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1. MythBusters (2003– )

TV-PG | 44 min | Documentary, Mystery, Reality-TV

A weekly documentary in which two Hollywood special effects experts attempt to debunk urban legends by directly testing them.

Stars: Robert Lee, Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Kari Byron

Votes: 51,241

2. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2014)

TV-PG | 557 min | Documentary

An exploration of our discovery of the laws of nature and coordinates in space and time.

Stars: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stoney Emshwiller, Piotr Michael, André Sogliuzzo

Votes: 115,406

3. Life (2009)

TV-G | 473 min | Documentary

David Attenborough 's legendary BBC crew explains and shows wildlife all over planet earth in 10 episodes. The first is an overview of the challenges facing life, the others are dedicated ... See full summary »

Stars: Oprah Winfrey, David Attenborough, Doug Allan, Barrie Britton

Votes: 39,257

4. Nova (1974– )

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary

Science documentaries about various topics.

Stars: Jay O. Sanders, Craig Sechler, Lance Lewman, Will Lyman

Votes: 2,534

5. Through the Wormhole (2010–2017)

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary

Hosted by Morgan Freeman, Through the Wormhole will explore the deepest mysteries of existence - the questions that have puzzled mankind for eternity. What are we made of? What was there ... See full summary »

Stars: Morgan Freeman, Sean Carroll, Michio Kaku, Carlos Frenk

Votes: 17,319

6. Apocalypse: The Second World War (2009)

TV-MA | 312 min | Documentary, History, War

Apocalypse: The Second World War(2009) is a six-part French documentary about the Second World War. The documentary is composed exclusively of actual footage of the war as filmed by war ... See full summary »

Stars: Mathieu Kassovitz, Martin Sheen, Rudolf Hess

Votes: 11,291

7. Apocalypse la 1ère Guerre mondiale (2014)

260 min | Documentary, History, War

Colorized historical footage in ascending order of World War 1. Not only the relatively known Flanders and France battles, but also the generally unknown Italian-Austrian, ... See full summary »

Stars: Mathieu Kassovitz, François Arnaud, Ferdinand Foch, V.I. Lenin

Votes: 2,503

8. National Geographic Explorer (2009– )


National Geographic's Emmy-award winning series returns with new episodes that open a window on hidden parts of the world, unlock mysteries both ancient and modern, and investigate stories of science, nature, and culture.

Stars: Billynaire Cruz, Darren Gröcke, Douglas Century, Denny Heide

Votes: 26

9. Horizon (I) (1964– )

50 min | Documentary

British documentary series that covers a variety of subjects in science and philosophy.

Stars: Paul Vaughan, Jack Fortune, Dilly Barlow, Colin Riach

Votes: 1,044

10. Time Warp (2008–2009)

22 min | Documentary

What really happens when a person gets punched in the face or you get hit by a water balloon, or when a piece of raw chicken is blown up? These events reveal some extraordinary hidden ... See full summary »

Stars: Jeff Lieberman, Matt Kearney, Eric Boardman, Jim Bales

Votes: 778

11. Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds (2010– )

94 min | Documentary

This documentary features state-of-the-art camera technology used to focus on what humans cannot see with the naked eye.

Stars: Richard Hammond, Tracy Albrecht, Alan Bradley, Jack Fox

Votes: 712

12. The Sky at Night (1957– )

20 min | Documentary

Astronomy programme.

Stars: Patrick Moore, Chris Lintott, Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Pete Lawrence

Votes: 330

13. White Rabbit Project (2016)

TV-PG | 48 min | Reality-TV

Scientists investigate unusual events from pop culture, science and history.

Stars: Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Benjamin Cavanagh

Votes: 1,621

14. BattleBots (2015– )

Action, Game-Show, Reality-TV

BattleBots is a robot combat competition that takes place in an elimination style tournament. Designers build, operate and battle their destructive robots until a champion is crowned.

Stars: Chris Rose, Kenny Florian, Faruq Tauheed, Derek Young

Votes: 1,326

15. Robot Wars (1998–2018)

45 min | Action, Game-Show

Knockout competition between deadly robots designed and controlled by contestants. There's chainsaws, spikes, and lots of flying metal.

