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1. Jumping the Blanket (1895)

1 min | Documentary, Short

Outdoors, with a nondescript building in the background, four men stand, each holding the corner of a blanket stretched parallel to the ground. They wear the clothes of laborers. By the ... See full summary »

Director: Louis Lumière

Votes: 889

2. Roundhay Garden Scene (1888)

Not Rated | 1 min | Documentary, Short

In the garden, a man asks his friends to do something silly for him to record on film.

Director: Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince | Stars: Annie Hartley, Adolphe Le Prince, Joseph Whitley, Sarah Whitley

Votes: 5,736

3. Monkeyshines, No. 1 (1890)

Not Rated | 1 min | Documentary, Short

One of W.K.L. Dickson's laboratory workers horses around for the camera.

Directors: William K.L. Dickson, William Heise | Star: Giuseppe Sacco Albanese

Votes: 1,360

4. Dickson Greeting (1891)

Not Rated | 1 min | Short

"A little while ago there was a great convention of women's clubs of America. Mrs. Edison is interested in women's clubs and their work and she decided to entertain the Presidents of the ... See full summary »

Director: William K.L. Dickson | Star: William K.L. Dickson

Votes: 1,312

5. Men Boxing (1891)

Not Rated | 1 min | Documentary, Short, Action

Two men wearing boxing gloves prepare to spar in the Edison Company studio.

Directors: William K.L. Dickson, William Heise

Votes: 895

6. Newark Athlete (1891)

Not Rated | 1 min | Documentary, Short

An athlete swings Indian clubs.

Director: William K.L. Dickson

Votes: 1,533

7. Buffalo Dance (1894)

Not Rated | 1 min | Documentary, Short, Western

Three Sioux Indians perform a 'buffalo dance', while two others use drums to supply a rhythm. The three dancers move around in a circle as they perform the various actions that are part of the dance.

Director: William K.L. Dickson | Stars: Hair Coat, Parts His Hair, Last Horse

Votes: 885

8. Sioux Ghost Dance (1894)

Not Rated | 1 min | Short, Western

A group of Sioux Indians from Buffalo Bill's Wild West exhibition demonstrates a dance called a "ghost dance".

Directors: William K.L. Dickson, William Heise

Votes: 680

9. Autour d'une cabine (1894)

2 min | Animation, Short

Pre-cinematograph colour animation of a woman and man at the beach.

Director: Émile Reynaud

Votes: 912

10. Saturn in Opposition (2007)

Unrated | 110 min | Drama, Romance

The confidences, hopes and disappointments of a group of friends.

Director: Ferzan Ozpetek | Stars: Stefano Accorsi, Margherita Buy, Pierfrancesco Favino, Serra Yilmaz

Votes: 4,471

11. Ma vie en rose (1997)

R | 88 min | Drama

Ludovic is an innocent seven-year-old child who provokes horror in his community when he dresses in girls clothes and insists he's a girl.

Director: Alain Berliner | Stars: Georges Du Fresne, Michèle Laroque, Jean-Philippe Écoffey, Hélène Vincent

Votes: 8,546 | Gross: $2.28M

12. Chi si ferma è perduto (1960)

101 min | Comedy

When their boss dies two clerks eagerly wait for the next one to arrive. Each one of them hopes to become the apple of his eye. They compete in every possible way to win him over causing ... See full summary »

Director: Sergio Corbucci | Stars: Totò, Peppino De Filippo, Aroldo Tieri, Luigi De Filippo

Votes: 297

14. Les Paladins (2005 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 204 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Musical

Inspired by a fable by La Fontaine, Rameau produced perhaps his most brilliant music for his penultimate great work, blending reality and the surreal on several levels. This passionate new ... See full summary »

Director: François Roussillon | Stars: Topi Lehtipuu, Stéphanie d'Oustrac, Sandrine Piau, Laurent Naouri

Votes: 40

15. I maniaci (1964)

92 min | Comedy

Features a series of brief comic shetches based on manias, mainly sexual, featuring several figures of Italian society.

Director: Lucio Fulci | Stars: Walter Chiari, Enrico Maria Salerno, Barbara Steele, Raimondo Vianello

Votes: 160

17. The Mudge Boy (2003)

R | 94 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

62 Metascore

The film follows the story of Duncan, a fourteen-year-old misfit farm boy trying to fill the void and alleviate the numbness left by his mother's passing. Unable to let her go quite yet, ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Burke | Stars: Emile Hirsch, Richard Jenkins, Tom Guiry, Pablo Schreiber

Votes: 4,311

18. Latin Lovers (1965)

95 min | Comedy

The film is composed of five episodes in which is shown the love of the Italians in the 60s.

