42nd Street Forever, Volume 5

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1. 42nd Street Forever, Volume 5: The Alamo Drafthouse Edition (2009 Video)

Not Rated | 99 min | Documentary

A collection of the most outrageous cinematic gems from several golden ages of sleaze cinema shown at the Alamo Drafthouse is presented.

Directors: Stephen Romano, Justin Paul Warren | Stars: Matthew Kordelski, T. Lynn Mikeska, Heather Wallis

Votes: 83

2. Deadly Life of a Ninja (1983)

88 min | Comedy, Action

A man receives a Ninjitsu death threat and needs to enlist in the aid of someone trained in the art of the Ninja to catch the would be assassin.

Director: Tso Nam Lee | Stars: Yasuaki Kurata, Kuan Tai Chen, Hung Lieh Chen, Ching Feng Chiang

Votes: 101

3. Tai quan zhen jiu zhou (1973)

R | 95 min | Action, War, Drama

During the Japanese occupation of Korea in the 1930's, the leader of a small resistance movement attempts to get information to sympathizers in China.

Director: Feng Huang | Stars: Angela Mao, Jhoon Rhee, Carter Wong, Ing-Sik Whang

Votes: 167

4. Karate Kiba (1976)

R | 87 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Karate master and anti-drug vigilante Chiba returns to his home in Japan, where he holds a press conference announcing his intention to wipe out the nation's drug industry. He also offers ... See full summary »

Directors: Ryuichi Takamori, Simon Nuchtern | Stars: Etsuko Shihomi, Jirô Yabuki, Aaron Banks, Ling Chia

Votes: 354

5. Mad Monkey Kung Fu (1979)

R | 116 min | Action, Comedy

A disgraced former Kung Fu expert makes a living as a merchant with the help of a hot headed friend. When the men are harassed by gangsters, the merchant decided to teach his friend monkey boxing so they can defend their business.

Director: Chia-Liang Liu | Stars: Chia-Liang Liu, Hou Hsiao, Kara Wai, Lieh Lo

Votes: 814

6. Wonder Women (1973)

PG | 82 min | Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

An insurance investigator battles Dr. Tsu and her sexy all-girl army.

Director: Robert Vincent O'Neil | Stars: Nancy Kwan, Ross Hagen, Maria De Aragon, Roberta Collins

Votes: 453

7. Lucky Seven (1986)

80 min | Action, Comedy

Seven child martial arts experts - Small Pepper, Bill Sh*t, Rocky, Hairy, Two Feet, Mut Head and Fatty - try to return a stolen diamond to its rightful owner.

Director: Chen-Kuo Chao | Stars: Chai-Ming Chang, Yi-Teng Chang, Wei-Pai Cheng, Pin Chin

Votes: 206

8. The Shark Hunter (1979)

92 min | Adventure

A crusty recluse on a Caribbean island who is dedicated to destroying sharks gets involved in a hunt for buried treasure.

Director: Enzo G. Castellari | Stars: Franco Nero, Werner Pochath, Jorge Luke, Michael Forest

Votes: 275

9. Birds Do It, Bees Do It (1974)

PG | 90 min | Documentary

Mating rituals of animal life make for a fascinating documentary, from insects to mammals.

Directors: Nicolas Noxon, Irwin Rosten | Star: Lee Bergere

Votes: 60

10. Let's Do It! (1982)

R | 82 min | Comedy

A virgin named Freddie has a major complex about his mother and won't let himself become involved with any other woman.

Director: Bert I. Gordon | Stars: Greg Bradford, Britt Helfer, Victoria Wells, Missy Cleveland

Votes: 108

11. Chatterbox! (1977)

R | 73 min | Comedy, Fantasy

A young woman who works in a beauty parlor discovers that her vagina can talk, which causes her no end of trouble.

Director: Tom DeSimone | Stars: Candice Rialson, Larry Gelman, Jane Kean, Perry Bullington

Votes: 504

12. Group Marriage (1973)

R | 85 min | Comedy, Drama

Chris (Aimée Eccles) is not getting along with boyfriend Sandor (Solomon Sturges) and has an affair with parole officer Dennis (Jeff Pomerantz). Dennis invites the couple to dinner with his... See full summary »

Director: Stephanie Rothman | Stars: Victoria Vetri, Aimee Eccles, Solomon Sturges, Claudia Jennings

Votes: 76

13. Violated! (1975)

R | Crime, Drama

In this lurid "sexploitation" film, a masked serial rapist prowls the streets of Hollywood by night, stalking young female victims.

Director: Albert Zugsmith | Stars: Rene Bond, Sandy Dempsey, Ric Lutze, Britt Mari

Votes: 6

14. Requiem for a Vampire (1971)

R | 65 min | Horror

Two girls on the run get lost in the French countryside, and wind up in a haunted chateau occupied by an ailing vampire and his servants.

