Who is Your Favorite Hobo - Real or Fictional

by dgranger | created - 5 months ago | updated - 5 months ago | Public

I was re-watching a classic movie the other night, Meet John Doe (1941), when I saw that two of the characters in the film were hobos would have been perfect for recent IMDb poll about homeless people with problems. But when I had looked up the definition of “Hobo”, I had found out there is a difference. According to Wikipedia “ A hobo is a migrant worker or homeless vagrant, especially one who is impoverished. ... Unlike a "tramp", who works only when forced to, and a "bum", who does not work at all, a "hobo" is a traveling worker.“ and that Hobo stands for farmhand or Hoe-boy because they usually had their own hoes. Well, sticking to vagrant migrant impoverished person willing to work and is a traveler who probably road the rails (aka: illegally hopped aboard train). In fact, the definition of hobo here comes very close to the modern definition of drifter. I’ll try to stay to the vintage classic ones to distance this poll from the other poll. Who of these fictional, and, believe it or not, famous celebrities, even stars, who were once hobos, is your favorite? If you know of any other, come to this Hooverville or Starlight Hotel.

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