elephant's cemetery

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1. Bright Eyes (1934)

Approved | 85 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

An orphaned girl is taken in by a snobbish family at the insistence of their rich, crotchety uncle, even as her devoted aviator godfather fights for custody.

Director: David Butler | Stars: Shirley Temple, James Dunn, Jane Darwell, Judith Allen

Votes: 2,031

2. The Living Ghost (1942)

Passed | 61 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

A retired detective, Nick Trayne, is hired to look for a missing banker. During the investigation, the aforementioned banker returns in a zombie-like state. Trayne must track down the madman responsible for the banker's state.

Director: William Beaudine | Stars: James Dunn, Joan Woodbury, Paul McVey, Vera Gordon

Votes: 524

3. Hold That Woman! (1940)

Not Rated | 67 min | Comedy, Crime, Romance

A skip tracer repossesses a small radio from a deadbeat who's skipped payments. What he doesn't know is that a gang has stashed stolen diamonds inside the radio, and they start hunting for him.

Director: Sam Newfield | Stars: James Dunn, Frances Gifford, George Douglas, Rita La Roy

Votes: 128

4. Society Girl (1932)

67 min | Drama

Johnny is training for a championship fight. Judy distracts him, so his manager Briscoe walks out on him. Then so does Judy.

Director: Sidney Lanfield | Stars: James Dunn, Peggy Shannon, Spencer Tracy, Walter Byron

Votes: 24

6. The Girl in 419 (1933)

67 min | Crime, Drama

A young woman is found in the street, savagely beaten and near death. As she recovers in hospital, the chief henchman of the gangster responsible is in the hospital with orders to finish the job.

Directors: Alexander Hall, George Somnes | Stars: James Dunn, Gloria Stuart, David Manners, William Harrigan

Votes: 65

7. Take a Chance (1933)

Passed | 82 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

From a team 2 girls and 2 not-straight men, a girl leaves to be a star, other stays to keep the boys straight. The star comes back with a producer, who falls in love with the girl who stayed. There are hurdles, the 2 men, and her IOU.

Directors: Monte Brice, Laurence Schwab | Stars: James Dunn, June Knight, Lillian Roth, Cliff Edwards

Votes: 37

8. Hold Me Tight (1933)

72 min | Drama

Sweethearts Chuck Evans and Molly Roberts work at Blair's Department Store and plan on marrying when Chuck gets a raise. They dine one evening with Molly's friend and fellow salesgirl, ... See full summary »

Director: David Butler | Stars: James Dunn, Sally Eilers, Frank McHugh, June Clyde

9. Arizona to Broadway (1933)

66 min | Comedy, Crime, Romance

In the small town of Larrup, Arizona, Smiley, a con-artist traveling with cohorts Kingfish, Morris and Ambrose, persuades Lynn Martin, a traveling demonstrator of pancake making, to ... See full summary »

Director: James Tinling | Stars: James Dunn, Joan Bennett, Herbert Mundin, Sammy Cohen

Votes: 42

10. Hold That Girl (1934)

66 min | Comedy, Drama

A woman pretends to be a man so she can play football.

Director: Hamilton MacFadden | Stars: James Dunn, Claire Trevor, Alan Edwards, Gertrude Michael

Votes: 34

11. Have a Heart (1934)

Approved | 80 min | Drama, Romance

Sally sits by her window earning money for an operation so she can be a dance teacher again. Jimmie is an ice cream salesman hoping to advance. Their romance is sidetracked when she uses her savings to help him in a fix.

Director: David Butler | Stars: Jean Parker, James Dunn, Una Merkel, Stuart Erwin

Votes: 139

12. Baby, Take a Bow (1934)

PG | 76 min | Comedy, Drama, Music

Eddie Ellison is an ex-con who spent time in Sing-Sing prison. Kay marries him as soon as he serves his time. Five years later, Eddie and his ex-convict buddy Larry, have both gone straight... See full summary »

Director: Harry Lachman | Stars: Shirley Temple, James Dunn, Claire Trevor, Alan Dinehart

