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1. In the House (2012)

R | 105 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

72 Metascore

A high school French teacher is drawn into a precocious student's increasingly transgressive story about his relationship with a friend's family.

Director: François Ozon | Stars: Fabrice Luchini, Vincent Schmitt, Ernst Umhauer, Kristin Scott Thomas

Votes: 29,210 | Gross: $0.35M

french - uncomfortable

2. Glue (2006)

Unrated | 110 min | Drama, Romance

Aimless and uncertain, a group of teenagers go through an intense coming-of-age experience in their small desert town.

Director: Alexis Dos Santos | Stars: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Nahuel Viale, Inés Efron, Verónica Llinás

Votes: 1,455

3. 3some (2009)

Unrated | 94 min | Drama, Romance

In an attempt to help his friend with his impotence, Jaime sets up two friends together. But after the failure, he comes in to help. What first appeared to be just a sexual experience evolves to a full romantic relationship of 3 people.

Director: Salvador García Ruiz | Stars: Adriana Ugarte, Nilo Zimmerman, Biel Duran, Cristian Magaloni

Votes: 1,217

4. Turtle Hill, Brooklyn (2013)

Not Rated | 95 min | Comedy, Drama

TURTLE HILL, BROOKLYN is a funny, sincere, slice of life about a couple just trying to figure it out. Mateo and Will invite their friends over for Will's 30th birthday. After a few surprise... See full summary »

Director: Ryan Gielen | Stars: Brian W. Seibert, Ricardo Valdez, Joie Bauer, Ariel Bonilla

Votes: 169

5. Me Him Her (2015)

Not Rated | 98 min | Comedy, Romance

39 Metascore

Vicenarian drifter Cory arrives in Los Angeles to help his semi-famous T.V. star friend Brendan take his first steps out of the closet.

Director: Max Landis | Stars: Dustin Milligan, Luke Bracey, Emily Meade, Kyle Bornheimer

Votes: 1,425

6. Whispering Moon (2006)

Unrated | 75 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

In a dystopia future world we follow a gay couple, Jannis and Patrick, who is filming a secret documentary in a circus.

Director: Michael Satzinger | Stars: Franz Robert Ceeh, Michael Fernbach, Mischa Fernbach, Dominik Hartl

Votes: 212

7. The Missing Link (2018)

96 min | Comedy

A movie about a Gay Caveman... When an unexpected outsider arrives in their camp, a microcosmic group of cave men and women find their world turned upside down by this mysterious stranger's... See full summary »

Director: Markus Innocenti | Stars: Tiffany Collie, Anna Curtis, Allen English, Hilary Novelle Hahn

Votes: 65

8. Luster (2002)

Unrated | 92 min | Comedy, Drama

40 Metascore

Luster is a refreshingly funny and sexy look at unrequited love. Jackson, a cute, lanky, blue-haired poet who works in a record store, is at the center of Everett Lewis' twisted black LA ... See full summary »

Director: Everett Lewis | Stars: Justin Herwick, B. Wyatt, Shane Powers, Pamela Gidley

Votes: 1,089

9. Circuit (2001)

R | 130 min | Drama, Romance

36 Metascore

John, a gay Illinois small town cop moves to Los Angeles, hoping to fit into a place more welcoming of his sexuality. He soon discovers the "circuit," where he meets an insecure hustler, who draws John into drug abuse and illicit sex.

Director: Dirk Shafer | Stars: Jonathan Wade-Drahos, Andre Khabbazi, Brian Lane Green, Kiersten Warren

Votes: 1,065 | Gross: $0.24M

10. To the Extreme

Drama | Announced

From a high school dropout selling used cars in Dallas to having the first hip hop single to top the Billboard charts with Ice Ice Baby, a young Vanilla Ice struggles with stardom, ... See full summary »

11. Story of a Bad Boy (1999)

Not Rated | 85 min | Comedy, Drama, Music

17-year-old Pauly is a closeted high school kid who wants it all. His dad wants him to make the track team, his mom wants him to do well in the band, and Pauly just wants to get closer to the new student teacher doing the school play.

