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Discovery UK Lines Up At-Home Cookery & Restoration Shows

Discovery UK Lines Up At-Home Cookery & Restoration Shows
Discovery UK has lined up a trio of cookery and restoration shows filmed at home, as well as a follow-up to TLC’s YouTube series Countdown To I Do.

Gok Wan will host Gok’s Easy Asian for Food Network, in which the presenter will guide viewers through simple versions of Asian classics from his London home. The eight-part series is made by Sidney Street Productions.

Also for Food Network is Rachel Khoo’s Simple Pleasures, an eight-part cooking series produced from Khoo’s country kitchen. The show is a co-production between Hungry Gap Productions and Peas In A Pot.

Finally, Angel Eye is making eight-part Restoring The Good Life (working title) for Hgtv, in which Kate Humble, Zoe Pocock and Max McMurdo restore and rejuvenate objects in their homes.

Over on YouTube meanwhile, TLC is going to catch-up with some of the couples who got married in Countdown To I Do last year,
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Rachel Khoo, Gok Wan Shows Among New Discovery Series to Be Filmed at Home

Rachel Khoo, Gok Wan Shows Among New Discovery Series to Be Filmed at Home
Discovery’s British channels have ordered four lifestyle and entertainment shows – including series hosted by Rachel Khoo and Gok Wan – that were shot at the presenters’ homes under Covid-19 production protocols.

Food Network gave the greenlight to “Simple Pleasures,” which follows Khoo in her country kitchen as she makes her favorite recipes using everyday ingredients. It is produced by Hungry Gap Productions in co-production with Peas in a Pot.

Food Network has also ordered “Easy Asian,” presented by Wan from his London home as he prepares simple versions of Asian food classics. It is produced by Sidney Street Productions.

Hgtv has commissioned upcycling show “Restoring the Good Life” (working title), presented by Kate Humble, Zoe Pocock and Max McMurdo, in which they re-purpose and re-design forgotten objects at home. It is produced by Angel Eye.

TLC has said yes to more “Countdown to I Do.” The new shows revisit couples
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BBC Lines Up ‘Danger Balls’ Game Show From ‘The Weakest Link’ Co-Creator

Exclusive: The BBC is lining up a new game show from the team behind The Weakest Link and Tipping Point where, unlike the lottery, contestants hope their balls stay in the bag.

The British public broadcaster has commissioned Danger Balls from Mighty Productions, the company behind Rick Edwards-fronted !mpossible (above).

The game show, where only the last ball left in play at the end wins the big cash prize, features three teams of two who’ve each been allocated five numbered balls. As the balls are picked from the bag at random the teams must answer questions to eliminate an opponent’s ball or save their own. The show also has compelling moments of strategy. Will the players cash in their balls when given the chance or hold out and hope for the big money, even though it could mean leaving with nothing?

Ordered by BBC Commissioning Editor, Entertainment and Daytime Jo Street,
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Back to the Land with Kate Humble: an ideal antidote to grim TV

The schedules are full of dark and disturbing fare, so the presenter’s stories of city dwellers retreating to green pastures is a welcome palate cleanser

For the most part, the TV landscape is not a cheerful place – and there is little in the way of distraction, aside from an hour of Ninja Warrior UK on Saturday nights. The glut of documentaries about stretched-to-breaking emergency services is a testimony to the extraordinary people who work in those fields, but they are not easy to leave behind without a sinking sensation in the gut. I can’t bring myself to watch any more of the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale, after an opening episode so violent and bleak that it made that scene in 1984 where a hungry rat stares expectantly at John Hurt’s face look like a Cbbc bedtime story.

Perhaps that is what drew me to BBC Two
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Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees – exposing the dame's private shrubbery

What might have been an unpromising prospect is brought to life by the actor basking in the mystery and majesty of her precious wood

Judi Dench loves trees. Judi is a massive tree hugger. Judi looks at trees in the same way that other people look at vintage sports cars or newborn babies: benevolent, indulgent, endlessly astonished. Judi loves trees so much that she has been given her own programme in order to expound upon their magic. Well of course she has. She’s Judi Dench.

