my main childhood tv shows

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kids shows

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1. Grange Hill (1978–2008)

30 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

The long running television series of the Grange Hill Comprehensive School, and the children's everyday lives.

Stars: Stuart Organ, Gwyneth Powell, Lee Cornes, Sally Geoghegan

Votes: 1,260

2. Newsround (1972– )

10 min | Family, News

John Craven (and latterly other presenters) introduce news stories and other articles of interest to its young audience. Broadcast at around 5.00pm on BBC1 in the UK.

Stars: Ricky Boleto, Leah Gooding, Joe Tidy, Martin Dougan

Votes: 180

3. Blue Peter (1958– )

25 min | Family

British children's-magazine program which has run since the end of the 1950s, aimed at 6-to-14-year-olds. The show has different segments where the presenters would show the viewers how to ... See full summary »

Stars: Christopher Trace, Leila Williams, Valerie Singleton, Konnie Huq

Votes: 500

4. Jim'll Fix It (1975–2007)


Children write to Jimmy Savile asking him to make a dream come true for them on national television.

Stars: Jimmy Savile, Rod Hull, Val Doonican, Kim Wilde

Votes: 142

5. Record Breakers (1972–2001)

25 min | Documentary, Family

Contestants attempt to break records for various feats listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Stars: Roy Castle, Norris McWhirter, Ross McWhirter, Cheryl Baker

Votes: 72

6. The Adventure Game (1980–1986)

Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Three people are stranded on a planet on the far side of the galaxy. In order to return to earth they must first locate a crystal to power their spacecraft. But to find the crystal they ... See full summary »

Stars: Christopher Leaver, Charmian Gradwell, Bill Homewood, Sarah Lam

Votes: 167

7. Worzel Gummidge (1979–1981)

60 min | Family, Comedy, Drama

Children's series about the adventures of Worzel Gummidge (Jon Pertwee), a scarecrow who comes to life.

Stars: Jon Pertwee, Jeremy Austin, Charlotte Coleman, Mike Berry

Votes: 813

8. Super Gran (1985–1987)

60 min | Comedy, Crime, Family

The adventures of a super-powered granny who fights crime in her community.

Stars: Gudrun Ure, Iain Cuthbertson, Bill Shine, Alan Snell

Votes: 464

9. Terrahawks (1983–1986)

23 min | Family, Sci-Fi

The missions of a planetary defense organization dedicated to protecting Earth from a Martian menace.

Stars: Jeremy Hitchen, Denise Bryer, Anne Ridler, Windsor Davies

Votes: 664

10. Fraggle Rock (1983–1987)

TV-Y | 30 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

The adventures of the various inhabitants of an underground civilization.

Stars: Karen Prell, Gerard Parkes, Kathryn Mullen, Steve Whitmire

Votes: 7,342

11. The Muppet Movie (1979)

G | 95 min | Adventure, Comedy, Family

74 Metascore

Kermit and his newfound friends trek across America to find success in Hollywood, but a frog legs merchant is after Kermit.

Director: James Frawley | Stars: Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt

Votes: 33,921 | Gross: $76.66M

12. Animal Magic (1962–1984)

30 min | Family

Children's series looking at the world of animals.

Stars: Johnny Morris, Keith Shackleton, Tony Soper, Terry Nutkins

Votes: 67

13. The Henderson Kids (1985–1986)

50 min | Adventure, Crime, Drama

A brother and sister move to a Melbourne suburb where they have an old block of land belonging to their ancestors. In the meantime they build friendships, adventures and dangerous ... See full summary »

Stars: Annie Jones, Kylie Minogue, Nicholas Eadie, Paul Smith

Votes: 116

14. The Kids of Degrassi Street (1979–1986)

30 min | Family, Drama

Follows the lives of a group of children living on Degrassi Street in Toronto, Canada.

