Death Stranding Will Not Be at E3 2017 Says Kojima; E3 Coliseum Revealed

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One of the most surprising games of E3 2016, Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding, will not be on stage this year when Sony presents their wares. Read Kojima's tweet below and see if you can decipher it. Plus, find out when you can see the man, himself, live and in person at E3!

When we began on the long, winding road to E3 2017, one of the games we were most excited to get an update on was Hideo Kojima's first game since Konami, Death Stranding. Alas, we aren't so lucky this year as Kojima has tweeted out that his team has decided to forego E3 2017 in favor of spending that time developing. That didn't mean Kojima, himself, wouldn't still be in attendance, though.

Apologies to our fans, Death Stranding will not be @ E3 as we are fully focused on development. Pls see me with @geoffkeighley on 6/14!
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Hey Artists, The Pixel Collection Submissions Are Open

"The Dragon Play" by Brian Thompson and Hamzah Kasom Osman from Drawn: Dark Flight

Good with Photoshop and or 3Ds Max? Got a hankering to homage your favorite game? The Pixel Collection wants your submissions. The Esa and Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences-led event celebrates high-quality contributions from video game fans.

More information about the event and submissions after the jump.

First off, here's the good word about the event from the Esa and the Aias:

Created in 2004 by the Entertainment Software Association, Itp is an exploration and celebration of the art of video games from around the world. Into The Pixel features a representative sampling of video game art, selected by a panel of jurors from a field of submissions.

The jury is made up of industry artists, so maybe this will be a chance to impress one of your favorite game artists. Here's who'll be looking at your work:

Bob Rafei,
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Major Departures At Infinity Ward

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Just one day after former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vince Zampella officially unveiled Respawn Entertainment, a number of prominent, valuable employees have left beleaguered studio Infinity Ward. Have a look at who they are, and what they did at Infinity Ward:

Chris Cherubin — Lead Artist Bruce Ferriz — Senior Animator Steve Fukuda — Lead designer Mackey McCandlish — Lead Designer Zied Reike — Lead designer Jon Shiring — Programmer Rayme Vinson — Programmer

Of this current group, only person has indicated an immediate destination: Bruce Ferriz is bound for Big Red Button Entertainment, the studio founded in 2008 by former Naughty Dog Art Director Bob Rafei. As for the balance of the individuals listed above, speculation that they may join West and Zampella at Respawn Entertainment remains, for now, just that. The timing of the departures, however, is difficult to ignore.

Factoring in last week’s departures, Todd Alderman (Lead Designer) and Francesco Gigliotti (Lead
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