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1. Chunhua Ji

Actor | Seven Swordsmen

Chunhua Ji was born on July 20, 1961 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. He is known for his work on Seven Swordsmen (2005), Fist from Shaolin (1993) and The New Legend of Shaolin (1994). He died on July 11, 2018 in Hangzhou, China.

2. J.T. Walsh

Actor | Sling Blade

J.T. Walsh was born on September 28, 1943 in San Francisco, California, USA as James Thomas Patrick Walsh. He was an actor, known for Sling Blade (1996), Breakdown (1997) and A Few Good Men (1992). He was married to Susan West. He died on February 27, 1998 in La Mesa, California.

3. Kevin McCarthy

Actor | Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Handsome, chisel-jawed character actor Kevin McCarthy appeared in nearly 100 movies in a career that spanned seven decades. He also had some starring roles, most notably the horror cult classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956). He played the disillusioned son Biff Loman in the 1951 screen ...

4. Cameron Boyce

Actor | Mrs. Fletcher

Cameron Boyce was an American actor, with Afro-Caribbean and African-American descent. His paternal grandmother Jo Ann Allen was one of the "Clinton Twelve", the first African-Americans to attend an integrated high school in the Southern United States (specifically in Clinton, Tennessee).

In 1999, ...

5. Rutger Hauer

Actor | Hobo with a Shotgun

Blond, blue-eyed, tall and handsome Dutch actor Rutger Hauer enjoyed an international reputation for playing everything from romantic leads to action heroes to sinister villains. Hauer was born in Breukelen, a Dutch town and former municipality in the province of Utrecht.

He was the son of Teunke (...

6. William Holden

Actor | Stalag 17

William Holden was born William Franklin Beedle, Jr. in O'Fallon, Illinois, to Mary Blanche (Ball), a schoolteacher, and William Franklin Beedle, Sr., an industrial chemist. He came from a wealthy family (the Beedles) that moved to Pasadena, California, when he was three. In 1937, while studying ...

7. Roger Moore

Actor | Moonraker

Roger Moore will perhaps always be remembered as the man who replaced Sean Connery in the James Bond series, arguably something he never lived down.

Roger George Moore was born on October 14, 1927 in Stockwell, London, England, the son of Lillian (Pope) and George Alfred Moore, a policeman. His ...

8. Nicholas Amer

Actor | Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Nicholas Amer was born Thomas Harold Amer in Birkenhead, Merseyside, England in 1923. At the age of 18, he enlisted in the Royal Navy and served as a wireless officer for four years during World War II. He saw plenty of action, serving mainly on Motor Torpedo Boats, at first in North Africa. He was...

9. Chieko Honda

Actress | Sairento mebiusu

Chieko Honda was born on March 28, 1963 in Tokyo, Japan. She is known for her work on Silent Möbius (1998), Silent Möbius (1991) and Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie (1999). She died on February 18, 2013 in Japan.

10. Hiromi Tsuru

Actress | Trigun

Hiromi Tsuru was born on March 29, 1960 in Chitose, Hokkaidô, Japan. She was an actress, known for Trigun (1998), Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013) and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection "F" (2015). She was married to Keiichi Nanba. She died on November 16, 2017 in Chûô-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

11. Brice Armstrong

Actor | Dragon Ball Z: Ginga Giri-Giri!! Butchigiri no Sugoi Yatsu

Brice is a small time Texas actor who grew up in the city of Dallas. He didn't get his big breakthrough until he became a voice actor for Funimation when they first started on their own English version for Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball. For one decade Brice has provided voice work for several ...

12. Thalmus Rasulala

Actor | New Jack City

Thalmus Rasulala was born on November 15, 1939 in Miami, Florida, USA as Jack Crowder. He was an actor and assistant director, known for New Jack City (1991), Above the Law (1988) and Roots (1977). He was married to Shirlyn Mozingo and Martha Roberts. He died on October 9, 1991 in Albuquerque, New ...

13. Robert Reed

Actor | The Brady Bunch

Robert Reed was an American actor, mostly known for television roles. His most famous role was that of pater familias Michael Paul "Mike" Brady in the popular sitcom "The Brady Bunch" (1969-1979). He returned to this role in several of the sitcom's sequels and spin-offs.

