated | 207 min | Adventure, Drama

98 Metascore

A poor village under attack by bandits recruits seven unemployed samurai to help them defend themselves.

Director: Akira Kurosawa | Stars: Toshirô Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Keiko Tsushima, Yukiko Shimazaki

Votes: 290,749 | Gross: $0.27M

40. A.K. (1985)

71 min | Documentary, Biography, History

A documentary that shows the production of Ran and discusses the film techniques of Kurosawa himself.

Director: Chris Marker | Stars: Shigehiko Hasumi, Chris Marker, Akira Kurosawa, Tatsuya Nakadai

Votes: 825

Ran (1985)

41. Ran (1985)

R | 162 min | Action, Drama

96 Metascore

In Medieval Japan, an elderly warlord retires, handing over his empire to his three sons. However, he vastly underestimates how the new-found power will corrupt them and cause them to turn on each other...and him.

Director: Akira Kurosawa | Stars: Tatsuya Nakadai, Akira Terao, Jinpachi Nezu, Daisuke Ryû

Votes: 101,733 | Gross: $3.52M

42. Making of Dreams: A Movie Conversation between Akira Kurosawa and Nobuhiko Ôbayashi (1990 Video)

150 min | Documentary

On set making-of documentary about Akira Kurosawa's Dreams.

Director: Nobuhiko Ôbayashi | Stars: Akira Kurosawa, Nobuhiko Ôbayashi

Votes: 24

Dreams (1990)

43. Teruyo Nogami: 'Dreams' with Kurosawa (2016)

17 min | Documentary, Short

Working with Akira Kurosawa for over 40 years, Teruyo Nogami reflects on her relationship with master director and the difficulties of bringing to life the 1990 film, 'Akira Kurosawa's Dreams.'

Star: Teruyo Nogami

44. Dreams (1990)

PG | 119 min | Drama, Fantasy

A collection of tales based upon the actual dreams of director Akira Kurosawa.

Directors: Akira Kurosawa, Ishirô Honda | Stars: Akira Terao, Mitsuko Baishô, Toshie Negishi, Mieko Harada

Votes: 22,083 | Gross: $1.96M

46. Rhapsody in August (1991)

PG | 98 min | Drama