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Interviews (5)

Chicago Tribune (US) November 26 1989, by: Luaine Lee, "Banks wiser for having traveled a rocky road"
USA Today (US) August 31 1989, by: Tom Green, "A Vote of support for no.2's"
The Washington Times (US) June 15 1989, pg. E1, by: Richard Mann, "Jonathan Banks: nicest villain on TV"
USA Today (US) January 30 1989, pg. 3D, by: Tom Green, "He's the chief good guy on CBS' Wiseguy"
TV Guide (US) September 2 1988, pg. 21, by: Jane Marion, "Jonathan Banks: On hot doughnuts - and jealousy"

Articles (3)

Guardian, The (GB) February 6 2016, pg. 14,15,16, by: JONATHAN BERNSTEIN, "Magic Mike"
National Enquirer (US) October 15 1996, pg. 41, by: Staff, "Wiseguy star's twin tots hospitalized in drug scare"
TV Guide (US) January 16 1988, pg. 17, by: Jane Marion, "An Arresting performance"

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