Completed: Documentary and History Television

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A list of the documentary and history related television I have seen.

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1. Hollywood the Golden Years: The RKO Story (1987– )

360 min | Documentary, History

The history of the major Golden Age of Hollywood film company, RKO Pictures.

Stars: Edward Asner, Linwood G. Dunn, Ginger Rogers, Pandro S. Berman

Votes: 122

2. The Victorian Kitchen Garden (1987)

30 min | Documentary

Television series following the restoration of a largely derelict walled garden at Chilton Lodge, Berkshire. The aim was to work the garden as it would have been in the Victorian era, using plants and practices from this period. Each episode follows a month of the year, and shows the tasks undertaken.

Stars: Harry Dodson, Peter Thoday, Alison McKensie, Stephen Bull

Votes: 58

3. The Victorian Kitchen (1989– )

30 min | Documentary

Television series recreating the workings of a country house head cook.

Stars: Alison Arnison, Harry Dodson, Ruth Mott, Peter Thoday

Votes: 41

4. American Experience (1988– )
Episode: The Donner Party (1992)

Not Rated | 90 min | Documentary, Biography, History

Doomed attempt to get to California in 1846. More than just a riveting tale of death, endurance and survival. The Donner Party's nightmarish journey penetrated to the very heart of the ... See full summary »

Director: Ric Burns | Stars: David McCullough, J.D. Cannon, Timothy Hutton, Gene Jones

Votes: 297

5. Ruth Mott's Country Christmas (1995 TV Movie)

30 min | Documentary

Ruth Mott, of "The Victorian Kitchen" and "The Wartime Kitchen and Garden" fame, hosts this look at a traditional English Country Christmas, featuring traditional Christmas recipes, instructions on making decorations and personal stories.

Director: Keith Sheather | Star: Ruth Mott

6. The 1900 House (1999– )

60 min | History, Reality-TV

A modern English family embark on a real-life time-travel adventure to late Victorian London.

Votes: 310

7. The Natural History of the Chicken (2000)

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary, Comedy

Through interviews and reenactments, The Natural History of the Chicken investigates the role of the chicken in American life and tells several remarkable stories. A Maine farmer says she ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Lewis | Stars: Janet Bonney, Joseph Martinez, Joel Vavra, David Forrester

Votes: 388

8. Pioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West (2000– )

60 min | History, Reality-TV

Two couples assume the lives of early settlers to the West. Using only the resources and tools of the period, they will attempt to build homes, raise livestock, hunt and grow crops.

Stars: Brian Hartigan, Alana Logie, Frank Logie, Deanna Treadway

Votes: 135

9. The 1940s House (2001– )

45 min | Family, Reality-TV

Reality show. A couple, their daughter and two grandchildren volunteer to spend several weeks living under wartime conditions. That includes clothing, learning to live with rationing (12 ... See full summary »

Stars: Geoffrey Palmer, Piers Brendon, Guy de la Bédoyère, Ben Hymers

Votes: 195

10. The Blue Planet (2001)

TV-G | 389 min | Documentary

Mammoth series, five years in the making, taking a look at the rich tapestry of life in the world's oceans.

Stars: David Attenborough, Pierce Brosnan, Jason Roberts

Votes: 29,784

11. Frontier House (2002– )

History, Reality-TV

The Year: 1883. The Place: The Montana Territory. The Challenge: Blizzards, hunger, scorching sun, forest fires, the neighbors, and more ... Three modern families experienced life on the ... See full summary »

Stars: Kristen Brooks, Nate Brooks, Rudy Brooks, Adrienne Clune

Votes: 425

12. Quest for the Bay (2002– )

50 min | Adventure, Documentary

Quest For The Bay follows an eight-person volunteer team as they attempted to recreate the journey made by fur traders of the Hudson's Bay Company during the 1840s by travelling from ... See full summary »

Stars: Alana Logie, Frank Logie, Ken Albert Jr., Rob Clark

Votes: 32

13. Manor House (2002– )

50 min | Documentary, History, Reality-TV

21 people from the 21st century are being brought together in an Edwardian Country House. 6 of them are the Upstairs family and the 15 others are the servants. For three months, these people have only the rulebook and each other...

Stars: Tristan Aldrich, Avril Anson, Ellen Beard, Charlie Clay

Votes: 459

14. The Real Jane Austen (2002 TV Movie)

60 min | Documentary, Biography, Drama

A dramatized documentary on the life of Jane Austen.

