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1. Fifteen (1990– )

25 min | Drama

Hillside follows the students of fictional Hillside School and dealt with a variety of issues including dating, divorce, alcohol abuse, and friendship. The show played heavily into ... See full summary »

Stars: Laura Harris, Chris William Martin, Todd Talbot, Andrew Baskin

Votes: 331

season 2-4

2. The Baby-Sitters Club (1990– )


Based on the popular series of children's books, this show follows the ups and downs of a young teen business club for babysitters.

Stars: Meghan Andrews, Melissa Chasse, Avriel Hillman, Meghan Lahey

Votes: 445

3. Mother Goose Stories (1990–1993)

TV-G | Family, Fantasy

Mother Goose tells her three mischievous goslings the tales behind well-known nursery rhymes.

Stars: Victoria Shalet, London Kim, Laura Penta, Scott McAfee

Votes: 49

4. Oboler Comedy Theatre (1949– )

30 min | Comedy

A comedy anthology with a supernatural twist, inspired largely by Arch Obler's Lights Out radio drama, which featured tales of horror and suspense.

Stars: Louis Merrill, Arch Oboler, Hans Conried, Olive Deering

5. The Paul Winchell Show (1950–1956)

30 min | Comedy, Family

The Paul Winchell Show, or The Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show, or The Spiedel Show, was a variety program which aired on NBC prime time from 1950 to 1954, starring ventriloquist Paul Winchell and his dummy, Jerry Mahoney. (1950)

Stars: Paul Winchell, Diane Sinclair, Jimmy Blaine, Sue Bennett

Votes: 40

6. The All-Night Show (1980–1981)

Comedy, Talk-Show

"The All-Night Show" was North America's first regular late-night marathon, running live nightly from after sign-off until 6:00 AM. The format was a montage of old films, clips, episodics, ... See full summary »

Stars: Chas Lawther, Jim Carrey, Errol Bruce, Suzette Couture

Votes: 186

7. Keep It in the Family (1980–1983)

30 min | Comedy, Family

Dudley Rush is an artist with a difference. Eccentric and childlike, he insists of wearing his large lion ventriloquist glove-puppet on his hand whenever he draws the "Barney, the Bionic ... See full summary »

Stars: Robert Gillespie, Stacy Dorning, Glyn Houston, Pauline Yates

Votes: 73

8. All My Children (1970–2011)

TV-PG | 60 min | Drama, Romance, Mystery

Set in the fictional East Coast suburb Pine Valley, All My Children is the decades-old, risk-taking soap that centers around Erica Kane and her long line of husbands.

Stars: Susan Lucci, David Canary, Michael E. Knight, Cameron Mathison

Votes: 2,394

9. The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (1980–1981)

24 min | Animation, Adventure, Family

This is an animated adaptation of the classic story of Nils Holgerson, a naughty boy who is transformed to a very little dwarf and goes through many adventures, flying with a band of wild geese.

Stars: Helga Anders, Erich Ludwig, Alexandra Mink, Eberhard Mondry

Votes: 2,134

10. One in a Million (1980– )

30 min | Comedy

After her favorite client dies in her taxi, Shirley Simmons inherits his company, Grayson Industries. She decides to run it with the help of Grayson's secretary Nancy and nephew Barton, ... See full summary »

Stars: Shirley Hemphill, Richard Paul, Carl Ballantine, Dorothy Fielding

Votes: 11

12. Suspense (1949–1954)
Episode: I'm No Hero (1950)

Not Rated | 30 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Dr. Joe Parker and his family are awakened by a gun-wielding criminal demanding treatment for his brother. The man's in serious condition after a bullet pierced his lung. With a pistol ... See full summary »

Director: Robert Stevens | Stars: Hume Cronyn, Mark Roberts, Cara Williams, Charlotte Keane

Votes: 7

13. Grand Slam (1990– )

60 min | Adventure

San Diego is home to Dennis and Pedro who work for competing bail bond companies. They decide to team up as bounty hunters which puts them in dangerous situations and numerous auto pursuits but they enjoy the exhilaration.

Stars: Paul Rodriguez, John Schneider, Abel Franco, Larry Gelman

Votes: 40

15. Goodtime Girls (1980)

30 min | Comedy

Four young women share a Washington, D.C. apartment during World War II.

