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Print Biographies (3)

Geoffrey C. Ward. Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2004. ISBN 0375415327
Jack Johnson. My Life and Battles. Translated from the French and edited by Christopher Rivers. New York: Praeger, 2009. ISBN 0275999645
Randy Roberts. Papa Jack: Jack Johnson and the Era of White Hopes. New York, N. Y.: The Free Press, 1985. ISBN 0029269008

Film Biographies (2)

Articles (8)

Los Angeles Times (US) May 25 2018, Vol. 137, Iss. 173, pg. D3, by: Lance Pugmire, "Jack Johnson receives a full pardon: The first black heavyweight champ was convicted in 1913 by an all-white jury"
New York Post (US) May 25 2018, Vol. 217, Iss. 191, pg. 19, by: Bob Fredericks, "IN JACK'S CORNER: Don pardons champ jailed unjustly in 1913"
USA TODAY (US) May 25 2018, Vol. 36, Iss. 178, pg. 4A, by: Gregory Korte, "Trump pardons Jack Johnson 72 years after champ's death"
New York Post (US) April 26 2018, Vol. 217, Iss. 162, pg. 23, by: Eric Fettmann, "FAST TAKES: Sports desk - Why Didn't Obama Pardon Jack Johnson?"
USA Today (US) April 26 2018, Vol. 36, Iss. 157, pg. 1A-2A, by: Gregory Korte, "Pardons rarely reach beyond grave: Boxer's would be third granted posthumously"
Sports Illustrated (US) July 5 2010, Vol. 112, Iss. 28, pg. 14-15, by: Richard Hoffer, "The Great Black Mark"
The New York Times (US) February 9 2009, Vol. 158, Iss. 54,581, pg. D3, by: William C. Rhoden, "Indomitable Role Models for a Home Run Chase"
Stop Smiling (US) 2005, Iss. 20, pg. 49, by: Miles Davis, "Jack Johnson by Miles Davis"

Pictorials (1)

Stop Smiling (US) 2005, Iss. 20, pg. 50-51

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