Director: Nicky Pattison | Stars: Anna Chancellor, Gillian Kearney, John Standing, Lara Harvey

Votes: 137

15. American Experience (1988– )
Episode: Seabiscuit (2003)

TV-G | 60 min | Documentary, Biography, History

He was boxy, with stumpy legs that wouldn't completely straighten a short straggly tail and an ungainly gait; though he didn't look the part, Seabiscuit was one of the most remarkable ... See full summary »

Director: Stephen Ives | Stars: Scott Glenn, Seabiscuit, Laura Hillenbrand, Farrell Jones

Votes: 85

16. Klondike: The Quest for Gold (2003– )

4 min | Documentary

As seen on PBS comes this new "living history" series about eight "average people" (7 men and one women) who volunteer to relive an adventure. The epic 1200 kilometer journey by the ... See full summary »

Star: Dan McLean

Votes: 31

17. The Regency House Party (2004– )

480 min | Documentary, History, Reality-TV

A "reality" tv series where five men and five women spend 9 weeks at a country house, Kentchurch, living as if they were in 1811 England. The house is staffed by 40 servants. An interesting... See full summary »

Stars: Richard E. Grant, Chris Gorell Barnes, Lisa Braund, Hayley Conick

Votes: 135

18. Quest for the Sea (2004– )

4 min | Documentary

Quest for the Sea is a 4x1-hour living history documentary series that follows 2 families as they return to a lost way of life in a remote fishing village in Newfoundland. In simple wooden ... See full summary »

Stars: Anny Murray, Monte Murray, Harold St. Croix, Roy Wareham

Votes: 23

19. Sisters in the Wilderness: The Lives of Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill (2004)

87 min

Susanna and Catharine were brought up in a large estate in England. They married soldiers and both couples headed to Canada only to be disappointed. Catharine, a lover of nature, adapted better than Susanna, a society person.

Stars: Severn Thompson, Jane Spidell, Kelli Fox, Richard Clarkin

20. American Masters (1985– )
Episode: James Dean: Sense Memories (2005)

TV-14 | 54 min | Documentary, Biography

Documentary exploring the life and career of James Dean.

Director: Gail Levin | Stars: Mark Rydell, Martin Landau, Eli Wallach, William Bast

Votes: 85

21. Planet Earth (2006)

TV-PG | 538 min | Documentary

Emmy Award-winning, 11 episodes, five years in the making, the most expensive nature documentary series ever commissioned by the BBC, and the first to be filmed in high definition.

Stars: David Attenborough, Sigourney Weaver, Huw Cordey, Doug Allan

Votes: 153,642

22. The Supersizers Eat... (2007– )


A comedienne & a humor writer try their hand at living in different eras. They dress, eat, and live the past. Before and after, their vitals are tested to see how these lifestyles affect their health.

Stars: Giles Coren, Sue Perkins, Roy Marsden, Allegra McEvedy

Votes: 592

24. Imagine (2003– )
Episode: Werner Herzog: Beyond Reason (2008)

59 min | Documentary, History

Alan Yentob meets the renowned German film director Werner Herzog in this documentary from the BBC's flagship 'Imagine' strand. Herzog is as far from the mainstream as it is possible to be,... See full summary »

Director: Steve Cole | Stars: Les Blank, Werner Herzog, Harmony Korine

Votes: 15

27. Giles and Sue Live The Good Life (2010– )


Giles Coren and Sue Perkins have a go at 1970s style suburban self sufficiency. Giles and Sue largely fail at everything they do - but its all done with a big smile.

Stars: Giles Coren, Sue Perkins

Votes: 37

28. How the Earth Changed History (2010– )


In each episode, geologist Iain Stewart describes how a certain geological force played a determinant part in human history. Culture may render people less dependent on nature, it still ... See full summary »

Stars: Iain Stewart, Ali Haleyalur

Votes: 737

29. Human Planet (2011)

TV-PG | 50 min | Documentary

Like all life forms, humanity partially adapts to types of natural environment, yet also tends to change them. Each episode examines how life differs for men and nature in some type of ... See full summary »

Stars: John Hurt, Roger Munns

Votes: 21,399

34. Secrets of the Manor House (2012– )

55 min | Documentary

Each episode concentrates of the history of a grand stately home in Britain. Its fate was often linked to that of one or more great aristocratic families, yet most now need a modern ... See full summary »

Stars: Samuel West, Elisabeth Kehoe, Geoffrey Dymond, Mary Gledhill

Votes: 119

35. The Dust Bowl (2012– )


A documentary about the 1930s drought of North American prairie farm land, and its consequences during the great depression.