Director: Tom Donaghy | Stars: Jeremy Hollingworth, Christian Camargo, Stephen Lang, Julie Kavner

Votes: 283

12. The Lost Language of Cranes (1991)

87 min | Drama, Romance

A young gay man comes out to his middle-class parents, which has repercussions for his father who has long since been trying to repress his own sexuality.

Director: Nigel Finch | Stars: Brian Cox, Eileen Atkins, Angus Macfadyen, Corey Parker

Votes: 437

13. Seven and a Match (2001)

R | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Seven college friends re-unite in the house where they used to spend summers. Some things have changed, some have stayed the same.

Director: Derek Simonds | Stars: Eion Bailey, Heather Donahue, Devon Gummersall, Tina Holmes

Votes: 272

14. Red Dirt (2000)

Not Rated | 110 min | Drama, Romance

Red Dirt offers the story of a young man's search to belong in this sublime expression of love and reconciliation. At only twenty, Griffith is struggling with the responsibilities of caring... See full summary »

Director: Tag Purvis | Stars: Dan Montgomery Jr., Aleksa Palladino, Karen Black, Peg O'Keef

Votes: 926

15. 1:54 (2016)

106 min | Drama, Sport

46 Metascore

Tim, a shy 16 years old athlete, is both brilliant and talented. But the pressure he undergoes pushes him to the edge, where human limits reach the point of no return.

Director: Yan England | Stars: Antoine Olivier Pilon, Sophie Nélisse, Lou-Pascal Tremblay, David Boutin

Votes: 1,353

16. My Last Round (2011)

Not Rated | 110 min | Drama, Romance, Sport

Hugo becomes captivated with Octavio, a middle-aged local boxing champion, but their relationship is tested when Hugo finds a new job in the city.

Director: Julio Jorquera Arriagada | Stars: Roberto Farías, Héctor Morales, Manuela Martelli, Tamara Acosta

Votes: 309

17. The Heroes of Evil (2015)

98 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Three teenagers, brought together by bullying, indulge in petty theft, sex and drugs. They inevitably realize they can resort to violence to take revenge on everyone who has humiliated them: students, teachers and other outcasts. One of them escalates to killing, and desires to kill again. Anyone can become his next victim. The other two face the question: should they resort to violence to stop ... See full summary »

Director: Zoe Berriatúa | Stars: Emilio Palacios, Jorge Clemente, Beatriz Medina, Macarena Gómez

Votes: 923

18. Keillers park (2006)

Not Rated | 91 min | Drama, Romance

A married man and a free spirit find love - and tragedy - in this powerful, bittersweet gay love story that was inspired by a real-life 1997 hate crime.

Director: Susanna Edwards | Stars: Mårten Klingberg, Pjotr Giro, Robert Jelinek, Gösta Bredefeldt

Votes: 453

19. In the Flesh (1998)

Not Rated | 102 min | Crime, Drama

A mature but uneasy cop takes in a young gay hustler following a knifing death in the area. A personal relationship wants to form but both are leery of it.

Director: Ben Taylor | Stars: Dane Ritter, Ed Corbin, Shimley Reynolds, Randy Cohlmia

Votes: 560

20. Kiss the Bride (2007)

R | 100 min | Comedy, Romance

Matt is shocked to learn that his ex-boyfriend Ryan is getting married, and he makes plans to rescue him from whatever "she-devil" has lured him into this huge mistake.

Director: C. Jay Cox | Stars: Tori Spelling, Philipp Karner, James O'Shea, Joanna Cassidy

Votes: 1,512 | Gross: $0.03M

21. Humpday (2009)

R | 94 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

74 Metascore

Two guys take their bromance to another level when they participate in an art film project.

Director: Lynn Shelton | Stars: Mark Duplass, Joshua Leonard, Alycia Delmore, Lynn Shelton

Votes: 5,465 | Gross: $0.41M

22. Caravaggio (2007 TV Movie)

180 min | Biography, History

The tumultuous and adventurous life of Michelangelo Merisi, controversial artist, called by Fate to become the immortal Caravaggio. A violent genius that will dare to defy the ideal vision ... See full summary »

Director: Angelo Longoni | Stars: Alessio Boni, Elena Sofia Ricci, Jordi Mollà, Paolo Briguglia

Votes: 334

cut, Italian TV version

23. 200 American (2003)

Not Rated | 84 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Conrad is a gay man living in NYC. He's also CEO of an ad agency and by nature a control freak. Although Conrad is still in love with Martin (his ex), he hires a young Aussie hustler named ... See full summary »

Director: Richard LeMay | Stars: Matt Walton, Sean Matic, Anthony Ames, John-Dylan Howard

Votes: 785

Australian - CEO, his ex, a hustler - light, fun

24. Helicopter Mom (2014)

Not Rated | 81 min | Comedy

Maggie Cooper thinks it would be really cool if her son Lloyd were gay. So cool, in fact, that she outs him to the entire school.

