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Cinema Retro Special Report- "Viva Sabata!": Reflections On The Lee Van Cleef/Yul Brynner Trilogy

By Fred Blosser

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On a windy night, a black-clad stranger rides into Daugherty City, Texas. He flips a coin to a scruffy drunk who is strapped for the price of a drink. He exposes a crooked dice game in the local saloon, where most of the townsfolk seem to be congregated. Then he departs. In the meantime, down the street, a gang of acrobatic robbers breaks into the bank and heists a safe containing $100,000 in Army payroll money. The getaway crew escapes town before a wounded trooper can raise the alarm, but out on the trail they run into the stranger, Sabata, who picks them off with a tricked-out rifle and recovers the stolen money.

Thus, in under 15 minutes of running time, Gianfranco Parolini neatly sets up the events that will drive the remaining 90 minutes of his 1969 Spaghetti Western, "Ehi amico... c'è Sabata,
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Film Review: Deftly Lensed ‘Snowman’s Land’ Leaves Audience in the Cold

Chicago – The art of deadpan humor looks deceptively simple to the untrained eye. It’s fairly easy to say ridiculous things while maintaining a straight face. What separates the amateurs from the professionals is a mastery of timing as well as a keen understanding of a character’s interior life. The best deadpan laughs are the ones that allow an inside peek into the human psyche.

Rating: 2.5/5.0

Tomasz Thomson’s 2010 crime thriller, “Snowman’s Land,” evokes forgotten memories of weak Coen Brothers vehicles like “Intolerable Cruelty” and “The Ladykillers.” There’s plenty of remarkable craft on display but little to stoke an audience’s involvement. The film is so deadpan at times that it barely has a pulse, though cinematographer Ralf M. Mendle provides the viewer with so much hauntingly desolate and gorgeously frostbitten imagery that it nearly redeems the naggingly empty experience.

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Quick Shooter: A Clint Eastwood Profile (Part 2)

Trevor Hogg profiles the career of Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood in the second of a five-part feature (read part one here)...

“After Hang ’em High [1968], I acted in several pictures without being actively involved in their production,” recalled California filmmaker Clint Eastwood. “Then I found myself making my directorial debut directing second unit on a picture of Don Siegel’s.” The action crime thriller introduced audience members to the actor’s signature role of no nonsense Police Inspector Harry Callahan. “Don had the flu and I replaced him for the sequence where Harry tries to convince the would-be-suicide not to jump into the void. That turned out Ok, because, for lack of space on the window ledge, the only place to perch me was on the crane. I shot this scene, then another one, and I began to think more seriously about directing.” The helmer of Dirty Harry (1971) had a
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Watch: Trailer for German Hitman Comedy Snowman's Land

When did the Coen Brothers become German? An official trailer for the upcoming German hitman comedy Snowman's Land has made its debut on the internet on the film's official website (via Twitch). This looks like a beautifully shot, very dark hitman comedy inspired by the Coen Brothers, and I can't wait to see it. It just showed at the Edinburgh Film Fest a couple of weeks ago, but other than we're not sure when we'll see it show up again. I wish it had subtitles, and I'm sorry we have to keep featuring good foreign trailers without subs (or a dub), but this was just too good to pass up. I still suggest checking it out anyway, so watch below. Watch the official trailer (with subtitles) for Tomasz Thomson's Snowman's Land: Luckless contract killer Walter (Jürgen Rißmann) takes a job for former underworld boss Berger (Reiner Schöne) who
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