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Jarhead 2: Field of Fire Blu-Ray Review

Jarhead 2: Field of Fire Blu-Ray Review
Title: Jarhead 2: Field of Fire Director: Don Michael Paul Cast: Josh Kelly, Cole Hauser, Bookeem Woodbine, Esai Morales, Stephen Lang, Cassie Layton, Danielle Savre, Jesse Garcia, Ronny Jhutti, Jason Wong Running time: 1 hour 43 min, Rated R/Unrated Available: August 19th Special Features: 2 Deleted Scenes Cpl Chris Merrimette (Josh Kelly) is put in charge of a unit whose orders are to resupply an outpost dead center of Taliban controlled land.  The unit finds a Navy Seal who engages them with the task of helping an Afghan woman who is infamous for causing uprising amongst civilians against the Taliban to escape the country.  Merrimette leads his team to complete  [ Read More ]

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An Ideal who's who

To celebrate Ideal's 50th episode, series creator Graham Duff lists his 50 favourite characters

1. Moz Played by Johnny Vegas

Manchester's least ambitious weed dealer, Moz only deals to a circle of 30-odd friends. And some of them are very odd indeed.

2. Tilly Janeane Garofalo

Avant garde Us fashion designer Tilly is slumming it in Salford while looking for artistic inspiration.

3. Nicki Nicola Reynolds

Moz's ex-girlfriend Nicki has her own rival dealing business and is determined to wipe out the competition.

4. Jenny Sinead Matthews

Jenny had an affair with Moz. She's so dim she called her baby Jenny to make it easier to remember.

5. PC Tom Goodman-Hill

Lackadasical police officer PC supplies Moz with the hash and weed he has confiscated during busts. Real name Phil Collins.

6. Paul Weller Himself

He appears in a sequence where Moz describes his perfect night in, which involves the Modfather making him cheese on toast.
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Views: Survivors (BBC America Series)

What if the end of the world came and you survived it? The new BBC America series Survivors explores just that idea. While it’s being presented as pure sci-fi, near future drama, the elements of horror are inescapable. The series is well acted by players who are relative unknowns outside of the UK (see full series one cast list below). A nod must be given to those who have deftly casted the core group which seems to have just the right amount of tense expectancy about the world as it now is.

The first four hours of the series have only begun to explore the range of emotions any survivor would experience. Imagine the slow realization of the growing deaths around you. In this instance, a rouge virus whose mortality rate is something close to 99% has come for humanity. At least it wasn’t a terror attack or asteroid from space.
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