'The Pitch' Season 2 finale: A dustup over Fuller Brush

The season finale of AMC's "The Pitch" Thursday (Oct. 3) features two Chicago ad agencies vying to bring an extremely old-school company -- Fuller Brush -- into the 21st century.

All does not go smoothly, as you might expect. Early in the process two partners at the Monogram Group, one of the agencies featured on the show, have a disagreement about the campaign. As you can see in this clip, which is exclusive to Zap2it, Monogram's research director, Jackie Short, is unsure of the direction they're taking.

Agency founder Scott Markman, however, urges her to wait and see -- and based solely on the evidence in the clip, the "see" part is really the key. Her observations appear to be based just on a series of notes taped to a conference-room wall.

You can see how Monogram's campaign, and that of its rival, shakes out when "The Pitch" airs at 11 p.
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