The best guest actors on season 22 of "Doctor Who"

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In order from greatest to least.

1. Martin Jarvis

Actor | Wreck-It Ralph

Martin Jarvis OBE is one of Britain's most versatile leading actors. His distinguished career continues to encompass just about every aspect of the entertainment industry: film, television, theatre, radio and audio recording. He is also the author of two bestselling books: a hilarious autobiography...

The Governor

(Vengeance on Varos)

2. Patrick Troughton

Actor | The Omen

Patrick Troughton was born in Mill Hill, London and was educated at Mill Hill School. He trained as an actor at the Embassy School of Acting in the UK and at Leighton Rollin's Studio for for Actors at Long Island, New York in the USA. During World War II he served in the Royal Navy and after the ...

Second Doctor

(The Two Doctors)

3. Eleanor Bron

Actress | A Little Princess

There is one strange, mesmerizing film scene that easily sums up the disturbing fascination Eleanor Bron brought to her characters on stage, TV and in the cinema. This is the classic fig-eating scene which she shares with Alan Bates in the Oscar-winning drama Women in Love (1969). It is not to be ...


(Revelation of the Daleks)

4. Kate O'Mara

Actress | Doctor Who

Kate O'Mara was born Frances Meredith Carroll on August 10, 1939 in Leicester, Leicestershire, England. A hard-looking brunette with high cheekbones, Kate was the daughter of actress Hazel Bainbridge and John Carroll and prodded into performing as a child. Educated at the Aida Foster School, she ...

The Rani

(The Mark of the Rani)

5. Anthony Ainley

Actor | Doctor Who

Anthony Ainley was a notable British actor and a member of a distinguished British acting family. His brother was Richard Ainley (1910-1967) and his father Henry Ainley (1879-1945). He worked in the theatre for many years and eventually found work in various historical film dramas in the 1970s. ...

The Master

(The Mark of the Rani)

6. Frazer Hines

Actor | Doctor Who

Frazer Hines has a particular distinction in the world of Doctor Who (1963) as the most prolific companion in the original 26-year run of the series; only the first four Doctors, William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, appeared in more episodes. He was born and raised in ...

Jamie McCrimmon

(The Two Doctors)

7. William Gaunt

Actor | The Champions

William Gaunt was born on April 3, 1937 in Pudsey, Yorkshire, England as William Charles Anthony Gaunt. He is an actor, known for The Champions (1968), The Far Pavilions (1984) and Colonel Trumper's Private War (1961). He has been married to Carolyn Lyster since September 7, 1974. They have two ...


(Revelation of the Daleks)

8. David Banks

Actor | Doctor Who

David Banks was born on September 24, 1951 in Hull, England. He is an actor, known for Doctor Who (1963), EastEnders (1985) and The Noel Edmonds Saturday Roadshow (1988).

Cyber Leader

(Attack of the Cybermen)

9. Hugh Walters

Actor | Nineteen Eighty-Four

Hugh Walters was born on March 2, 1939 in Mexborough, Yorkshire, England as Hugh Thornton Walters. He was an actor and writer, known for 1984 (1984), The Train Now Standing (1972) and Miss Marple: The Body in the Library (1984). He died on February 13, 2015 in London, England.


(Revelation of the Daleks)

10. Stephen Flynn

Actor | Doctor Who

Stephen Flynn was an actor, known for Doctor Who (1963), Tuxedo Warrior (1982) and Howards' Way (1985). He was married to Fiona Flynn. He died on September 12, 2000 in the UK.


(Revelation of the Daleks)

11. Bridget Lynch-Blosse

Actress | Star Cops

Bridget Lynch-Blosse was born on February 10, 1958 in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England. She is an actress, known for Star Cops (1987), Doctor Who (1963) and Juliet Bravo (1980).


