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1. Na Forma da Lei (2010– )

40 min | Crime

Five friends are brought together by a murder. They promise revenge and will pursue it for a decade, chasing an influent criminal they have known for a long time.

Stars: Ana Paula Arósio, Marcio Garcia, Luana Piovani, Henri Castelli

Votes: 37

2. Normal People (2001–2003)

25 min | Comedy

A "normal" couple are living a "normal" life together. But they have a lot to complain about themselves to you.

Stars: Fernanda Torres, Luiz Fernando Guimarães, Selton Mello, Graziella Moretto

Votes: 1,259

3. Sai de Baixo (1996–2013)

60 min | Comedy

Caco Antibes (Miguel Falabella) and his wife Magda (Marisa Orth) lived in a luxury mansion in the Jardins, in São Paulo, until the IRS discovered bankruptcies in Caco's personal accounts ... See full summary »

Stars: Aracy Balabanian, Luis Gustavo, Marisa Orth, Miguel Falabella

Votes: 1,099

4. Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum (1994–1997)

Comedy, Family, Fantasy

A young wizard, seeking for friends, casts a spell on the beach ball of a group of kids, attracting them to the castle where he lives with his wizards aunt and uncle, surrounded by music, magic and fantasy.

Stars: Cássio Scapin, Álvaro Petersen Jr., Cláudio Chakmati, Fernando Gomes

Votes: 876

5. Hilda Hurricane (1998– )

120 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

On her wedding day, teenage queen Hilda left the church and went straight to the red-light district.

Stars: Ana Paula Arósio, Rodrigo Santoro, Danton Mello, Paloma Duarte

Votes: 363

6. On Air: TV on TV (2014–2019)

25 min | Comedy

A dive without control by the television. Zapping through sport, culture or health, Marcelo Adnet and Marcius Melhem walk through all the genres of TV, always with great humor.

Stars: Marcius Melhem, Danton Mello, Marcelo Adnet, Marcio Vito

Votes: 148

7. Take It, Give It (2005–2007)


The show tells the story of two couples: Mário Jorge and Celinha and Arnaldo and Rita. Previously, Mário Jorge was married to Rita, and had two children, Isadora and Tatalo, and, curiously ... See full summary »

Stars: Adriana Esteves, Miguel Falabella, Marisa Orth, Diogo Vilela

Votes: 428

8. Mundo da Lua (1990– )

Family, Fantasy

A boy from the suburbs of São Paulo escapes from his mundane life into fantastic adventures with his tape recorder.

Stars: Luciano Amaral, Anna D'Lira, Mayana Blum, Gianfrancesco Guarnieri

Votes: 403

9. Rá-Tim-Bum (1989– )

30 min | Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Produced by TV Cultura in 1989 and aired until 1992. The roadmap was written by a team supervised by Flavio de Souza, which included Cláudia Dalla Verde and Dionisio Jacob. The veteran ... See full summary »

Stars: Ricardo Corte Real, Jessica Canoletti, Paulo Contier, Angela Dippe

Votes: 344

10. Miracle Hands (2010– )

Drama, History, Mystery

A young medical doctor discovers some paranormal abilities. He can operate people with the assistance of the spirits of dead people.

Stars: Selton Mello, Andréia Horta, Carmo Dalla Vecchia, Caco Ciocler

Votes: 100

11. Big Family (2001–2014)

30 min | Comedy

Sitcom about a disfunctional and loving average Brazilian family.

Stars: Lúcio Mauro Filho, Guta Stresser, Marieta Severo, Marco Nanini

Votes: 1,098

12. Ilha Rá-Tim-Bum (2002– )

Action, Adventure, Drama

After a castaway, five youngsters end up in an unknown island inhabited by unusual creatures, a wise Egyptian woman and an evolved, malign being of bacterian origin.

