Other Works

  • (1912 - 1943) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1912) Stage Play: The Firefly. Musical comedy/opera. Book by Otto A. Harbach (also lyrics). Music by Rudolf Friml [earliest Broadway credit]. Directed by Frederick G. Latham. Lyric Theatre (moved to The Casino Theatre on 30 Dec 1912 to close): 2 Dec 1912- 15 Mar 1913 (120 performances). Cast: Roy Atwell (as "Jenkins"). Produced by Arthur Hammerstein.
  • (1913) Stage Play: High Jinks. Musical comedy. Music by Rudolf Friml. Lyrics by Otto Hauerbach. Material adapted for the stage by Leo Ditrichstein and Otto Hauerbach. Based on a farce by Leo Ditrichstein. Adapted from a French farce by Maurice Hennequin and Paul Bilhaud. Musical Direction by Paul Schindler. Featuring songs by George L. Cobb. Featuring songs with lyrics by Jack Yellen. Directed by Frank Smithson. Lyric Theatre (moved to The Casino Theatre from 12 Jan 1914 to close): 10 Dec 1913- 13 Jun 1914 (213 performances). Cast: Violette Armstrong, Burrell Barbaretto, Billy Blane, Bessie Brown, Marion Brown, Mr. Cantry, Mr. Clifford, Mr. Cooper, Naomi Dale, Valla Dares, Mr. Davis, Alberta DeVere, Marie DeVoe, May Dougherty, Lola Edwards, Snitz Edwards, Gladys Feldman, Blanche Field, Yewell Fields, Mr. Forbes, Edith Gardner, Eileen Gerald, Elsie Gergley, Greta Gleason, Elaine Hammerstein (as "Florence"), Frank G. Harley, Mazie Hartford, Grace Hoey, Henrietta Hosford, Fern Kenney, Emilie Lea, Florence Lee, M. Levine, Tom Lewis, Ignatti Martinetti, Anna McConville, Ada Meade, Miss Melville, Maggie Melvin, Miss Morgan, Hulda Morton, Elizabeth Murray, Siegrid Oleson, Mr. Page, Robert Pitkin, Ethel Powell, Mr. Protas, Augustus Schultz, Mr. Sharp, Helen Sinclair, Bessie Skeet, Edna St. Claire, Mr. Vessey, Mr. Watson, Mr. Wise, Mana Zucca. Produced by Arthur Hammerstein.
  • (1915) Stage Play: The Peasant Girl. Musical. Book adapted by Edgar Smith. Music by Oskar Nedbal. Lyrics by Herbert Reynolds and Harold Atteridge. Original Viennese Book "Polenblut" by Leo Stein. Additional music by Rudolf Friml and Clifton Crawford. Additional lyrics by Clifton Crawford. Musical Direction by Gaetano Merola. Scenic Design by Ackerman Brothers. Costume Design by Melville Ellis. Choreographed by Jack Mason. Directed by J.C. Huffman and J.H. Benrimo. 44th Street Theatre: 2 Mar 1915- 5 Jun 1915 (111 performances). Cast: Miss Alexander, Mr. Allison, Blanch Babbitt, Anna Berg, Miss Berry, Lucille Blair, Miss Boyd, Francis J. Boyle, Miss Bright, Miss. Brown, Miss Cedar, Florence Challenger, Miss Clayton, Clifton Crawford, Maude Crockett, Mr. Croft, Miss Davidson, Marjorie Dayton, Patsy De Forrest, Miss Ehilid, Miss Estey, Harold Everts, Ida Evon, Mr. Fest, Miss Flood, Miss P. Franklin, Miss. Gordon, Charles Guidon, Miss Hall, Edith Kingdon Hallor, M. Hamilton, Ernest Hare, Josephine Harriman, Miss Harrison, Stanley Henry, Miss Horn, Ethel Houston, M. Kessler, Miss Kline, Karen Krischner, Miss Lampe, Miss Lawlor, Mr. Lee, Leola Lucey, Henry Mack, Miss Maury, Mr. Miller, Miss Mitchell, Lucine Paula, Miss Perle, Frances Pritchard, Miss Raye, Miss Reynolds, Sol Singlust, Bertha Siple, Mr. Smith, Miss Spencer, Miss Stallman, Miss Sutton, Miss Taylor, John Charles Thomas, Emma Trentini, Mr. Wagner, Mr. Warren, Miss Watson, Constance Werner, Miss. Wolf, Letty Yorke. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Produced in association with F. Ray Comstock and Morris Gest.
  • (1915) Stage Play: Katinka. Musical.
  • (1917) Stage Play: You're in Love. Musical. Book by Otto A. Harbach and Edward Clark. Music by Rudolf Friml. Lyrics by Otto A. Harbach and Edward Clark. Musical Director: John McGhie. Choreographed by Robert Marks. Directed by Edward Clark. Casino Theatre: 6 Feb 1917- 30 Jun 1917 (167 performances). Cast: Violette Armstrong, Florine Arnold, Adele Christy, Kenneth Christy, Harry Clarke, Ethel Clayton, Hazel Clements, Edna Coigne, Harry Cornell, Lillian Cullen, M. Cunningham, June Delight, Carolyn Diehl, Marie Flynn, Harry Forbes, Estelle Francesca, Anita Francesca, Lillian Gilford, Nancy Griffith, Flora Hollister, Frances Jordon, C. Balfour Lloyd, Irma Marwick, Emily Monte, Harry Murray, Helen O'Day, Albert Pellaton, George W. Pierpont, Jack Raffael, Al Roberts, Howard Smith, Mildred Stevens, Betty Stivers, Jacques Stone, May Thompson, Barbara Valdini, Gilbert Wells, Lawrence Wheat, Harry Wild, Florence Wilson, Virginia Wynn. Produced by Arthur Hammerstein.
  • (1917) Stage Play: Kitty Darlin'. Musical/romance. Book by Otto A. Harbach. Music by Rudolf Friml. Based on the play "Sweet Kitty Bellairs" by David Belasco, based on the novel by Egerton Castle. Musical Director: William Axt. Directed by Edward Royce. Casino Theatre: 7 Nov 1917- 17 Nov 1917 (14 performances). Cast: Edith Appleton, Rose Benedict, Frank Bradley, Peggy Brandon, Josephine Bryan, N.P. Bryan, Jane Buchanan, George Callahan, Helen Christie, Molly Christie, Bert Clark, H. Clark, Mary Comerford, S. Critcheson, Eleanor Daniels, Grace Dean, R.G. Elliott, C. Enisman, Sidonie Espero, Doris Faithful, Worthe Faulkner, Juanita Fletcher, Patricia Frewen, Glen Hall, Florence Haynes, Jackson Hines, Gertrude Hogan, William Hovel, Fayette Howard, Anton Ingaroa, Clare King, Olive Kingston, Louis LaVie, Charlotte Lenox, Shirley Love, Margaret May, Yetla Nicol, Alice Nielsen, Albert Noome, Ann Page, Walter Palm, Benjamin Rogers, H. Jess Smith, Muril Smither, Frank Sparling, Jeanne Sparry, R. St. John, Erna Steinway, Edwin Stevens (as "Colonel the Honorable Henry Villiers") [final Broadway role], Mary Lee Stevens, Ruby Thomas, B. Tieman, Peggy Troland, Edward Watson, Frank Westerton. Produced by William Elliott, F. Ray Comstock and Morris Gest. Note: Filmed by London Film Productions [US distributor: Cosmofotofilm] as The Incomparable Bellairs (1914), Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company [distributed by Paramount Pictures] as Sweet Kitty Bellairs (1916) and by Warner Bros. as Sweet Kitty Bellairs (1930).