Director: Salomé Breziner | Stars: Nia Vardalos, Jason Dolley, Mark Boone Junior, Skyler Samuels

Votes: 1,181

maybe yes, maybe no

25. The Pretty Boys (2011)

Not Rated | 102 min | Action

A glam rock band on the verge of finishing their new album. The lead guitarist's strung out on heroin, the singer's new boyfriend is the kid supplying drugs from the record company and the rest of the band's quit, disgusted.

Director: Everett Lewis | Stars: Leonora Anzaldua, Cameron Bass-Jackson, Josh Beren, Ellen Bienenfeld

Votes: 98

26. Fellini Satyricon (1969)

R | 129 min | Drama, Fantasy, History

A series of disjointed mythical tales set in first century Rome.

Director: Federico Fellini | Stars: Martin Potter, Hiram Keller, Max Born, Salvo Randone

Votes: 14,613 | Gross: $1.14M

27. Something Must Break (2014)

85 min | Drama, Romance

A gritty story taking place in Stockholm, about the passionate love between the self-abusive Sebastian who wants to be a woman, and the easy-going Andreas who is certainly not gay.

Director: Ester Martin Bergsmark | Stars: Saga Becker, Iggy Malmborg, Shima Niavarani, Mattias Åhlén

Votes: 1,413

28. Physics or Chemistry (2008–2011)

75 min | Comedy, Drama

Following the lives of students in high school, dealing with drugs, teen pregnancy and their sexuality.

Stars: Ana Milán, Andrea Duro, Javier Calvo, Angy Fernández

Votes: 1,268

29. Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema (2006)

81 min | Documentary

A chronological look at films by, for, or about (or 'by, for, and about') gays and lesbians in the United States, from 1947 to 2005, from Kenneth Anger's "Fireworks" to Ang Lee's "Brokeback... See full summary »

Directors: Lisa Ades, Lesli Klainberg | Stars: Tom Arnold, Randy Barbato, Dan Bucatinsky, Steve Buscemi

Votes: 603

30. Innocent (2005)

80 min | Drama, Romance

17-year-old Eric follows his parents to immigrate to Canada and is thus forced to confront different emotional and cultural problems. He must not only adjust to the new environment, but ... See full summary »

Director: Simon Chung | Stars: Po Chan, Timothy Lee, Jovita Adrineda, Wing Wong Wilson Kam

Votes: 324

31. Johan (1976)

Unrated | 81 min | Drama

While Philipe waits for Johan to come out of jail he starts recreating several moments of their relationship with the help of several friends during the summer of 1975.

Director: Philippe Vallois | Stars: Marie-Christine Weill, Patrice Pascal, Philippe Vallois, Laurent Laclos

Votes: 305

32. L.I.E. (2001)

R | 97 min | Crime, Drama

73 Metascore

A 15-year-old Long Island boy loses everything and everyone he knows, soon becoming involved in a relationship with a much older man.

Director: Michael Cuesta | Stars: Brian Cox, Paul Dano, Bruce Altman, Billy Kay

Votes: 9,466 | Gross: $1.14M

33. Leaving Metropolis (2002)

Not Rated | 89 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A famous painter creates a triangle in a young couple's marriage.

Director: Brad Fraser | Stars: Troy Ruptash, Vince Corazza, Lynda Boyd, Cherilee Taylor

Votes: 587

34. Lonesome Cowboys (1968)

X | 109 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Five lonesome cowboys get all hot & bothered at home en the range after confronting Ramona Alvarez and her nurse.