Reed was born under the name...

14. Malcolm Atterbury

Actor | The Birds

Philadelphia native Malcolm Atterbury was born into a wealthy family - his father was president of the Pennsylvania Railroad - but he himself had no desire to go into the family business. He had always wanted to be an actor, and to that end got himself a job managing a radio station. From there he ...

15. James Coburn

Actor | The Great Escape

Lanky, charismatic and versatile actor with an amazing grin that put everyone at ease, James Coburn studied acting at UCLA, and then moved to New York to study under noted acting coach Stella Adler. After being noticed in several stage productions, Coburn appeared in a handful of minor westerns ...

16. Rod Steiger

Actor | In the Heat of the Night

Rodney Stephen Steiger was born in Westhampton, New York, to Augusta Amelia (Driver) and Frederick Jacob Steiger, both vaudevillians. He was of German and Austrian ancestry. After his parents' divorce, Steiger was raised by his mother in Newark, New Jersey. He dropped out of Westside High school at...

17. Tom Ewell

Actor | The Seven Year Itch

Beleaguered character actor Tom Ewell, the unlikely film and TV star with the trademark lumpy figure and droopy, lugubrious mug, was born Samuel Yewell Tompkins on April 29, 1909, in Kentucky. His family tried to steer him towards a law career but he chose the path of acting instead after becoming ...

18. Michael Angelis

Actor | Joseph

Michael Angelis was born on April 29, 1944 in Paddington, London, England as Nicolas Michael Angelis. He is known for his work on Joseph (1995), Melissa (1997) and World's End (1981). He was married to Jennifar Khalastchi and Helen Worth. He died on May 30, 2020 in Thatcham, Berkshire, England.

19. Brittany Murphy

Actress | Just Married

Brittany Murphy was born Brittany Anne Bertolotti on November 10, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, to Sharon Kathleen Murphy and Angelo Joseph Bertolotti. Her father's ancestry is Italian, and her mother is of Irish and Slovak descent. Her father moved the family back to Edison, New Jersey as a native New...

20. John Cassavetes

Actor | Love Streams

John Cassavetes was a Greek-American actor, film director, and screenwriter. He is considered a pioneer of American independent film, as he often financed his own films.

Cassavetes was born in New York City in 1929 to Nicholas John Cassavetes (1893-1979) and his wife, Katherine Demetre (1906-1983). ...

21. Charles Bronson

Actor | C'era una volta il West

The archetypal screen tough guy with weatherbeaten features--one film critic described his rugged looks as "a Clark Gable who had been left out in the sun too long"--Charles Bronson was born Charles Buchinsky, one of 15 children of struggling parents in Pennsylvania. His mother, Mary (Valinsky), ...

22. Vincent Gardenia

Actor | Moonstruck

He was honored twice off-Broadway with Distinguished Performance OBIE Award, first in 1960 for "Machinal" and again in 1969 for "Passing Through From Exotic Places." In 1972 he won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a play for "Prisoner on 2nd Avenue." In 1979 he was nominated for Best Actor ...

23. Mason Adams

Actor | Son in Law

Mason Adams was well known for playing Pepper Young on the popular radio soap opera series Pepper Young's Family throughout the 1940 and 1950s. He was also heard on most of the successful radio programs during radio's "Golden Age." In the 1970s, Adams was frequently heard on Himan Brown's CBS ...

24. Risto Salmi

Actor | Rare Exports

Risto Salmi was born on July 7, 1941 in Metsämaa, Finland as Risto Erland Salmi. He was an actor, known for Rare Exports (2010), Big Game (2014) and The Unknown Soldier (1985). He was married to Sirkka-Liisa Huikari and Riitta Vauhkonen. He died on April 27, 2016 in Turku, Finland.

25. James Saxon

Actor | A Prayer for the Dying

James Saxon was born on June 12, 1955 in Swindon, Wiltshire, England as William James Smyth. He was an actor, known for A Prayer for the Dying (1987), Les Misérables (1998) and Biggles: Adventures in Time (1986). He died on July 2, 2003 in Mere, Wiltshire.

