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  • (1921) Stage: Appeared (as "A Shepherd Boy"; credited as Raymond Guion; Broadway debut) in "Eyvind of the Hills" on Broadway. Tragedy. Written by Jóhann Sigurjónsson. Directed by Frank Conroy. Greenwich Village Theatre: 28 Feb 1921-Mar 1921 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Charles P. Bates, Byron Beasley, Ed Begley (as "Jon"), Gus Beuerman, Hallem Bosworth, Elfin Finn, , Henry Herbert (as "Arnes"), Arthur Hohl (as "Karl"), Eleanor Johnson, Beatrice Moreland, Lloyd Neal, Helen Olcott, Edmond J. Pardy, Gwendolyn Piers, Helene Russell, Marguerite Tebeau, Margaret Wycherly (as "Halla"). Produced by Conroy and Meltzer.
  • (1922) Stage: Appeared (as "Billy Thompson"; credited as Raymond Guion) in "Why Not?" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Jesse Lynch Williams. Directed by Mrs. Shelley Hull and O.P. Heggie. 48th Street Theatre: 25 Dec 1922-Apr 1923 (closing date unknown/120 performances). Cast: Marguerite Churchill (as "Molly"; Broadway debut), Warburton Gamble, Jane Grey, Norma Mitchell, Margaret Mower, Tom Powers, Cecil Yapp (as "Chuchill Smith"). Produced by The Equity Players Inc.
  • (1923) Stage: Appeared (as "Bill Potter"; credited as Raymond Guion) in "The Potters" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by J.P. McEvoy. Plymouth Theatre: 8 Dec 1923-Jun 1924 (closing date unknown/208 performances). Cast included: Catherine Calhoun Doucet, James Hagen, Douglas Hunter, Daniel Kelly, Adelaide Lawrence, Donald Meek.
  • (1925) Stage: Appeared (as "Oscar Nordholm"; credited as Raymond Guion) in "Cradle Snatchers" on Broadway. Comedy/Farce. Written by Norma Mitchell and Russell G. Medcraft. Scenic Design by Clark Robinson. Directed by Sam Forrest. Music Box Theatre: 7 Sep 1925-Jun 1925 (closing date unknown/332 performances). Cast: Mary Boland (as "Susan Martin"), Willard Barton (as "Roy Ladd"), Humphrey Bogart (as "Jose Vallejo"), Moon Carroll (as "Jackie"), Margaret Dale (as "Kitty Ladd"), Raymond Hackett (as "Henry Winton"), Myra Hampton (as "Elinor"), Stanley Jessup (as "Howard Drake"), Mary Loane (as "Anne Hall"), Margaret Moreland (as "Maid"), Mary Murray (as "Francine"), Edna May Oliver (as "Ethel Drake"), Cecil Owen (as "George Martin"), Gerald Phillips (as "Paul"). Produced by Sam Harris. Produced by arrangement with Hassard Short. NOTES: (1) Filmed as The Cradle Snatchers (1927), Let's Face It (1943). (2) Theatre owned and operated by Sam Harris and Irving Berlin [Mr. Berlin had no involvement with production].
  • (1927) Stage: Appeared (as "Bud Weaver"; credited as Raymond Guion) in "Take My Advice" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Elliott Nugent and J.C. Nugent. Belmont Theatre: 1 Nov 1927-Dec 1927 (closing date unknown/39 performances). Cast: Lawrence Grattan (as "John Weaver"), Lucia Moore (as "Mrs. Weaver"), Ralph Morgan (as "Bradley Clement"), Mary Stills, Vivian Tobin (as "Ann Weaver"), Raymond Walburn (as "Jim Thayer"), Barry O'Moore (as "Kerry Van Kind"). Produced by William Caryl.
  • (1928) Stage: Appeared (as "Calvin Trask"; billed as Raymond Guion) in "Mirrors" on Broadway. Written by Milton Herbert Gropper. Directed / produced by Albert Lewis. Forrest Theatre: 18 Jan 1928-Jan 1928 (closing date unknown/13 performances). Cast: Patricia Barclay, Joan Brown, Dorothea Chard (as "Phyllis Langdon"), Bruce Evans, Franklyn Fox (as "Donald Dean"), Albert Hackett (as "Roger King"), Hale Hamilton (as "Gilbert Norton"), Jack MacLennan, Marie Nordstrom, Lea Penman (as "Mrs. Trask"), Gerald Phillips, Alan Purling, Sylvia Sidney (as "Mary Norton"), Richard Sterling.
  • (1928) Stage: Appeared (as "Billy"; credited as Raymond Guion) in "Sherlock Holmes [Being a hitherto unpublished episode in the career of the great detective and showing his connection with the STRANGE CASE OF MISS FAULKNER]". Drama (revival). Written by William Gillette and Arthur Conan Doyle. Directed by Clifford Brook. Cast: George Alison (as "Sir Edward Leighton"), Horace Braham (as "Sidney Prince"), J.H. Brewer (as "Count Von Stahlburg"), Jennie A. Eustace (as "Mrs. Faulkner"), Philip Heege (as "John Forman"), Edgar Henning (as "Parsons"), Julia Hoyt (as "Madge Larrabee"), Frank Keenan (as "Prof. Moriarty"; final Broadway role), Robert Linden (as "John"), John Litel [erroneously credited as John Littell; as "Thomas Leary"), Stanley Logan (as "Dr. Watson"), Vivian Martin (as "Alice Faulkner"). Produced by Chamberlain Brown Cosmopolitan Artists.
