Short Lived TV Shows 1970's/80's

by bloody-3 | created - 25 Oct 2016 | updated - 2 months ago | Public

TV series from the 1970's and 80's that I have seen that only lasted one season or part of a season.

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1. The Amazing Spider-Man (1977–1979)

TV-PG | 60 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

With the powers given by the bite of a radioactive spider, a young man fights crime as a wall-crawling superhero.

Stars: Nicholas Hammond, Robert F. Simon, Chip Fields, Ellen Bry

Votes: 2,035

2. Alien Nation (1989–1990)

TV-14 | 60 min | Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi

In the near future, a human cop and his alien partner fight crime and discrimination in Los Angeles.

Stars: Gary Graham, Eric Pierpoint, Michele Scarabelli, Lauren Woodland

Votes: 4,722

3. A.E.S. Hudson Street (1977–1978)

30 min | Comedy

Madcap antics of the employees of an underfunded, understaffed and overworked New York City Adult Emergency Service hospital.

Stars: Gregory Sierra, William Cort, Rosanna DeSoto, Ralph Manza

Votes: 10

4. Alvin Purple (1976)

TV-MA | 30 min | Comedy

A waterbed salesman who is irresistible to women gets a job as a gardener in a convent

Stars: Graeme Blundell, Chris Haywood, Dawn Lake, John Ewart

Votes: 34

5. Amanda's (1983)

30 min | Comedy

Dry-witted Amanda Cartwright tries to manage a hotel, despite mishaps involving her inexperienced son Marty, self-centered daughter-in-law Arlene, devoted cook Earl, and bumbling foreign bellhop Aldo.

Stars: Bea Arthur, Fred McCarren, Simone Griffeth, Rick Hurst

Votes: 82

6. Anna and the King (1972)

30 min | Comedy, Romance

A stern schoolteacher clashes with an aristocratic 19th-century king.

Stars: Yul Brynner, Samantha Eggar, Keye Luke, Eric Shea

Votes: 422

7. Arcade (1980)

30 min

Australian soap set in a shopping arcade.

Stars: Joy Miller, Danny Adcock, Syd Heylen, Aileen Britton

Votes: 8

8. Assignment: Vienna (1972–1973)

60 min | Adventure, Drama

The adventures of rugged American spy Jake Webster.

Stars: Robert Conrad, Charles Cioffi, Anton Diffring, Péter Vajda

Votes: 19

9. At Ease (1983)

30 min | Comedy

Camp Tar Creek is a backwater U.S. Army outpost, enlivened by the shenanigans of Sergeant Val Valentine, and pal Private Tony Baker. Their money-making schemes must escape detection by Major Hawkins. Baker's girlfriend is Corporal Lola Grey.

Stars: Roger Bowen, Jourdan Fremin, Richard Jaeckel, Josh Mostel

Votes: 22

10. Automan (1983–1984)

70 min | Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

A computer-generated superhero and his human creator fight crime in the city.

Stars: Desi Arnaz Jr., Chuck Wagner, Heather McNair, Gerald S. O'Loughlin

Votes: 1,669

11. Banyon (1971–1973)

60 min | Crime, Drama

The adventures of 1930's Los Angeles private eye Miles Banyon.

Stars: Robert Forster, Joan Blondell, Richard Jaeckel, Julie Gregg

Votes: 109

12. Barbary Coast (1975–1976)

60 min | Western

The wild wild west adventures of 19th-century agents Jeff Cable and Cash Conover.

Stars: William Shatner, Richard Kiel, Dave Turner, Doug McClure

Votes: 121

13. Bearcats! (1971)

120 min | Action, Adventure, War

Two honorable men-for-hire look for adventure in the pre-World War I American southwest in their fancy Stutz Bearcat.

Stars: Rod Taylor, Dennis Cole, Henry Darrow, John Anderson

Votes: 153

14. Beasts (1976)

60 min | Horror, Mystery

An anthology series concerning bestial horror created by Nigel Kneale.

Stars: Pamela Moiseiwitsch, Bernard Horsfall, Patrick Magee, Pauline Quirke

Votes: 190

15. Bellamy (1981)

60 min | Crime

The series focused on a maverick cop named Steve Bellamy and his partner Detective Mitchell. Recurring characters were the disapproving Daley and the forensics technician Clem.