Directors: Andy Warhol, Paul Morrissey | Stars: Viva, Tom Hompertz, Louis Waldon, Eric Emerson

Votes: 465 | Gross: $0.09M

35. Mango Souffle (2002)

Not Rated | 90 min | Comedy, Drama

Gay fashion designer Kamlesh, still reeling from a recently-ended relationship, invites a group of friends for dinner for a special announcement. However, the situation worsens when ... See full summary »

Director: Mahesh Dattani | Stars: Rinke Khanna, Darius Taraporewal, Veena Sajnani, Ankur Vikal

Votes: 126

36. Out of Hand (2005)

Unrated | 92 min | Drama

Sebastian and Paul are two bored boys about 16 years of age. They drink alcohol, steal - and attend a private school. They can't find a sense of meaning in their present adolescent ... See full summary »

Director: Eva Urthaler | Stars: Elisabetta Rocchetti, Ludwig Trepte, Sergej Moya, Georg Friedrich

Votes: 424

37. Out of the Closet, Off the Screen: The Life of William Haines (2001)

TV-MA | 45 min | Documentary, Biography

Chronicles the life of openly gay 1930s film actor William Haines, who sacrificed his Hollywood fame when he refused to end his relationship with another man.

Directors: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato | Stars: William Haines, Chris Allen, Stockard Channing, Christina Crawford

Votes: 62

38. Pansy Division: Life in a Gay Rock Band (2008)

84 min | Documentary, Music

Undeniably one of the most important and influential gay music acts in the last twenty years, Pansy Division pioneered the "queercore" genre long before other gay musicians had the ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Carmona | Stars: Chris Freeman, Jon Ginoli, Larry Livermore

Votes: 28

39. Postcards from America (1994)

92 min | Drama

In the midst of the AIDS crisis, a young man from the suburbs moves to the big city of New York and ends up working as a hustler.

Director: Steve McLean | Stars: James Lyons, Michael Tighe, Olmo Tighe, Michael Imperioli

Votes: 228 | Gross: $0.08M

40. Red Without Blue (2007)

Not Rated | 74 min | Documentary

The intimate bond between two identical twin brothers is challenged when one decides to transition from male to female; this is the story of their evolving relationship, and the resurrection of their family from a darker past.

Directors: Brooke Sebold, Benita Sills, Todd Sills | Stars: Clair Farley, Jennie Farley, Mark Oliver Farley, Scott Farley

Votes: 469

41. Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story (2005)

87 min | Documentary

A story of violence, love, sex, politics and media centered around the life of Griffith, a six-time world welterweight champion.

Directors: Ron Berger, Dan Klores | Stars: Don Dunphy, Benny Paret, Emile Griffith, Pete Hamill

Votes: 332

42. Stealth (2006)

Not Rated | 112 min | Comedy, Romance

Lionel is a happy gay man with a great career and an open-minded family that accepts his loyal lover, Serge. But things start to unravel when he meets a pretty Polish immigrant who is about to be deported and decides to marry her.

Director: Lionel Baier | Stars: Natacha Koutchoumov, Lionel Baier, Alicja Bachleda, Stéphane Rentznik

Votes: 233

43. Tan Lines (II) (2005)

Unrated | 96 min | Drama, Romance

From the sun-drenched beaches of Australia comes this sexy coming-of-age romance. Cute teen Midget Hollow (Jack Baxter) wanders through life riding big waves and partying with surfer boys. ... See full summary »

Director: Ed Aldridge | Stars: Jack Baxter, Lorena Arancibia, Jed Clarke, Curtis Dickson

Votes: 1,055

44. Tru Loved (2008)

R | 102 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Tru moves to a conservative suburb where her friendship with the closeted football player is jeopardized when she starts their school's first Gay-Straight Alliance.

Director: Stewart Wade | Stars: Najarra Townsend, Jake Abel, Matthew Thompson, Alexandra Paul

Votes: 879 | Gross: $0.01M

45. A Very Serious Person (2006)

Not Rated | 95 min | Drama

A coming-of-age tale about a showtunes- and old Hollywood-obsessed boy and his effete Danish mentor. The two bond and teach each other lessons about self-acceptance over the course of one magical summer on the Jersey Shore.

Director: Charles Busch | Stars: P.J. Verhoest, Dana Ivey, Polly Bergen, Carmen Pelaez

Votes: 395

46. Yours Emotionally! (2006)

83 min | Drama, Romance