  • (1928) Stage: Appeared (as "Michael Graham"; billed as Raymond Guion) in "Say When". Musical comedy. Material by Calvin Brown. Based on a play by Amelie Rives and Gilbert Emery. Music by Ray Perkins, Kay Swift, W. Franke Harling, Jesse Greer, Daisy deSegonzak and Irma Hopper. Featuring songs by Arthur Sheekman. Lyrics by Max Lief, Nathaniel Lief, Paul James, W. Franke Harling, Mayor James J. Walker, Raymond Klages and Irma Hopper. Featuring songs with lyrics by Helen Wallace. Directed by Bertram Harrison. Morosco Theatre: 26 Jun 1928-Jul 1928 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Josephine Adair (as "Miss Stuart"), Jane Alden, Ruth Altman, Sally Anderson, Joyce Arling, Bradley Cass, William J. Cleary, Warren Crosby, Ruth Fallows, Peggy Fish, Dorothy Fitzgibbon, Ann Freshman, Roger Gray, Kathryn Hamill, Kathryn Hereford, Dorothy Jones, Helen Kaiser, Genevieve Kent, Harry Kirk, Cora La Redd, Joseph Lertora, Mabel Martin, Beverly Maude, Patricia McGrath, Duquesne Miller, Robert Moody, J. Gibbs Penrose, Mildred Quigley, Alan Ray, Anna Rex, Bartlett Simmons, Alison Skipworth (as "Comtessa Scaracchi"), Archie Thompson, Doris Vinton, Donald Wells, Harold Williams. Produced by Elisabeth Marbury and Carl Reed.
  • (1928) Stage: Appeared (as "Sid Swanson"; billed as Raymond Guion) in "The War Song" on Broadway. Written by Sam Spewack, Bella Spewack and George Jessel. Directed by Albert Lewis. National Theatre: 24 Sep 1928-Dec 1928 (closing date unknown/80 performances). Cast: Ted Athey, Harry Bass, T.F. Benson, Shirley Booth (as "Emily Rosen"), Clyde Franklyn, William Gargan (as "Pvt. James Perkins"), Lt. Hans Golle, Peter K. Hawley, Eda Heinemann (as "Social Worker"), Edwin Jerome, George Jessel (as "Eddie Rosen"), Patricia Kenny, Paul Ker, 'Lola Lane' (v), Clara Langsner, Joseph Latham, Capt. Herman Lehmann, Edward Leiter, Col. Edmund Lowe, Paul O'Brien, Charles Peters, Maj. Sig Ruman, Lt. Paul Schultz, Frank Spelvin, Harry Von Zynda, H.C. Warren, Charles Wilson, Carl Worms. Produced by Albert Lewis and Sam Harris.
  • (1929) Stage: Appeared (as "Wilbur Jones"; credited as Raymond Guion) in "Jonesy" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Anne Morrison Chapin [credited as Anne Morrison] and John Peter Toohey. Directed / produced by Earle Boothe. Bijou Theatre: 9 Apr 1929-Jul 1929 (closing date unknown/96 performances). Cast: Seldon Bennett (as "Mr. Silverberg"), Helen Brooks, Spring Byington (as "Mrs. Henry Jones"), Robert Crozier (as "A Plumber"), Eloise Keeler, Kate Mayhew (as "Katie"), Jack Mead, Donald Meek (as "Henry Jones"), Percy Moore, Edward Racey, Nydia Westman (as "Mildred Ellis").
  • (1929) Stage: Appeared (as "Gene Gibson"; billed as Raymond Guion) in "Young Sinners" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Elmer Harris. Directed by Stanley Logan. Morosco Theatre: 28 Nov 1929-Aug 1930 (closing date unknown/289 performances). Cast: Dorothy Appleby, Muriel Belasco, Robert Beyers, Arthur Bowyer (as "Trent"), Edward Forman, John Harrington, Alfred Hesse (as "Baron von Konitz"), Carol March, Faye Marlyn, Percy Moore (as "John Gibson"), Paul Nugent, Edward Racey, Arthur Scanlon, Hilda Spong (as "Mrs. Sinclair"), Gwyn Stratford. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1957) Stage: Appeared (as "Horace Smith") in "A Shadow of My Enemy" on Broadway. NOTE: Only Broadway appearance credited as Gene Raymond [all others under his birth name of Raymond Guion.
  • (1951) Stage: Toured for 15 weeks in the revival of "The Guardsman" with wife Jeanette MacDonald.
  • (1/1/56) Hosted a televising of "The Tournament of Roses Parade" with wife Jeanette MacDonald.
  • (1965) Stage: Appeared in Alfred Allan Lewis' play, "Diplomatic Relations," Cape Playhouse, Dennis, MA.
  • (1956) Stage: Appeared in "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?", Cathay Circle Theater, Los Angeles, CA. Also in cast: Merry Anders.
  • (1946) He acted in H.M. Harwood's play, "The Main in Possession," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Alexandra Dagmar in the cast.
  • (August 1965) He acted in Alfred Allan Lewis' play, "Dipomatic Relations," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Anne Baxter in the cast.
  • (Summer 1959) He acted in George Axelrod's play, "The Seven Year Itch," at the Cherry County Playhouse in Traverse City, Michigan. Ruth Bailey was founder and artistic director.

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