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Denmark enters Sorrow and Joy to Oscar race

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Nils Malmros’ Sorrow and Joy has been submitted by Denmark for the Academy Awards.

Sorrow and Joy, known in Denmark as Sorg og glæde, has been submitted for the Best Foreign-Language Film category at the 87th Academy Awards.

Best Foreign-Language Film Academy Award submissions 2015

The Danish Oscar Committee chose the film directed by Nils Malmros from a shortlist that also included Niels Arden Oplev’s Speed Walking (Kapgang) and Pernille Fischer Christensen’s Someone You Love (En du elsker).

“It was a difficult decision, with three very personal films from well-known directors were are proud of, but it was an unanimous choice” said committee chairman Henrik Bo Nielsen, MD of the Danish Film Institute.

“After a long career, Malmros is still a strong narrator, who dares stand out – he is not afraid of approaching taboos, he deals with universal themes and gently touches us all.”

Launched at last year’s Rome Film Festival, Sorrow and [link
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Edinburgh 2014: 'Sorrow and Joy' review

★★☆☆☆Film director Johannes (Jakob Cedergren) returns home from a trip to be told that his wife Signe (Helle Fagralid) has killed their infant daughter in director Nils Malmros' largely autobiographical effort Sorrow and Joy (2013). Initially filled with disbelief, Johannes quickly rallies himself into supporting his wife's case for psychiatric care, rather than psychiatric imprisonment. This almost categorical lack of spite in the film's central protagonist, despite the circumstances of an unthinkable act, is intriguing, if not outright baffling, and only when Malmros eventually reveals his central couple's back story does Johannes steady, practical reaction begin to make sense.
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The Hunt sweeps Danish Robert awards

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The Hunt sweeps Danish Robert awards
Danish director Thomas Vinterberg’s Oscar-nominated The Hunt (Jagten) won seven awards at the Danish Academy Awards - where Gravity picked up Best Us Feature.Scroll down for full list of winners

The Hunt, which has made the shortlist for the Best Foreign-Language Film at this year’s Oscars, was nominated in 14 categories at the Roberts - the annual awards of the Danish Film Academy.

Last night’s ceremony marked the 30th time the Danish national film prize was awarded at a gala in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Hotel & Congress Centre.

Having already collected 18 international prizes, including three at Cannes and a European Film Award, The Hunt won for Best Film and Best Original Screenplay (Vinterberg, Tobias Lindholm), and Mads Mikkelsen was named Best Actor for his portrayal of a 40-year-old man in a small provincial town, wrongly suspected of child abuse.

Taking to the stage with his team, Vinterbeg said: ”We have basked in success, and it has
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