Stars: Stacie Mistysyn, John Ioannou, Sarah Charlesworth, Tyson Talbot

Votes: 336

15. Doctor Who (1963–1989)

TV-PG | 45 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

The adventures in time and space of the Doctor, a Time Lord who changes appearance and personality by regenerating when near death, and is joined by companions in battles against aliens and other megalomaniacs.

Stars: William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker

Votes: 35,876

16. Going Live! (1987–1993)

192 min | Family

Children's Saturday morning magazine/variety show featuring cartoons, sketches, games, music videos, special guests and features.

Stars: Sarah Greene, Phillip Schofield, Peter Simon, Trevor Neal

Votes: 100

17. No 73 (1982–1988)


The team moved from the "No 73" house to a Wild-West theme park for the last two series and welcomed a host of new presenters including Rob Debenham as the out-of-work-actor-turned-builder.... See full summary »

Stars: Andrea Arnold, Nick Staverson, Neil Buchanan, Sandi Toksvig

Votes: 109

18. Saturday SuperStore (1982–1987)


Children's Saturday morning magazine show.

Stars: Mike Read, Keith Chegwin, Sarah Greene, John Craven

Votes: 38

19. Wizbit (1986–1988)

Family, Fantasy

A magical children's series about an alien magician called Wizbit who comes to Earth for a year and a day to learn all about our planet. Wizbit, a giant yellow magicians hat, mainly solved puzzles in the city of Puzzleopolis.

Stars: Gary Martin, Paul Daniels, Vicky Licorish, Debbie McGee

Votes: 50

20. Take Hart (1977–1983)

30 min | Family

Host Tony Hart demonstrates various art projects along with cartoon sequences.

Stars: Tony Hart, Colin Bennett, Patricia Dodwell, Wilf Lunn

Votes: 91

21. Emu's All Live Pink Windmill Show (1984–1986)

44 min | Comedy, Family

A British children's comedy series featuring Emu, a puppet and Rod Hull.

Stars: Rod Hull, Carol Lee Scott, Susan Maughan, Carl Wayne

Votes: 45

22. Children's BBC (1985– )


Live in-vision continuity series that accompanies the latest cartoons and TV shows aimed at kids, initially presented by Phillip Schofield and his trusty sidekick, Gordon the Gopher.

Stars: Phillip Schofield, Andy Crane, Paul Smith, Debbie Flint

Votes: 10

23. Stig of the Dump (1981)

25 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

Young boy discovers a teenaged caveman living in the local rubbish dump.

Stars: Keith Jayne, Grant Warnock, Janine Tidman, Bay White

Votes: 70

24. Look and Read (1967–2004)


Children anthology series that mixed stories of adventure, sci-fi and even horror with educational segments aimed at improving children's literacy skills.

Stars: Charles Collingwood, Struan Rodger, Martine Howard, Tom Gibbs

Votes: 65

25. The Sooty Show (1968–1992)

30 min | Family

Children's slapstick show with the little bear glove puppet and his friends.

Stars: Matthew Corbett, Marjorie Corbett, Harry Corbett, Brenda Longman

Votes: 396

26. Play School (1966– )

28 min | Family

An educational show for pre-school children under six with activities, songs and games.

Stars: Benita Collings, John Hamblin, Teo Gebert, Karen Pang

Votes: 271

27. Rainbow (1972–1992)

22 min | Animation, Family

Children's puppet programme featuring music and stories.

Stars: Geoffrey Hayes, Roy Skelton, Stanley Bates, Rod Burton

Votes: 841

28. How We Used to Live (1968–1996)


British educational drama tracing the lives and fortunes of fictional Yorkshire families from Victorian times.

Stars: Redvers Kyle, Diana Davies, James Tomlinson, John Keyworth

Votes: 77

29. Crackerjack! (1955–2021)

45 min | Comedy, Family, Game-Show

The shows were broadcast live in front of an audience largely of children, originally at the King's Theatre on Hammersmith Road until 1963, then at the BBC Television Theatre (now the ... See full summary »

Stars: Bert Hayes, Peter Glaze, Jillian Comber, Leslie Crowther

Votes: 83

30. Cheggers Plays Pop (1978–1986)

25 min | Family, Game-Show, Music

Teams of teenagers battle it out in a pop quiz and activity competitions.