Some might insist that talking about trees is the job of Kate Humble or Chris Packham – preferably while parked on straw bales – or perhaps the voice of God himself, David Attenborough. But if anyone can instil wonder into viewers about the history of our forests, it’s Judi. Watching her surveying Britain’s oaks is the ultimate merging of national treasure and natural treasure.
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Killing for Love review – revisiting a murder mystery that has lasted three decades

A compelling documentary reveals that the story of the 1985 murder of Derek and Nancy Haysom is as perplexing as ever. Plus, Kate Humble: Back to the Land

It begins in the way all true crime must begin. Slow zoom shots of a house encircled by police tape. A blood-spattered shoe. Creepy interiors. Bodies. More blood. Here is the crime scene: the heart of a murder mystery we know will be fraught with more inconsistencies and outlandish twists than an episode of Sherlock. These images will now haunt me for days. Anyone who has binged on Making a Murderer, Serial or even Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood (the original true-crime “non-fiction novel”) will know the cocktail of emotions this increasingly popular and morally dubious genre induces: obsessive fascination, horror, cynicism and loss of faith in the justice system. I, for one, am getting sick of the bitter aftertaste.

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Tuesday’s best TV: Kate Humble – Back to the Land; Catastrophe

  • The Guardian - TV News
Kate Humble asks how farmers are facing up to the loss of subsidies after Brexit; Rob is still angry about Sharon’s drunken fumbling

“A beautiful, charming liar” is how reporter Carlos Santos describes Elizabeth Haysom, currently serving time as an accessory to murder after her parents were knifed to death in 1985. Haysom described herself as Lady Macbeth during the trial. But did her boyfriend, Jens Soering, (who has long protested his innocence) really commit the murders? This disturbing film follows the case, and the questions arising from it. Ali Catterall

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The week in TV: Breaking the Silence Live; One Killer Punch; The Missing; Back in Time for Brixton

Two contrasting documentaries showed how lives can be transformed in an instant – and The Missing reverted to thrill mode

Breaking the Silence Live (C4) | All 4

One Killer Punch (C4) | All 4

The Missing (BBC1) | iPlayer

Back in Time for Brixton (BBC2) | iPlayer

So many “live” programmes arrive described as groundbreaking, and so few actually are. Britain’s Stupidest Drunk: Live. Britain’s Ugliest Pigeon: Live. At least, with Breaking the Silence Live, and its being on Channel 4, we were spared the bouncy Beeb schoolmarm Kate Humble’s many well-intentioned inanities.

Channel 4’s One Killer Punch told its stories with an unfussiness other networks might have sneered at

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Clive James: ‘Picture swaths of Britain where thousands of edible dormice reign supreme’

An edible dormouse doesn’t look like that kind of creature. It is very cute

I had thought that the BBC’s Autumnwatch might not recover from the loss of Kate Humble, but I now realise that there has been a gain in strength.

One of the recent shows featured the strangely named edible dormouse, which is not as cute as it looks. If you haven’t been following, the best way to conjure up the truly daunting edible dormouse situation is that there used to be a few of them but now there are zillions, threatening to eat the entire country.

Related: Clive James: ‘I am continually reminded of what a misery guts I have been’

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Tuesday’s best TV: Arctic Live; Chasing Asylum; Me and My Mental Illness

  • The Guardian - TV News
Three nights of live reports from the tiny Arctic town of Churchill; a horrifying documentary on Australia’s refugee policy; plus Frank Bruno, Alastair Campbell and others talk about their experiences of mental illness

For three chilly nights this week, Simon Reeve, Kate Humble and veteran wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan will be broadcasting live from Churchill – a tiny Canadian town where polar bears sometimes outnumber the residents – to illuminate the unique challenges of surviving at the top of the world. Expect it to be tundra-enlightening and – with sobering dispatches from the frontlines of global warming in Greenland and Alaska – very, very frightening. Graeme Virtue

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Tuesday’s best TV: Building Cars Live, River, 24 Hours in A&E, How Gay Is Pakistan?

