‘Behind the Trees’ DVD Review

‘Behind the Trees’ DVD Review
Stars: Vanessa Curry, Sahil Shroff, Subrat Dutta, Tvisha Seema, Tanvi Shinde, Apoorva Arora, Mohit Hiranandani, Abheer Meherish, Rhea Harwani, Rajesh Arya | Written by Vikram Jayakumar, Arjun Grover | Directed by Vikram Jayakumar

What drew me to Behind the Trees immediately, before I had started watching, was the main story – which sees a young couple come across a group of people performing an exorcism on a young girl. At first, unsure what to do, they watch from afar before deciding to step in and save her. The story kind of begins from there and I liked the idea of the movie coming after the exorcism.

Maybe I should have expected that after this opening that the middle third of the movie slows things down quite alot and becomes way too much of a generic, run-of-the-mill low budget horror. Thankfully, the final thirty minutes pick up again and almost makes you forget the mediocrity that came before it.
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