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Egyptian submissions for the Oscars for Best International Feature Film

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1. Cairo Station (1958)

Not Rated | 77 min | Crime, Drama

A newspaper salesman at the train station in Cairo develops an unhealthy obsession with a woman who sells refreshments.

Director: Youssef Chahine | Stars: Farid Shawqi, Hind Rustum, Youssef Chahine, Hassan el Baroudi

Votes: 3,730

2. The Curlew's Cry (1959)

109 min | Drama, Romance

This compelling tale of love and betrayal, set in the upper Egyptian countryside, follows the story of Amna as she plots her revenge on the engineer who destroyed her family's honor.

Director: Henry Barakat | Stars: Faten Hamamah, Ahmad Mazhar, Aminah Rizq, Zahrat El-Ula

Votes: 1,589

4. Love and Faith (1961)

110 min | Drama, History, War

Set in the 13th century, under their leader Timur, the Tartar hordes invade the Middle East and take over areas as widespread as Persia, Egypt, and Syria. A lowly woman from a harem rises to lead the Egyptians against the invaders.

Directors: Enrico Bomba, Andrew Marton | Stars: Lobna Abdel Aziz, Ahmad Mazhar, Farid Shawqi, Rushdi Abazah

Votes: 289

5. Chased by the Dogs (1962)

125 min | Crime, Drama

After four years in prison, the young thief Said Mahran come out of jail & seek revenge against those who betrayed him,his beloved wife and his trusted henchman, who conspired to turn him ... See full summary »

Director: Kamal El-Shaikh | Stars: Shadia, Shukri Sarhan, Kamal El-Shinnawi, Samir Sabri

Votes: 298

6. Mother of the Bride (1963)

102 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

Husain is the head of a large Egyptian family, who has problems managing the cost of the marriage of his eldest daughter. He decides to take some amount from his financial trust in the ... See full summary »

Director: Atef Salem | Stars: Inas Abdallah, Khayria Ahmed, Samira Ahmed, Mokhtar Al Sayed

Votes: 438

7. The Impossible (1965)

110 min | Drama

Members of three families trying to adapt modern life.

Director: Hussein Kamal | Stars: Kamal El-Shinnawi, Nadia Lutfi, Salah Mansour, Karima Mukhtar

Votes: 44

8. Cairo 30 (1966)

132 min | Drama, Romance

Mahgoub Abdel Dayem a young nihilistic college student, having his father crippled with no other source of income, he finds himself in an urgent need of a job after graduation to support ... See full summary »

Director: Salah Abouseif | Stars: Suad Husni, Ahmad Mazhar, Hamdy Ahmed, Ahmed Tawfik

Votes: 486

9. The Mummy (1969)

102 min | Drama

An Upper-Egyptian clan robs a cache of mummies and sells the artifacts on the illicit antiquities black market. After a conflict within the clan, one of its members goes to the police, helping the Antiquities Service find the cache.

Director: Chadi Abdel Salam | Stars: Ahmed Marei, Ahmad Hegazi, Nadia Lutfi, Mohamed Abdel Rahman

Votes: 1,394

11. My Wife and the Dog (1971)

90 min | Drama

Chief Morsy is a lighthouse staying at a faraway lighthouse. He marries Suad and shortly returns to the lighthouse where he recounts to Nour his adventures with women.

Director: Said Marzouk | Stars: Abdel-Moneim Bahnassy, Abdel Moneim Bassioni, Nour El-Sherif, Suad Husni

Votes: 145

12. Emberatoriet meem (1972)

113 min | Drama, Romance

Well off widow working Mother "Mona" is struggling raising 6 kids at different ages ranging from elementary school to University graduating students. The day she thinks to bring a new ... See full summary »

Director: Hussein Kamal | Stars: Faten Hamamah, Ahmad Mazhar, Dawlat Abiad, Seif Abol Naga

Votes: 509

13. I Want a Solution (1975)

115 min | Drama

This film erupted the issue of women's right to get their divorce when life is impossible with their husbands. The movie faced the society for the first time with some problems that the "... See full summary »

Director: Said Marzouk | Stars: Faten Hamamah, Rushdi Abazah, Aminah Rizq, Ragaa Hussein

Votes: 163

14. Whom Should We Shoot? (1975)

89 min | Crime, Drama

Mustafa shoots the boss of a governmental company ; The crime is investigated to find out the reasons .