  • (1918) Stage Play: Sometime. Musical. Written by Rida Johnson Young and Rudolf Friml. Additional lyrics by Ed Wynn. Musical Director: Herbert Stothart. Musical Staging by Allan K. Foster. Directed by Oscar Eagle. Shubert Theatre: 4 Oct 1918- Jun 1919 (closing date unknown/283 performances). Cast: Harrison Brockbank, Frances Cameron, Charles DeHaven, William Dorrian, George Gatson, Mildred La Gue, Francine Larrimore, Virginia Lee, John Merkyl, Francis Murphy, Fred Nice, Albert Sackett, Betty Stivers, Beatrice Summers, Mae West, Harold Williams, Ed Wynn. Produced by Arthur Hammerstein.
  • (1918) Stage Play: Glorianna. Musical. Book by Catherine Chisholm Cushing. Music by Rudolf Friml. Lyrics by Catherine Chisholm Cushing. Based on the play "A Widow by Proxy" by Catherine Chisholm Cushing. Musical Director: Milan Roder [earliest Broadway credit]. Choreographed by Bert French. Directed by Clifford Brooke. Liberty Theatre: 28 Oct 1918- 18 Jan 1919 (96 performances). Cast: Sibylla Bowhan (as "Dancing Class"), Alexander Clark (as "Alexander Galloway"), James Joseph Dunn (as "Robbins"), Vera Dunn (as "Ring Bearer"), Ursula Ellsworth (as "Mrs. Saphronica Pennington"), Curtis Karpe (as "Tonio"), Elsie Lawson (as "Maid"), Emilie Lea (as "Jessica"), Joseph Lertora (as "Lieutenant "Dick" Pennington"), C. Balfour Lloyd (as "Porter"), Rose McEntire, Jean Merode (as "Dancing Class"), Eleanor Painter (as "Glorianna Grey"), Goldier Redding (as "Dancing Class"), Marion Sitgreaves (as "Miss Angelica Pennington/Dancing Class"), Dorothy South (as "Dolores Pennington"), Marguerite St. Clair (as "Maid"), Kate Stout (as "Dancing Class"), The Ergotti Twins (as "Rintintin and Nenette"), Gilbert Wells (as "Porter"), Ralph Whitehead (as "Jonathan Pennington"), Josephine Whittell (as "Therese, Ltd."). Produced by John Cort.
  • (1919) Stage Play: Tumble In. Musical comedy. Material and lyrics by Otto Hauerbach. Based on a farce by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hopwood. Musical Direction by Herbert Stothart and Bert French. Directed by Bertram Harrison. Selwyn Theatre: 24 May 1919-12 Jul 1919 (128 performances). Cast: Isabel Adams, Hortense Alden (as "Hortense"), Kitty Berg, George Bingham, Jane Cobb, Courtney Collins, Herbert Corthell, Dudley Farnsworth, John Ford, Virginia Hammond, Ruth Harrington, Edna Hettler, Edna Hibbard, Fred Lennox, Helen Lyons, Babe Marlowe, Olga Mishka, Claire Nagle, Marietta O'Brien, Peggy O'Neil, Harry A. Pollard, Maxine Robinson, Charles Ruggles (as "Dallas Brown"), Emily Russ, Zelda Sears (as "Aunt Selina"), Yvan Strogoff, Beatrice Summers, Arthur Swanstone, Dorothy Taylor, Alice Van Buren, Nick Wilson, Kathryn Yates. Produced by Arthur Hammerstein and Selwyn & Co.
  • (1919) Stage Play: The Little Whopper. Musical comedy. Music by Rudolf Friml. Book by Otto A. Harbach. Lyrics by Bide Dudley and Otto A. Harbach. Musical Director: Anton Heindl. Musical Staging by Bert French. Directed by Oscar Eagle. Casino Theatre: 13 Oct 1919- 3 Apr 1920 (204 performances). Cast: Marie Astor (as "Ensemble"), Harry C. Browne (as "John Harding"), Josie Carmen (as "Ensemble"), Edna Coigne (as "Ensemble"), Irma Coigne (as "Ensemble"), Louis Coombs (as "Edward Penfield"), Florence Courtney (as "Ensemble"), Inez Courtney (as "Ensemble") [Broadway debut], Norma Dale (as "Ensemble"), Florence Doran (as "Ensemble"), Lillian Drewry (as "Ensemble"), Irene Duffy (as "Ensemble"), W.J. Ferguson (as "Oliver Butts"), Hazel Flint (as "Ensemble"), Victoria Gardner (as "Ensemble"), Nellie Graham-Dent (as "Miss Granville"), Sydney Grant (as "George Emmett"), Mabel Grete (as "Ensemble"), Sidney Hall (as "James Martin"), Lottie Linthicum (as "Mrs. Mac Gregor"), Doris Marquette (as "Ensemble"), Tess Mayer (as "Ensemble"), Albert Obler (as "Harry Hayward"), Birnie Prevost (as "Fred Rood"), Jean Rhodes (as "Ensemble"), Mildred Richardson (as "Janet MacGregor"), Vivienne Segal (as "Kitty Wentworth"), Eunice Sizer (as "Ensemble"), Edward Tierney (as "Jack Dodge"), David Torrence (as "Judge MacGregor"), Vivian White (as "Ensemble"), Lucille Williams (as "Frances"), May Wilton (as "Tonty/William"), Rose Wilton (as "Teenty/Robert"). Produced by Abraham Levy.
  • (1921) Stage Play: June Love. Musical comedy.
