Hollywood Homecoming: 'The Best Man'

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Produced by the American Black Film Festival and IMDb, Hollywood Homecoming recognizes and celebrates films from the past that showcase Black humanity and provide balanced portrayals of the African American experience.

Hollywood Homecoming (2021-)

Why the Set of 'The Best Man' Felt Different Than Any Other Film | 1:36

Taye Diggs, Harold Perrineau, and the cast of 'The Best Man' break down how director Malcolm D. Lee created an environment on set that felt unlike anything they had ever experienced before as Black actors in Hollywood.

Hollywood Homecoming (2021-)

'The Best Man' vs. 'The Best Man Holiday': The Cast Decides | 1:28

Morris Chestnut made 'The Best Man Holiday' an emotional experience for Taye Diggs but not for the reason you expect.

Hollywood Homecoming (2021-)

How an Improvised Line Made the Final Cut in 'The Best Man' | 1:16

Melissa De Sousa recounts the story of putting her own twist on Malcolm D. Lee's iconic script.

Hollywood Homecoming (2021-)

The Undeniable Impact of 'The Best Man' | 1:22

The cast and director of 'The Best Man' reflect on how they came to realize, years later, that they had made history.

Hollywood Homecoming (2021-)

'The Best Man' Reunion With the Director and Cast | 51:18

American Black Film Festival and IMDb present "Hollywood Homecoming," a digital reunion series paying homage to classic and iconic Black Films. The first episode reunites director Malcom D. Lee and the cast of 'The Best Man' including Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Melissa De Sousa, Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau, and Monica Calhoun. They swap stories about their favorite fan interactions, the unforgettable moments they improvised on set, and the unexpected way they helped each other cry on cue.

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