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  • In 1958, she co-starred with her real-life spouse, Peter Lind Hayes, in "My Favorite Son", a pilot for a TV series sitcom about a freshman Congressman who moves his family to Washington. CBS didn't exercise its option to produce the series.
  • With husband Peter Lind Hayes, did a series of radio ads for Finnair airlines (1970s).
  • (1946) Stage Play: Around the World. Musical. Music by Cole Porter. Lyrics by Cole Porter. Incidental score by Cole Porter. Book adapted by Orson Welles. Based on the novel by Jules Verne. Musical Director: Harry S. Levant. Music orchestrated by Russell Bennett and Ted Royal. Adelphi Theatre: 31 May 1946- 3 Aug 1946 (75 performances). Cast: Victoria Cordova (as "Lola, the proprietress of a Café"), Mary Healy (as "Mrs. Aouda, an Indian Princess"), Arthur Margetson (as "Mr. Phileas Fogg"), Julie Warren (as "Molly Muggins, an Irish Nursemaid"), Lucas Aco (as "Dancing Fella/Fakir/Sinister Chinese/Assistant, Circus Artist/Jim, a railroad conductor of the Central Pacific R.R./Dancer"), Nathan Baker (as "London Bobbie/Sinister Chinese/Father, Clown/Dancer"), Dorothy Bird (as "Meerahlah, a dancer/Mexican Dancer"), Kenneth Bonjukian (as "Singer"), Mary Broussard (as "Aerialist, Circus Artist/Dancer"), Bruce Cartwright (as "Servingman/Firemen, Clown/Mexican Dancer/Dancer"), Jack Cassidy (as "Policeman, Clown/Singer") [Broadway debut], Jackie Cezanne (as "Lee Toy/Dancer"), Cliff Chapman (as "Bride, Clown"), Arthur Cohen (as "High Priest/Minister, Clown/Singer"), Adelaide Corsi (as "Rolling Globe Lady, Circus Artist"), Daniel De Paolo (as "Dragon, Clown/Singer"), Eddy Di Genova (as "Snake Charmer/Monkey Man, Clown/Bartender/Singer"), Brainerd Duffield (as "Bank Robber/Mr. Benajmin Cruett-Spew/Second Arab Spy/Mr. Oka Saka, Proprietor of the Oka Saka Circus/Sol, a station master in San Francisco"), Florence Gault (as "Singer"), Ray Goody (as "The Slide for Life, Circus Artist"), Natalye Greene (as "Singer"), Eleanore Gregory (as "Dancer"), Arline Hanna (as "Singer"), Billy Howell (as "Lord Upditch/Station Attendant/Sinister Chinese/Assistant, Circus Artist/Sam, a stagecoach driver/Other Medicine Man/Dancer"), Ishikawa (as "Hand Balancer, Circus Artist"), Spencer James (as "Sikh/Jake, a railroad engineer"), Philip King (as "Sinister Chinese/Dancer"), Marion Kohler (as "Singer"), Larry Laurence (as "Passepartout, a Yankee manservant to Fogg/Groom, Clown"), Patricia Leith (as "Aerialist, Circus Artist/Dancer"), Allan Lowell (as "Kimona Man, Clown/Jail Guard/Singer"), Miss Lu (as "Contortionist, Circus Artist"), Gregory McDougall (as "Another Servingman/Assistant, Circus Artist/Dancer"), Tony Montell (as "Roustabout, Circus Artist/Singer"), Virginia Morris (as "Aerialist, Circus Artist/Dancer"), Lee Morrison (as "Daughter of Joy/Dancer"), Nancy Newton (as "Daughter of Joy/Dancer"), Miriam Pandor (as "Dancer"), Rose Marie Patane (as "Singer"), Bernard Pisarski (as "Child, Clown"), Jack Pitchon (as "London Bobbie/Roustabout, Circus Artist/Singer"), Virginia Sands (as "Dancer"), Genevieve Sauris (as "Lady/Singer"), Bernard Savage (as "Sir Charles Mandiboy/British Consul, in Suez"), Victor Savidge (as "Snake Charmer/Singer"), Stefan Schnabel (as "Avery Jevity, the First Earl of Cravenaw/Arab Spy/Mother, Clown/Medicine Man, of the Ojibiway"), Gina Siena (as "Singer"), Guy Spaull (as "Police Inspector/Mr. Ralph Runcible/Maurice Goodpile, Conductor on the Great Indian Peninsula R.R."), George Spelvin (as "Other Medicine Man"), Myron Speth (as "London Bobbie/Dancing Fella/Assistant, Circus Artist/Dancer") [Broadway debut], Drucilla Strain (as "Singer"), The Three Kanasawa (as "Foot Jugglers, Circus Artists"), Stanley Turner (as "Snake Charmer/Attendant, Clown/Singer"), Lee Vincent (as "Aerialist, Circus Artist/Dancer"), Orson Welles (as "Dick Fix/Copper's Knark"), Gordon West (as "London Bobbie/Firemen, Clown/Dancer"). Produced by Orson Welles.

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