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The Vampire Killer – Lam Ching Ying (Vampire movies)

I thought it was about time i did a post on the great vampire buster of all time, yes you got it, lam Ching Ying. This will be listing all the movies and tv series where Lam Ching Ying either stars in or takes on the hopping vampires and evil spirits.

His roles in the Mr.Vampire movies show his skills as an actor, with great comic timing which goes well with his serious acting side, which we normally get to see on screen. This role would make him, not just a big star in Asia but also worldwide as the master of Vampire killers.

Other great movies which he starred in (But not in a vampire movie) were the likes of The Prodigal Son, School On Fire, Eastern Condors, The Magnificent Butcher and Painted Faces.

I have been a big fan of these movies since i first watched Mr.
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