  • (1921) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1921. Musical revue. Dialogue by Channing Pollock, Willard Mack and Ralph Spence. Lyrics by Gene Buck and Buddy G. DeSylva. Music by Victor Herbert, Rudolf Friml and Dave Stamper. Musical Direction by Frank Tours. Music orchestrated by Maurice De Packh and Stephen Jones. Featuring songs with lyrics by Henry Creamer, J. Turner Layton, Grant Clarke, James F. Hanley, Channing Pollock, Blanche Merrill, Leo Edwards, Ballard MacDonald, Harry Carroll, Albert Willemetz, Jacques Charles, Buddy G. DeSylva, Gus Mueller, Buster Johnson, Andrew Sterling, Harry von Tilzer and Edward P Moran. Featuring songs by Elsie White and Henry Busse. Directed by Edward Royce. Globe Theatre: 21 Jun 1921- 1 Oct 1921 (119 performances). Cast: Marie Astrova, Miss Barnett, Emma Beresbach, Ethel Blaire, Eva Brady, Fanny Brice (as "Principal"), Evelyn Campbell, Betty Carsdale, Margery Chapin, Hazel Chappel, Miss Chase, John Clarke, Darling Twins, Peggy Davis, Ray Dooley, Phil Dwyer, Charles Eaton, Mary Eaton (as "Principal"), Marguerite Falconer, W.C. Fields (as "Principal," and "M. Le Duc de Chateau Briand"), Consuelo Flowerton, Edna French, Pearl Germonde, Diana Gordon, Raymond Hitchcock, Herbert Hoey, Miss Hughes, Helen Hunt, Albert Innis, Frank Innis, The Keene Twins, Miss Leigh, Mary Lewis, Doris Lloyd, Gladys Loftus, Madelyn Lombard, Miss Lomp, Mandal Brothers, Irene Marcellus, Albertine Marlowe, Vera Michelena, Mary Milburn, Beatrice Milner, Geneva Mitchell, Mlle. Mitti, Madilyn Morrissey, Florence O'Denishawn, Charles O'Donnell, Jessie Reed, Anastasia Reilly, Frances Reveaux, Miss Rolph, Gertrude Seldon, Peggy Stohl, Janet Stone, Avonne Taylor, M. Tillio, Van and Schenck, Edna Wheaton, Helen Lee Worthing. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..
  • (1922) Stage Play: The Blue Kitten. Musical comedy. Book by Otto A. Harbach and William Carey Duncan. Music by Rudolf Friml. Lyrics by Otto A. Harbach and William Carey Duncan. Based on a French farce by Gustave Quinson and Yves Mirandeis. Musical Direction by Herbert Stothart. Directed by Edgar Selwyn, Leon Errol and Julian Mitchell. Selwyn Theatre: (moved to The Earl Carroll Theatre from 1 May 1922 to close): 13 Jan 1922- 13 May 1933 (140 performances). Cast: Bernice Ackerman, Betty Barlow, Joseph Brennan, Chester Brown, Joseph Cawthorn (as "Theodore Vanderpop") [final Broadway role], Eleanor Dell, Frisco Devere, Ted Grant, George Griffiths, Bill Hawkins, Leo Howe, Robert Hurst, Gladys Jordan, May Cory Kitchen, Grace La Rue, George Le Soir (as "Durand"), Helen Lewis, Violet Lobell, Lillian Lorraine, William L. Mack, Lorraine Manville (as "Madelaine Vanderpop"), Helen McDonald, Victor Morley, Blanche Morton, Lester New, Jean Newcombe (as "Mme. Lucile Vanderpop"), Jeanne Osborne, Carola Parson, Evelyn Pluntadore, Ann Ross, Penny Rowland, Beatrice Savage, Boris Scott, Douglas Stevenson, Peggy Stohl, Dorothy Stokes, Frances Stone, Marion Sunshine (as "Cri Cri"), Dallas Welford (as "Popinet"), Frances Wing, Robert Woolsey (as "Octave"). Produced by Arthur Hammerstein.
  • (1923) Stage Play: Cinders. Musical comedy. Music by Rudolf Friml. Book by Edward Clark. Lyrics by Edward Clark. Musical Director: Victor Baravalle. Directed by Edward Royce. Dresden Theatre: 3 Apr 1923- 28 Apr 1923 (31 performances). Cast: George Bancroft (as "Great Scott") [Broadway debut], Abner Barnhart (as "Cliff"), Louise Bateman (as "Simone"), Roberta Beatty (as "Mrs. Delancey Hoyt"), John H. Brewer (as "Major Dummond"), Edith Campbell-Walker (as "Mme. Duval"), Frank Curran (as "Frank"), Margaret Dale (as "Mrs. Horatio Winthrop"), Evelyn Darville (as "Julie"), Vera DeWolfe (as "Cecelia"), Thomas Fitzpatrick (as "Butler"), Nathaniel Gennes (as "Nat"), Elaine Gholson (as "Yvette"), Eden Gray (as "Ninette"), Thomas Green (as "Thomas"), Fred Hillebrand (as "Slim Kelly"), Harry Howell (as "Harry"), Eugene Jenkins (as "Gene"), Kitty Kelly (as "Tottie"), Alta King (as "Hortense"), Lillian Lee (as "Miss Breckenridge"), Estelle Levelle (as "Lottie"), Mary Lucas (as "Geraldine"), Mildred Lunnay (as "Dancer"), Gertrude McDonald (as "Dancer"), Denny Murray (as "Denny"), Dagmar Oakland (as "Mathilde"), Dewitt Oakley (as "Dewitt"), Elva Pomfret (as "Dancer"), Sydney Reynolds (as "Dancer"), Ralph Riggs (as "Dancer"), Queenie Smith (as "Tillie Olsen"), Diana Stegman (as "Annabelle"), W. Douglas Stevenson (as "John Winthrop"), Nancy Welford (as "Cinders"), Jack Whiting (as "Bruce"), Katherine Witchie (as "Dancer"). Replacement actor: Walter Regan (as "John Winthrop"). Produced by Edward Royce.