Stars: Keith Chegwin, Gordon Astley, Vivienne McKone, Debby Cumming

Votes: 38

31. The Box of Delights (1984)

177 min | Family, Fantasy

Based on the classic children's novel by John Masefield, the story follows the exploits of a young boy, Kay Harker, who finds himself drawn into a world of magic and danger when he ... See full summary »

Stars: Devin Stanfield, Robert Stephens, Geoffrey Larder, Jonathan Stephens

Votes: 736

32. Educating Marmalade (1981– )

15 min | Comedy

Marmalade Atkins is the naughtiest girl in the world. In fact, she's so wicked that her parents and social worker decide that the only thing to do with her is to blast her into space. But, ... See full summary »

Stars: Charlotte Coleman, John Bird, Lynda La Plante, Gillian Raine

Votes: 46

33. Metal Mickey (1980–1983)

30 min | Family, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Metal Mickey was a robot built by young Ken to do chores around the house. Ken was the eldest child of a typical British family--well, almost typical. Metal Mickey was endowed with a number... See full summary »

Stars: Michael Stainton, Georgina Melville, Ashley Knight, Lucinda Bateson

Votes: 193

34. Rentaghost (1976–1984)

25 min | Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Harold and Ethel Meaker live in South Ealing and run 'Rentaghost' where they rent ghosts out to the public. Over the years many ghosts came and went but the main Rentaghost crew consisted ... See full summary »

Stars: Michael Staniforth, Edward Brayshaw, Ann Emery, William Perrie

Votes: 509

35. Rolf Harris's Cartoon Time (1979–1989)

30 min | Animation, Family

Add a Plot

Star: Rolf Harris

Votes: 10

36. ChuckleVision (1987–2009)

20 min | Comedy, Family

Crazy antics ensue when Barry and Paul Chuckle get into various exaggerated situations.

Stars: Barry Chuckle, Paul Chuckle, Jimmy Patton, Brian Patton

Votes: 1,814

37. Knightmare (1987–1994)

25 min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Dungeons and Dragons-style show that lets contestants explore a computer-generated fantasy world, with wicked special effects and cunning puzzles.

Stars: Hugo Myatt, Paul Valentine, Clifford Norgate, Mark Knight

Votes: 915

38. Moondial (1988)

158 min | Family, Fantasy

A teenage girl discovers a portal through time, and tries to help two children of the past.

Stars: Siri Neal, Tony Sands, Valerie Lush, Arthur Hewlett

Votes: 205

39. Byker Grove (1989–2006)

30 min | Drama, Family, Romance

Byker Grove follows the lives and relationships of a group of young people who are members of a youth club.

Stars: Daymon Britton, Billy Fane, Chris Beattie, Declan Donnelly

Votes: 784

40. On Safari (1982–1984)

Family, Game-Show

Children partnered with celebrities to compete against each other in a safari-themed game show.

Stars: Christopher Biggins, Gillian Taylforth, Sally James, Billy Dainty

Votes: 15

41. The Really Wild Show (1986–2006)

25 min | Documentary, Family

A weekly look at creatures in the wild.

Stars: Michaela Strachan, Howie Watkins, Chris Packham, Nick Baker

Votes: 77

42. Jackanory (1965–1996)

15 min | Family, Fantasy

A celebrity reads a story, enhancing it in ways that will entice the most restless of children.

Stars: Bernard Cribbins, Kenneth Williams, Bernard Holley, John Grant

Votes: 308

43. Jonny Briggs (1985–1987)

20 min | Family

Jonny Briggs centers on the exploits of a young boy, the eponymous hero (played by Richard Holian), his pet dog, Razzle, and his eccentric family members.

Stars: Richard Holian, Jane Lowe, Sue Devaney, Tommy Robinson

Votes: 154

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