26. Alan Bates

Actor | Gosford Park

Alan Bates decided to be an actor at age 11. After grammar school in Derbyshire, he earned a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Following two years in the Royal Air Force, he joined the new English Stage Company at the Royal Court Theatre. His West End debut in 1956, at 22...

27. Maximilian Schell

Actor | Judgment at Nuremberg

Maximilian Schell was the most successful German-speaking actor in English-language films since Emil Jannings, the winner of the first Best Actor Academy Award. Like Jannings, Schell won the Oscar, but unlike him, he was a dedicated anti-Nazi. Indeed, with the exception of Maurice Chevalier and ...

28. Burt Lancaster

Actor | From Here to Eternity

Burt Lancaster, one of five children, was born in Manhattan, to Elizabeth (Roberts) and James Henry Lancaster, a postal worker. All of his grandparents were immigrants from Northern Ireland. He was a tough street kid who took an early interest in gymnastics. He joined the circus as an acrobat and ...

29. Kate Reid

Actress | The Andromeda Strain

The brilliant and versatile London-born stage, radio and TV actress Kate Reid was actually born Daphne Kate Reid in 1930 to Canadian parents, Walter Clarke Reid and Helen Isabel Moore. The family moved back to Ontario before she was a year old. An introverted child of delicate health, Kate sought ...

30. Arthur Hill

Actor | The Andromeda Strain

Canadian-born actor Arthur Hill was raised in the Saskatchewan town of Melfort. The son of a lawyer, he served with the Royal Canadian Air Force during WWII before receiving his college education at the University of British Columbia. Intending on following in his father's footsteps in the field of...

31. Ben Johnson

Actor | The Last Picture Show

Born in Oklahoma, Ben Johnson was a ranch hand and rodeo performer when, in 1940, Howard Hughes hired him to take a load of horses to California. He decided to stick around (the pay was good), and for some years was a stunt man, horse wrangler, and double for such stars as John Wayne, Gary Cooper ...

32. Lasse Pöysti

Actor | Tukkijoella

Lasse Pöysti was born on January 24, 1927 in Sortavala, Finland as Lasse Erik Pöysti. He was an actor and director, known for Tukkijoella (1951), Herr Puntila och hans dräng Matti (1979) and The Holy family (1976). He was married to Birgitta Ulfsson. He died on April 5, 2019 in Helsinki, ...

33. Leo Jokela

Actor | Kaasua, komisario Palmu!

Leo Jokela was born on January 24, 1927 in Hausjärvi, Finland as Leo Paavali Jokela. He is known for his work on Gas, Inspector Palmu! (1961), Vodka, Mr. Palmu (1969) and Inspector Palmu's Mistake (1960). He was married to Marja-Terttu Vainio and Eila Anna-Liisa Sillantie. He died on May 11, 1975 ...

34. Joel Rinne

Actor | Tähdet kertovat, komisario Palmu.

Joel Rinne was born on June 6, 1897 in Asikkala, Finland as Toivo Joel Gröndahl. He was an actor, known for The Stars Will Tell, Inspector Palmu (1962), Kalle-Kustaa Korkin seikkailut (1949) and Inspector Palmu's Mistake (1960). He was married to Saga Rikberg and Rosi Rinne. He died on December 3, ...

35. Leni Katajakoski

Actress | Yks' tavallinen Virtanen

Leni Katajakoski was born on September 28, 1935 in Tampere, Finland as Leni Irmeli Katajakoski. She was an actress, known for Just an Ordinary Finn (1959), Opettajatar seikkailee (1960) and Oho, sanoi Eemeli (1960). She was married to Esko Lartio and Martti Kuningas. She died on April 12, 2020.

36. Philip Madoc

Actor | The Avengers

Philip Madoc was born in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, and attended Twyn School. He became interested in acting when he was a teenager. He studied at the University of Vienna and pursued a theatrical career by attending the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. During the 1960s, he became a familiar face on ...

37. Natasha Parry

Actress | Romeo and Juliet

Natasha Parry was born on December 2, 1930 in Kensington, London, England as Natalie Wills. She is known for her work on Romeo and Juliet (1968), Midnight Lace (1960) and Crow Hollow (1952). She was married to Peter Brook. She died on July 22, 2015 in Saint-Nazaire, Loire-Atlantique, France.

