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  • (1968) He acted in Zavin, Nassau, Brand and Rosten's musical, "The Education of Hyman Kaplan," at the Alvin Theatre on Broadway in New York City with Tom Bosely, Barbara Minkus, and Gary Krawford in the cast. George Abbott was director.
  • The Odd Couple (1965). Comedy. Written by Neil Simon. Scenic Design by Oliver Smith. Lighting Design by Jean Rosenthal. Directed by Mike Nichols. Plymouth Theatre (moved to The Eugene O'Neill Theatre from 1 Aug 1966- close): 10 Mar 1965- 2 Jul 1967 (964 performances + 2 previews that began on 8 Mar 1965). Cast: Art Carney (as "Felix Ungar"), Walter Matthau (as "Oscar Madison"), Paul Dooley (as "Speed"), John Fiedler (as "Vinnie"), Nathaniel Frey (as "Murray"), Sidney Armus (as "Roy"), Monica Evans (as "Cecily Pigeon"), Carole Shelley (as "Gwendolyn Pigeon"). Standby: Louis Zorich (as "Oscar Madison"). Understudies: Paul Dooley (as "Felix Ungar"), Carol Gustafson (as "Cecily Pigeon/Gwendolyn Pigeon"), Bernard Pollock (as "Roy/Vinnie"). Replacement actors during Plymouth Theatre run: Eddie Bracken (as "Felix Ungar") [from 25 Oct 1965- ?], Pat Hingle (as "Oscar Madison") (from 28 Feb 1966- ?], Jack Klugman (as "Oscar Madison") [from 8 Nov 1965- ?], Alfred Sandor (as "Speed"), Ralph Williams (as "Vinnie"). Standby: Alfred Sandor (as "Oscar Madison"). Replacement actor during Eugene O'Neill Theatre run: Mike Kellin (as "Oscar Madison"). Produced by Arnold Saint Subber. Notes: (1). Eugene O'Neill Theatre was at the time owned by Neil Simon (as Nancy Enterprises Inc. (2). Filmed as The Odd Couple (1968).
  • (1959) Stage Play: Fiorello! Musical. Book by Jerome Weidman and George Abbott. Music by Jerry Bock. Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick. Musical Director: Harold Hastings. Music orchestrated by Irwin Kostal. Dance arrangements by Jack Elliott. Assistant Musical Director: Mike Forman. Directed by George Abbott. Broadhurst Theatre (moved to The Broadway Theatre from 9 May 1961- close): 23 Nov 1959- 28 Oct 1961 (795 performances). Cast: Tom Bosley (as "Fiorello LaGuardia"), Howard Da Silva (as "Ben Marino"), Mark Dawson (as "Floyd, a cop"), Nathaniel Frey (as "Morris, office manager"), Ellen Hanley (as "Thea, the sweatshop workers' leader"), Pat Stanley (as "Dora. Marie's friend"), Patricia Wilson (as "Marie, Fiorello's secretary"), Bob Bernard (as "1st Heckler/Derby/Dancer"), Elaine Cancilla (as "Dancer"), Charlene Carter (as "Dancer"), David Collyer (as "Mr. Zappatella/Singer"), Frederic Downs (as "Senator"), Barbara Gilbert (as "Singer"), H.F. Green (as "Mr. Lopez/Politician"), Ellen Harris (as "Dancer"), Patricia Harty (as "Dancer"), Bob Holiday (as "Neil/Law clerk"), Del Horstmann (as "Announcer/2nd Player/Singer"), Scott Hunter (as "1st Man/Dancer"), Ron Husmann (as "4th Player/Singer"), Deedy Irwin (as "Florence/Singer"), Bob LaCrosse (as "Dancer"), Mara Landi (as "Secretary/Singer"), David London (as "5th Player/Tough Man/Singer"), Lynda Lynch (as "Dancer"), Jim Maher (as "3rd Heckler/Dancer"), Gregg Owen (as "Dancer"), Julian Patrick (as "6th Player/Reporter/Singer"), Ginny Perlowin (as "Singer"), Patsy Peterson (as "Singer"), Lowell Purvis (as "Dancer"), Michael Quinn (as "3rd Player/Commissioner"), Dellas Rennie (as "Dancer"), Eileen Rodgers (as "Mitzi Travers") [Broadway debut], Lynn Ross (as "Sophie/Dancer"), Silver Saundors (as "Singer"), Michael Scrittorale (as "2nd Heckler/Frankie Scarpini/2nd Man/Dancer"), Stanley Simmonds (as "Ed Peterson/Frantic"), Dan Siretta (as "Dancer"), Joseph Toner (as "Seedy Man/4th Heckler/Judge Carter"), Pat Turner (as "Nina/Dancer"), Helen Verbit (as "Mrs. Pomerantz"). Standby: Harvey Lembeck (as "Fiorello LaGuardia") [final Broadway role]. Understudies: David Collyer (as "Ben Marino/Morris"), Patricia Harty (as "Dora") [Broadway debut], Ron Husmann (as "Neil"), Mara Landi (as "Mrs. Pomerantz"), Jack McMinn (as "2nd Player/3rd Player/4th Player/5th Player/6th Player"), Ginny Perlowin (as "Thea"), Patsy Peterson (as "Mitzi Travers"), Eileen Rodgers (as "Marie"). Produced by Robert E. Griffith and Harold Prince.
