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NightShooters “Packs A Punch” – Out Now On DVD And Blu Ray

Written and Directed By: Marc Price

Produced By: Michelle Parkyn

Executive Producer: Bart Ruspoli

Cast: Jean-Paul Ly, Doug Allen, Nicholas Aaron, Ben Shafik and Rosanna Hoult

“Great action throughout, not to be missed“

NightShooters is the latest Movie which features rising star Jean – Paul Ly. Here we get to see him in full action mode as he fights for his life (and his crews), against a bunch of blood thirsty gangsters out to kill them all.

A film crew are shooting an zombie movie in an adanboned building when they accidently record a gang land execution. Suddenly the crew are attacked and have to use all there film making skills to stay one step ahead and to stay alive. Richard Sandling (Tacker) and his men will stop at nothing to make sure nothing gets out about what the film crew had seen and filmed. Trapped in the building, there is only one way to survive,
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SAG-AFTRA Leaders Approve Commmercial Contract Proposal

  • Variety
SAG-AFTRA’s national board has approved the proposal for its commercials contract negotiations with the advertising industry.

The talks will begin Feb. 20 in New York City, six weeks ahead of the March 31 expiration of the current three-year deal. The union’s negotiating committee will be chaired by President Gabrielle Carteris and national executive director David White will serve as chief negotiator.

SAG-aftra leaders have hammered out the proposal through a required series of member meetings in recent months. The union, which represents about 160,000 performers, is giving no details as to the proposal, asserting that “as a matter of longstanding union practice,” negotiating committee members are not identified and noting that it will not comment further due to a mutually agreed upon news blackout with the industry.

The contract covers about $1 billion in annual revenues for performers. SAG-aftra has held more than two dozen demonstrations in recent months against
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‘Nightshooters’ Review

  • Nerdly
Stars: Adam McNab, Nicky Evans, Rosanna Hoult, Jean-Paul Ly, Richard Sandling, Kaitlyn Riordan, Mica Proctor, Nicholas Aaron, Ben Shafik, Doug Allen, Karanja Yorke, Marcus Shakesheff , Hung Dante Dong, Phil Deguara, Daisy Aitkens | Written and Directed by Marc Price

Nightshooters, from writer/director Marc Price (Colin), is a non-stop action-thriller about a group of filmmakers who find themselves on the run from a violent mob of criminals, after witnessing a brutal gangland execution. Unable to escape their set, the hapless film crew must use their technical skill and cinematic knowledge to survive. As the hoods draw near to eradicate all witnesses, stunt man Donnie (Jean-Paul Ly) is forced to take his martial arts capabilities off script, putting his skills to practice for survival. The sound team resourcefully use their equipment to track their surroundings as the special effects guru disregards all the rules of set, abandoning safety to set lethal traps
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