Stars: Dorothy Williamson, Donald Worster, Timothy Egan, Calvin Crabill

Votes: 1,397

36. The Burrowers (2013– )


Chris Packham sheds light on the magical underground world of three iconic British animals - badgers, water voles and rabbits - investigating wild burrows and creating full scale replicas too.

Star: Chris Packham

Votes: 14

37. Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home (2013 TV Movie)

60 min | History

Suzannah Lipscomb takes a tour of the Victorian home and unveils the hidden dangers that posed a deadly threat to Victorian life.

Director: Suzanne Phillips | Stars: Suzannah Lipscomb, Judith Flanders, Kate Williams, Andy Meharg

Votes: 157

38. New Hidden Killers (2013– )

Not Rated | Documentary

While trying to lead an empire, these rulers had no idea that the biggest threat to their lives was under their own roof. After the discovery of electricity, there were many wild inventions... See full summary »

Stars: Suzannah Lipscomb, Kate Williams, Nathan Goss, Jane Hamlett

Votes: 94

39. Richard III: The King in the Car Park (2013 TV Movie)

74 min | Documentary

This documentary looks at the search for the remains of King Richard III of England (1452-1485). After being killed in the Battle of Bosworth Field (August 22, 1485), his remains were taken... See full summary »

Directors: Louise Osmond, Pete Woods | Stars: Simon Farnaby, Leon Hunt, John Ashdown-Hill, Richard Buckley

Votes: 88

40. Penguins: Spy in the Huddle (2013– )

TV-G | Documentary

Penguins - Spy in the Huddle spends nearly a year in the close company of penguins, deploying 50 spycams to capture as never before the true character of these birds.

Stars: David Tennant, Peter Drost

Votes: 343

41. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Legendary White Stallions (2013)

TV-G | 54 min | Documentary, Family

From PBS - At the famous Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Lipizzaners and their riders have been keeping audiences in thrall for centuries. The school is a unique and elite university, ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Schlamberger | Star: F. Murray Abraham

Votes: 25

42. Secrets of Britain (2013– )

Documentary, History

From PBS - From The Tower of London to Scotland Yard, uncover the real-life drama and intrigue hidden within the walls of notable British landmarks and institutions.

Stars: Samuel West, Peter Hawkshaw, Paul Binkley, John Chambers

Votes: 65

44. Return to the Wild: The Chris McCandless Story (2014)

Not Rated | 57 min | Documentary, Adventure

A journey in the footsteps of the enigmatic young American named Chris McCandless, who vanished and ultimately perished in the Alaskan wilderness. New interviews and never before released ... See full summary »

Director: Jeanmarie Condon

Votes: 223

45. Royal Cousins at War (2014– )


Documentary about the closely related rulers of three different European empires: Georg V of Britain, Wilhelm II of Germany and Nicholas II of Russia, all of them grandchildren of Queen ... See full summary »

Stars: Tamsin Greig, Naomi Cooper

Votes: 102

46. The Manners of Downton Abbey (2015)


Detailing the daily lives, responsibilities, and dress of the upper class, Alastair Bruce, historical Downton Abbey advisor, takes us on a journey through 1900s Britain.

Director: Louise Wardle | Star: Alastair Bruce

Votes: 67

47. Back in Time for Dinner (2015– )

60 min | Documentary

A family goes back in time and realizes how bad it is.

Stars: Giles Coren, Polly Russell, Mary Berry, David Myers

Votes: 161

48. Hidden Killers of the Tudor Home (2015 TV Movie)

60 min | History

The introduction of world trade in Tudor England inadvertently introduces foreign poisonous substances. One such case is sugar and the subsequent rotting of teeth.

Director: Suzanne Phillips | Stars: Suzannah Lipscomb, Tara Hamling, Marc Meltonville, Jelena Bekvalac

Votes: 137

49. Back in Time for Christmas (2015– )


The Robshaws return as they travel through six decades experiencing the festivities of the time from the 40s all the way up to the 90s.

Stars: Giles Coren, Polly Russell, Christopher Biggins, Lionel Blair

Votes: 38

50. The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (2015)

TV-14 | 279 min | Documentary, Crime