38. Michael Sarrazin

Actor | They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Owning a pair of the most incredibly soulful and searching eyes you'll ever find, Michael Sarrazin's poetic drifters crept into Hollywood unobtrusively on little cat's feet, but it didn't take long for him to make his mark. Quiet yet uninhibited, the lean, laconic, fleshy-lipped actor with the ...

39. Susannah York

Actress | Superman

The lovely Susannah York, a gamin, blue-eyed, cropped blonde British actress, displayed a certain crossover star quality when she dared upon the Hollywood scene in the early 1960s. A purposefully intriguing, enigmatic and noticeably uninhibited talent, she was born Susannah Yolande Fletcher on ...

40. Dave Legeno

Actor | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

A twin fisted existentialist, whose post-Nietzschian sensibilities reject the lantern of the cynic in a quest for a sun that leaves no shadow. He attended Dr Challoners Grammar School where he achieved 8 'o' levels, he then elected to work on demolition sites rather than continue his education to ...

41. Peter Copley

Actor | Kingdom of Heaven

Peter Copley (20 May 1915 - 7 October 2008) was a British television, film and stage actor.

Copley was born in Bushey, Hertfordshire, son of the master printers, John Copley and Ethel Gabain. He studied acting at the Old Vic school under Harcourt Williams and Murray Macdonald. He made his stage ...

42. Heath Ledger

Actor | Brokeback Mountain

When hunky, twenty-year-old heart-throb Heath Ledger first came to the attention of the public in 1999, it was all too easy to tag him as a "pretty boy" and an actor of little depth. He spent several years trying desperately to sway this image, but this was a double-edged sword. His work comprised ...

43. Petr Cepek

Actor | Faust

Petr Cepek was born on September 16, 1940 in Prague, Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia. He was an actor, known for Faust (1994), I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen (1970) and The Three Veterans (1984). He was married to Ivana Cepková and Helena Rytírová. He died on September 20, 1994 in Vrchlabi, Czech ...

44. Ray Sharkey

Actor | Wiseguy

Ray Sharkey was born on November 14, 1952 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Ray Sharkey Jr. He was an actor, known for Wiseguy (1987), The Idolmaker (1980) and Who'll Stop the Rain (1978). He was married to Carole Graham and Rebecca Wood. He died on June 11, 1993 in New York City, New York.

45. Paul Winfield

Actor | Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Signifying intelligence, eloquence, versatility and quiet intensity, one of the more important, critically acclaimed black actors to gain a Hollywood foothold in the 1970s was Paul Winfield. He was born in 1939 in Dallas, Texas, where he lived in his early years before moving with his family to Los...

46. Christl Mardayn

Actress | Im weißen Rößl

Christl Mardayn was born on December 8, 1896 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary as Anna Christine Maria Mardein. She was an actress, known for The White Horse Inn (1935), The Shanghai Drama (1938) and The Story of Vickie (1954). She was married to Hans Thimig and Paul Mühlbacher. She died on July 24, 1971 ...

47. Hermann Thimig

Actor | Die Bergkatze

Hermann Thimig was born on October 3, 1890 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary as Hermann Friedrich August Thimig. He was an actor, known for The Wildcat (1921), Little Man What Now (1933) and L'opéra de quat'sous (1931). He was married to Vilma Degischer and Hanna Wisser. He died on July 7, 1982 in ...

48. Pola Negri

Actress | Die Bergkatze

Pola Negri was born in Lipno, Poland, and moved to Warsaw as a child. Living in poverty with her mother, a teenage Pola auditioned and was accepted to the Imperial Ballet. Due to an illness that ended her dancing career, she soon switched to the Warsaw Imperial Academy of Dramatic Arts and became ...

49. Maureen O'Hara

Actress | The Quiet Man

In America, the early performing arts accomplishments of young Maureen FitzSimons (who we know as Maureen O'Hara) would definitely have put her in the child prodigy category. However, for a child of Irish heritage surrounded by gifted parents and family, these were very natural traits. Maureen made...

50. John Wayne

Actor | True Grit

John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison in Iowa, to Mary Alberta (Brown) and Clyde Leonard Morrison, a pharmacist. He was of English, Ulster-Scots, and Irish ancestry.