  • (1923) Stage Play: Dew Drop Inn. Musical comedy. Music by Alfred Goodman. Book by Walter De Leon and Edward Delaney Dunn. Lyrics by Cyrus Wood. Featuring songs by Rudolf Friml, J. Fred Coots and Jean Schwartz. Featuring songs with lyrics by McElbert Moore. Ensemble music by Sigmund Romberg. Musical Director: Alfred Newman. Astor Theatre: 17 May 1923- 25 Aug 1923 (production closed from 1 Jul 1923- 29 Jul 1923/83 performances). Cast: Margaret Atherton, James Barton (as "Ananias Washington"), Alice Brady (as "Marion Stanley/Ensemble"), George Brown, Lester Brown, Jean Carroll, Evelyn Cavanaugh, Spencer Charters (as "Joseph Higgins"), Harry Clark, Daniel Dare (as "Bell Boy"), Billie Davis, Gladys Davis, Dorothy Deane, Richard Dore, Bernard Druce, Millie Dupree, Grace Ellsworth, Harry Ellsworth, Bob Gebhardt, Dale Grigsby, Raymond Hall, Sylvia Highton, Frank Hill, Claire Hodgson, William Holden, Robert Holliday, Ben Jacklow, Thelma Johns, Bobby Kane, Lee Kelso, Mary Kissell, Katherine Manion, Rena Miller, Margaret Morris, Felicia Murelle, Helen O'Brien, Hal Peel, Mary Robson, Helen Rogier, Harry Rosedale, Jack Squire, Allen Stevens, Juliet Strahl, Beatrice Swanson, Marcella Swanson, Mabel Withee. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1923) Stage Play: Ziegfeld Follies of 1923. Musical revue. Music by Victor Herbert, Rudolf Friml and Dave Stamper. Lyrics by Gene Buck. Sketches by: Eddie Cantor and Gene Buck. Musical Director: Oscar Radin. Additional music by Joseph McCarthy, Harry Tierney, Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby, Blanche Merrill, Leo Edwards, Gabriel Daray, Edgar Leslie, Benton Ley, Lee David and Ambrose Thomas. Directed by Ned Wayburn. New Amsterdam Theatre: 20 Oct 1923 - 10 May 1924 (233 performances). Cast: Bernice Ackerman, Ethel Allis, Ruth Andrae, Wilma Ansell, Mary Bancroft, Virginia Beardsley, Doris Bennett, Mildred Billert, Lois Blackburn, Fanny Brice, Dorothy Brown, Lilly Burgess, Catherine Burke, Marie Callahan, Cynthia Cambridge, Louise Carlton, Joan Carter Waddell, Gladys Coburn, Hettie Cooper, Roy Cropper, Margaret Cummings, Marie Dahm, Helena D'Algy, May Daw, Claire DeFitamiere, Ferral Dewees, Harland Dixon, Helen Dobbins, Andre Dumont, Paulette Duval, Dorothy Ellis, Gladys Ellison, Helen Ellsworth, Alberta Faust, Hilda Ferguson, Mme. Florianne, Harriet Fowler, Catherine Gallimore, Millie Glossop, Florentine Gosnova, Hetty Graham, Roberta Grant, Sarah Granzow, Nelle Greasley, Beryl Halley, Marion Hamilton, Helen Henderson, Jean Henderson, Lew Hern, Norah Jackson, Brooke Johns, Mary Julian, Bob Karna, Elizabeth Kay, Winnie Keane, Dorothy Kelsall, Flo Kennedy, Emma Klige, Alice Knowlton, Florence Kolinsky, Margaret Langhorne, Edna Leedom, Marjorie Leet, Linda, Virginia Magee, Maud Mansfield, Harriet Marned, Phyllis Mawer, Irma McShane, Lily McWilliams, Janet Megrew, Goodie Montgomery, Inez Moreno, Rita Moriarty, Polly Nally, Alma Nash, Raymond O'Brian, Gladys Peterson, Martha Pierre, Robert Quinault, Violet Regal, Billy Revel, Addie Rolfe, William Roselle, Iris Rowe, Gertrude Selden, Peggy Shannon, Heloise Sheppard, Harry Short, Margaret Sloan, Dave Stamper, Olga Steck, Charlotte Suddath, Beatrice Thorburn, Billie Tichenor, Dorothy Van Alst, Feon Vanmar, Hazel Vergess, Vivian Vernon, Hap Ward, Betty Warrington, Nondas Wayne, Marjorie Weaver, Arthur West, Elsie Westcott, Bert Wheeler, Betty Wheeler, Paul Whiteman, Paul Whiteman's Orchestra, Lois Wilde, Doris Wilson, Dottie Wilson, Imogene Wilson, Lily Winton, Stella Wooten, Helen Lee Worthing, Alexander Yarkovleff, Ruth Zoakay. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Rose-Marie. Musical comedy. Music by Rudolf Friml and Herbert Stothart. Book by Otto A. Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II. Lyrics by Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II. Musical Director: Herbert P. Stothart. Imperial Theatre: 2 Sep 1924- 16 Jan 1926 (557 performances). Cast: Lela Bliss (as "Ethel Brander"), Eduardo Ciannelli (as "Emile La Flamme"), Arthur Deagon (as "Sergeant Malone"), Mary Ellis (as "Rose-Marie La Flamme"), Frank Greene (as "Edward Hawley"), William Kent (as "Hard-Boiled Herman"), Dennis King (as "Jim Kenyon"), Arthur Ludwig (as "Black Eagle"), Dorothy MacKaye (as "Lady Jane"), Pearl Regay (as "Wanda"). Produced by Arthur Hammerstein. Note: Filmed as Rose-Marie (1936), Rose Marie (1954).
  • (1925) Stage Play: The Vagabond King. Romantic comedy.
  • (1926) Stage Play: No Foolin'. Musical revue. Music by Rudolf Friml. Lyrics by Gene Buck, Irving Caesar and Ballard MacDonald. Featuring songs by James F. Hanley. Book by J.P. McEvoy and James Barton. Musical Director: Alfred Goodman. Music orchestrated by Charles Grant, Steven Jones, Will Vodery and Emil Gerstenberger. Music arranged by Walter Haenschen. Choreographed by John Boyle. Staged by Ben Ali Haggin. Directed by Edward Royce and Walter Wilson. Globe Theatre: 24 Jun 1926- 25 Sep 1926 (108 performances). Cast: Bernice Ackerman, Wilma Ansell, Mabel Baade, Arthur Baer, James Barton, George Baxter, Elsie Behrens, Marian Benda, Beth Berri, (Miss) Blackburne, Louise Brown, Katherine Burke, Lew Christy, Thelma Connor, Velma Connor, Walter Costello, Edna Covey, Jack Cronin, Morton Croswell, Fay Culmer, (Miss) Dale, Clifford Daly, Myrna Darby, Carmine DiGiovanni, Ray Dooley, Alma Drange, Norma Dyal, Kay English, Mary Farrell, Peggy Fears, Irving Fisher, Alys Fitzgerald, Suzanne Fleming, Norma Forrest, Noel Francis, Genesko, Gladys Glad, Paulette Goddard, Ruth Grace, Yvonne Grey, Evelyn Grieg, Owen Harvey, Helen Herendeen, Mary Hopkins, Mary Jane, Flo Kennedy, Charles King, Andrew Knox, Kathleen Krosby, Eleanor Ladd, (Miss) LaMay, Miss Lane, Edna Leedom, Marjorie Leet, Claire Luce, Alice MacKenzie, Joseph Marievsky, (Miss) Mason, Bert McGuinnes, Murray Minehart, George Moeser, Moran and Mack, Edward Mowen, Mary Mulhern, Victor Munro, William Murray, Barbara Newberry, Greta Nissen, Yvonne Occent, Hilda Olsen, Helen O'Shea, Leslie Ostrander, Dorothy Patterson, Katherine Penman, Anastasia Reilly, Miss Shaw, Robert Shields, Lillian Smith, Biddy Somerset, Marion Strasmick, Andrew Tombes (as "Performer"), Polly Walker, Miss Wayne, Dorothy Wegman, Miss Williams, Miss Wilson, Yacht Club Entertainers. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..
  • (1926) Stage Play: The Wild Rose. Musical comedy.
