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Wild Zero (1999) – The DVD Review

What’s your favorite Japanese punk rock, alien invasion, zombie apocalypse, transgender romance, biker, musical comedy movie?

I know, that’s a hell of a mash up right? There is such a movie, it’s called Wild Zero and it is terrific. If you think you’ve seen everything you’ve got to take a look at this insane movie.

Wild Zero (1999) was put together as a vehicle for Guitar Wolf a Japanese Punk Rock heavy metal trio that has been playing and recording for years. They are a sort of ramped-up Japanese version of the Ramones, who play even faster and louder than that legendary band, if you can believe it. Like the Ramones they all dress alike; black leather pants, boots and jackets. Supposedly they don’t take illegal drugs but they do drink, a lot, and they sweat, profusely, on stage and off.

According to the special
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Top Knot Detective to air on SBS2

Top Knot Detective.

Comedy feature Top Knot Detective is set to air as on SBS2 next Wednesday. The film is the debut feature of co-writers and directors Aaron McCann and Dominic Pearce.

Lauren Brunswick, winner of the 2015 Wa Young Filmmaker of the Year Award.and one of Spa.s 2015 Ones to Watch, produced. A mockumentary, Top Knot Detective was borne out of Sbs.s 2015 Comedy Runway initiative to find emerging talent. The initial pilot is on Sbs On Demand. Originally commissioned as a web-series, the comedy was turned into a feature in the last few months of post-production. The majority of the film was shot in Wa across 2015 and 2016, with additional principal photography in Japan and Sydney. The film looks behind the scenes at the (fictional) Japanese drama Ronin Suirai Tantei, or as it.s better known in Australia where it was a cult hit, Top Knot Detective - "the
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13 Unconventional Murder Weapons

It’s another 13th of the month. Here’s our top 13 list of unconventional murder weapons. All contributions are by the staff and listed as such.

Deadly Friend Death by Basketball

by Mike Hassler

Deadly Friend is not a good movie. At all. Wes Craven’s really hit or miss, in case you didn’t already realize this — for every Last House on the Left there’s a Vampire in Brooklyn, and for a Nightmare on Elm Street there’s a Shocker. His 1986 cheese-tastic gem Deadly Friend is quite a fun watch just for it’s terrible nature. The preposterous plot is of a young man implanting a computer chip into the girl next door’s brain which then gives her superpowers and causes her to go homicidal. The best moment? When our cybernetically altered hottie Samantha (Kristy Swanson) chucks a basketball at Anne “Mama” Ramsey’s head, which literally
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Crowdfund This: Fonotune - An Electric Fairytale From The Creators Of Yellow

Regular readers may remember we showcased the teaser for sci-fi road movie Fonotune - An Electric Fairytale last year. The team has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to pull together the remaining funds necessary to complete their location shoot in, among other places, Utah's stunning salt flats. Directed by Fabian Huebner, who made the Uwe Boll documentary Visiting Uwe, produced by Catherine Morawitz and lensed by Jon Britt - who together brought us the exceptional giallo short Yellow back in 2012, Fonotune is a beautiful hybrid of Japanese punk music, European electro, and an American independent spirit, which looks to be coming together fantastically.Veteran Japanese rock n' roll legend Guitar Wolf Seiji has recently joined the cast, which already includes Visitor Q star Watanabe Kazushi, Yamashita...

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31 Days of Horror: 100 Greatest Horror Films: Top 100

Every year, we here at Sound On Sight celebrate the month of October with 31 Days of Horror; and every year, I update the list of my favourite horror films ever made. Last year, I released a list that included 150 picks. This year, I’ll be upgrading the list, making minor alterations, changing the rankings, adding new entries, and possibly removing a few titles. I’ve also decided to publish each post backwards this time for one reason: the new additions appear lower on my list, whereas my top 50 haven’t changed much, except for maybe in ranking. I am including documentaries, short films and mini series, only as special mentions – along with a few features that can qualify as horror, but barely do.

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Special Mention:

Wait until Dark

Directed by Terence Young

Written by Robert Carrington

USA, 1967

Directed by Terence Young,
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Tiff’s 25 Years of Midnight Madness: Best of the Fest #4 – ‘Wild Zero’

Wild Zero

Directed by Tetsuro Takeuchi

Written by Satoshi Takagi and Tetsuro Takeuchi

1999, Japan

Get ready for the craziest punk-rock zombie flick you’ll ever see. Wild Zero makes absolutely no sense but somehow manages to get away scott free through sheer force of will. It stars a cult Japanese rock band, decked out in black leather and dark shades, who play their punk music at a high speed, high volume feverish pitch. The band in question is Guitar Wolf, consisting of three members: Bass Wolf, Drum Wolf and our groovy hero, Guitar Wolf, who never takes off his shades, and who’s musical instrument of choice doubles as a deadly energy sword used to fight off an alien mothership. The band wanders around dishing out words of wisdom like “Love has no borders, nationalities or genders” before taking off on their next adventure aboard powered motorcycles. Their biggest fan
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When Comedy meets Horror (part three)

After a break, we return right into our look at the varied world of comedy horror in cinema, with the occasional diversion into TV. So far we have had a variety of films from a variety of countries, from the obscure Hausu to the more immediately accessible in Beetlejuice & Drag me To Hell.