Clyde developed a lung condition that required him to move his family from Iowa to the warmer climate of southern California, ...

51. James Stewart

Actor | Anatomy of a Murder

James Maitland Stewart was born on May 20, 1908 in Indiana, Pennsylvania, to Elizabeth Ruth (Johnson) and Alexander Maitland Stewart, who owned a hardware store. He was of Scottish, Ulster-Scots, and some English, descent. Stewart was educated at a local prep school, Mercersburg Academy, where he ...

52. Orson Bean

Actor | Being John Malkovich

Orson Bean, the American actor, television personality and author, was born Dallas Frederick Burrows on July 22, 1928 in Burlington, Vermont to George Frederick Burrows, a policeman who later went on to become the chief of campus police at Harvard University, and the former Marion Ainsworth Pollard...

53. Edward Hardwicke

Actor | Elizabeth

Edward Hardwicke was born on August 7, 1932 in London, England as Edward Cedric Hardwicke. He was an actor, known for Elizabeth (1998), Oliver Twist (2005) and Richard III (1995). He was married to Prim Cotton and Anne Iddon. He died on May 16, 2011 in Chichester, England.

54. Serban Celea

Actor | Assassination Games

Serban Celea is a Romanian film and theatre actor .He was born on June 10, 1952 in Bucuresti, Romania. He graduated from Institute of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography in 1974.In 1973, he plays first role in the movie Bufetul 'La Senat'. Other notable roles in Assassination Games (2011), Sable ...

55. Sunny Johnson

Actress | Flashdance

Sunny Johnson was born on September 21, 1953 in San Bernardino County, California, USA as Sunny Suzanne Johnson. She was an actress, known for Flashdance (1983), The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia (1981) and Where the Buffalo Roam (1980). She died on June 19, 1984 in Los Angeles, California.

56. Lynn Cohen

Actress | Munich

Lynn Cohen was born on August 10, 1933 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA as Lynn Harriette Kay. She was an actress, known for Munich (2005), The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) and Eagle Eye (2008). She was married to Ronald Theodore Cohen and Gilbert Laman Frazen. She died on February 14, 2020 in ...

57. Kevin Barnett

Actor | Top Five

Kevin Barnett was born on August 7, 1986 in Florida, USA. He was a writer and actor, known for Top Five (2014), A Fandemic: 50 Fans Celebrate 50 Years of Cinema (2021) and Rel (2018). He died on January 22, 2019 in Tijuana, Mexico.

58. Eddie Hassell

Actor | The Kids Are All Right

Eddie Hassell was born on July 16, 1990 in Corsicana, Texas, USA as Ed Taylor Hassell. He is known for his work on The Kids Are All Right (2010), Surface (2005) and 2012 (2009). He died on November 1, 2020 in Grand Prairie, Texas.

59. Ricardo Castro Ríos

Actor | La vida continúa

Ricardo Castro Ríos was born on April 2, 1920 in Vigo, Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain as Manuel Francisco Castro Ríos. He was an actor, known for La vida continúa (1969), Café Cantante (1951) and Herencia de amor (1981). He died on January 21, 2001 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

60. Sandro

Actor | Tú me enloqueces

Sandro was born on August 19, 1945, as Roberto Sanchez. He began the secondary school and was expelled in the first year. In 1960 he formed of his first band of music called "Blue Trio" (Trío Azul). Later, when one of the members of the group gone, turned into the duo "The Caribs" (Los Caribes). ...

61. Johnny Hallyday

Actor | L'homme du train

Johnny Hallyday was born on June 15, 1943 in Paris, France as Jean-Philippe Léo Smet. He was married to Laeticia Hallyday, Adeline Blondieau, Elisabeth Etienne and Sylvie Vartan. He died on December 5, 2017 in Marnes-la-Coquette, Hauts-de-Seine, France.

62. Pat Roach

Actor | Raiders of the Lost Ark

Proud and passionate Angle, Pat Roach, was born and raised in Birmingham, England and grew to be a mountain of a man standing at six feet, five inches tall, with doorway-wide shoulders and a barrel chest.