  • (1951) Stage Play: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Musical. Written by Betty Smith and George Abbott. Based on the novel by Betty Smith. Music by Arthur Schwartz. Lyrics by Dorothy Fields. Music arranged by Joe Glover and Robert Russell Bennett. Musical Director: Max Goberman. Ballet Music Arranged by Oscar Kosarin. Musical Supervisor: Jay Blackton. Choreographed by Herbert Ross. Uncredited show doctoring by Jerome Robbins. General Stage Manager: Robert E. Griffith. Stage Manager: Terence Little. Assistant Stage Mgr: Kenneth Utt and John Mooney. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Costume Design by Irene Sharaff. Assistant to Mr. Mielziner: John Harvey. Assistant to Miss Sharaff: Florence Klotz. Wig Design by Alfred Barris. Directed by George Abbott. Alvin Theatre: 19 Apr 1951- 8 Dec 1951 (267 performances). Cast: Shirley Booth (as "Cissy"), Johnny Johnston (as "Johnny Nolan"), Nathaniel Frey (as "Harry"), Nomi Mitty (as "Francie") [final Broadway role], Marcia Van Dyke (as "Katie") [Broadway debut], Lou Wills Jr. (as "Petey"), Ruth Amos (as "Mae"), Elaine Barrow (as "Singer"), Marta Becket (as "Girl in Mae's Place/Dancer"), Jordan Bentley (as "Aloysius"), Val Buttignol (as "Dancer"), Joe Calvan (as "Allie"), Claudia Campbell (as "Annie"), Art Carroll (as "Salesman/Singer"), William Carson (as "Singer"), Terry Castagna (as "Singer"), John Connoughton (as "Child"), Jane Copeland (as "Girl in Mae's Place/Singer"), Harland Dixon (as "Old Clothes Man/Judge"), Donn Driver (as "Dancer"), Donald Duerr (as "Edgie/Child"), Celine Flanagan (as "Maudie/Child"), Johnny Ford (as "Singer"), Alan Gilbert (as "Hick"), Jeanne Grant (as "Singer"), Dody Heath (as "Hildy"), Joan Kibrig (as "Girl in Mae's Place/Singer"), Albert Linville (as "Swanswine"), Buzzie Martin (as "Child"), Howard Martin (as "Junior/Child"), James McCracken (as "Singer"), Iona McKenzie (as "Girl in Mae's Place/Dancer"), Patti Milligan (as "Child"), John Mooney (as "Singer"), David Newman (as "Dancer"), Janet Parker (as "Florence"), Billy Parsons (as "Willie"), Beverly Purvin (as "Della/Girl in Mae's Place/Singer"), Frank Seabolt (as "Dancer"), Mary Statz (as "Girl in Mae's Place/Dancer"), Kenneth Utt (as "Singer"), Marc West (as "Dancer"), Bruno Wick (as "Max"), Eleanor Williams (as "Singer"), Roland Wood (as "Moriarty"), Doris Wright (as "Dancer"). Understudies: Elaine Barrow (as "Katie"), Art Carroll (as "Aloysius"), Jane Copeland (as "Mae"), Donn Driver (as "Allie/Judge/Petey"), Marie Foster (as "Cissy"), Alan Gilbert (as "Johnny Nolan"), Patti Milligan (as "Francie"), Beverly Purvin (as "Hildy") and Kenneth Utt (as "Harry/Moriarty"). Replacement actors: Delbert Anderson (as "Singer"), Claudia Campbell (as "Girl in Mae's Place/Singer"), Dorothy Hill (as "Dancer/Girl in Mae's Place"), Joan Kibrig (as "Annie"), Patti Milligan (as "Florence"), Janet Parker (as "Child"), Dick Price (as "Dancer"), Isabel Price (as "Mae"), Feodore Tedick (as "Singer"), Beverly Jane Welch (as "Singer"). Produced by George Abbott. Produced in association with Robert Fryer. Note: Previously filmed as A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945).