Director: Kamal El-Shaikh | Stars: Suad Husni, Mahmoud Yassine, Mona Abdallah, Fardous Abdel Hamid

Votes: 84

15. Alexandria... Why? (1979)

Not Rated | 133 min | Drama

"Yahia", a young man living in the cosmopolitan Alexandria during World War II. Between his dreams, which up to Hollywood, and constraints of his life in the middle class, trying to be a ... See full summary »

Director: Youssef Chahine | Stars: Naglaa Fathi, Ahmed Zaki, Farid Shawqi, Mahmoud Al Meleji

Votes: 1,465

17. Alexandria: Again and Forever (1989)

Not Rated | 100 min | Drama

During a hunger strike by Egyptian film industry, Yehia, famous Egyptian director, finds himself obsessed with Amir, the leading man in one of his movies and Nadia, a woman he desires to work with.

Directors: Youssef Chahine, Khairiya A-Mansour | Stars: Youssra, Youssef Chahine, Hussein Fahmy, Amr Abdulgalil

Votes: 562

18. Land of Dreams (1993)

118 min | Comedy, Family, Mystery

Nargis is a mother who just got an opportunity to travel to America within 24 hours. Her son and daughter persuaded her and motivated her to immigrate to the Land of dream (America). ... See full summary »

Director: Daoud Abdel Sayed | Stars: Faten Hamamah, Yehia El-Fakharany, Hesham Selim, Ola Rami

Votes: 205

19. Destiny (1997)

135 min | Comedy, Drama, History

The story is set in the 12th century in Arab-ruled Spanish province Andalusia, where famed philosopher Averroes is appointed grand judge by the caliph and his liberal court judgements are ... See full summary »

Directors: Youssef Chahine, Khairiya A-Mansour | Stars: Nour El-Sherif, Layla Olwi, Mahmoud Hemida, Safia El Emari

Votes: 2,604

20. A Girl's Secret (2001)

91 min | Drama

Graphic portrayal of society's struggle to balance tradition and modernity in modern-day Egypt. "A Girl's Secret" tells the story of sixteen-year-old Yasmeen, whose out-of-wedlock pregnancy... See full summary »

Director: Magdy Ahmed Aly | Stars: Dalal Abdulaziz, Izzat Abu-Of, Maya Shiha, Sawsan Badr

Votes: 226

21. Sleepless Nights (2003)

128 min | Drama, Romance

It tells about the smallest details and crypts in the lives of four couples friends.

Director: Hani Khalifa | Stars: Mona Zaki, Hanan Turk, Sherif Mounir, Fathi Abdulwahhab

Votes: 1,893

22. I Love Cinema (2004)

R | 125 min | Drama, Comedy

A child who loves the cinema struggles with his fanatic dad who finds everything ,including cinema, a sin, with the help of his mother who is sexually depressed.

Director: Osama Fawzy | Stars: Layla Olwi, Mahmoud Hemida, Menna Shalabi, Aida Abdel Aziz

Votes: 1,036

23. The Yacoubian Building (2006)

165 min | Drama

Meditations on corruption, fundamentalism, prostitution, homosexuality, and drugs in central Cairo.

