Oscars 2020 — Best Motion Picture Multi-Tasking?

by urbanemovies | created - 14 Jun 2017 | updated - 09 Feb 2020 | Public

... and the 2020 Oscar for Best Multi-Tasking in a Motion Picture goes to?

Multi-tasking for the purpose of this poll is defined as holding multiple key credited roles on a film production. The 2020 Oscars are noteworthy for setting a new Oscars benchmark; every movie nominated for Best Picture in 2020 was led by a multi-tasking director. Multi-tasking directors weren't just limited to Best Picture nominees either. Similarly driven directors helmed many of 2019's top movies holding anywhere from two to eight roles.

Which of these individuals do you find the most impressive multi-tasker*, in terms of both the quantity of roles and the quality of the end product? *same 2019 feature film with at a minimum producing, directing and writing credits

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