Pat wrestled competitively under the name of "Bomber" Roach, and at one time held both the ...

63. Michael J. Reynolds

Actor | The Descent: Part 2

Michael J. Reynolds was born on August 15, 1939 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Michael John Reynolds. He was an actor, known for The Descent: Part 2 (2009), Leap Year (2010) and Blown Away (1994). He was married to Katherine Reynolds. He died on March 22, 2018 in Milverton, Somerset, England.

64. Paul Greco

Actor | The Warriors

Paul Greco was born on October 21, 1955 in Newark, New Jersey, USA. He was an actor, known for The Warriors (1979), The Cable Guy (1996) and Crocodile Dundee (1986). He died on December 17, 2008 in Red Hook, New York, USA.

65. Alexandra Hay

Actress | Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Alexandra Hay was born on July 24, 1947 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Alexandra Lynn Hay. She was an actress, known for Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967), Model Shop (1969) and Skidoo (1968). She died on October 11, 1993 in Los Angeles.

66. Janet Leigh

Actress | Psycho

Janet Leigh was the only child of a couple who often moved from town to town. Living in apartments, Janet was a bright child who skipped several grades and finished high school when she was 15. A lonely child, she would spend much of her time at movie theaters. She was a student, studying music and...

67. John McIntire

Actor | Psycho

John McIntire possessed the requisite grit, craggy features and crusty, steely-eyed countenance to make for one of television and film's most durable supporting players of western settings. Born in Spokane, Washington in 1907 and the son of a lawyer, he grew up in Montana where he learned to raise ...

68. Mitch Hedberg

Actor | Almost Famous

Mitch Hedberg was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, on February 24, 1968. He began his stand-up career in Florida, and after a period of honing his skills there he moved to Seattle and began touring. He soon appeared on MTV's "Comikaze", then a 1996 appearance on [error] brought him his big break. He ...

69. Siiri Angerkoski

Actress | Anna Liisa

Siiri Angerkoski was born on August 21, 1902 in Oulu, Finland as Siiri Saimi Palmu. She was an actress, known for Anna Liisa (1945), Aliisa (1970) and Nummisuutarit (1938). She was married to Kaarlo Angerkoski. She died on March 28, 1971 in Helsinki, Finland.

70. Edvin Laine

Director | Tuntematon sotilas

Edvin Laine was born on July 13, 1905 in Iisalmi, Grand Duchy of Finland, Russian Empire as Edvin Armas Bovellán. He was a director and actor, known for The Unknown Soldier (1955), Here, Beneath the North Star (1968) and Niskavuoren Heta (1952). He was married to Mirjam Novero and Martta Parkkonen....

71. Martti Katajisto

Actor | Ihmiset suviyössä

Martti Katajisto was born on December 6, 1926 in Parkano, Finland as Martti Viljami Katajisto. He was an actor, known for Ihmiset suviyössä (1948), Katupeilin takana (1949) and Aux frontières du possible (1971). He died on January 24, 2000 in Helsinki, Finland.

72. Kaisu Leppänen

Actress | Ihmiset suviyössä

Kaisu Leppänen was born on October 13, 1904 in Turku, Finland as Katri Sisko Leppänen. She was an actress, known for Ihmiset suviyössä (1948), Here, Beneath the North Star (1968) and Vieras mies tuli taloon (1938). She was married to Jarl Koivulaakso, Tauno Majuri and Ilmari Unho. She ...

73. Aku Korhonen

Actor | Laitakaupungin laulu

Aku Korhonen was born on December 29, 1892 in Käkisalmi, Finland as August Aleksander Korhonen. He was an actor, known for Laitakaupungin laulu (1948), Pikajuna pohjoiseen (1947) and The Stranger (1957). He was married to Vuokko Lehtonen, Margit Nyström and Saima Korhonen. He died on September 5, ...

74. Elna Hellman

Actress | Laitakaupungin laulu

Elna Hellman was born on July 13, 1896 in Viipuri, Finland as Elna Pauliina Tuomi. She was an actress, known for Laitakaupungin laulu (1948), Kaikki rakastavat (1935) and Laulava sydän (1948). She was married to Lauri Ensio Hellman. She died on May 6, 1981 in Tampere, Finland.