Votes: 857

13. Welcome Home (1935)

Approved | 73 min | Comedy, Crime, Romance

Richard Foster is the brains of a quartet of con-artists that includes Giltedge, a stock swindler; "Painless," a phony dentist; and "Gorgeous," along as decoration and bait. Richard goes ... See full summary »

Director: James Tinling | Stars: James Dunn, Arline Judge, Raymond Walburn, Rosina Lawrence

Votes: 7

14. The Payoff (1935)

Approved | 64 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

Joe is a reporter who is looking for his big break and he gets it when he takes over George Gorman's sports column. Marty is a hood who would fix any sporting event he could and Joe keeps ... See full summary »

Director: Robert Florey | Stars: James Dunn, Claire Dodd, Patricia Ellis, Alan Dinehart

Votes: 86

15. Bad Boy (1935)

Approved | 56 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Poolroom ace Eddie marries his girlfriend Sally but can't find work so he sends her back to her family. Things improve after he catches some crooks.

Director: John G. Blystone | Stars: James Dunn, Dorothy Wilson, Louise Fazenda, Victor Kilian

Votes: 51

16. Mysterious Crossing (1936)

Approved | 57 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Reporter tries to solve the murder of a man killed on a boat in Mississippi.

Director: Arthur Lubin | Stars: James Dunn, Jean Rogers, Andy Devine, Hobart Cavanaugh

Votes: 8

17. The Golden Fleecing (1940)

Passed | 68 min | Comedy, Crime

After unwittingly selling a life insurance policy to a gangster who receives death threats, a naïve insurance salesman must keep him alive to avoid paying-up the benefits.

Director: Leslie Fenton | Stars: Lew Ayres, Rita Johnson, Lloyd Nolan, Virginia Grey

Votes: 176

18. Scandal Street (1938)

Approved | 62 min | Drama

Joe McKnight temporarily leaves his fiance, Nora Langdon, for an expedition in a South American jungle. Nora gets a position as librarian in the small town of Midberg, where she boards with... See full summary »

Director: James P. Hogan | Stars: Lew Ayres, Louise Campbell, Roscoe Karns, Porter Hall

Votes: 19

19. Spring Madness (1938)

Passed | 67 min | Comedy, Romance

In their last semester at Harvard, Sam Thatcher and his roommate, who is nicknamed "The Lippencott", have grand ideas of seeing the remote corners of the world, they having booked passage ... See full summary »

Director: S. Sylvan Simon | Stars: Maureen O'Sullivan, Lew Ayres, Ruth Hussey, Burgess Meredith

Votes: 260

20. My Weakness (1933)

Passed | 73 min | Comedy, Music, Romance

A wealthy young man bets his uncle that he can transform a clumsy cleaning lady into a glamorous fashion plate, then marry her off to his bachelor cousin.

Director: David Butler | Stars: Lilian Harvey, Lew Ayres, Charles Butterworth, Harry Langdon

Votes: 24

21. She Learned About Sailors (1934)

Passed | 78 min | Comedy, Music, Romance

Shanghai nightclub singer Jean falls in love to a sailor, but after his ship left Shangahai, he is of the oppinion that he cannot support her in the States, so he writes her in a letter, ... See full summary »

Director: George Marshall | Stars: Lew Ayres, Alice Faye, Harry Green, Frank Mitchell

Votes: 34

22. Girl Loves Boy (1937)

Passed | 77 min | Drama, Romance

1937. Drama. A rich playboy (Eric Linden) falls for penniless Dorothy (Cecilia Parker) but rich Pop disapproves.

Director: Duncan Mansfield | Stars: Eric Linden, Cecilia Parker, Roger Imhof, Dorothy Peterson

Votes: 30

23. Sweetheart of the Navy (1937)

Approved | 61 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Singer struggles to make her new nightclub succeed in a naval port after her partner leaves with the funds but not the bills.