  • (1950) Stage Play: Call Me Madam. Musical comedy. Music by Irving Berlin. Lyrics by Irving Berlin. Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse. Musical Director: Jay Blackton. Music orchestrated by Don Walker. Dance arrangements by Genevieve Pitot and Jesse Meeker. Additional orchestrations by Joe Glover. Vocal arrangements by Jay Blackton. Piano Arrangements by Helmy Kresa. Scenic Design by Raoul Pène Du Bois.Costume Design by Raoul Pene Du Bois. Miss Merman's dresses by Mainbocher. Assistant to Mr. Du Bois: Willa Kim, Mason Arvold and Waldo Angelo. Dances and Musical Numbers Staged by Jerome Robbins. Directed by George Abbott. Imperial Theatre: 12 Oct 1950- 3 May 1952 (644 performances). Cast: Ethel Merman (as "Mrs. Sally Adams"), Paul Lukas (as "Cosmo Constantine"), Rae Abruzzo (as "Singer"), Jeanne Bal (as "Secretary to Mrs. Adams/Singer"), Aristide Bartis (as "Singer"), Muriel Bentley (as "Principal Dancer"), Ralph Chambers (as "Senator Gallagher"), Owen Coll (as "Supreme Court Justice/Grand Duke Otto"), William David (as "Henry Gibson/Court Chamberlain"), Trudy Deluz (as "Singer"), Ollie Engebretson (as "Potato Bug"), Shellie Farrell (as "Dancer"), Richard Fjellman (as "Potato Bug"), Lydia Fredericks (as "Singer"), Nina Frenkin (as "Dancer"), Nathaniel Frey (as "Singer"), Estelle Gardner (as "Singer"), William Hail (as "Butler/Singer"), Patricia Hammerlee (as "Dancer"), Pat Harrington Sr. (as "Congressman Wilkins"), Fred Hearn (as "Dancer"), Barbara Heath (as "Dancer"), Alan Hewitt (as "Pemberton Maxwell"), Norma Kaiser (as "Dancer/Principal Dancer"), Allan Knolls (as "Dancer"), E.A. Krumschmidt (as "Hugo Tantinnin"), Henry Lascoe (as "Sebastian Sebastian"), Kenneth Le Roy (as "Dancer"), Virginia Le Roy (as "Dancer"), Ralph Linn (as "Dancer"), Albert Linville (as "Singer"), Geoffrey Lumb (as "The Secretary of State"), Ruth McVayne (as "Singer"), Douglas Moppert (as "Dancer"), Russell Nype (as "Kenneth Gibson"), Lily Paget(as "A Maid/Singer"), Arthur Partington (as "Principal Dancer"), Noella Peloquin (as "Singer"), Robert Penn (as "Singer"), Stowe Phelps (as "Clerk"), Tommy Rall Principal Dancer"), Tom Reider (as "Singer"), John Sheehan (as "Singer"), Stanley Simmonds (as "Singer"), Lilia Skala (as "Grand Duchess Sophie"), Ray Stephens (as "Singer"), Galina Talva (as "Princess Maria"), Bobby Tucker (as "Dancer"), Kirsten Valbor (as "Dancer"), Jay Velie (as "Senator Brockbank"), William Weslow (as "Dancer"), Helene Whitney (as "Singer"). Standby: Elaine Stritch (as "Mrs. Sally Adams"). Produced by Leland Hayward.
  • (1953) Stage Play: Wonderful Town. Musical comedy. Music by Leonard Bernstein. Book by Joseph Fields and Jerome Chodorov. Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Based on "My Sister Eileen" by Joseph A. Fields and Jerome Chodorov. Based on stories by Ruth McKenney. Musical Director: Lehman Engel. Vocal arrangements by Lehman Engel. Music orchestrated by Don Walker. Assistant to Don Walker: Seymour Ginzler and Sid Ramin. Assistant to Lehman Engel: Bill JonsonDances and Musical Numbers Staged by Donald Saddler. Uncredited show doctoring by Jerome Robbins. Scenic Design and Costume Design by 'Raoul Pène Du Bois'. Directed by George Abbott. Winter Garden Theatre: 25 Feb 1953- 3 Jul 1954 (559 performances). Cast: Rosalind Russell (as "Ruth Sherwood"), Edie Adams [credited as Edith Adams] (as "Eileen Sherwood") [Broadway debut], Cris Alexander (as "Frank Lippencott"), Jordan Bentley (as "Wreck"), Dort Clark (as "Chick Clark"), George Gaynes (as "Robert Baker"), Henry Lascoe (as "ppopolous"), Delbert Anderson (as "Drunk/Italian Waiter/Greenwich Villager/Policeman"), Ed Balin (as "Greenwich Villager"), Alvin Beam (as "Delivery Boy/Greenwich Villager"), Marta Becket (as "Greenwich Villager"), Ted Beniades (as "Speedy Valenti"), Maxine