Stars: Annie Potts, Lorna Patterson, Georgia Engel, Francine Tacker

Votes: 25

16. The Tim Conway Show (1970– )

30 min | Comedy

Spud and Herbert are co-owners of Triple A Airlines, a one plane operation. Trying to put them out of business are rivals K.J. Crawford and son Ronnie, owners of the airfield they use. ... See full summary »

Stars: Tim Conway, Joe Flynn, Emily Banks, Johnnie Collins III

Votes: 47

19. That's Incredible! (1980–1984)

60 min | Family

A collection of amazing feats of human and animal endeavor.

Stars: John Davidson, Fran Tarkenton, Cathy Lee Crosby, Alicia Witt

Votes: 255

20. Timelapse (1980– )

50 min | Action, Drama, Mystery

A science fiction series set in early 1990s, but from the perspective of the late 1990s. The plot is centred around the character of Douglas Hardy (Robert Coleby), a computer genius who was... See full synopsis »

Stars: Vincent Ball, Tony Barry, Anne Charleston, Robert Coleby

Votes: 10

21. Beyond Westworld (1980– )

60 min | Action, Crime, Mystery

The security chief of an android manufacturing company must stop a mad scientist, who's sending the failed theme park's androids to infiltrate society for his own ends.

Stars: Jim McMullan, James Wainwright, William Jordan, Nancy Harewood

Votes: 215

22. Sanford (1980–1981)

30 min | Comedy

Further adventures of Fred Sanford. The old cast is here, except Lamont. Fred has a new partner and a new girlfriend.

Stars: Redd Foxx, Dennis Burkley, Marguerite Ray, Clinton Derricks-Carroll

Votes: 214

23. The Six O'Clock Follies (1980– )

30 min | Comedy, War

Military comedy set in 1967 Saigon and revolving around the production of "The AFVN News and Sports", a six o'clock news program produced for the Armed Forces Vietnam Network featuring two ... See full summary »

Stars: A.C. Weary, Laurence Fishburne, Philip Charles MacKenzie, Randall Carver

Votes: 16

24. Are You Being Served in Australia? (1980–1981)

25 min | Comedy

When Mr. Humphries takes over as head of the mens-wear department at Bone Brothers in Australia, his character and experiences remain exactly the same as it was behind the counter in Grace ... See full summary »

Stars: John Inman, June Bronhill, Reg Gillam, Basil Clarke

Votes: 109

25. Grundy (1980– )

30 min | Comedy

Comedy series starring Harry H Corbett (in his final series), as Grundy, a recently divorced puritanical newsagent who hates the notion of a 'permissive society' and rallies against it. He ... See full summary »

Stars: Harry H. Corbett, Lynda Baron, Julie Dawn Cole, David Janson

Votes: 6

26. Ladykillers (1980–1981)

60 min | Crime, Drama

British drama about famous murder cases involving women.

Stars: Robert Morley, Andrew Johns, Charles Kay, Lewis Fiander

Votes: 30

27. For the Love of Ada (1970–1971)

30 min | Comedy

Irene Handl and Wilfred Pickles are two senior citizens who find that as romance blossoms, so too does emotional turmoil. The series gently charts the relationship between Yorkshireman ... See full summary »

Stars: Irene Handl, Wilfred Pickles, Barbara Mitchell, Jack Smethurst

Votes: 51

28. WWF Club (1980–1990)

30 min | Comedy, Music, Talk-Show

WWF Club - the magazine from NRW.

Stars: Marijke Amado, Frank Laufenberg, Jürgen von der Lippe, Jürgen Triebel

Votes: 16

29. The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show (1980–1982)

TV-G | 30 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

It is about a cat who's chasing a mouse ...

Stars: Frank Welker, Lou Scheimer

Votes: 1,498

30. Metal Mickey (1980–1983)

30 min | Family, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Metal Mickey was a robot built by young Ken to do chores around the house. Ken was the eldest child of a typical British family--well, almost typical. Metal Mickey was endowed with a number... See full summary »

Stars: Michael Stainton, Georgina Melville, Ashley Knight, Lucinda Bateson

Votes: 142

31. Smith and Goody (1980– )

30 min | Family

The series was designed for children to get them interested in the new books for children at the time. Not quite a review format, but Mel Smith and Bob Goody performed sketches that were a comedic summary of the plots and story lines.