  • (1927) Stage Play: Rose-Marie. Musical comedy (revival). Book by Otto A. Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II. Music by Rudolf Friml and Herbert Stothart. Production Supervised by Arthur Hammerstein. Directed by Paul Dickey. Century Theatre: 24 Jan 1927- 5 Mar 1927 (48 performances). Cast: Pirkko Ahlquist (as "Ensemble"), Barbara Austin (as "Ensemble"), Arthur Barry (as "Ensemble"), Chester Bennett (as "Ensemble"), Mary Carney (as "Ensemble"), Dorothea Clegg (as "Ensemble"), Edwina Collum (as "Ensemble"), Edna Costello (as "Ensemble"), Belle Delmar (as "Ensemble"), Yvonne Destin (as "Ensemble"), Fred DeVeau (as "Ensemble"), Paul Donah (as "Jim Kenyon"), Ernest Ehler (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Forbes (as "Ensemble"), True Grant (as "Ensemble"), Zana Gray (as "Ensemble"), Frank Grinnell (as "Ensemble"), Russell Griswold (as "Ensemble"), Nellie Gurney (as "Ensemble"), Frank Harrington (as "Emile La Flamme"), Cherry Hodgson (as "Ensemble"), Betty Jordan (as "Ensemble"), Ann Jurika (as "Ensemble"), Leon Kartavy (as "Ensemble"), Sue King (as "Ensemble"), Karyl Kunkel (as "Ethel Brander"), Lea Lake (as "Ensemble"), Lydia Langdon (as "Ensemble"), Marie Lelloz (as "Ensemble"), Grace Gretchen Lynch (as "Ensemble"), Eve Lynn (as "Ensemble"), Lollie Madigan (as "Ensemble"), Mabel Martin (as "Ensemble"), Jay Carlton McCormack (as "Ensemble"), Helene McGlynn (as "Ensemble"), Violet McKinley (as "Ensemble"), Charles Meakins (as "Sergeant Malone"), Al Monty (as "Ensemble"), James Moore (as "Edward Hawley"), Neil Moore (as "Black Eagle"), Ellen Nivay (as "Ensemble"), Peggy Pates (as "Lady Jane"), Dorothea Phelan (as "Ensemble"), Tosca Querze (as "Ensemble"), Thomas Rice (as "Ensemble"), Houston Richards (as "Hard-Boiled Herman"), William Richards (as "Ensemble"), Edna Stewart (as "Ensemble"), Marjorie Stewart (as "Ensemble"), Marjorie Talcott (as "Ensemble"), Arnold Thompson (as "Ensemble"), Marguerite Thompson (as "Ensemble"), Marie Verba (as "Ensemble"), Hazel Warmsley (as "Ensemble"), Patsey Watkins (as "Ensemble"), Grace Wells (as "Wanda"), William Wilder (as "Ensemble"), Clifford Wilson (as "Ensemble"), Jean Woods (as "Ensemble"), Ethel Louise Wright (as "Rose-Marie La Flamme"). Produced by Arthur Hammerstein. Note: Filmed by MGM as Rose-Marie (1936).
  • (1927) Stage Play: White Eagle. Musical. Music by Rudolf Friml. Book by Brian Hooker and William H. Post. Lyrics by Brian Hooker and William H. Post. Based on "The Squaw Man" by Edwin Milton Royle. Musical Director: Anton Heindl. Music orchestrated by Joseph Majer. Staged by Richard Boleslawski. Choreographed by Busby Berkeley. Directed by Russell Janney and Olga Treskoff. Casino Theatre: 26 Dec 1927- 4 Feb 1928 (48 performances). Cast: Lucille Arden (as "Chorus"), Rowena Baker (as "Chorus"), Olyvve Bakke (as "Chorus"), Wallace Banfield (as "Chorus"), Elmer Barleb (as "Chorus"), Helen Berger (as "Chorus"), Rene Berteau (as "Chorus"), Ruth Bieber (as "Chorus"), Grace Cantrell (as "Chorus"), Shirley Carlton (as "Chorus"), Nat Christensen (as "Chorus"), Madeline Clancy (as "Chorus"), Lucille Constant (as "Chorus"), Walter Cross (as "Bates"), Leon Cunningham (as "Pete"), Harold Currier (as "Chorus"), Roberta Curry (as "Lady Mary/Chorus"), Royal Cutter (as "Andy"), Dorothy Davis (as "Chorus"), Muriel Dawn (as "Chorus"), June Day (as "Chorus"), Grace DeViney (as "Chorus"), Lawrence D'Orsay (as "Sir John Applegate") [final Broadway role], Constance Durand (as "Chorus"), Eldon Edwards (as "Chorus"), Ernest Ehler (as "Mr. Chiswick"), Helen Ely (as "Chorus"), Ross Ericksen (as "Chorus"), Michael Evans (as "Thunder Face/Chorus"), Jay Fassett (as "Happy"), Carlos Fessler (as "Chorus"), Blanche Fleming (as "Lady Mabel"), Dorothy Forsythe (as "Chorus"), John Fredericks (as "Chorus"), Randall Freyer (as "Chorus"), Charles Froom (as "Chorus"), Charles E. Galagher (as "Tabywana"), Hazel Glen (as "Countess of Kerhill"), Mildred Gordon (as "Chorus"), Helen Grenelle (as "English Dancer"), Margaret Grove (as "Chorus"), Florence Gunther (as "Chorus"), Edith Gwenn (as "Chorus"), William Hagen (as "Chorus"), Barton Hall (as "Chorus"), Pauline Hall (as "Chorus"), Vida Hanna (as "Chorus"), Alice Harper (as "Chorus"), Kay Hawley (as "Sadie"), Charles Henderson (as "Bud Hardy"), Lamar Hessenberg (as "Chorus"), Peggy Horan (as "Chorus"), Forrest Huff (as "Cash Hawkins"), Alice Huntington (as "Chorus"), Harry James (as "Chorus"), Earl Kardux (as "Chorus"), Aysa Kaz (as "The Indian Dancer"), Marion Keeler (as "Silverwing"), Arthur Kellar (as "Lieut. Alex. McGrath"), Elizabeth Kelly (as "Chorus"), George Kingsley (as "Chorus"), Helena Koffler (as "Chorus"), Edna Kulker (as "Chorus"), Sue Lake (as "Chorus"), Billie Lanctot (as "Chorus"), Helen Landis (as "Chorus"), George Leach (as "Chorus"), Paula Lind (as "English Dancer/Lily"), William MacDargh (as "Chorus"), Joan Marren (as "Chorus"), Beatrice Marsh (as "Chorus"), Bessie Masters (as "Chorus"), Earl Mayne (as "Gloomy"), Jock McGraw (as "Captain Leslie"), John Mealey (as "The Medicine Man of the Utes"), Thomas Mengert (as "Chorus"), Theresa Miller (as "Chorus"), Ralph Moana (as "The Sun Watcher"), Mary Morris (as "Chorus"), Armin Mueller (as "Chorus"), Virginia Nachant (as "Chorus"), Carlton Neville (as "Lieut. Henry George"), Ruth Norris (as "Chorus"), Laura Novea (as "Chorus"), Alice Olsen (as "Chorus"), Isabel O'Madigan (as "The Dowager Lady Kerhill"), Caroline Phillips (as "Chorus"), Horace Pollock (as "Malcolm Petrie"), Allan Prior (as "Capt. James Wynnegate"), Mabel Purdy (as "Chorus"), Mary Quinn (as "Chorus"), Rae Ring (as "Chorus"), Mae Robinson (as "Chorus"), Marius Rogati (as "Punk"), Fred Rogers (as "Chorus"), Jack Rose (as "Chorus"), Richard Rowley (as "Chorus"), Simeon Sabra (as "Chorus"), Albert Shaw (as "Little Hal"), Edward Sheldon (as "Chorus"), George Shields (as " Nick"), Alex Shishman (as "Chorus"), Mark Smith (as "Big Bill"), Harriet Standon (as "Chorus"), Evelyn Stockton (as "Chorus"), Fred Tiden (as "Earl of Kerhill"), Raymond Toben (as "Chorus"), Charles Trott (as "Chorus"), Florence Turner (as "Chorus"), Catherine Van Brunt (as "Chorus"), William Venus (as "Chorus"), Serge Vino (as "Chorus"), Efim Vitis (as "Chorus"), William Wally (as "Chorus"), Jewel Welter (as "Chorus"), Paul Winnell (as "Chorus"), Arthur Young (as "Chorus"). Produced by Russell Janney.