Stars: John Stanton, Tim Elston, James Condon, Brian Young

Votes: 26

16. Beyond Westworld (1980)

60 min | Action, Crime, Mystery

The security chief of an android manufacturing company must stop a mad scientist, who's sending the failed theme park's androids to infiltrate society for his own ends.

Stars: Jim McMullan, James Wainwright, William Jordan, Nancy Harewood

Votes: 244

17. Big Shamus, Little Shamus (1979– )

60 min | Crime, Drama

Arnie Sutter was the house detective at the Hotel Ansonia in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA prior to legalized gambling. After gambling was legalized, the Ansonia got a second lease on life... See full summary »

Stars: Brian Dennehy, Doug McKeon, Kathryn Leigh Scott, George Wyner

Votes: 11

18. Blacke's Magic (1986)

60 min | Crime, Drama

A magician and his con-man father solve mysteries using a combination of sleight of hand and con games.

Stars: Hal Linden, Harry Morgan, R.J. Adams, Stephen Elliott

Votes: 95

19. Blansky's Beauties (1977)

30 min | Comedy

Gruff but loving Nancy Blansky is busy housing, mothering, and even choreographing for a hotel's showgirls--while providing a home for her nephews, dancer Joey and 12-year-old junior-womanizer Anthony.

Stars: Nancy Walker, Caren Kaye, Eddie Mekka, Scott Baio

Votes: 74

20. Blue Thunder (1984)

60 min | Action, Crime, Drama

An advanced prototype police helicopter and their ground support crew battle crime.

Stars: James Farentino, Dana Carvey, Sandy McPeak, Dick Butkus

Votes: 1,650

21. Bluey (1976–1977)

90 min | Drama

Bluey was set at Melbourne's Russell Street Police Headquarters (Victoria, Australia), with "Bluey" Hills heading his own squad ("Department B"), due to his inability to work within the existing police squads.

Stars: Lucky Grills, Gerda Nicolson, John Diedrich, Ken Goodlet

Votes: 48

22. Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1973)

30 min | Comedy

Bob and Carol Sanders are a young couple who are definitely part of the hip generation. Their slightly older friends Ted plus wife Alice Henderson are a little stodgy and shocked by things like swimming in the buff.

Stars: Robert Urich, Anne Archer, David Spielberg, Anita Gillette

Votes: 36

23. The Bold Ones: The Senator (1970–1971)

60 min | Drama

Hays Stowe is a new senator who comes to Washington DC with his wife Erin and daughter Norma. He arrives full of optimism that being on the side of justice can help him change things for ... See full summary »

Stars: Hal Holbrook, Michael Tolan, Kate Hawley, Sharon Acker

Votes: 65

24. Boone (1983–1984)

60 min | Drama

In 1953, Boone Sawyer dreams of becoming a country music star, but his father has other ideas for his future.

Stars: Thomas Byrd, Greg Webb, Elizabeth Huddle Nyberg, Katherine Moffat

Votes: 33

25. The Brady Brides (1981)

30 min | Comedy

The story of Marcia and Jan's lives as newlyweds with their husbands.

Stars: Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, Jerry Houser, Ron Kuhlman

Votes: 236

26. The Brady Bunch Variety Hour (1976–1977)

60 min | Comedy, Music

The Brady family sings, dances, and performs comedy skits.

Stars: Florence Henderson, Robert Reed, Ann B. Davis, Maureen McCormick

Votes: 361

27. Breaking Away (1980–1981)

60 min | Drama, Family

Four buddies live in Bloomington, Indiana, facing life as working class "cutters" in a college town. Focus is on Dave and his $1200 La Strada bike.

Stars: Barbara Barrie, Shaun Cassidy, Jackie Earle Haley, Tom Wiggin

Votes: 125

28. Bret Maverick (1981–1982)

60 min | Drama, Western

Set in Sweetwater, Arizona in the 1880s with solid citizen Bret owning a ranch and part of the Red Ox Saloon. Stable cast with varying stories, often centered on conflict between the ambitious sheriff and everyone else.

Stars: James Garner, Ed Bruce, Ramon Bieri, Richard Hamilton

Votes: 408

29. Bring 'Em Back Alive (1982–1983)

60 min | Adventure

Pith-helmeted Buck is a Great White Hunter who here (unlike the real one from the 1940s) works out of the Raffles Hotel bar in Singapore during the 1930s fighting all kinds of bad guys in pre-war Malaya.

