Horror brasileiro (Brazilian Horror)

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1. At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul (1964)

84 min | Horror

A gravedigger prowls the city in search of a female to bear him a son.

Director: José Mojica Marins | Stars: José Mojica Marins, Magda Mei, Nivaldo Lima, Valéria Vasquez

Votes: 2,910

2. This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse (1967)

108 min | Horror

Coffin Joe is still looking for the perfect woman to give birth to a son of his, and, cleared of the past crimes in the first film (At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul), keeps terrorizing the ... See full summary »

Director: José Mojica Marins | Stars: José Mojica Marins, Tina Wohlers, Nadia Freitas, Antonio Fracari

Votes: 1,666

3. The Strange World of Coffin Joe (1968)

80 min | Horror

Three episodes: A dollmaker whose dolls are eerily human, a tale of necrophilia, and a doctor proves love is dead.

Director: José Mojica Marins | Stars: Luiz Sérgio Person, Vany Miller, Mário Lima, Verônica Krimann

Votes: 547

4. Awakening of the Beast (1970)

93 min | Drama, Horror

Psychiatrist experiments LSD on 4 volunteers, to investigate Coffin Joe's influence over them. Each patient presents a different reaction, involving sex, perversion and sadism.

Director: José Mojica Marins | Stars: José Mojica Marins, Ângelo Assunção, Ronaldo Beibe, Andreia Bryan

Votes: 1,051

7. Exorcismo Negro (1974)

100 min | Horror

The director José Mojica Marins travels to spend Christmas with friends in the small farm where they live and write the story of his next film. However, he observes eerie things in the ... See full summary »

Director: José Mojica Marins | Stars: José Mojica Marins, Agenor Alves, Ariane Arantes, Geórgia Gomide

Votes: 201

8. O Signo de Escorpião (1974)

93 min | Mystery

For the launch of his new giant horoscope computer, famous astrologer Alex invites to his private island friends representing each of the 12 zodiac signs. During the welcome party, one of ... See full summary »

Director: Carlos Coimbra | Stars: Rodolfo Mayer, Maria Della Costa, Kate Lyra, Carlos Lyra

Votes: 15

9. Excitação (1976)

90 min | Horror, Thriller

Helena and Renato are a couple who leave behind the big city to live in the comfort of a beach house, far from all their previous complications when the wife started to suffer with strange ... See full summary »

Director: Jean Garret | Stars: Kate Hansen, Flávio Galvão, Betty Saady, Zilda Mayo

Votes: 72

10. Seduzidas Pelo Demônio (1978)

92 min | Horror

A teacher's stepson performs brutal killings when possessed by a spirit who's been near him, since a satanic ceremony performed during his childhood.

Director: Raffaele Rossi | Stars: Afonso Arrichielo, Ivete Bonfá, José Fernandes, Lourênia Machado

Votes: 24

11. A Força dos Sentidos (1978)

100 min | Crime, Mystery, Romance

A writer moves to an isolated beach house to write a new book, and gradually gets involved with his odd new neighbors.

Director: Jean Garret | Stars: Benjamin Cattan, Francinette Costa, Lia Farrel, Emil Grigoletto

Votes: 31

12. Ninfas Diabólicas (1978)

85 min | Drama

Two hitchhiking young women involve the men who give them a lift in a game of sex, telepathy and death.

Director: John Doo | Stars: Aldine Muller, Sérgio Hingst, Ewerton de Castro, Mii Saki

Votes: 29

13. Uma Estranha História de Amor (1979)

100 min | Drama

A young woman, a teacher in a countryside school, has affairs with boys and girls.