Stars: Jonathan Pearce, Noel Sharkey, Stuart McDonald, Craig Charles

Votes: 1,073

16. Street Outlaws (2013– )

TV-14 | 60 min | Reality-TV

An inside look into the world of American street racing

Stars: Justin Shearer, Kye Kelley, Travis Santa Cruz, Bobby Decote

Votes: 1,014

17. Diesel Brothers (2016– )

42 min | Reality-TV

A group of friends in Utah own and operate a business that specializes in all things diesel. These guys don't just sell parts for diesel trucks and jeeps, they also design and build some of... See full summary »

Stars: Diesel Dave, Heavy D, Muscle, Red Beard

Votes: 537

18. Mysteries at the Museum (2010– )

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary, Adventure, Biography

The stories behind interesting and unusual artifacts stored in museums are told.

Stars: Don Wildman, Seth Porges, Katherine Weatherford, Joshua Levine

Votes: 1,126

19. Britain's Greatest Invention (2017 TV Movie)


Live from the Science Museum, 7 celebrities champion the British invention they believe has best shaped the modern world. Hosts Ant Anstead and Hannah Fry ask viewers to vote.

Directors: Claire Brown, Luke McLaughlin, Ian Russell | Stars: Ant Anstead, Giles Coren, Tim Dunn, Hannah Fry

Votes: 6

20. Britain's Greatest Machines with Chris Barrie (2009– )


Chris shows and explanes Great British inventions and there historic place in the modern world

Stars: Chris Barrie, Roger Crathorne, Bernard Lovell, Tim O'Brien

Votes: 53

22. Engineering an Empire (2005–2007)

TV-PG | 44 min | Documentary, History

A series of documentaries that go over the world's history and it's many accomplishments.

Stars: Michael Carroll, Peter Weller, J.J. Huckin, Spyros Bakas

Votes: 638

23. Natural Curiosities (2013– )

Documentary, History

David Attenborough presents a collection of his favourite natural curiosities found throughout the animal kingdom from armoured giants to crafty insects.

Stars: David Attenborough, Guy Chapelier

Votes: 758

24. Modern Marvels (1993– )

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary, History

Fast-paced, fun and informative, Modern Marvels is The History Channel's signature series focusing on historical technology.

Stars: Lloyd Sherr, Harlan Saperstein, Adam Richman, William Atwater

Votes: 1,822

25. Engineering Disasters (2015)

43 min | Documentary, History

Spun off from Modern Marvels, Engineering Disasters spotlights what happens when human error and the right circumstances conspire to create major disasters and tragedies.

Stars: Tom Cotcher, Phil Derner, Jim Record, Jeff Wise

Votes: 50

26. Ancient Top 10 (2016– )

TV-14 | History

A smart, fun countdown that details how ancient technology worked, how surprisingly advanced it was, and how it was kind of awesome.

Stars: Andrew Gough, Darius Arya, Peter Campbell, Michael Brown

Votes: 73

27. Science Fair (I) (2018)

PG | 90 min | Documentary

79 Metascore

Nine high school students from disparate corners of the globe navigate rivalries, setbacks, and hormones on their quest to win the international science fair. Only one can be named "Best in Fair."

Directors: Cristina Costantini, Darren Foster | Stars: Jack Andraka, Anjali Chadha, Ramy Khodeir, Serena McCalla

Votes: 557 | Gross: $0.28M

28. Hitler's Circle of Evil (2018)

52 min | Documentary, Biography, History

This is the story of the rise and fall of the Third Reich told like the drama it really was: through the personal relationships of the movers and shakers of the Nazi Party.

Stars: Jonathon Michaels, Alisdair Simpson, Guy Walters, Michael Lynch

Votes: 3,712

29. Dangerous Earth (2016– )

30 min | Documentary

Dr Helen Czerski presents a new series which shows how new camera technology is revealing the inner workings of some of the Earth's most spectacular natural wonders.

Star: Helen Czerski

Votes: 37

30. Panorama (1953– )

40 min | Documentary, News

Long-running factual programme reporting on all aspects of life in Britain.

Stars: Fred Emery, David Dimbleby, Richard Lindley, Richard Dimbleby

Votes: 513

31. Nova ScienceNow (2005– )

60 min | Documentary

Uncover the complicated truth behind our sense of taste.

Stars: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Chad Cohen, Ziya Tong, David Pogue

Votes: 515

32. The Universe (2007–2015)

45 min | Documentary, History

This educational show explores many scientific questions and topics about the universe (Big Bang, the Sun, the planets, black holes, other galaxies, astrobiology etc.) through latest CGI, data and interviews with scientists.

