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If you have any of these items below or have tips and want to trade for downloads from my sites, email me at

Extra rewards are given to anyone who finds items listed in the top 10 Most Wanted items. WL Forum fans - If you seek other items not shown on my list, email me and let me know what it is you want and I may already have it, or know how to find it. Let me know the details and I will do the research for you.

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Adele Mara in evening dress in the pool.



Heidelinde Weiss in an evening dress in the pool in this U.S. / German film that won an award at the 1964 Cannes Film festival, but has never been released on tape or dvd or aired tv for 30 years. Known as "The Corpse of Beverly Hills" in the USA and aired in UK Cinemas under the title "Lu".



I only have a very old and poor quality bootleg recording. Looking for a decent print.

3. With Love, Sophia (1967 TV Special)

52 min | Comedy, Musical

Sophia puts the spotlight on her life with music. At her Rome villa, Peter Sellers is WWII Axis officer and Jonathan Winters a 16th century sculptor. Sophia sings "Out of Town" to children and animals. Tony voices "Summertime in Rome."

Director: Michael Pfleghar | Stars: Sophia Loren, Jonathan Winters, Marcello Mastroianni, Peter Sellers

Votes: 9

Sophia Loren dances in the pool in a flamenco dress.






Not re-aried since 1967. The only known copy of this tv special is held in a vault at the UCLA Film and Television Library, and they say the videotape is in such poor condition they will not release it unless a preservation company will invest money to properly restore it.


4. Sexton Blake (1967–1971)

30 min | Adventure, Family

Adventures of the handsome, fencing detective Sexton Blake and his sidekick Tinker.

Stars: Laurence Payne, Roger Foss, Dorothea Phillips, Meredith Edwards

Votes: 14

I once watched an episodes with an interesting fancy dress pool party from this 1967-71 UK TV series..


Sadly, of the 59 episodes made, only 1 episode has been found so far, and the rest were all wiped by Thames TV. The only chance to find this would be if private collectors taped this or saved the tapes that Thames threw in the dumpster.

5. Temptation (1959)

94 min | Drama

When a ship bringing a contingent of international wounded from Korea is torpedoed, three women (two nurses and a secretary) and a male journalist survive and reach a lonely island in a ... See full summary »

Director: Edmond T. Gréville | Stars: Magali Noël, Dawn Addams, Rossana Podestà, Christian Marquand

Votes: 31

Dawn Addams and Rosanna Podesta stranded on a deserted island.


Been looking for this one for 20 years.

6. Tides of Passion (1956)

88 min | Drama, Romance

In her small village in Vendée, Ludvine, an orphan, is in love with Jean-Pierre, but he is jealously guarded by her woman employer. On the day of the "Fair of Women", a traditional event ... See full summary »

Director: Jean Stelli | Stars: Etchika Choureau, Jean Danet, Alfred Adam, Dora Doll

Votes: 6

Two great river scenes with Etchika Chourea in this French film, aka "Foire Aux Femmes" (tip reported by RC).


No sign of this film on tv or tape or dvd. Look on French Amazon or Ebay for this.

Catherina Sola in the river. Tip reported by RC.


No sign of this film on tv or tape or dvd. Look on French Amazon or Ebay for this.

8. Happy Go Wacky (1952)

Approved | 20 min | Comedy, Short

Vera is hired as a nurse, and her first duty is to get rid of some free-loading relatives living at her patient's house.

Director: Jules White | Stars: Barbara Jo Allen, Chester Conklin, Grace Lenard, Joe Palma

Vera Vague (aka Barbara Jo Allen) was a female version of Charlie Chase who would often re-nmake the Charlie Chase comedy shorts. In "You Dear Boy" from 1943, she did a copy of the wacky Charlie Chase swimming pool comedy skit by trying to convince people she was crazy by swimming in the pool fully clothed. I have that short film, and what I am looking for is the 1952 re-make she did as "Happy Go Wacky".

I have never seen this 1963 film, but would like to track it down based on this pic from the VW site.


10. The Love School (1975– )


1848, the year of revolutions throughout Europe, reflected in London by a group of young painters.

Stars: Ben Kingsley, Patricia Quinn, David Burke, Peter Egan

Votes: 8

AKA "The Desperate Romantics" when aired in the USA. This was a 6 part 1975 BBC drama series about artists. Episode 2 features Millais as he paints the famous Ophelia scene with his model in a tin bath. This series has not been repeated or released on tape or DVD so far. I only saw it live on UK tv in 1975.


11. Do Not Adjust Your Set (1967–1969)

50 min | Family, Comedy

Short comedy sketches were performed by an ensemble cast accompanied by Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, an eccentric English group featuring the late Neil Innes, was fronted by the late Vivian Stanshall.

Stars: Denise Coffey, Eric Idle, David Jason, Terry Jones

Votes: 403

The forerunner UK comedy series to "Monty Python", only 11 of the 27 episodes made have been found and released on DVD. I am stilling looking for the "Handel's Water Music" skit where all the cast are playing iinstruments in bath tubs and showers. This appears to be on one of the missing episodes. Hopefully more lost episodes will be found in the hands of private collectors cos I have not see that episodes since I watched it on TV in 1968.

12. Quick Before They Catch Us (1966– )


The adventures of a group of teenagers becoming embroiled in various cases.

Stars: Teddy Green, Pamela Franklin, David Griffin, Colin Bell

It seems most of the episodes have been "lost" and wiped by tghe BBC according to several sites, but I remember watching one episode in 1966 where Pamela Franklin decides to get into the bath in her minidress and tights and to hide underwater under some bubbles.

13. Screen Snapshots: Holiday in Las Vegas (1947)

10 min | Documentary, Short

Another in Columbia's Screen Snapshots series (production number 8857) with some Hollywood people shown working, playing and hanging out in Las Vegas, and even clambering about on Boulder Dam.

Director: Ralph Staub | Stars: Brian Aherne, Belita, Cathy Carter, Joan Edwards

Ginny Simms does a silly pool stunt for the Hollywood Shower of Stars film shiort scenes. This was reportedly seen on TCM 20 years ago as one of their short subject films, so we know it exists, somewhere in the TCM film vaults.

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