Who is the evilest, meanest, and vilest Disney/Pixar/Touchstone animated movie villain and henchmen?

by dgranger | created - 31 May 2015 | updated - 15 Jul 2015 | Public

Right now, this is a work in progress. I'm going down the list of any Disney/ Pixar/ touchstone feature length cinema released movies as they were originally released. There are more to come including some or the nastiest meanest Disney villains. The problem is that some of the movies have more than one villian (like "Pinocchio", "101 Dalmatians", "The Jungle Book", "Robin Hood", "The Rescuers" and etc). If the villains act pretty much independently of each other, they are listed separately. But if it is clear that they are acting as partners or one is taking orders from another as henchmen, they are listed as such together. However, if one falls pretty much under the terms of a villian or henchman, but has a change of heart and helps the hero, like the huntsman in Snow White for example, that character is not listed as a villian or a henchman. Only characters with intelligent thought that knowingly seek to harm others, not mindless animals like Monstro the whale in "Pinocchio", are included as villains. Aka a lot of talking characters showing thought.

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