Director: Jean Rollin | Stars: Marie-Pierre Castel, Mireille Dargent, Philippe Gasté, Dominique

Votes: 1,548

15. Message from Space (1978)

PG | 105 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

In this Star Wars take-off, the peaceful planet of Jillucia has been nearly wiped out by the Gavanas, whose leader takes orders from his mother (played by a comic actor in drag) rather than... See full summary »

Director: Kinji Fukasaku | Stars: Vic Morrow, Shin'ichi Chiba, Philip Casnoff, Peggy Lee Brennan

Votes: 1,100

16. The Terrornauts (1967)

75 min | Sci-Fi

A group of scientists are kidnapped and taken into outer space aboard a saucer.

Director: Montgomery Tully | Stars: Simon Oates, Zena Marshall, Charles Hawtrey, Patricia Hayes

Votes: 331

17. Galaxy of Terror (1981)

R | 81 min | Action, Adventure, Horror

38 Metascore

Science fiction suspense thriller, in which a rescue space ship crew meets up with horrors projected by their own imaginations.

Director: Bruce D. Clark | Stars: Edward Albert, Erin Moran, Ray Walston, Bernard Behrens

Votes: 5,919

18. Megaforce (1982)

PG | 99 min | Action, Sci-Fi

Story about a rapid deployment defense unit that is called into action whenever freedom is threatened.

Director: Hal Needham | Stars: Barry Bostwick, Michael Beck, Persis Khambatta, Edward Mulhare

Votes: 3,047 | Gross: $5.68M

19. The Zebra Force (1976)

R | 100 min | Action, Crime

A group of Vietnam vets, tired of the depredation of the Mafia on their neighborhood, decide to take on the mob on their own terms--but by using a very different twist.

Director: Joe Tornatore | Stars: Mike Lane, Richard X. Slattery, Rockne Tarkington, Glenn R. Wilder

Votes: 195

21. Goldsinger (1965)

80 min | Comedy

The diabolical Goldsinger, enraged at being excluded from the UN, hatches a plot to blow up the assembly while all the heads of the state participate. Luckily, inept agent James Tont discovers the plot and sets out to stop Goldsinger.

Directors: Bruno Corbucci, Giovanni Grimaldi | Stars: Lando Buzzanca, Evi Marandi, Gina Rovere, Loris Gizzi

Votes: 36

22. Gangster Cop (1970)

R | 87 min | Action, Crime, Drama

An undercover cop befriends a yakuza underling who through his contacts helps him infiltrate two rival Yakuza gangs. He pits the two rival gangs against each other in hopes that they will cross each other out.

Director: Yukio Noda | Stars: Shin'ichi Chiba, Ryôji Hayama, Machiko Yashiro, Ryôhei Uchida

Votes: 242

23. Machine Gun McCain (1969)

GP | 96 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

A paroled armed robber and his son plan a Las Vegas casino heist without knowing that the casino is bitterly contested by the West Coast and East Coast mobs.

Director: Giuliano Montaldo | Stars: John Cassavetes, Britt Ekland, Peter Falk, Gabriele Ferzetti

Votes: 871

24. Stacey (1973)

R | 81 min | Action, Crime, Drama

The sleazy and dangerous adventures of a gorgeous female private detective.

Director: Andy Sidaris | Stars: Anne Randall, Alan Landers, James Westmoreland, Anitra Ford

Votes: 144

25. Operazione Goldman (1966)

Not Rated | 94 min | Adventure, Sci-Fi

A U.S. agent goes undercover as a rich playboy to stop a madman from destroying a NASA moon project.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Anthony Eisley, Wandisa Guida, Diana Lorys, Luisa Rivelli

Votes: 207

26. Mission Thunderbolt (1983)

96 min | Crime, Action

Two sisters are caught in a triad war.

Director: Godfrey Ho | Stars: Jonathan Stierwald, Michael Wai-Man Chan, Steve Daw, Kuan Tai Chen

Votes: 32

27. Three Supermen of the West (1973)

95 min | Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

The Three Supermen accidentally use Prof. Aristide Panzarotti's time machine and find themselves back to the wild, wild west.

Director: Italo Martinenghi | Stars: George Martin, Sal Borgese, Frank Braña, Ágata Lys

Votes: 27

28. Pretty Maids All in a Row (1971)

R | 91 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery

California State Police Captain Sam Surcher investigates a string of teenage girl murders at Oceanfront High School.

Director: Roger Vadim | Stars: Rock Hudson, Angie Dickinson, Telly Savalas, John David Carson

Votes: 1,818

29. Putney Swope (1969)

R | 84 min | Comedy

Dark satire in which the token black man on the executive board of an advertising firm is accidentally put in charge. Renaming the business "Truth and Soul, Inc.", he replaces the tight ... See full summary »

Director: Robert Downey Sr. | Stars: Arnold Johnson, Stan Gottlieb, Allen Garfield, Archie Russell

Votes: 2,630

30. Norman... Is That You? (1976)

PG | 91 min | Comedy

A black man is distraught when he discovers his son is gay and is determined to set him right.

Director: George Schlatter | Stars: Redd Foxx, Pearl Bailey, Dennis Dugan, Michael Warren

Votes: 326

31. Moonrunners (1975)

PG | 110 min | Action, Comedy

Grady and Bobby Lee run moonshine for Uncle Jesse, who prides himself on his old-school moonshining methods, and refuses to buckle in to the 'big business moonshine' of Jake, who controls these parts for New York mobsters.