Stars: Mel Smith, Bob Goody

32. Enos (1980–1981)

60 min | Action, Comedy

The big city adventures of Officer Enos Strate of Hazzard County.

Stars: Sonny Shroyer, Samuel E. Wright, John Dehner, John Milford

Votes: 102

33. The Flintstone Comedy Show (1980– )

Not Rated | 10 min | Animation, Comedy

Fred and Barney have new positions as police officers, Wilma and Betty have jobs as newspaper reporters at The Bedrock Gazette with Captain Caveman. Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are teenagers and ... See full summary »

Stars: Mel Blanc, Henry Corden, Michael Sheehan, Russi Taylor

Votes: 161

34. Ace of Wands (1970–1972)

30 min | Family, Fantasy

Telepathic stage magician, Tarot, and his two assistants solve mysteries and crimes of a bizarre or magical nature, and battle against villains with various powers.

Stars: Michael MacKenzie, Tony Selby, Judy Loe, Roy Holder

Votes: 87

35. Hot Dog (1970– )

24 min | Family

NBC Saturday morning TV show. Fast paced, combining animations and live action, much like a "Laugh-In" for kids. Lots of splashy graphics, quick jokes, with some educational elements, too. ... See full summary »

Stars: Woody Allen, Jonathan Winters, Jo Anne Worley, Tom Smothers

Votes: 35

36. The Don Knotts Show (1970–1971)

60 min | Comedy

Comedy variety series hosted by former "Andy Griffith Show" co-star Don Knotts.

Stars: Don Knotts, Louis Nye, Elaine Joyce, Frank Welker

Votes: 21

37. Headmaster (1970–1971)

30 min | Drama, Comedy

The relationship between the headmaster of an elite California private school and his students and faculty.

Stars: Andy Griffith, Claudette Nevins, Jerry Van Dyke, Parker Fennelly

Votes: 21

38. Arnie (1970–1972)

30 min | Comedy

Loading dock worker Arnie's work and family life get turned upside-down when he suddenly gets promoted to a high-level management position.

Stars: Herschel Bernardi, Sue Ane Langdon, Roger Bowen, Del Russel

Votes: 89

39. Barefoot in the Park (1970–1971)

30 min | Comedy

Newlyweds Paul and Corie Bratter struggle to survive their first year of matrimony in NYC.

Stars: Scoey Mitchell, Tracy Reed, Thelma Carpenter, Nipsey Russell

Votes: 38

41. H.E.L.P. (1990– )

60 min | Adventure

A combined Emergency Services of the FDNY, NYPD and Emergency Medical Service units in New York City called the Harlem Eastside Life-saving Program, or H.E.L.P.

Stars: John Mahoney, Tom Bresnahan, David Caruso, Lance Edwards

Votes: 34

43. Spatz (1990–1992)

30 min | Comedy, Family

A teen comedy show about life in a fast food restaurant.

Stars: Paul Rothery, Vas Blackwood, Jonathan Copestake, Joe Greco

Votes: 121

44. Sydney (1990– )

30 min | Comedy

SYDNEY was a sitcom about a woman named Sydney (Bertinelli) who moves her New York detective agency to her hometown, with her younger brother (Perry), a rookie cop, tagging along.

Stars: Valerie Bertinelli, Matthew Perry, Craig Bierko, Barney Martin

Votes: 40

45. Equal Justice (1990–1991)

60 min | Drama, Romance

Follows the loves and lives of a group of Pittsburgh D.A. staff focusing on Arnold Bach, the honest, but politically correct, by-the-book district attorney; Gene Rogan, the deputy D.A. and ... See full summary »

Stars: George DiCenzo, Debrah Farentino, Jane Kaczmarek, Kathleen Lloyd

Votes: 91

46. Bagdad Cafe (1990– )

30 min | Comedy

Sitcom based on the 1987 indie hit "Bagdad Café" follows two women, a desert motel and diner owner and her guest whose husbands just left them, who slowly develop a rocky friendship. Several colorful characters live there as well.

Stars: Whoopi Goldberg, Jean Stapleton, James Gammon,