Stars: Bruce Boxleitner, Clyde Kusatsu, Cindy Morgan, Ron O'Neal

Votes: 361

30. Bronk (1975–1976)

60 min | Crime, Drama

The adventures of detective Alex Bronkov of the Ocean City, California Police Department.

Stars: Jack Palance, Henry Beckman, Tony King, Joseph Mascolo

Votes: 85

31. Cade's County (1971–1972)

60 min | Action, Crime, Drama

The adventures of Sam Cade, sheriff of rural Madrid County.

Stars: Glenn Ford, Edgar Buchanan, Taylor Lacher, Victor Campos

Votes: 171

32. California Fever (1979)

60 min | Adventure

Vince and Ross are suburban Los Angeles teenagers enjoying disco, surfing, cars and the rest of the Southern California lifestyle. Musical Vince runs an underground radio station and mechanical Ross is into custom cars.

Stars: Lorenzo Lamas, Marc McClure, Jimmy McNichol, Michele Tobin

Votes: 55

33. Call to Glory (1984–1985)

60 min | Drama

Colonel Raynor Sarnac has to balance his family and his duty as head of a flight group facing the political tensions of the early 60's. Actual historical events are part of various stories as are the activities of three active children.

Stars: Craig T. Nelson, Cindy Pickett, Elisabeth Shue, Gabriel Damon

Votes: 253

34. Casablanca (1983)

60 min | Drama, Romance, War

A short-lived prequel to Casablanca (1942).

Stars: David Soul, Hector Elizondo, Reuven Bar-Yotam, Ray Liotta

Votes: 116

35. Cassie & Co. (1982)

60 min | Drama

Cassie Holland is a tough and feisty former police officer-turned-private detective who takes advantage of her looks to solve cases. Having taken over Lyman "Shack" Shackelford's agency, ... See full summary »

Stars: Angie Dickinson, John Ireland, Dori Brenner, A Martinez

Votes: 19

36. The Chicago Teddy Bears (1971)

30 min | Comedy

Comedic battle between an honest man and his mobster cousin over a Chicago speakeasy.

Stars: Dean Jones, John Banner, Art Metrano, Huntz Hall

Votes: 26

37. Chopper One (1974)

30 min | Crime, Drama

California cops Foley & Burdick fight crime from a helicopter.

Stars: Jim McMullan, Dirk Benedict, Lou Frizzell, Ted Hartley

Votes: 55

38. Code Red (1981–1982)

60 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

The adventures of a Los Angeles Fire Department Battalion Chief's family and crew.

Stars: Lorne Greene, Andrew Stevens, Julie Adams, Sam J. Jones

Votes: 129

39. Co-ed Fever (1979)

30 min | Comedy

What happens when an all-girls school goes co-ed?

Stars: David Keith, Alexa Kenin, Christopher S. Nelson, Cathryn O'Neil

Votes: 23

40. Cover Up (1984–1985)

60 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

A fashion photographer and a veteran special forces soldier posing as her model go on intelligence missions around the world.

Stars: Jennifer O'Neill, Richard Anderson, Mykelti Williamson, Ingrid Anderson

Votes: 524

41. Dan August (1970–1971)

60 min | Crime, Drama

Detective August works the crime beat in his home town, Santa Luisa CA, working with (and against) people with whom he grew up.

Stars: Burt Reynolds, Norman Fell, Richard Anderson, Ned Romero

Votes: 243

42. Darkroom (1981–1982)

60 min | Horror, Thriller, Fantasy

An anthology horror/thriller series, along the same lines as "Twilight Zone" or "Night Gallery." Each week features a new story and a new cast.

Stars: James Coburn, Helen Hunt, Randy Powell, Quinn Cummings

Votes: 270

43. David Cassidy - Man Undercover (1978–1979)

60 min | Crime, Drama

Twenty-something officer Dan Shay operates undercover in the Los Angeles youth scene.

Stars: David Cassidy, Simon Oakland, Wendy Rastattar, Michael A. Salcido

Votes: 77

44. The Delphi Bureau (1972–1973)

60 min | Crime, Drama

The adventures of government agent Glenn Garth Gregory and his photographic memory.

Stars: Laurence Luckinbill, Dean Jagger, Anne Jeffreys, Celeste Holm

Votes: 54

45. Delta House (1979– )

30 min | Comedy

The raucous exploits of Faber College's Delta House Fraternity in 1962.

Stars: John Vernon, Stephen Furst, Bruce McGill, James Widdoes

Votes: 115

46. Detective in the House (1985)

60 min | Crime, Drama