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‘The Snarling’ Review

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Stars: Laurence Saunders, Chris Simmons, Ben Manning, Pablo Raybould, Ste Johnson, Joel Beckett, Julie Peasgood, Julia Deakin, Stephan Bessant | Written and Directed by Pablo Raybould

Werewolf movies aren’t generally the most popular sub genre of horror and there doesn’t seem to be half as many made as say, zombie movies. So when a new one is made I do like to check it out. An American Werewolf In London is arguably the most well known of the genre and probably the best to (it certainly has the best transformation scene) but Britain has produced a few other decent ones to. Most notably 2002’s Dog Soldiers and the more recent Howl. The Snarling chooses to go down a much more comedic route.

With The Snarling we see a new zombie film (it’s not quite as confusing as it might sound) being filmed in a small village. Unfortunately, the
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Movie Review – Snow in Paradise (2014)

Snow in Paradise, 2014.

Directed by Andrew Hulme.

Starring Frederick Schmidt, Martin Askew, David Spinx, Aymen Hamdouchi, Claire-Louise Cordwell, Ashley Chin, Joel Beckett and Clive Brunt.


Dave’s a petty criminal living on drugs and violence in East London. When his actions kill his best friend, he’s propelled into feelings of shame and remorse. Discovering Islam, he begins to find peace but his old life comes back to test him.

Focusing its attention on gangland London interspersed with the lead’s gradual and sympathetic conversion to Islam, Snow in Paradise is a film with its sights set firmly on the bigger picture of many socially significant topics. Featuring a powerfully gripping central performance from first time actor Frederick Schmidt, the film was largely ignored by British investment and mostly relied on French and German finances. This comes as something of a surprise, for as well as being a strongly written,
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The Office 11 years on: What Ricky Gervais, Martin Freeman and co did next

Ricky Gervais has confirmed that The Office's David Brent will be heading to the big screen with his own movie, Life on the Road.

So as we anticipate what Brent has been up to since the end of the BBC hit comedy, here's what the cast have done since:

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais played the lead role as David Brent - the embarrassing, toe-curling and cringeworthy boss of company Wernham Hogg, devoid of self-awareness but poised with an unwavering love for the paper merchants he manages.

Gervais went on to create comedy Extras with Stephen Merchant, which was co-produced by the BBC and HBO and aired between 2005 and 2007. Gervais played ambitious actor Andy Millman, afflicted with a useless agent played by Merchant. Guest stars have included Patrick Stewart, Samuel L Jackson, Ben Stiller and Kate Winslet.

In 2009, Gervais starred in, wrote and directed his feature comedy debut The Invention of Lying.
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DVD Review - The Office: Special Edition

DVD Review - The Office: Special Edition

There's hardly a television series funnier than The Office, a BBC2 series which aired from 2001 to 2003. Created by then-unknowns Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the series became a modern television classic, spawning off plenty of remakes (including the American Office, which still airs on NBC). It's been ten years since The Office first premiered, and on November 22, BBC DVD released a ten-year anniversary special edition set of the series.

The Office is a mockumentary that follows the lives of workers in the Slough branch of the Wernham Hogg Paper Company. The star of the show is undoubtedly David Brent (Gervais), the Regional Manager who believes he is well-liked when in reality, his self-absorbed nature and attention-seeking behavior generally make him to be a pitiable figure. The presence of the documentary cameras in the office only fuel Brent's desperation for attention.

Also present
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Review: ‘The Office: Special Edition’

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There are times we lose sight of Ricky Gervais’ comedic genius now that he has become a celebrity in his own right. The news that he will once again host the Golden Globe Awards brings with it nervous anticipation but the better news is that The Office Special Edition is coming out this week from Warner Home Video. The 2001 series is collected in its entirety with both Christmas specials included along with new featurettes plus the original bonus material.

Never before has there been a television series set in an office environment that felt so accurate even though there were some distinctly English touches. Coming two years after Mike Judge’s brilliant Office Space, Gervais and partner Stephen Merchant gave us the employees at Sough’s Wernham Hogg Paper Company and a mockumentary style that has been imitated by numerous shows ever since.

Gervais’ David Brent is everyone’s worst
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New Image from Grace And Danger’s Comic Book Prequel – Tom Felton as Carnaby

Rhys Hayward’s second feature film, the WWII drama Grace and Danger, is getting the comic book prequel treatment in the vein of Inception’s The Cobol Job, and will give background for the dynamic in the soldier’s relationships as well as offer further context to the events depicted in the film.

The artist Miki has created the images below for the comic book, provisionally titled “Cold Blood Kill”, the first portrays Tom Felton’s character Carnaby and the second image is of Tom Sizemore and gives a good flavour of how the comic book will look. We previously posted some of the film’s storyboards as well as the poster for Grace and Danger and we’re looking forward to seeing more of the film when a trailer comes out.

Hayward has assembled a great cast for the film which includes Tom Felton, Tom Sizemore, Leo Gregory, Tom Hopper,
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First Poster & Storyboards from Grace and Danger

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As many of you we here at HeyUGuys love to do our bit for British Independent films as much as we can. We’ve made good friends with multiple productions teams because of it and the latest group of guys we’ve met through the lovely medium of film are those currently creating Grace and Danger, which is both written and directed by Rhys Hayward.

This is Rhys’ first feature but nonetheless, has a great cast attached to the project which includes Tom Felton (Harry Potter), Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan), Leo Gregory (Stoned), Tom Hopper (Tormented), David Leon (RocknRolla), Joel Beckett (Eve) and Anna Langner (Dog Fight).

Grace and Danger has the following overview:

WWII France. 7 Allied soldiers rescue a young woman from a village massacre, and promise to escort her to safety. When Nazi S.S. officers pick up their trail, the journey becomes a savage battle for
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Oberman: 'I'd like to finish Chrissie's story'

Former EastEnders actress Tracy-Ann Oberman has revealed that she would love to finish off her character's storyline. The 39-year-old, who played cold-blooded murderer Chrissie Watts for a year-and-a-half, was written out of the BBC soap in December 2005 when she was left languishing in prison for killing her husband Den (Leslie Grantham). Due to the unavailability of Oberman and the other actors involved - Michelle Ryan (Zoe Slater) and Kim Medcalf (Sam Mitchell) - Den's murder trial was shelved and Chrissie was last seen returning to her cell after a visit from Jake Moon (Joel Beckett). With no resolve to Chrissie's story, Oberman hopes to one day discover what happened to her Walford counterpart. Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, she enthused: "I'd love to finish off Chrissie's storyline because I love (more)
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Three ex-'Enders to guest in 'Casualty'

Three former EastEnders actors are to make guest appearances in BBC flagship medical drama Casualty later this year. Anita Dobson, Gillian Taylforth and Joel Beckett - who played Angie Watts, Kathy Mitchell and Jake Moon respectively - have each filmed a guest spot for episodes due to air between mid-June and early July. Beckett, who played the now-presumed-dead Moon brother between 2004 and 2006, takes on the role of soon-to-be-father Jim, who plans to buy himself into fatherhood. As Jordan (Michael French) treats heavily pregnant teenager Kitty, Jim waits in anticipation with his partner Susan for 'their child' to be born. However, serious complications with the birth render Kitty unable to have any more children, resulting in Jordan urging Kitty to rethink her decision to sell her baby to Jim and Susan. Beckett's episode, entitled (more)
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