Director: Mario Costa | Stars: Toni Ucci, Vittorio Congia, Alicia Brandet, Eva Gioia

Votes: 49

19. Funniest Show on Earth (1953)

70 min | Comedy

A clown named Tottons of the Togni circus, obliged to never take off to not reveal his identity, is continually persecuted by the jealousy of three women and even by a policeman.

Director: Mario Mattoli | Stars: Totò, Marc Lawrence, May Britt, Franca Faldini

Votes: 56

20. La cambiale (1959)

109 min | Comedy

The well-known financier Pierluigi Bruscatelli is arrested after having paid two fraudsters with a bill of 100 000 lire.

Director: Camillo Mastrocinque | Stars: Vittorio Gassman, Sylva Koscina, Ugo Tognazzi, Giorgia Moll

Votes: 271

21. Noi duri (1960)

102 min | Comedy

Lieutenant Bombardone is in Paris to wipe out a gang of drug traffickers.

Director: Camillo Mastrocinque | Stars: Fred Buscaglione, Paolo Panelli, Scilla Gabel, Jacqueline Jones

Votes: 81

22. The Treasure of San Gennaro (1966)

104 min | Comedy, Crime

An American gangster in Italy enlists a local gang to help him steal the treasure of Naples' patron saint.

Director: Dino Risi | Stars: Nino Manfredi, Senta Berger, Mario Adorf, Harry Guardino

Votes: 1,305

23. Of Life and Love (1954)

103 min | Comedy

1) A jar repairer gets trapped in a vat because of his hunch. 2) A young unmarried mother is forced to beg to buy herself a fan. 3) Rosario Chiarchiaro appears before a law court for ... ... See full summary »

Directors: Aldo Fabrizi, Giorgio Pastina, Mario Soldati, Luigi Zampa | Stars: Turi Pandolfini, Natale Cirino, Antonio Nicotra, Myriam Bru

Votes: 135

24. Rita, la figlia americana (1965)

101 min | Comedy, Musical

Professor Serafino Benvenuti is a master of classical music who has the passion of the orchestra director. However, the young audience of the 1960s does not appreciate classical composers ... See full summary »

Director: Piero Vivarelli | Stars: Totò, Rita Pavone, Fabrizio Capucci, Lina Volonghi

Votes: 87

25. Signori si nasce (1960)

95 min | Comedy

Baron Zazà, always broke due his dissolute lifestyle, decides to con a hefty sum of money out of his wealthy but greedy brother.

Director: Mario Mattoli | Stars: Totò, Peppino De Filippo, Delia Scala, Riccardo Garrone

Votes: 595

26. Pépé le Moko (1937)

Not Rated | 94 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

98 Metascore

A wanted gangster is both king and prisoner of the Casbah. He is protected from arrest by his friends, but is torn by his desire for freedom outside. A visiting Parisian beauty may just tempt his fate.

Director: Julien Duvivier | Stars: Jean Gabin, Gabriel Gabrio, Saturnin Fabre, Fernand Charpin

Votes: 6,790 | Gross: $0.15M

27. Leap Year (1924)

Passed | 56 min | Comedy

A young man, heir to his misogynistic and millionaire uncle, and in love with a nurse, gets in trouble when he gives advice on marriage to his girlfriends.

Directors: James Cruze, Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle | Stars: Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, Lucien Littlefield, Mary Thurman, John McKinnon

Votes: 288

28. The Overcoat (1952)

Approved | 102 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Based on the Nikolai Gogol story but set in 1950s Italy, THE OVERCOAT is the story of a poor city hall clerk (Renato Rascel) whose only desire is to buy a new overcoat.

Director: Alberto Lattuada | Stars: Renato Rascel, Yvonne Sanson, Giulio Stival, Ettore Mattia

Votes: 562

29. Shadow of the Vampire (2000)

R | 92 min | Drama, Horror

71 Metascore

The filming of Nosferatu (1922) is hampered by the fact that its star Max Schreck is taking the role of a vampire far more seriously than seems humanly possible.

Director: E. Elias Merhige | Stars: John Malkovich, Willem Dafoe, Udo Kier, Cary Elwes

Votes: 40,588 | Gross: $8.29M

30. Le Dîner de Cons (1998)

PG-13 | 80 min | Comedy

73 Metascore

A few friends have a weekly fools' dinner, where each brings a fool along. Pierre finds a champion fool for next dinner. Surprise.