  • The Guardian - TV News
James May, Ant Anstead and Kate Humble make some Minis in Oxford; John River is getting no rest; new series of the ambulance-chasing reality show. Plus: Mawaan Rizwan faces the grim reality of life for Lgbt people in Pakistan

Ninety minutes of heart-pounding action from the Mini plant in Oxford, which knocks out more than 10% of the 1.5m cars made each year in Britain. James May meets the people and robots responsible, while Ant Anstead tracks the history of the Mini and Kate Humble explains, er, the popularity of electric cars in Norway. Back in Oxford, one Mini will be followed on its journey to completion: they go from scratch to roadworthiness in 24 hours, so you can see the results tomorrow when – oh yes – there’s more of this. Jack Seale

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Michaela Strachan’s favourite TV

The Springwatch and Autumnwatch presenter on her love of a good documentary and how she’s still not been asked to do Strictly

I like a really good documentary where I can learn something. I really enjoyed Kate Humble: Living With Nomads. It was different and didn’t feel like something that had been done before. And it made me debate things in my own head. I live in South Africa now and there’s nothing like British television. There really isn’t. There’s a real culture of watching television in Britain that there isn’t in other countries. Because we have the BBC, which everyone watches, there’s a chance we might all have seen the same things so we can talk about it the next day.

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Sky1's woodland gameshow Wild Things is renewed

Couples are set to take on Mole, Squirrel and friends once again as Sky1 renews its gameshow Wild Things for another series.

It sees contestants race through a giant assault course and take on challenges, searching for hidden gold coins.

One contestant is nominated as the Wild Thing, and will be dressed as a woodland animal.

Unable able to see out of their costume, they have to be guided through the course by their partner.

Casting of contestants has already started on the new series, which will run as ten one-hour episodes, while Kate Humble and Jason Byrne will return to present.

The show was named Best Entertainment Programme in the Broadcast Digital Awards 2015.

No date has been set yet for the new series to air.
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Animal Park now on FilmOn’s BBC Two Channel

Animal Park now on FilmOn’s BBC Two Channel
Love animals? Take a look at “Animal Park,” currently airing on FilmOn’s BBC Two live TV channel. The television show takes viewers on a journey through the lives of earth’s interesting and unique members of the animal kingdom. In one episode, presenters Ben Fogle and Kate Humble explore the world of baby animals. It’s just as adorable as you might think. “Ben Fogle and Kate Humble explore life behind the scenes at Longleat Estate and Safari Park. A tiny tapir tot takes his first tentative steps. The lion cubs have some new toys, but dad Kabir wants to use them for toddler taming. And it’s the moment of truth for [ Read More ]

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UK TV ratings: Big Brother Live Eviction watched by over 1 million on Channel 5

UK TV ratings roundup - data supplied by Barb

Big Brother's latest eviction was seen by more than 1 million people on Friday (June 19) evening.

As Jade Lynch became the eighth housemate to be evicted, Big Brother: Live Eviction was seen by an average audience of 1.07 million (6%). It peaked with 1.15 million (6.2%).

A further 462k (6.8%) watched Big Brother's: Bit on the Side at 10.30pm, while 322k (4.4%) watched live footage from the house immediately after.

Featuring guests such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Emilia Clarke, The Graham Norton Show was the evening's highest-rated programme outside of soaps.

An average audience of 3.45 million (27.4%) tuned in to watch the talk show at 10.35pm.

BBC One's evening kicked off with 2.97 million (19.4%) for The One Show at 7pm, followed by 2.47 million (14.7%) for Would I Lie to You immediately after.

Celebrity Masterchef continued with 3.34 million (18.1%) at 8.30pm, and peaked with 3.98 million (21.4%) at 9.45pm.

Over on BBC Two,
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James May is hosting a new BBC Two car show that isn't Top Gear

James May might not be returning to Top Gear just yet, but he's been confirmed to present a new live BBC Two motoring show.

Kate Humble and Ant Anstead will co-host Building Cars Live, which explores the science behind car production from BMW's Mini plant in Oxford.