(Revelation of the Daleks)

12. Clive Swift

Actor | Excalibur

Clive Swift was born on February 9, 1936 in Liverpool, England as Clive Walter Swift. He was an actor, known for Excalibur (1981), Frenzy (1972) and Keeping Up Appearances (1990). He was married to Margaret Drabble. He died on February 1, 2019 in London, England.


(Revelation of the Daleks)

13. Michael Kilgarriff

Actor | The Dark Crystal

Michael Kilgarriff was born on June 16, 1937 in Brighton, East Sussex, England. He is known for his work on The Dark Crystal (1982), The Twelve Tasks of Asterix (1976) and Doctor Who (1963).

Cyber Controller

(Attack of the Cybermen)

14. Maurice Colbourne

Actor | The Day of the Triffids

Tall, lean, dark and well-spoken, Maurice Colbourne had a strong line in tough guys and villains before achieving his greatest fame as the sympathetic Tom Howard in the BBC's expensive and hugely popular soap opera Howards' Way (1985).

Born Roger Middleton in Sheffield, he trained as an actor at the...


(Attack of the Cybermen)

15. Faith Brown

Actress | Doctor Who

Faith Brown was born on May 28, 1944 in Liverpool, England as Eunice Irene Carroll. She is an actress, known for Doctor Who (1963), Celebrity Juice (2008) and Cinderella: The Shoe Must Go On (1986). She has been married to Len Wady since 1966. They have one child.


(Attack of the Cybermen)

16. Terence Alexander

Actor | Waterloo

To say that Terence Alexander, the distinguished British thespian, was hyperactive is a statement that borders on the understatement! Judge for yourself : born in 1923, following a short period when he considered becoming a priest, Alexander exercised the acting profession for six full decades and ...

Lord Ravensworth

(The Mark of the Rani)

17. Eric Deacon

Actor | A Zed & Two Noughts

Eric Deacon was born on May 25, 1950 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. He is an actor and writer, known for A Zed & Two Noughts (1985), Survivors (1975) and Doctor Who (1963).



18. Carmen Gómez

Actress | Star Cops

Carmen Gómez is an actress, known for Star Cops (1987), The Aphrodite Inheritance (1979) and Scarlet and Black (1993).


(The Two Doctors)

19. Laurence Payne

Actor | The Trollenberg Terror

Laurence Payne was born on June 5, 1919 in London, England as Laurence Stanley Payne. He was an actor and writer, known for The Crawling Eye (1958), A Farewell to Arms (1966) and The Message (1976). He was married to Judith Draper, Pamela Alan and Sheila Burrell. He died on February 23, 2009 in ...


(The Two Doctors)

20. Robert Ashby

Actor | Legend

Robert Ashby was born as Rashid Suhrawardy. He was an actor and writer, known for Legend (2015), Jinnah (1998) and Doctor Who (1963). He was married to Louise Jameson. He died on February 5, 2019 in London, UK.

The Borad


21. John Stratton

Actor | The Long Arm

John Stratton was born on November 7, 1925 in Clitheroe, Lancashire, England as John Wilson Stratton. He was an actor, known for The Third Key (1956), The Secret Kingdom (1960) and Quatermass and the Pit (1958). He died on October 25, 1991 in Hampstead, London, England.


(The Two Doctors)

22. Gawn Grainger

Actor | The March of the Peasants

Gawn Grainger was born on October 12, 1937 in Glasgow, Scotland. He is an actor and writer, known for The March of the Peasants (1952), Doctor Who (1963) and The Raggedy Rawney (1988). He has been married to Zoë Wanamaker since November 1994. He was previously married to Janet Key and Janet ...

George Stephenson

(The Mark of the Rani)

23. James Saxon

Actor | A Prayer for the Dying

James Saxon was born on April 6, 1954 in Swindon, Wiltshire, England as James Smyth. He was an actor, known for A Prayer for the Dying (1987), Les Misérables (1998) and Biggles: Adventures in Time (1986). He died on July 2, 2003 in Mere, Wiltshire.


(The Two Doctors)

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