  • (1928) Stage Play: The Three Musketeers. Musical drama. Music by Rudolf Friml. Lyrics by Clifford Grey and P.G. Wodehouse. Book by William Anthony McGuire. Based on the story by Alexandre Dumas. Musical Director: Gus Salzer. Musical Staging by Albertina Rasch. Staged by Richard Boleslawski. Scenic Design by Joseph Urban. Costume Design by John Harkrider. Directed by William Anthony McGuire. Lyric Theatre: 13 Mar 1928- 15 Dec 1928 (318 performances). Cast: Pirkko Ahlquist (as "Ensemble"), Lester Allen (as "Planchet"), Virginia Beardsley (as "Ensemble"), Yvonne Beaupre as "Ensemble"), Marye Bern (as "Ensemble"), Jeanette Bradley (as "Ensemble"), Harrison Brockbank (as "Innkeeper"), Eleanor Buffington (as "Ensemble"), Edna Bunte (as "Ensemble"), Robert D. Burns (as "Jussac"), Katherine Cavelli (as "Ensemble"), Margaret Clark (as "Ensemble"), John Clarke (as "The Duke of Buckingham"), Nancy Corrigan (as "Ensemble"), Dona Desne Curry (as "Ensemble"), Yvonne D'Arle (as "Anne, Queen of France"), Audrey Davis (as "Ensemble"), Helen Derby (as "Ensemble"), Sylvia Derby (as "Ensemble"), Clarence Derwent (as "Louis XIII"), William Dillon (as "Ensemble"), Marion Dodge (as "Ensemble"), L. Dumbadse (as "Ensemble"), Douglass Dumbrille (as "Athos"), Ernest Ehler (as "Ensemble"), Marguerite Eisele (as "Ensemble"), Byrdeatta Evans (as "Ensemble"), Rose Gale (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Greenley (as "Ensemble"), Evelyn Groves (as "Ensemble"), Emily Hadley (as "Ensemble"), Sally Hadley (as "Ensemble"), William Hagen (as "Ensemble"), Pauline Hall (as "Ensemble"), Libby Hanley (as "Ensemble"), Vida Hanna (as "Ensemble"), Catherine Hayes (as "Aubergiste"), Louis Hector (as "Comte De La Rochefort"), Eve Hellesness (as "Ensemble"), Harriet Hoctor (as "Premiere Danseuse of the Court"), Stanley Howard (as "Ensemble"), Ivan Ismailov (as "Ensemble"), Norman Ives (as "Ensemble"), Harry James (as "Ensemble"), Andy Jochim (as "Cardinal's Guard"), Naomi Johnson (as "Zoe"), Wilma Kaye (as "Ensemble"), Frances Kelly (as "Ensemble"), William Kershaw (as "Brother Joseph"), Dennis King (as "D'Artagnan"), Charles Kirby (as "Ensemble"), John Kline (as "M. De Treville"), Lydia Krushinsky (as "Ensemble"), Julia Lane (as "Ensemble"), Elaine Lank (as "Ensemble"), Randolph Leyman (as "Cardinal's Guard"), Eleanor Little (as "Ensemble"), Joseph Macaulay (as "Aramis"), Glenn Macauley (as "Ensemble"), Mary MacDonald (as "Ensemble"), Lottie Marcy (as Ensemble"), Joan Marren (as "Ensemble"), Marie Merrifield (as "Ensemble"), G. Moore (as "King's Attendant"), Ellen Moray (as "Ensemble"), Ann Moss (as "Ensemble"), Armundi Muzzi (as "Ensemble"), Raymond O'Brien (as "Patrick"), Lucille O'Connor (as "Ensemble"), Vivienne Osborne (as "Lady De Winter"), Nona Otero (as "Ensemble"), Reginald Owen (as "Cardinal Richelieu"), Ivy Palmer (as "Ensemble"), Esther Peters (as "Ensemble"), Detmar Poppen (as "Porthos"), Nora Puntin (as "Ensemble"), Louise Raymond (as "Ensemble"), Elsie Reign (as "Ensemble"), Lee Russell (as "Ensemble"), Vivienne Segal (as "Constance Bonacieux"), Martin Sheppard (as "Ensemble"), Robert Shields (as "Ensemble"), Hilda Steiner (as "Ensemble"), Miriam Stockton (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Sutton (as "Ensemble"), Richard Thornton (as "The Bo'sun"), Mildred Turner (as "Ensemble"), Regina Tushinska (as "Ensemble"), Margaret Valient (as "Ensemble"), A. Van Mueller (as "Ensemble"), Serge Vino (as "Ensemble"), Lillian White (as "Ensemble"), Gertrude Williams (as "Ensemble"), Helen Withers (as "Ensemble"), John Zak (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..