75. Mirjami Kuosmanen

Actress | Valkoinen peura

Mirjami Kuosmanen was born on February 22, 1915 in Keuruu, Finland. She was an actress and writer, known for The White Reindeer (1952), Kihlaus (1955) and Kun on tunteet (1954). She was married to Erik Blomberg. She died on August 5, 1963 in Helsinki, Finland.

76. Åke Lindman

Actor | Tuntematon sotilas

Åke Lindman was a very skilled football player and played in the Finnish national team, he was offered a contract by the English Premier League team Swindon in the 60s but he turned it down and chose to become an actor.

77. David Carradine

Actor | Kill Bill: Vol. 2

David Carradine was born in Hollywood, California, the eldest son of legendary character actor John Carradine, and his wife, Ardanelle Abigail (McCool). He was a member of an acting family that included brothers Keith Carradine and Robert Carradine as well as his daughters Calista Carradine and ...

78. Tonita Castro

Actress | Funny People

Tonita Castro was born on January 15, 1953 in Jalisco, Mexico. She was an actress, known for Funny People (2009), Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012) and The Book of Life (2014). She died on May 8, 2016 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

79. Irwin Keyes

Actor | The Warriors

Large (6'1"), affable, and commanding character actor Irwin Keyes was born on March 16, 1952 in New York City. Keyes grew up in Amityville, New York and graduated from Amityville Memorial High School in 1970. He acted in his first play "The Lower Depths" by Maxim Grody while attending college. ...

80. Will MacMillan

Actor | The Enforcer

Born in Steubenville, Ohio on November 25th, 1944. Raised in West "By God" Virginia. Attended Washington & Jefferson for his undergrad, and BU for grad school. Worked with Lovelace Marionette Theater in Pittsburgh. Has worked extensively on stage as an actor and director, as well as being involved ...

81. Harry Guardino

Actor | Dirty Harry

Brash, virile Italian-American lead and supporting "tough guy" Harry Guardino, with dark, wavy hair and a perpetual worried look on his craggy-looking mug, was born Harold Vincent Guardino on December 23, 1925, in Manhattan but raised as a Brooklynite. Serving with the U.S. Navy during World War II...

82. Jeffrey Hunter

Actor | The Searchers

Jeffrey Hunter was born Henry Herman McKinnies Jr. on November 25, 1926 in New Orleans, Louisiana, an only child. His parents met at the University of Arkansas, and when he was almost four his family moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In his teens, he acted in productions of the North Shore Children's ...

83. Anthony Quayle

Actor | Lawrence of Arabia

Anthony Quayle was born in Ainsdale in September 1913, the son of a Lancashire lawyer. He completed his education at Rugby School and had a brief spell at RADA, before treading the boards for the first time as the straight man in a music hall comedy act in 1931. Tall, burly, round-faced and ...

84. Peter O'Toole

Actor | Lawrence of Arabia

A leading man of prodigious talents, Peter O'Toole was raised in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, the son of Constance Jane Eliot (Ferguson), a Scottish nurse, and Patrick Joseph O'Toole, an Irish metal plater, football player and racecourse bookmaker. Upon leaving school, he decided to become a ...

85. Norm Spencer

Actor | X-Men

Norm Spencer was born on February 23, 1958 in Canada as Norman Spencer. He was an actor, known for X-Men: The Animated Series (1992), Bait (2000) and X-Men vs. Street Fighter (1996). He died on August 31, 2020 in Canada.

86. James Daly

Actor | Planet of the Apes

Distinguished character player James Firman Daly first appeared on stage in his home town of Wisconsin Rapids in 1928. He was set on acting from an early age, and was strongly encouraged by his parents. His father was in the fuel business and his mother at one time a CIA employee. Upon leaving ...

87. Gene Wilder

Actor | Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

When he was 11 he wanted to be a comedian like Sid Ceasar then when he was 15 and saw Lee J Cobb in 'Death of a Salesman' he decided he would be a comedy actor. and found that Mel Brooks was a great influence on his screen writing. He combined both talents with directing in'The World's Greatest ...