Director: Marwan Hamed | Stars: Adel Emam, Nour El-Sherif, Youssra, Essad Youniss

Votes: 6,085

24. Fi shaket Masr El Gedeeda (2007)

118 min | Drama, Romance

Yehia (Khaled Abol Naga) rents an apartment in the Heliopolis suburb of Cairo away from his parents' & close to his Banking & stocks investment work company, to discover that the spirit or ... See full summary »

Director: Mohamed Khan | Stars: Ghadah Adel, Kal Naga, Aida Riyad, Youssef Dawood

Votes: 1,205

25. The Island (2007)

92 min | Action, Biography, Drama

'El Gezira' is a film about a community of Upper Egypt residents living in El Gezira (the Island). They have their own set of rules, ethics and traditions. They also plant drugs and buy ... See full summary »

Director: Sharif Arafah | Stars: Mahmoud Yassine, Ahmed el-Sakka, Hind Sabri, Zeina

Votes: 3,169

26. Messages from the Sea (2010)

133 min | Drama, Romance

A man witnesses the drastic changes in society as he goes back to the Alexandria of his youth.

Director: Daoud Abdel Sayed | Stars: Asser Yassin, Basma, Mayy Kassab, Muhammad Lutfi

Votes: 1,435

27. Lust (2011)

135 min | Drama, Horror

The life of a marginal street in Alexandria, Egypt, before the revolution. Each character is isolated from his fierce but fragile dreams, including Umm Shuka, who left her rich family to ... See full summary »

Director: Khaled El Hagar | Stars: Sawsan Badr, Rubi, Ahmed Azmi, Maryhan

Votes: 124

28. Winter of Discontent (2012)

96 min | Drama, History

Set against the momentous backdrop of the whirlwind Tahrir Square protests, Winter of discontent poetically explores the anguish of a victim state terror in 2009, presaging and intertwining... See full summary »

Director: Ibrahim El-Batout | Stars: Amr Waked, Farah Yusuf, Salah Alhanafy, Moataz Mosallam

Votes: 529

29. Factory Girl (2013)

90 min | Drama, Romance

Hayam is a factory worker who is living in a low middle class area, along with other factory girls. She thought that her feelings for the new supervisor in the factory can grow bigger in ... See full summary »

Director: Mohamed Khan | Stars: Yasmin Raeis, Hani Adel, Salwa Khattab, Salwa Mohamed Ali

Votes: 1,276

30. Clash (2016)

Not Rated | 97 min | Drama, Thriller, War

78 Metascore

Set entirely in an 8m police truck, a number of detainees from different political and social backgrounds are brought together by fate, during the turmoil that followed the ousting of former president Morsi from power.

Director: Mohamed Diab | Stars: Nelly Karim, Hani Adel, El Sebaii Mohamed, Mohamed ElSouisy

Votes: 5,190 | Gross: $0.02M

31. Sheikh Jackson (2017)

Not Rated | 93 min | Drama

63 Metascore

An Islamic cleric has a crisis of faith when he hears the news that his childhood idol, Michael Jackson, has died.

Director: Amr Salama | Stars: Ahmad El-Fishawi, Maged El-Kidwani, Ahmed Malek, Amina Khalil

Votes: 2,660

32. Yomeddine (2018)

Not Rated | 97 min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama

62 Metascore

A Coptic leper and his orphaned apprentice leave the confines of the leper colony for the first time and embark on a journey across Egypt to search for what is left of their families.

Director: A.B. Shawky | Stars: Rady Gamal, Ahmed Abdelhafiz, Osama Abdallah, Adel Abdulsalam

Votes: 1,489 | Gross: $0.01M

33. Poisonous Roses (2018)

70 min | Drama

« Set in the confines of an impoverished Cairo neighborhood, a community's everyday life is threatened by the ruthless rhythms of Tanneries, rotary driers crushing animal skin, hazards of ... See full summary »

Director: Ahmed Fawzi Saleh | Stars: Ibrahim El Naggary, Mohamed Berakaa, Mahmoud Hemida, Safaa El Toukhy

Votes: 162

34. When We're Born (2019)

110 min | Drama, Musical

When we are born, we each have a life path, which is then influenced by how we are raised and the beliefs ingrained in us. The film interweaves the hopes and dreams of three characters at ... See full summary »

Director: Tamer Ezzat | Stars: Amr Abed, Ibtihal Elserety, Salma Hassan, Mohamed Hatem

Votes: 124

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