  • (1930) Stage Play: Luana. Musical/romantic comedy.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Ballyhoo of 1930. Musical comedy. Music by Louis Alter. Book by Harry Ruskin and Leighton K. Brill. Lyrics by Harry Ruskin and Leighton K. Brill. Additional lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Featuring songs with lyrics by Otto A. Harbach. Featuring songs by Rudolf Friml. Musical Director: Oscar Bradley. Choreographed by Earl Lindsey. Scenic Design by Cirker & Robbins. Costume Design by Charles Le Maire. Directed by Reginald R. Hammerstein. Hammerstein's Theatre: 22 Dec 1930- 21 Feb 1931 (68 performances). Cast: Eugene Aldrich (as "Ensemble"), Douglas Alene (as "Jim"), Rose Armand (as "Ensemble"), Kay Arnold (as "Ensemble"), Suzanne Austin (as "Ensemble"), Marjorie Baglin (as "Ensemble"), Stella Bailey (as "Ensemble") [Broadway debut], James Bander (as "Ted Black's Band"), Fred Barber (as "Ted Black's Band"), William Blanche (as "Shorty"), Grace Bradley (as "Ensemble"), Sherman Brande (as "Ted Black's Band"), J. Mardo Brown (as "Drum Major"), George Burkholder (as "Ensemble"), Arthur Cardinal (as "Mr. Miner"), Chaz Chase (as "A Gourmand"), Raymond Clark (as "Cheer Leader"), Jack Colby (as "Larry"), George Cowan (as "Ensemble"), James Cushman (as "Bill Collector/Ensemble"), Frank Daley (as "Ensemble"), Maxine Darrell (as "Ensemble"), Sam De Bonis (as "Ted Black's Band"), Bill Doerflinger (as "Ted Black's Band"), Walter Dolan (as "Ensemble"), Al Downing (as "Harry/Cowboy"), Josephine Dupree (as "Ensemble"), Madelyn Eubanks (as "Ensemble"), Charles Evans (as "Sam"), W.C. Fields (as "Q.Q. Quale"), Charles Fowler (as "Cheer Leader"), Al Giroux (as "Ted Black's Band"), Dorothy Graves (as "Ensemble"), Betty Greenwood (as "Ensemble"), Francis Guinan (as "Ensemble"), Herbert Hall (as "Cheer Leader"), Grace Hayes (as "Flora Fay"), Max Hoffmann Jr. (as "Junior"), Dorothy Humphreys (as "Ensemble"), Sara Jane (as "Ensemble"), Walter Jewhurst (as "Ted Black's Band"), Samuel Kahn (as "Ted Black's Band"), Craig Kershaw (as "Camera Man"), Morton Kingsland (as "Ensemble"), Francis Kummer (as "Ensemble"), Richard Lambert (as "The King"), Jeanie Lang (as "Ruth"), Betty Lee (as "Ensemble"), Betty Lewis (as "Ensemble"), Herbert Lund (as "Sound Man"), Earl McCutcheon (as "Ensemble"), Neil Moore (as "Manager/Landlord"), Patricia Murphy (as "Betty"), Harry Murray (as "Ensemble"), Harvey Murray (as "Reporter"), Anthony O'Dea (as "Bank President"), Anita Pam (as "Ensemble"), Blanche Percy (as "Ensemble"), Theo Phane (as "Ensemble"), Inez Purdy (as "Ensemble"), Adelaide Raleigh (as "Ensemble"), Gloria Ray (as "Ensemble"), Janet Reade (as "Goldie La Marr"), Albertina Rexroth (as "Ensemble"), Andy Rice (as "Whitey Duke"), Fred Shawhan (as "Cheer Leader"), The Slate Brothers (as "Smith/Brown/Jones/Cowboys"), Robert Spencer (as "Ensemble"), Don Tomkins (as "Sam"), Chester Toomer (as "Ensemble"), Winnie Torney (as "Ensemble"), Floria Vestoff (as "Vera"), Val Vestoff (as "Specialty"), Herbert Weber (as "Photographer"), Gus Wicke (as "Mr. Pidgeon"), Florence Winkel (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Arthur Hammerstein.
  • (1931) Stage Play: The Firefly. Musical. comedy/opera (revival).
  • (1932) Stage Play: Chamberlain Brown's Scrap Book (1932). Musical revue. Sketched by Chamberlain Brown. Featuring songs by Andy Razaf ("If It Ain't Love"), Don Redman ("If It Ain't Love"), Fats Waller ("If It Ain't Love"), Walter Donaldson ("My Mom"), Rudolf Friml ("Song of the Vagabonds"), Ruggiero Leoncavallo ("Prologue from 'I Pagliacci'"), Georges Bizet ("End of Act IV from 'Carmen'"), Eubie Blake ("(Lovin You) The Way I Do"), Richard Wagner ("Die Walküre"), Easthope Martin ("Come to the Fair"), Giuseppe Verdi ("Il Travatore"), Harry Warren ("You're My Everything"), Dana Suesse ("My Silent Love"), Bernice Petkere ("Lullaby of the Leaves") and Johnny Tucker ("Sleep Baby Sleep"), Featuring songs with lyrics by Andy Razaf ("If It Ain't Love"), Don Redman ("If It Ain't Love"), Fats Waller ("If It Ain't Love"), Walter Donaldson ("My Mom") [final Broadway credit during lifetime] , Brian Hooker ("Song of the Vagabonds"), Will Morrissey ("(Lovin You) The Way I Do"), Jack Scholl ("(Lovin You) The Way I Do"), Helen Taylor ("Come to the Fair"), Mort Dixon ("You're My Everything"), Joe Young ("You're My Everything," "Lullaby of the Leaves"), Edward Heyman ("My Silent Love") and Joe Schuster ("Sleep Baby Sleep"). Orchestra conducted by Smith Ballew. Assembled by Chamberlain Brown. Directed by Charles Schofield and Robert Lively. Ambassador Theatre: 1 Aug 1932- 8 Aug 1932 (10 performances). Cast: 3 Flashes of Lightning (as "Specialty Dancers"), Laurette Adams, William Andrews, John Armstrong, Florence Auer (as "Mother, Taken from Life"), Valerie Bergere, Helen Bertam, Barbara Blair, Dwight Butcher, Carl Carmen, Terry Carroll, Frazer Coleman, Ruth Conley, Stella De Mette, Mae Dix, Robert Gordon, Betty Hanna, Vinton Haworth, Ina Hayward, Ray Hedge (as "Myrt and Marge" Performer/"Ray"/"In a Radio Station"), Charles Hedley, Barre Hill, Marjorie Hoffman, Jonathan Hole (as "Station Announcer"/"In a Radio Station"/"Francis Cameron"/"Skit Skat"), Frank Huyler, Paul Jachia (as "Kenneth"/"Picking a Play"), Harold Kennedy, Priscilla Knowles, Salvatore Lo Curto, Leda Lombard, Francis Lyman, Dorothy MacDonald, Edwin MacKenna, Nancy McCord, David Morris, Ethel Norris, John Patrick, Lillian Ridley, Cecile Sherman, Danny Simmons, Autumn Simms, Peter Smallwood, Louis Tanno, Paul Taubman, Leslie Urbach, Valerie Valaire, Percy Verwayne, Herbert Warren, Pierre Watkin, Pierre Watkins, Ernest Whitman, Robert Williamson, Edwin Wilson, Kate Woods Fiske. Produced by Chamberlain Brown.