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1. Ece Dizdar

Actress | Drawers

Ece [Edgeh] is an actor who performs on stage, in cinema, and is a voice-over artist. She lives and works in London and Istanbul. A citizen of both countries, she is fluently bilingual, performing among others in standard American and RP English accents.

Born in Istanbul to parents of Bosnian ...

2. Fatih Al

Actor | Daire

Fatih Al was born on September 12, 1976 in Ankara, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Daire (2013), Korlesme (2020) and Smuggling Hendrix (2018).

3. Güven Kiraç

Actor | Gegen die Wand

Güven Kiraç was born in 1968 in Turkey. He is an actor and producer, known for Head-On (2004), The Crossing (2010) and Innocence (1997).

4. Erol Keskin

Actor | Bozuk düzen

Erol Keskin was born on November 3, 1931 in Istanbul, Turkey. He was an actor and assistant director, known for Bozuk düzen (1966), Güzel Bir Gün Için (1965) and Away from Home (2001). He was married to Suna Keskin. He died on May 18, 2021 in Istanbul.

5. Rüçhan Çaliskur

Actress | Bulutlari Beklerken

Rüçhan Çaliskur was born on February 13, 1947 in Trabzon, Turkey. She is an actress, known for Waiting for the Clouds (2004), Zerre (2012) and Zenne Dancer (2011).

6. Emre Kinay

Actor | Insaat

Emre Kinay was born on March 5, 1970 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Insaat (2003), Yilan Hikayesi (1999) and Iki Aile (2006). He was previously married to Emine Ün.

7. Ufuk Bayraktar

Actor | Kümes

Ufuk Bayraktar was born in 12.09.1981 in Istanbul. Right after his high school graduation, he started running the coffee shop which belongs to his father, at the province of Cihangir Firuzaga. He met with director Zeki Demirkubuz there and he started acting. He has been an actor since 2005. "Kümes"...

8. Serhat Tutumluer

Actor | Devrim Arabalari

Serhat Tutumluer was born on June 29, 1972 in Eskisehir, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Cars of the Revolution (2008), Hercai (2019) and Ara (2008). He has been married to Senan Kara since 2007. They have one child.

9. Senay Orak

Actress | Min Dît

Senay Orak is an actress, known for Before Your Eyes (2009).

10. Ahmet Mekin

Actor | Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalim

Ahmet Mekin was born on August 6, 1932 in Istanbul, Turkey as Ahmet Kurteli. He is an actor, known for The Girl with the Red Scarf (1977), Görünmeyen (2011) and Uygunsuzlar. He is married to Sükran Sabuncu. He was previously married to Sükran Sabuncu.

11. Sanem Öge

Actress | Simdiki Zaman

Sanem Öge is an actress, known for Present Tense (2012), Dragon Trap (2010) and Across the Sea (2014).

12. Sema Poyraz

Actress | Özür Dilerim

Sema Poyraz was born on March 7, 1950 in Turkey. She is an actress and director, known for Özür Dilerim (2013), Gölge - Schatten (1980) and Tatort (1970).

13. Haydar Sisman

Actor | Kalandar Sogugu

Haydar Sisman was born on September 4, 1966 in Trabzon, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Cold of Kalandar (2015), Eskiya Dünyaya Hükümdar Olmaz (2015) and Sideway (2017).

14. Tolga Tekin

Actor | Kelebekler

Tolga Tekin was born on March 19, 1973 in Ankara, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Butterflies (2018), Rüzgarda salinan nilüfer (2016) and Behzat Ç. Ankara Yaniyor (2013). He was previously married to Zeynep Koltuk.

15. Kutay Sandikçi

Actor | Yuva

Kutay Sandikçi is known for his work on Yuva (2018), Sivas (2014) and Albüm (2016).

16. Ece Yüksel

Actress | Av Mevsimi

Ece Yüksel is an actress, known for Hunting Season (2010), Until I Lose My Breath (2015) and A Tale of Three Sisters (2019).

17. Helin Kandemir

Actress | Kiz Kardesler

Helin Kandemir is an actress, known for A Tale of Three Sisters (2019), The Protector (2018) and My Home My Destiny (2019).

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