88. Richard Nixon

Soundtrack | Frost/Nixon

Richard Nixon was born on January 9, 1913 in Yorba Linda, California, USA as Richard Milhous Nixon. He was a writer, known for Frost/Nixon (2008), The New Girl (1960) and Startime (1959). He was married to Pat Nixon. He died on April 22, 1994 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA.

89. Helmut Qualtinger

Actor | Der Name der Rose

Helmut Qualtinger was born on October 8, 1928 in Vienna, Austria. He was an actor and writer, known for The Name of the Rose (1986), Der Paukenspieler (1971) and Das falsche Gewicht (1971). He was married to Vera Borek and Seidler, Leomare. He died on September 29, 1986 in Vienna.

90. Norbert Schiller

Actor | Young Frankenstein

Norbert Schiller was born on November 24, 1899 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary. He was an actor and writer, known for Young Frankenstein (1974), Hogan's Heroes (1965) and Curd Jürgens erzählt... (1962). He died on January 8, 1988 in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

91. Marty Feldman

Actor | Young Frankenstein

"I am too old to die young, and too young to grow up," Marty Feldman told a reporter -- a week before he died.

This beloved comedian, who poked fun at himself, as well as others, was born Martin Alan Feldman on July 8, 1934, in London, England. His parents were of Ukrainian Jewish heritage (from ...

92. Laurence Harvey

Actor | The Manchurian Candidate

Laurence Harvey was a British movie star who helped usher in the 1960s with his indelible portrait of a ruthless social climber, and became one of the decade's cultural icons for his appearances in socially themed motion pictures.

Harvey was born Zvi Mosheh Skikne on October 1, 1928 in Joniskis, ...

93. Frank Sinatra

Actor | The Manchurian Candidate

Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, to Italian immigrants Natalina Della (Garaventa), from Northern Italy, and Saverio Antonino Martino Sinatra, a Sicilian boxer, fireman, and bar owner. Growing up on the gritty streets of Hoboken made Sinatra determined to work hard to get ahead. ...

94. Vladek Sheybal

Actor | From Russia with Love

Looking back at his filmography, it isn't difficult to imagine Vladek Sheybal in a scene, lobbing Molotov cocktails at advancing German troops, against a backdrop of war-torn Warsaw. However, this part of his life played out for real. A member of the Polish underground, he was twice captured and ...

95. Lotte Lenya

Actress | From Russia with Love

Lotte Lenya was a Tony Award-winning and Academy award-nominated actress and singer who is best remembered for her supporting role as Rosa Klebb in the classic Bond film From Russia with Love (1963).

She was born Karoline Wilhelmine Charlotte Blaumauer on October 18, 1898, in Vienna, Austria (at ...

96. Vivien Leigh

Actress | A Streetcar Named Desire

If a film were made of the life of Vivien Leigh, it would open in India just before World War I, where a successful British businessman could live like a prince. In the mountains above Calcutta, a little princess is born. Because of the outbreak of World War I, she is six years old the first time ...

97. Kim Hunter

Actress | A Streetcar Named Desire

Her father, Donald Cole, was a consulting engineer, and died in 1926 when Kim was only three years old. Her mother, Grace Lind, once performed as a concert pianist. She had one brother who was eight years older than she, and she was educated at Miami Beach High.

According to an in-depth article on ...

98. Manish Acharya

Actor | Loins of Punjab Presents

Manish Acharya was born on June 14, 1967 in India as Manish G. Acharya. He was an actor and cinematographer, known for Loins of Punjab Presents (2007), Sita Sings the Blues (2008) and Ishq Vishk (2003). He died on December 4, 2010 in Matheran, Maharashtra, India.

99. Bernie Mac

Actor | The Bernie Mac Show

Bernard Jeffrey McCollough was born in 1957 in Chicago, the son of Mary McCullough and Jeffery Harrison. He grew up in the city, in a rougher neighborhood than most others, with a large family living under one roof. This situation provided him with a great insight into his comedy, as his family, ...

100. Cameron Mitchell

Actor | The High Chaparral

Cameron Mitchell was the son of a minister, but chose a different path from his father. Prior to World War II, in which he served as an Air Force bombardier, Mitchell appeared on Broadway, and, in 1940, an experimental television broadcast, "The Passing of the Third Floor Back". He made his film ...

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