Berke (as "Greenwich Villager"), Michele Burke (as "Helen"), Margaret Caddy (as "Greenwich Villager"), Carol Cole (as "Greenwich Villager"), Geraldine Delaney (as "Greenwich Villager"), Ray Dorian (as "Second Cadet/Greenwich Villager"), Jean Eliot (as "Greenwich Villager"), Nathaniel Frey (as "Strange Man/Italian Chef/Policeman"), Warren Galjour (as "Tour Guide/Associate Editor/Greenwich Villager/Policeman"), Dody Goodman (as "Violet/Greenwich Villager"), Edward J. Heim (as "Greenwich Villager"), Isabella Hoopes (as "Mrs. Wade"), Pat Johnson (as "Greenwich Villager"), Walter Kelvin (as "Officer Lonigan"), Robert Kole (as "Greenwich Villager/Policeman"), Joe Layton (as "Greenwich Villager"), Albert Linville (as "Associate Editor/Policeman"), David Lober(as "First Cadet/Greenwich Villager"), Victor Moreno (as "Greenwich Villager"), Evelyn Page (as "Greenwich Villager"), Lee Papell (as "Drunk/Shore Patrolman/Greenwich Villager/Policeman"), Helen Rice (as "Greenwich Villager"), Chris Robinson (as "Ruth's Escort/Greenwich Villager/Policeman"), Helena Seroy (as "Greenwich Villager"), Libi Staiger (as "Greenwich Villager"), William Weslow (as "Greenwich Villager"), Patty Wilkes (as "Greenwich Villager"), Understudies: Delbert Anderson (as "Chick Clark"), Geraldine Delaney (as "Helen"), Warren Galjour (as "Speedy Valenti"), Betty Gillette (as "Eileen Sherwood"), Joe Layton (as "Wreck"), Lee Papell (as "Appopolous"), Harold Prince (as "Frank Lippencott"), Helen Rice (as "Mrs. Wade") and Chris Robinson (as "Robert Baker"). Replacement cast: Donald Barton (as "Greenwich Villager"), Carol Channing (as "Ruth Sherwood"), Ruth Anne Fleming (as "Greenwich Villager"), Babs Heath (as "Greenwich Villager"), Diana Herbert (as "Helen"), Ray Kirchner (as "Greenwich Villager"), Hugh Lambert (as "Greenwich Villager"), Marion Lauer (as "Greenwich Villager"), Joe Layton (as "Hermit"), Paul Lyday (as "Greenwich Villager"), Mike Mason (as "Greenwich Villager/Policeman"), David Neuman (as "Greenwich Villager/Hermit"), Virginia Poe (as "Greenwich Villager"), Eva Ralf (as "Greenwich Villager"), Walter Rinner (as "Greenwich Villager"), Jean Sincere (as "Greenwich Villager"), Doris Wright (as "Greenwich Villager"). Understudies: Ruth Anne Fleming (as "Eileen Sherwood"), Pat Johnson (as "Eileen Sherwood"), Mike Mason (as "Wreck"), Jean Sincere (as "Ruth Sherwood"), Patricia Wilkes (as "Ruth Sherwood"). Produced by Robert Fryer.
  • (1954) Stage Play: On Your Toes. Musical comedy (revival). Music by Richard Rodgers. Lyrics by Lorenz Hart. Book by Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart and George Abbott. Musical Director: Salvatore Dell'Isola. Music orchestrated by Don Walker. Scenic Design by Oliver Smith. Costume Design by Irene Sharaff. Choreographed by George Balanchine. Directed by George Abbott. 46th Street Theatre: 11 Oct 1946- 4 Dec 1954 (64 performances). Cast: Bobby Van (as "Junior, 15 years later"), Vera Zorina (as "Vera Barnova"), Elaine Stritch (as "Peggy Porterfield"), Ted Adkins, Marvin Arnold, Ben Astar, Johnny Bowen, Phyllis Campbell, George Church, Kay Coulter (as "Frankie Frayne") [final Broadway role], Lillian D'Honau, Patricia Drylie, Timmy Everett, Nathaniel Frey, Katia Geneznova, Carolyn George, Arthur Grahl, Marilyn Hale, Edward Kerrigan, Dorene Kilmer, Helen Kramer, Jack Leigh, Robert Lindgren, Sonya Lindgren, Paula Lloyd, Barbara Michaels, John Nola, Nicholas Orloff, Edward Pfeiffer, Lois Platt, Nina Popova, John Robb, Joshua Shelley, Sigyn, Ruth Sobotka, Mary Stanton, Carol Stevens, Patrick Welch, Patricia Wilkes, Eleanor Williams, Jack Williams, Wendy Winn, David Winters, Bertram Wood. Produced by George Abbott.
  • (1963) Stage Play: She Loves Me. Musical comedy. Nathaniel Frey as Ladislav Sipos.

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