The two 90-minute episodes of Building Cars Live will air this autumn, with May enthusing: "I can't wait to build a car. Live."

Humble added: "To be broadcasting live from the production line of one of the world's most recognisable cars will be hugely exciting, and give us a brilliant insight into what goes into creating the vehicles we all take so much for granted."

May and Richard Hammond were recently seen presenting Top Gear without Jeremy Clarkson in pictures released from the trio's final episode together.

New host Chris Evans recently hinted that close friend May might yet join him on the revamped series.
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Friday’s best TV

  • The Guardian - TV News
Kate Humble concludes her eye-opening look at nomad lives in central Asia, there’s a chance to catch up on some classic Glastonbury moments and a new drama tells the story of the attack on the Nazi nuclear plant in Norway. Plus the day’s best sporting action

It’s the concluding leg of Kate Humble’s journey through the nomad cultures of Nepal, Siberia and Mongolia. Tonight, she shares stories with a group of nomads as they move their tents, and goes to a yak festival. As ever, Humble gets among it with elan, helping out with a noisy cashmere wool harvest and eating the testicles of freshly castrated lambs. She also finds nomads embracing modern gadgets to make life easier, using solar panels to power their TVs, and driving a 4x4 to the local well. Hannah Verdier

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Sandi Toksvig was rejected as Have I Got News for You host because she was a woman

Sandi Toksvig has claimed that she was rejected as the original host of Have I Got News For You because she was a woman.

The presenter and comedian revealed in an interview with Radio Times that she was overlooked for the position in favour of Angus Deayton in 1990 because the BBC decided it "couldn't have a woman in charge".

Speaking about auditioning for the show, Toksvig said: "They made two pilots, one with me and one with Angus Deayton.

"I was told by the producers that they preferred my version, but the channel decided they couldn't have a woman in charge."

Toksvig also revealed how the decision "made [her] feel inadequate and question whether [she] was really up to it".

She went on to speak about the tabloid scandal involving Deayton in 2002, saying: "I thought Angus was very good and he's an extremely nice chap... but I would not have been caught with either prostitutes or cocaine,
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UK TV ratings: Tfi Friday's anniversary special gets over 3 million viewers

UK TV ratings roundup - data supplied by Barb

Tfi Friday's all-star anniversary special attracted an audience of over 3 million, overnight figures suggest.

Chris Evans and star guests including Tom Daley, Shaun Ryder, Lewis Hamilton and Jeremy Clarkson entertained 3.35m (18.3%) on Friday (June 12) - the highest-rated primetime programme outside of soaps and news bulletins.

10 classic Tfi Friday moments, from Shaun Ryder swearing to Freak or Unique

Elsewhere in Channel 4 primetime, Marvel's Agents of Shield concluded with 621k (3.2%) at 8pm, with 831k (8.7%) tuning in for Alan Carr's Chatty Man at 11pm. Greg Davies sitcom Man Down aired to 370k (6.8%) at midnight.

Meanwhile on Channel 5, 1.13 million watched this week's fake 'eviction' on Big Brother at 9pm, along with the return of past housemates Helen Wood, Nikki Grahame and Brian Belo in a secret bunker.

Big Brother's Bit on the Side attracted an audience of 370k (6.8%) at 10pm.

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Friday’s best TV

  • The Guardian - TV News
Kyle McLachlan helps bring Agents of Shield to a suitably comic-book close, the EU is a giant conspiracy theory, Tfi Friday returns, and Kate Humble lives among the Nenet people. Plus Danish drama, another Big Brother eviction and Crocodile Shoes

Second season finale of the fitfully entertaining series that doodles in the margins of Marvel’s screen universe. The battle between the remnants of Shield and the Inhumans climaxes in the corridors of an aircraft carrier. Recurring guest star Kyle MacLachlan seems to be the only actor in the cast who understands this is supposed to be a comic-book show, delivering yet another masterclass in eye-bulging, vein-popping, scenery-chomping villainy as Skye’s bad dad Cal. Graeme Virtue

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