Director: John Doo | Stars: Selma Egrei, Ney Latorraca, David José, Lady Francisco

Votes: 5

14. A Reencarnação do Sexo (1982)

80 min | Horror

Two lovers separated by the girl's father, a farmer, who did not accept the courtship of his daughter with a modest pawn. With the death of her beloved, the young depressive girl dies and ... See full summary »

Director: Luiz Castellini | Stars: Patrícia Scalvi, Roberto Miranda, Lia Farrel, Ana Maria Kreisler

Votes: 87

16. Liliam, a Suja (1981)

85 min | Crime

Lilian sustains her paraplegic mother working as a secretary for Daniel, which threatens to fire her if she doesn't submit to his desires. At night, Lilian attracts lonely men at nightclubs... See full summary »

Director: Antonio Meliande | Stars: Lia Furlin, Osmar Alves, José Amaral, Luiz Carlos Braga

Votes: 29

18. Castle of De Sade (1982)

90 min | Horror

Three female undergraduates and their parapsychology teacher, Lucy seek a suitable environment for their research on parapsychology and the occult sciences. They find a castle in a village ... See full summary »

Director: Julius Belvedere | Stars: Esmeralda Barros, Dorival Coutinho, Silvana Alves, Ely Silva

Votes: 17

19. O Estripador de Mulheres (1978)

99 min | Thriller

Suspected of murdering his girlfriend, man is judged by public opinion and gets implicated in a serial killing case.

Director: Juan Bajon | Stars: Ewerton de Castro, Marco Antônio, Ana Paula Bajon, Ivete Bonfá

Votes: 12

20. Reel Savages (1977)

109 min | Crime

After producing a successful underground snuff movie, were the lead actress is raped and killed, the Brazilian Miguel returns to São Paulo pretending to be the American director Michael ... See full summary »

Director: Cláudio Cunha | Stars: Carlos Vereza, Rossana Ghessa, Canarinho, Nadir Fernandes

Votes: 47

21. Amadas e Violentadas (1975)

100 min | Crime

Famous crime story writer puzzles police investigator when all the women he gets involved with get murdered.

Director: Jean Garret | Stars: David Cardoso, Fernanda de Jesus, Márcia Real, Américo Taricano

Votes: 38

23. Act of Violence (1981)

112 min | Drama, Thriller

Antônio Nunes is sentenced to 30 years in jail, after having killed a woman, and becomes known as ripper of women. Infatuated Tânia begins to visit him frequently and hires a lawyer to try to take him out.

Director: Eduardo Escorel | Stars: Nuno Leal Maia, Selma Egrei, Renato Consorte, Eduardo Abbas

Votes: 19

30. Guru das Sete Cidades (1972)

85 min | Crime

An unhappily married woman becomes the mistress to a sleaze-ball who introduces her to a group of satanists who are willing to kill her rich husband.

Director: Carlos Roberto Bini | Stars: Rosângela Alves, Roberto Bustamante, Billy Davis, Jose Pinheiro De Carvalho

Votes: 11

31. Memórias de um Estrangulador de Loiras (1971)

71 min | Horror

A serial killer kills blonde women's.

Director: Júlio Bressane | Star: Guará Rodrigues

Votes: 29

32. Copacabana Mon Amour (1970)

85 min | Comedy

The saga of some Copacabana dwellers: Sônia Silk, a prostitute also known as Miss Prado Júnior and Peroxide Beast; her gay brother, addicted to smelling his boss's underwear; and Mr. Grillo, the boss.

Director: Rogério Sganzerla | Stars: Helena Ignez, Paulo Villaça, Guará Rodrigues, Otoniel Serra

Votes: 163

33. A Viúva Virgem (1972)

100 min | Comedy

In Minas Gerais, the powerful "colonel" Alexandrão gets married with the young and virgin Cristina and promotes a huge wedding party in his farm. He eats and drinks a lot along the day, and... See full summary »

Director: Pedro Carlos Rovai | Stars: Adriana Prieto, Jardel Filho, Carlos Imperial, Marcelo Marcello

Votes: 32

34. Who's Afraid of the Werewolf? (1975)

90 min | Adventure

Two young men in search of adventure meet Iracema, a bride who's been left waiting at the church. They give her a ride on their jeep, until they find the most strange family: a couple with ... See full summary »

Director: Reginaldo Faria | Stars: Reginaldo Faria, Stepan Nercessian, Neuza Amaral, Carlos Kroeber

Votes: 20

35. House of Shadows (1975)

81 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

Young man inherits small fortune from his old uncle, on condition he lives in the old man's house for a time. Soon the uncle's spirit begins to manifest itself through the nephew's personality, requiring the presence of an exorcist.

