What is Your Most Feared Armageddon Apocalypse?

by dgranger | created - 4 months ago | updated - 3 months ago | Public

Many films depict a catastrophic event involving death and destruction on a massive, global scale, usually involving the end of the world and a final battle between good and evil, commonly called an ”Armageddon” (final battle) and “Apocalypse” (world destruction). Well now pretend you are in a movie featuring your most feared armageddon apocalypse where you are the last human alive and the world is filled with the monsters you fear the most. Those monsters feed on humans and are hungry. They are hunting you for diner. Well, okey, some Armageddon Apocalypse scenarios won’t be full or out to eat you - just destroy the earth that’s all. But which one do you fear the most?

If you can suggest another, or name some films that can fit these types (for conversation purposes), run for cover here.

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