Stars: Greta Antoine, Paulo Nigro, Rafael Formenton, Thuanny Costa

Votes: 51

14. A Vida Como Ela É... (1996– )


Adaptations of 40 short stories of brazilian playwright Nelson Rodrigues, written between 1951 and 1961. The stories were considered scandalous at the time as Rodrigues used immoral ... See full summary »

Stars: Antonio Calloni, Guilherme Fontes, Leon Goes, Maitê Proença

Votes: 110

15. Cocoricó (1996– )

Comedy, Family, Musical

Julius, a simple 8-year-old boy who was born in the big city, is going to spend his school holidays at his grandparents' farm. It is Cocoricó Farm, located in the fictional city of ... See full summary »

Stars: Facundo Reyes, Fernando Gomes, Álvaro Petersen Jr., Eduardo Alves

Votes: 329

17. Glub-Glub (1991–1999)

30 min | Family

The underwater antics of a pair of fish, their aquatic friends and a television set.

Stars: Gisela Arantes, Fátima Bernardes, William Bonner, Carlos Mariano

Votes: 202

18. Heavy Load (2003– )

40 min | Comedy, Drama

The show presents the misadventures of two truck drivers - Pedro and Bino - struggling to make their living in the roads of Brazil, trying not to be misled by the traps of life.

Stars: Stênio Garcia, Antônio Fagundes, Ernesto Piccolo, Bernardo Barreto

Votes: 141

19. A Fazenda (2009– )

Game-Show, Reality-TV

The concept of the show is such that puts a group of celebrities (or subcelebrities) on a farm where they stay together for a period of three months. When the contestants are on the farm, ... See full summary »

Stars: Britto Júnior, Marcos Mion, Roberto Justus, Fábio Arruda

Votes: 94

20. Bambuluá (2000– )

Action, Adventure, Family

A TV host is attracted to a magic, colorful small town inhabited by good people and protected by a group of teenage super-heroes from their evil neighbor city.

Stars: Angélica, Pedro Vasconcelos, Anderson Muller, Giovane Correa

Votes: 37

21. Pirlimpimpim (2001–2007)

Comedy, Family, Fantasy

The adventures in science, history, learning and fantasy of a girl, a boy and their two living toys, starting from the ranch where they live, known as the Yellow Woodpecker.

Stars: Isabelle Drummond, Dhu Moraes, Jacira dos Santos, Aramis Trindade

Votes: 280

22. Você Decide (1992–2000)

35 min | Thriller

A TV show that presented dramatic stories where the viewer had the opportunity to call the TV station and choose the ending of the story - since there were always two filmed endings. ... See full summary »

Stars: Lúcia Romano, Milton Gonçalves, Paulo Reis, Rita Guedes

Votes: 113

23. O Aprendiz (2004–2019)

60 min | Reality-TV

This is the Brazilian Version of the TV show The Apprentice where the contestants compete in this reality show. There are a total of 8 seasons. The 3rd Season the prize was a contract with ... See full summary »

Stars: Roberto Justus, Walter Longo, Anselmo Martini, Vivianne Ventura

Votes: 58

24. Casseta & Planeta Urgente (1992–2012)

30 min | Comedy

A weekly magazine where recent news and events were reported in a parodic way. In later years skits were more common, always comically criticizing the current times.

Stars: Hélio de la Peña, Marcelo Madureira, Beto Silva, Hubert Aranha

Votes: 238

25. No Limite (I) (2000–2021)


The first Brazilian reality show produced and aired by Rede Globo, being a version of the American program Survivor.

Stars: Zeca Camargo, Gilson Alves, João Alves, Bia Amaral

Votes: 40

27. Young Hearts (1995– )

30 min | Comedy, Drama, Music

Long-running soap that depicts the lives of a group of teens as they struggle in the midst of life choices, love, ambition, disappointment, family and relationship issues.

Stars: Edvana Carvalho, Leo Jaime, Jéssica Lobo, Odilon Wagner

Votes: 571

28. Big Brother Brazil (2002– )

Game-Show, Reality-TV, Thriller

A diverse group of contestants live in a custom-built home under 24/7 surveillance completely isolated from the outside world for over 3 months competing for the R$ 1,500,000 prize.

Stars: Pedro Bial, Rodrigo Fraga Leonel, Manuela Santos Saadeh, Maria Aparecida Junqueira de Moraes

Votes: 345

30. Troca de Família (2006–2011)

60 min | Reality-TV

Two mothers of different cities, social classes and personality, change family for a week. During this time they have to replicate the chores of the other, taking care of their children, work, social commitments, among other things.