Stars: Erik Thompson, Alex Filippenko, Laura Danly, Clifford V. Johnson

Votes: 5,632

33. How the Universe Works (2010– )

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary

A users guide to the cosmos from the big bang to galaxies, stars, planets and moons. Where did it all come from and how does it all fit together. A primer for anyone who has ever looked up at the night sky and wondered.

Stars: Phil Plait, Michelle Thaller, Mike Rowe, Hakeem Oluseyi

Votes: 6,481

34. Nova Wonders (2018– )

60 min | Documentary

NOVA Wonders follows researchers on the winding paths of uncertainty and the unknown revealing how far we've come, how we managed to get here and the remarkable scientists who are transforming our world and the future.

Stars: Rana El Kaliouby, Andre Fenton, Talithia Williams, Michelle Trautwein

Votes: 59

35. Breaking Big (2018– )

TV-PG | 30 min | Documentary

Why have some of the world's most influential people been able to make it big? Explore how some of today's artists, innovators, athletes and political leaders made their careers.

Stars: Carlos Watson, Angela Duckworth, Jeffrey Carr, Christina Greer

Votes: 28

36. The Fabric of the Cosmos (2011)

Not Rated | 240 min | Documentary

The deep sense we have of time passing from present to past may be nothing more than an illusion. How can our understanding of something so familiar be so wrong? In search of answers, Brian... See full summary »

Star: Brian Greene

Votes: 254

37. Plants Behaving Badly (2017)

60 min | Documentary

This two episode documentary is about deceptive plants narrated by David Attenborough, many of which were studied by Charles Darwin. The first, Murder and Mayhem, is about carnivorous plants. The second, Sex and Lies, is about orchids.

Star: David Attenborough

Votes: 32

38. The New Frontier (2015–2018)

24 min | Documentary

In the past few decades an uncountable fleet of satellites and and space probes have left Earth to visit every destination in the solar system. Here's what they found.

Star: Stuart Sykes

Votes: 42

39. Space's Deepest Secrets (2016– )

Not Rated | 60 min | Documentary

The stories of the men and women who pushed their ingenuity and curiosity beyond the limits to uncover some of the most groundbreaking findings in the history of space exploration.

Stars: David O'Brien, Michelle Thaller, Hakeem Oluseyi, Phil Plait

Votes: 255

40. Immortal Egypt (2016)

59 min | Documentary, History

Joann Fletcher presents the extraordinary story of Ancient Egypt, from its beginnings to the great pyramid builders and on, to the last of the pharaohs.

Stars: Joann Fletcher, Glenn Godenho, Elizabeth Hart, Dirk Huyge

Votes: 155

41. Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings (2013– )

116 min | Documentary

Dr. Joann Fletcher investigates in this set of two documentaries, what life and death were like for the normal person 3500 years ago in Egypt.

Star: Joann Fletcher

Votes: 56

42. Egypt: Engineering an Empire (2006 TV Movie)

92 min | Documentary, History

Twenty-five hundred years before the reign of Julius Caesar, the ancient Egyptians were deftly harnessing the power of engineering on an unprecedented scale. Egyptian temples, fortresses, ... See full summary »

Director: Christopher Cassel | Stars: Lawrence Berman, Michael Carroll, Stephen Harvey, Zahi Hawass

Votes: 259

43. Engineering an Empire (2005–2007)
Episode: Rome (2005)

TV-PG | 85 min | Documentary, History

Despite their personal short comings, many of the Roman Empires great engineering accomplishments were introduced during the reign of the Caesars. The tradition continued under Vespasian, ... See full summary »

Director: Christopher Cassel | Stars: Michael Carroll, George Piscopo, Massimo Vari, Giorgio Cuneo

Votes: 252

44. Mythbusters Jr. (2019– )

60 min | Reality-TV

The nation's most talented kids have a chance to show off their amazing ingenuity and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) skills.

Stars: Adam Savage, Allie Weber, Cannan Huey-You, Elijah Horland

Votes: 297

45. Cops (1989–2020)

TV-14 | 30 min | Action, Crime, Reality-TV

Camera crews follow police officers while they work.

Stars: Ruben Barela, Andrew Fincher, Alex Cox, Heather Ashley Chase

Votes: 5,791

46. Outrageous Acts of Science (2012– )

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary

Each episode counts down 20 popular Internet videos and explains the science behind them.

Stars: Helen Arney, Debbie Berebichez, Hakeem Oluseyi, Tim Dadabo

Votes: 297