Before we go any further, horror has a habit of coming across in such an earnest light that it threatens to make its audience laugh. Take 2011’s The Rite as an example. The Rite starred Anthony Hopkins as an unorthodox priest outside the system who specialises in exorcisms in Rome, (spoiler) as luck would have it he becomes possessed and he over-acts like only Hopkins can. There is also the copious employment of cats jumping at the camera, even a horse with red eyes appears at one point. It was one of the best comedy films of
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100 + Greatest Horror Movies (Pt. 2): 124-101

Throughout the month of October, Editor-in-Chief and resident Horror expert Ricky D, will be posting a list of his favorite Horror films of all time. The list will be posted in six parts. Click here to see every entry.

As with all lists, this is personal and nobody will agree with every choice – and if you do, that would be incredibly disturbing. It was almost impossible for me to rank them in order, but I tried and eventually gave up.


124: (Tie) Inside (À l’intérieur)

Directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury

Written by Alexandre Bustillo

2007, France

Four months after the death of her husband, a pregnant woman is tormented by a strange woman who invades her home with the intent on killing her and taking her unborn baby. This movie is not recommended for women on the brink of motherhood. Inside is one of the most vicious and
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Greatest Horror Comedies

The latest list in sound of sights month long look at the greatest horror films ever is taking a different look on the horror genre. There is a very narrow line that divides finding something funny and scary, which is exactly the sort of film this list is celebrating. As a genre there is two ways you can address the comedy horror. The first and the much more popular route is comedy about horror, these films rarely attempt to attain any qualities other than a comedic jibe at the genre. If you were to pick one classic example it would be Young Frankenstein – a film that satirises early horror and Frankenstein in what is close to comedy perfection (the Gene Wilder effect). The contemporary take on the genre has given the world some of the worst films of recent times in the Scary Movie franchise and its brood of mutant off-shoots.
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Top ten zombie survivors

Please note, the article below is chock-full of spoiler-y goodness! If you don't want to know who survives the zombie apocalypse (and by extension, who does not) then read no further!

As Halloween fast approaches and Slingshot's urban zombie game, 2.8 Hours Later ( is due to take over London, Shadowlocked's Leo Owen provides you with some fancy dress inspiration with her top ten zombie film survivors...

10. Shaun and Liz: Shaun Of The Dead

Edgar Wright's breakthrough feature is just as much a bromance as a romantic comedy, exploring the love between Shaun and Ed and Shaun and Liz. Once double-act Shaun and Ed have sobered up enough to realize there's an apocalyptic uprising of zombies, they're already under attack. Quickly formulating a flawed plan, they gather weapons from the shed and go to rescue their friends and family. Holing up in their local, The Winchester, seems like
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Junk Food Dinner Podcast: Episode #61

  • Junk Food Dinner
Put on your black leather jacket, kidnap a young girl and seal yourself up in your bathroom because episode #61 of Junk Food Dinner is here, kids!

This week we see what happens when aliens invade Earth, turning everyone into zombies and the only ones who can save us are eardrum-shattering Japanese punk rockers Guitar Wolf, when we take a look at the off-the-wall Asian splatterfest Wild Zero from 2000.

Then, an awkward teenager must hide between the walls of a sealed-off bathroom in his house after accidentally murdering a young girl, only to have a new family move in shortly after, in the 1974 made-for-tv drama Bad Ronald, starring Scott Jacoby, Kim Hunter and Dabney Coleman.

And finally, a trio of creeps kidnap a young heiress and hold her for ransom, only to have things go south quickly, in the gritty exploitation flick The Candy Snatchers from 1973 directed by Guerdon Trueblood and
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Zombies vs Me – The Movie Marathon of the Dead

  • HeyUGuys
Halloween is becoming one of my favourite times of the year as I get to put myself through some extreme movie watching experiences as well as seeing some of the best/worst horror films and characters ever created.

Last Halloween I watched all the films featuring the horror legends of Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger, I recorded their kill counts as well as doing a face off competition to decide who was the ultimate movie villain of the three legends with Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th Movies being the overall winner. You can see my blood-soaked venture here.

This year I went for a test of endurance, my plan was to watch as many Zombie movies consecutively until sleep deprivation turned me into something closely resembling a Zombie. I had 20 films lined up for the experiment and managed to get through 10 films over approximately 19 hours from
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Badasses of Horror: Part Two

  • Fangoria
Badasses of Horror: Part Two
See the first part of this article here.

Ellen Ripley (Alien/Aliens, 1979/86)

Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley is just hanging out on the intergalactic transport ship Nostromo, leading the often-dull life of a Space Teamster, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, her idiot captain decides to land on the remote planet Lv-426 to investigate some stupid distress signal emanating from a crashed spaceship. Now, as we all know, responding to distress signals is one of the top five most insanely boneheaded tactical decisions any science-fiction/horror space traveler can possibly make, but this doesn’t stop Captain Numbnuts from ordering his crew to get their asses down there and dope out the spooky alien wreckage.

Of course, once they go down to investigate, some dumbass crewmember decides it would be totally hilarious to stick his face in one of the strange egglike things he finds in the smoldering wreckage of the derelict ship.
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