Director: Francis Veber | Stars: Thierry Lhermitte, Jacques Villeret, Francis Huster, Daniel Prévost

Votes: 39,201 | Gross: $4.07M

31. Les aventures de Philibert, capitaine puceau (2011)

103 min | Adventure, Comedy

France 1550, Philibert learns from his dying father that his real father is Fulgence Bérendourt de Saint-Avoise. Philibert embarks on a journey to discover his origins.

Director: Sylvain Fusée | Stars: Jérémie Renier, Alexandre Astier, Manu Payet, Élodie Navarre

Votes: 408

32. Sons of the Desert (1933)

Passed | 68 min | Comedy

When Stan and Ollie trick their wives into thinking that they are taking a medicinal cruise while they're actually going to a convention, the wives find out the truth the hard way.

Director: William A. Seiter | Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase, Mae Busch

Votes: 8,237

33. The Sheik (1921)

Passed | 86 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

A charming Arabian sheik becomes infatuated with an adventurous, modern-thinking Englishwoman and abducts her to his home in the Saharan desert.

Director: George Melford | Stars: Rudolph Valentino, Agnes Ayres, Ruth Miller, George Waggner

Votes: 3,189

34. Leaving the Factory (1895)

Not Rated | 1 min | Documentary, Short

Workers leaving the Lumière factory for lunch in Lyon, France in 1895; a place of great photographic innovation and one of the birth places of cinema.

Director: Louis Lumière

Votes: 6,429

35. The Waterer Watered (1895)

Not Rated | 1 min | Short, Comedy

An impudent child plays a prank on a gardener innocently watering his plants.

Director: Louis Lumière | Stars: François Clerc, Benoît Duval

Votes: 4,936

36. The Photographical Congress Arrives in Lyon (1895)

Not Rated | 1 min | Documentary, Short

The photographers who need to participate in the congress of Lyon get off a boat in Neuville-sur-Saône, dividing to the right and left.

Director: Louis Lumière | Stars: Auguste Lumière, P.J.C. Janssen

Votes: 1,677

37. Baby's Dinner (1895)

1 min | Documentary, Short

As part of a maiden public film screening at the Salon Indien, on December 28, in Paris, Auguste Lumière pivots the centre of attention around his baby daughter, as he tries to feed her from a spoon.

Director: Louis Lumière | Stars: Auguste Lumière, Mrs. Auguste Lumiere, Andrée Lumière

Votes: 3,027

38. The Arrival of a Train (1896)

Not Rated | 1 min | Documentary, Short

A train arrives at La Ciotat station.

Directors: Auguste Lumière, Louis Lumière | Stars: Madeleine Koehler, Marcel Koehler, Mrs. Auguste Lumiere, Jeanne-Joséphine Lumière

Votes: 11,020

39. The Messers. Lumière at Cards (1896)

1 min | Documentary, Short

Two men play cards, as a third watches and a waiter brings drinks. The third man pours drinks as the waiter laughs.

Director: Louis Lumière | Stars: Antoine Féraud, Antoine Lumière, Félicien Trewey, Alphonse Winckler

Votes: 1,382

40. The Son of the Sheik (1926)

Passed | 68 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

The son of the sheik and a dancing girl fall in love, but when he is made to believe she has betrayed him he seeks revenge.

Director: George Fitzmaurice | Stars: Rudolph Valentino, Vilma Bánky, George Fawcett, Montagu Love

Votes: 1,860 | Gross: $1.56M

41. Boat Leaving the Port (1895)

1 min | Documentary, Short

A rowboat with three men is leaving a little harbor. Two of them are rowing the boat, while the third is sitting in the stern. All of them wear hats. They are passing the outer end of a ... See full summary »

Director: Louis Lumière | Stars: Mrs. Auguste Lumiere, Jeanne-Joséphine Lumière

Votes: 1,285

42. The Mechanical Butcher (1895)

1 min | Short, Comedy, Sci-Fi

A butcher puts a full-grown live pig into his large box-like machine. Moments later, he draws out a full range of pork products, many already packaged for sale.

Director: Louis Lumière

Votes: 811

43. Cordeliers' Square in Lyon (1895)

1 min | Documentary, Short

A stationary camera looks across the boulevard at a diagonal toward one corner of Lyon's Cordeliers' Square. It's a long shot, with a great deal of depth of focus. We can see the sky and ... See full summary »

Director: Louis Lumière

Votes: 992