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Interviews (6)

TV Guide (US) February 1 2010, Vol. 58, Iss. 5, pg. 40, by: Ileane Rudolph, "Th Good Life"
Live Magazine, The Mail on Sunday (GB) February 10 2008, Iss. March, "British Film's Brightest New Poster Stars"
New York Moves (US) October 3 2007, Iss. Celeb, pg. 66 to 73, by: Amelia Mularz, "Archie Panjabi, different from the whole celebrity world"
Esquire (GB) October 2007, Iss. Celeb, by: Dan Davies, "Up and Coming Archie Panjabi"
Verve (IN) October 2007, Vol. 15, Iss. 10, pg. 64 to 66, by: Nisha Paul, "Mighty Sensational Archie Panjabi"
ES Magazine (GB) August 2007, pg. 29 to 35, by: Annabel Rivkin, "Archie's Way"

Articles (4)

TV Guide (US) May 17 2010, Vol. 58, Iss. 20, pg. 28, by: Megan Walsh-Boyle, "Scene Stealer: The God Wife's Archie Panjabi"
Variety (US) August 26 2009, by: David Kronke, "TVs Top Ten New Faces for Fall"
Red (GB) October 2007, by: Gabrielle Nathan, "Red Hot; If You see only one thing this month...Archie Panjabi in A Mighty Heart"
The Observer (GB) 2007, "A Classic British Drama"

Pictorials (8)

EVE (GB) March 2008, by: Lorien Haynes, "Brits in LA"
Live Magazine (GB) February 10 2008, "British Film's Brightest New Poster Stars Coming"
ES Magazine (GB) November 9 2007, by: Sophie Goodwin, "Archie Panjabi Beauty Biography"
Vogue (GB) September 2007, by: Lisa Armstrong, "French Dressing - Fashion in Cannes"
Vogue (GB) September 2007, by: Hugh Stewart, "French Dressing"
US Weekly (US) July 2 2007, by: Gabe Guarente, "Angie's Hot Costar"
US Weekly (US) July 2 2007, Iss. 646, by: Gabe Guarente, "Angie's Hot Costar"
Scoop (US) May 31 2007, by: L.G, "Girls of Summer"

Magazine Covers (2)

CBS Watch (US) February 2011
New York Moves (US) July 2007, Iss. Celeb

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