Director: Carlos Hugo Christensen | Stars: José Mayer, Vera Fajardo, Palmira Barbosa, José Luiz Nunes

Votes: 46

36. A Virgem da Colina (1977)

85 min | Horror

Ring whose previous owner was a prostitute with supernatural powers causes double personality in a young woman about to marry. After some time, her face gets disfigured, forcing her to wear a mask.

Directors: Célio Azevedo, Celso Falcão | Stars: Cristina Amaral, Miriam Amaral, Wildemilson Artur, Joel Barcellos

Votes: 8

37. Uma Fêmea do Outro Mundo (1979)

100 min | Comedy

Counting on her looks, beautiful and mysterious woman blackmails powerful businessmen involved in fishy schemes, getting everything she wants from them in return for her silence.

Director: J. Figueira Gama | Stars: Alvaro Emílio, Wilson Grey, Erley José, Anilza Leoni

Votes: 6

38. Momentos de Prazer e Agonia (1983)

90 min | Crime, Horror, Mystery

A small-town school teacher leads an apparently normal life, including a longtime boyfriend. But she secretly has several lesbian affairs until the women in her life start being brutally murdered.

Director: Adnor Pitanga | Stars: Rossana Ghessa, Anthony Steffen, Rinaldo Gines, Elena Andrea

Votes: 38

39. Banquete das Taras (1982)

90 min | Horror

Gregor Nastase, just arrived from Transilvania, comes to Nova Friburgo, Brazil, to meet Vladmir Vladislav, a young sculptor who is Count Dracula's direct descendant. He tells him he must ... See full summary »

Director: Carlos Alberto Almeida | Stars: Aladir Araújo, Cidéia Barbosa, Jotta Barroso, Kelly Berg

Votes: 5

40. The Secret of the Mummy (1982)

85 min | Comedy, Horror

Laughed at when he announced the discovery of the elixer of life, a scientist Professor Expedito Vitus devotes himself to the reconstitution of a map which has been divided into eight parts... See full summary »

Director: Ivan Cardoso | Stars: Anselmo Vasconcelos, Clarice Piovesan, Wilson Grey, Regina Casé

Votes: 230

41. The Seven Vampires (1986)

100 min | Comedy, Horror, Mystery

Botanist is incapable of handling a carnivore plant that turns its victims into vampires. Clumsy detective and his secretary are hired to solve the mysterious deaths happening in a nightclub show.

Director: Ivan Cardoso | Stars: Andrea Beltrão, Dedina Bernardelli, Tania Boscoli, Neusinha Brizola

Votes: 182

42. The Scarlet Scorpion (1990)

TV-MA | 90 min | Comedy

O Anjo (The Angel) is a millionaire playboy who fights the forces of crime, especially his deadly enemy, the arch-villain Escorpião Escarlate (Scarlet Scorpion), who recently has kidnapped ... See full summary »

Director: Ivan Cardoso | Stars: Andrea Beltrão, Herson Capri, Nuno Leal Maia, Monique Evans

Votes: 131

43. Espelho de Carne (1985)

102 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

A mirror bought in an auction changes the life of an executive and his wife. They become sexually aroused under the influence of the strange object, which belonged to a bordello in the past... See full summary »

Director: Antonio Carlos da Fontoura | Stars: Hileana Menezes, Dennis Carvalho, Maria Zilda Bethlem, Daniel Filho

Votes: 95

44. Estrela Nua (1984)

90 min | Drama, Mystery

Movie actress gets her first big chance when invited to dub another actress who had commited suicide. But gradually, her personality begins to merge with the dead woman's.

Directors: José Antonio Garcia, Ícaro Martins | Stars: Carla Camurati, Cristina Aché, Ricardo Petráglia, Patricio Bisso

Votes: 89

45. Satanic Attraction (1989)

102 min | Crime, Horror, Thriller

Fernanda, a radio DJ, has a show in which she tells gruesome and gory horror stories about satanic rituals and sex murders. However, when bodies start turning up around town killed in ... See full summary »

Director: Fauzi Mansur | Stars: Ênio Gonçalves, Gabriela Toscano, André Loureiro, Emilia Mazer

Votes: 67

46. The Laughing Dead (1990)

Not Rated | 103 min | Horror