Director: Duncan Mansfield | Stars: Eric Linden, Cecilia Parker, Roger Imhof, Bernadene Hayes

Votes: 21

24. You Can't Ration Love (1944)

Approved | 78 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Because of the war, there aren't enough men at Adams College for all the girls, but Betty (Betty Jane Rhodes as Betty Rhodes) has no difficulties as she has a monopoly on stud-athlete Pete ... See full summary »

Director: Lester Fuller | Stars: Betty Jane Rhodes, Johnny Johnston, Marjorie Weaver, Johnnie Davis

Votes: 6

25. We Go to Monte Carlo (1953)

Approved | 70 min | Comedy

When a measles epidemic forces the temporary closing of a child care center, the son of a film star and her estranged husband, a concert pianist, is mistakenly delivered to a touring musician.

Directors: Jean Boyer, Lester Fuller | Stars: Audrey Hepburn, Jules Munshin, Cara Williams, Michele Farmer

Votes: 179

26. Keep Smiling (II) (1938)

75 min | Comedy

Jane breaks into the film business while also reviving the flagging career of her film director uncle and getting him hooked up with his secretary.

Director: Herbert I. Leeds | Stars: Jane Withers, Gloria Stuart, Henry Wilcoxon, Helen Westley

Votes: 45

27. Love on a Budget (1938)

Approved | 60 min | Adventure, Comedy, Romance

The Jones family's daughter and her husband try to live on a tight budget while Uncle Charlie plans to increase their income.

Director: Herbert I. Leeds | Stars: Jed Prouty, Shirley Deane, Spring Byington, Russell Gleason

Votes: 33

28. Island in the Sky (1938)

Approved | 68 min | Crime, Drama

A secretary solves a murder for her boyfriend in the District Attorney's office. Black and White.

Director: Herbert I. Leeds | Stars: Gloria Stuart, Michael Whalen, Paul Kelly, Robert Kellard

Votes: 147

29. Five of a Kind (1938)

Passed | 85 min | Comedy, Drama

At age four-and-a-half the Dionne quintuplets in their third movie - singing, dancing, playing with puppies, being charming.

Director: Herbert I. Leeds | Stars: The Dionne Quintuplets, Yvonne Dionne, Cecile Dionne, Marie Dionne

Votes: 105

30. The Return of the Cisco Kid (1939)

Passed | 70 min | Adventure, Romance, Western

In Arizona a young woman who's being manipulated by an evil businessman is helped by the Cisco Kid who happens to be there on holiday.

Director: Herbert I. Leeds | Stars: Warner Baxter, Lynn Bari, Cesar Romero, Henry Hull

Votes: 89

31. The Cisco Kid and the Lady (1939)

Passed | 74 min | Action, Drama, Romance

An orphan whose father has been killed by bandits inherits a mine. Cisco saves the mine and the child and also finds the child's real mother.

Director: Herbert I. Leeds | Stars: Cesar Romero, Marjorie Weaver, Chris-Pin Martin, George Montgomery

Votes: 146

32. The Arizona Wildcat (1939)

Approved | 69 min | Comedy, Western

In 1870 Arizona Jane helps her foster-father ex-bandit (Carrillo) who has been accused of gold robbery.

Director: Herbert I. Leeds | Stars: Jane Withers, Leo Carrillo, Pauline Moore, William Henry

Votes: 9

33. Mr. Moto in Danger Island (1939)

Passed | 64 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

The U.S. government asks Mr. Moto to go to Puerto Rico to investigate diamond smuggling after an earlier investigator is murdered.

Director: Herbert I. Leeds | Stars: Peter Lorre, Jean Hersholt, Amanda Duff, Warren Hymer

Votes: 688

34. City in Darkness (1939)

Approved | 75 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

While in Paris for a reunion on the eve of World War II, Charlie finds that the murder of a hated businessman leads him to a conspiracy to smuggle arms to Germany.

Director: Herbert I. Leeds | Stars: Sidney Toler, Lynn Bari, Richard Clarke, Harold Huber

Votes: 1,188

35. Chicken Wagon Family (1939)

Approved | 63 min | Comedy

Addie Fippany, her father Jean Paul Batiste Fippany, her mother Josephine and her sister Cecile roam the country-side in a mule-drawn wagon, trading trinkets to farmers for chickens which ... See full summary »

Director: Herbert I. Leeds | Stars: Jane Withers, Leo Carrillo, Marjorie Weaver, Spring Byington

Votes: 15

36. Yesterday's Heroes (1940)

66 min | Drama, Sport