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Music Hath Charms. Musical comedy. Music by Rudolf Friml. Book by Rowland Leigh, George Rosener and John Shubert. Lyrics by Rowland Leigh, George Rosener and John Shubert. Musical Director: Al Goodman. Choreographed by Alex Yakovleff. Scenic Design by Watson Barratt. Costume Design by Ernest Schrapps. Directed by George Rosener. Majestic Theatre: 29 Dec 1934- 19 Jan 1935 (25 performances). Cast: Robert Lee Allen (as "Senator Bellanqua") [final Broadway role], Evelyn Bonefine (as "Ensemble"), Geraldine Botkin (as "Ensemble"), Paul Burns (as "Senator Burranto"), Jack Cannon (as "Ensemble"), Constance Carpenter (as "Giaconda/Marella/Bridesmaid"), Zachary Caully (as "Ensemble"), Cyril Chadwick (as "Duke of Umbria") [final Broadway role], John Clarke (as "Rudolfo, Marchese Di Orsano/Vittorio Sovrani"), Elizabeth Crandall (as "Isabella/Petronella"), Miriam Curtis (as "Ensemble"), Yvonne Cyr (as "Ensemble"), Betti Davis (as "Angela/Ensemble"), Louis Delgado (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Denton (as "Ensemble"), Frank Dirth (as "Ensemble"), Harry Edwards (as "Ensemble"), Kathleen Edwards (as "Ensemble"), Gudron Ekeland (as "Ensemble"), Marie Ferguson (as "Ensemble"), Sue Franklin (as "Ensemble"), Truman Gaige (as "A Footman/Fillipo"), Renee Gordon (as "Ensemble"), Paul Haakon (as "Dancer/Venetian Hooligan"), Josephine Hall (as "Ensemble"), Natalie Hall (as "Maria, Marchese del Monte Nee Di Orsano/Maria Sovrani"), Robert Halliday (as "Charles Parker/Duke of Orsano"), Guy Hamilton (as "Ensemble"), Sheila Harling (as "Signora Barbara Bellanqua"), Stanley Harrison (as "Senator Nocio"), Fred Hoffman (as "Ensemble"), Stanley Howard (as "Ensemble"), Bobby Howell (as "Ensemble"), William Hubert (as "Ensemble"), Valerie Huff (as "Ensemble"), Ralph Hunsecker (as "Ensemble"), Sonja Karlow (as "Ensemble"), Wilma Kaye (as "Ensemble"), Isabelle Kempel (as "Ensemble"), Bradley F. Lane (as "Ensemble"), Edith Lane (as "Ensemble"), Helen Lane (as "Ensemble"), Isabel Lane (as "Leonora"), William Langley (as "Ensemble"), Jack Lester (as "Ensemble"), William Lilling (as "Luigi"), Charlotte Lockwood (as "Ensemble"), Ross Lockwood (as "Ensemble"), Robert Long (as "Spokesman/A Villager/Bishop"), Jane Mackenzie (as "Signora Nocio/Ensemble"), Jayne Manners (as "Ensemble"), Vida McLain (as "Ensemble"), Harry Mestayer (as "Giovanni, Duke of Orsano/Old Duke"), Marial Mosher (as "Ensemble"), Vona Norin (as "Cornelia"), Lucille Osborn (as "Ensemble"), Kenneth Page (as "Ensemble"), Ruth Reiter (as "Nella/Ensemble"), Billy Rey (as "Lovey/Pidgy"), Eleanor Ries (as "Ensemble"), Evan Ritter (as "Ensemble"), Alfred Russ (as "Ensemble"), George Schiller (as "Emilio"), Fred Small (as "Ensemble"), Elsie St. Clare (as "Ensemble"), Frances Stutz (as "Ensemble"), Lois Style (as "Ensemble"), Andrew Tombes (as "Pappio/Theophilus Roberts"), Una Val (as "Ensemble"), Mary Grace Van Noy (as "Ensemble"), Frances Wallace (as "Bridesmaid"), Sally Warren (as "Laspera/Ensemble"), Nina Whitney (as "Venetian Hooligan/Dancer"), Barbara Williams (as "Ensemble"), Marie Wilson (as "Signora Burranto"), Gracie Worth (as "Dovey/Widgy"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (August 30, 1923 - October 1923) His musical, "Katinka," was performed at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London, England with Binnie Hale, Joe Coyne, Helen Gilliland, Peter Gawthorne, Fred Wright, Dennis Hoey, and Evelyn Drewe in the cast.
  • (March 20, 1925 - July 1925) Herbert Stothart, Oscar Hammerstein and his musical, "Rose Marie," was performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London, England with Edith Day, Billy Merson, Clarice Hardwicke, Derek Oldham, Mira Nirska, and Brian Gilmour in the cast.
  • (1925) Herbert Stothart and his musical, "Rose Marie," was performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London, England with Edith Day, Derek Oldham, Colin Clive, Nelson Keys, and Clarice Hardwicke in the cast.
  • (1942) Herbert Stothart, Otto Harbach, Oscar Hammerstein and his musical, "Rose Marie," was performed at the Stoll Theatre in London, England with Marjorie Browne, Raymond Newell, George Lacey, Phyllis Monkman, David Davies, and Paul Jackson in the cast.
  • (1943) Stage Play: The Vagabond King. Musical comedy/romance.
  • (December 27, 1947) His operetta, "The Firefly," was performed at the Blackstone Theatre in Chicago, Illinois with Grazia Aurelia & Beverly Shearer (Nina); Frank Melton (Jack Travers); Gloria Ware (Geraldine Van Dare); Kay Dealya (Mrs. Oglesby Van Dare); Jack Goode (Jenkins); Gloria Evans (Suzette); Sparky Kaye (Pietro); Jack Baxley (Herr Franz) and Hank Henry (Hugo Gessett) in the cast.
  • (April 24, 1927) He composed music for musical play, "The Vagabond King," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Dennis King (Crancois Villon); Arthur Deagon; Berna Deane; George Robert; Daily Belmore; David London; Raymond O'Brien; Hazel Drury, Mildred Gordon; David Bogart; Martin Sheppard; Mary Bell; Joan Marren; Andrew George; Byron Russell; Ben Roberts; Ivan Arbuckle; Aleta Edwards; Joseph Latham; Alexander F. Frank; Vida Hanna; Olga Leigh; William Sunderman; Eileen Bowers; Collette; Charles Sutton; Albert Shrubb; Vlademir Dorman; George Leach; William Hagen; and Henrietta Abrams in the cast. Rudolf Friml was composer. William H. Post and Brian Hooker wrote the book and lyrics. Based on the story by Justin Huntley McCarthy. James Reynolds was set and costume designer. Royal Cutter and Helen Grenellie were choreographers. Fred Walz was orchestra conductor. Richard Boleslawsky was director. Russell Janney was producer.
  • (September 21, 1925) William H. Post, Brian Hooker, and his musical, "The Vagabond King," was performed at the Casino Theatre in New York City and ran for 511 performances.

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