Stars: Clara Averbuck, Amanda Françozo, Gretchen, Ana Hickmann

Votes: 11

32. Caça Talentos (1997– )

Adventure, Comedy, Family

A young woman raised by fairies in a world of magic and fantasy discovers she was actually born in the human world, and must choose which realm she will live in.

Stars: Angélica, Helena Fernandes, Ana Furtado, Cláudia Rodrigues

Votes: 54

33. The Voice Brasil (2012– )

60 min | Game-Show, Music, Reality-TV

Four celebrity vocal coaches select and mentor singers who compete and battle against each other for a recording contract and a R$500,000 prize.

Stars: Tiago Leifert, Lulu Santos, Carlinhos Brown, Michel Teló

Votes: 89

34. Today Is Maria's Day (2005)

Drama, Fantasy, Musical

Running away from her abusive father, a little but brave and bold girl goes through a journey of magic and fantasy, lurked by a demonic trickster.

Stars: Letícia Sabatella, Rodrigo Santoro, Osmar Prado, Daniel de Oliveira

Votes: 334

35. Dercy (2012)

43 min | Biography, Comedy, Drama

The life story of Brazilian actress Dercy Gonçalves, told from her childhood days in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro all the way to her stardom.

Stars: Heloísa Périssé, Fafy Siqueira, Armando Babaioff, Bruna Spinola

Votes: 58

36. Magnífica 70 (2015– )

TV-MA | 60 min | Drama

MAGNÍFICA 70 portrays the underground cinema-making scene of São Paulo in the '70s with stunning visuals and an award-winning cast and crew. The third season wraps up the series with the ... See full summary »

Stars: Marcos Winter, Simone Spoladore, Adriano Garib, Maria Luísa Mendonça

Votes: 390

37. Sweet Mother (2014)

30 min | Comedy

Picucha may seem old-fashioned, but she has modern ideas and a great sense of humor. At 85 years old, she pushes the limits of her age and does everything she can for her family and friends... See full summary »

Stars: Fernanda Montenegro, Marco Ricca, Louise Cardoso, Matheus Nachtergaele

Votes: 77

39. The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil (2013– )

Reality-TV, Sport

For the first time, THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER: BRASIL takes the hard-hitting action to Las Vegas! 32 fighters from across Brazil will eat, sleep and breath fighting, all while competing for a ... See full synopsis »

Stars: Antonio 'Cara de Sapato' Jr., Jennifer Giaccotto, Jhenny Andrade, Luciana Andrade

Votes: 19

40. Me Chama de Bruna (2016– )

60 min | Drama

A middle-class teen runs away from home and decides to work as a call girl. In little time, she becomes Bruna Surfistinha and gains notoriety after writing her routine on a blog.

Stars: Maria Bopp, Simone Mazzer, Stella Rabello, Nash Laila

Votes: 284

41. Rua Augusta (2018– )

TV-MA | Action, Crime, Drama

Mika (Fiorella Mattheis) is a stripper who tries to rebuild her life after a troubled and mysterious past. She started working in the bustling Rua Augusta, in São Paulo, where she is a ... See full summary »

Stars: Fiorella Mattheis, Lourinelson Vladmir, Milhem Cortaz, Rui Ricardo Diaz

Votes: 139

42. Unsoul (2020– )

Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

After her husband's suicide, a woman and her daughters move to Brigida, a small town that is about to bring back the pagan festivities of Ivana Kupala, which had been banned 30 years before... See full summary »

Stars: Cássia Kis, Cláudia Abreu, Maria Ribeiro, Ismael Caneppele

Votes: 295

44. Nerd of the Dead (2013–2014)


The Story is about two nerds who have been long preparing for a zombie apocalypse. When this actually happens, their dream comes true and they set off on the adventure of their lives.

Stars: Pedro Carvalho, Abílio Dias, Rodrigo Gasparini, Guilherme Lopes

Votes: 5

45. Preamar (2012– )

TV-14 | 50 min | Drama

Mr. Velasco is a successful businessman who, after a risky transaction, loses everything and ends up bankrupt. The former executive will discover the profitable world of the informal economy on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Stars: Hugo Bonemer, Thaíssa Carvalho, Leonardo Franco, Paloma Riani

Votes: 276

47. Hard (2020– )

TV-MA | Comedy