Director: Gy Waldron | Stars: James Mitchum, Kiel Martin, Arthur Hunnicutt, Chris Forbes

Votes: 263

32. Poor Pretty Eddie (1975)

R | 92 min | Crime, Thriller

A wrong turn on a jazz singer's road trip results in her car breaking down near an isolated lodge run by a faded starlet and a young, homicidal Elvis impersonator.

Directors: David Worth, Richard Robinson | Stars: Leslie Uggams, Shelley Winters, Michael Christian, Ted Cassidy

Votes: 680

33. The Deadly Invention (1958)

Unrated | 83 min | Animation, Adventure, Fantasy

An evil millionaire named Artigas plans to use a super-explosive device to conquer the world from his headquarters inside an enormous volcano.

Director: Karel Zeman | Stars: Lubor Tokos, Arnost Navrátil, Miroslav Holub, Frantisek Slégr

Votes: 1,594

34. Magic Christmas Tree (1964)

TV-G | 60 min | Family, Fantasy

A boy is given a ring by an old witch. He uses the ring along with a magic Christmas tree which grants him 3 wishes.

Director: Richard C. Parish | Stars: Chris Kroesen, Valerie Hobbs, Darlene Lohnes, Richard C. Parish

Votes: 190

35. Pinocchio's Birthday Party (1973)

G | 79 min | Family, Fantasy

It's Pinnochio's sixth birthday, and Geppetto, the Good Fairy, and Pinnochio's friends throw him a magical surprise party. Includes two puppet stories - "Puss in Boots" and "The Drummer Boy", X

Director: Ron Merk | Stars: Jeff Braunstein, Nancy Belle Fuller, Ann Gourley, Dan McIlravey

Votes: 6

36. Cerf-volant du bout du monde (1958)

G | 82 min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

This interesting little French film is set in a run-down suburb of Paris. It's about a group of bored children making mischief to fill the days (eg sticking a cat up a tree and then calling... See full summary »

Director: Roger Pigaut | Stars: Patrick de Bardine, Sylviane Rozenberg, Jacques Faburel, Gérard Szymanski

Votes: 79

37. Une fée... pas comme les autres (1956)

63 min | Animation, Family, Fantasy

During the annual fair in the animal village of Champfleury, a good fairy's magic wand is stolen from its caretaker, Chassidou (a white Persian cat), by the wicked Black Genie (a monkey). ... See full summary »

Director: Jean Tourane | Stars: Robert Lamoureux, Phil Tonken

Votes: 44

38. Karzan, il favoloso uomo della jungla (1972)

Not Rated | 92 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

An expedition, financed by Lord Carter and led by Captain Fox, have as a goal to find and capture a jungle-man who lives in Africa.

Director: Demofilo Fidani | Stars: Armando Bottin, Simonetta Vitelli, Ettore Manni, Gerardo Rossi

Votes: 88

39. The Norseman (1978)

PG | 90 min | Adventure, Action

An eleventh century Viking Prince sails to America to find his father, who on a previous voyage had been captured by Indians.

Director: Charles B. Pierce | Stars: Lee Majors, Cornel Wilde, Mel Ferrer, Jack Elam

Votes: 600

40. Sorceress (1982)

R | 83 min | Action, Fantasy, Adventure

Sword and sorcery story of the cosmic struggle between white magic and black magic.

Director: Jack Hill | Stars: Leigh Harris, Lynette Harris, Roberto Nelson, David Millbern

Votes: 1,370

41. Terror in the Wax Museum (1973)

PG | 93 min | Horror, Mystery

The murder of a Wax Museum proprietor and some other strange goings-on in the vicinity prompt a police investigator to determine whether the killer is one of the principles who wants to own... See full summary »

Director: Georg Fenady | Stars: Ray Milland, Elsa Lanchester, Maurice Evans, John Carradine

Votes: 438

42. The Cult (1971)

X | 69 min | Drama, Horror, Thriller

A monk-robed cult leader who lives in a coffin, is transported around in a black hearse. At times he gets sadistic with his girl followers.

Director: Albert Zugsmith | Stars: Makee K. Blaisdell, Debbie Osborne, Sean Kenney, Candice Roman

Votes: 58

43. Sharon's Baby (1975)

R | 95 min | Horror

A woman gives birth to a baby, but this is no ordinary little tyke. The child is seemingly possessed by the spirit of a freak dwarf who the mother once spurned. Cue a spate of strange ... See full summary »

Director: Peter Sasdy | Stars: Joan Collins, Eileen Atkins, Ralph Bates, Donald Pleasence

Votes: 938

44. Slaughterhouse Rock (1988)

R | 90 min | Comedy, Horror

A man visits Alcatraz prison after having dreams about all the people who died there. When he gets there, his brother is possessed by an evil cannibal demon. The ghost of a female heavy ... See full summary »

Director: Dimitri Logothetis | Stars: Toni Basil, Nicholas Celozzi, Tom Reilly, Donna Denton

Votes: 622

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